Course Questions

I'm returning to the course - how do I get back to the page I was on when I quit?

When you return to the course, you should see a "Welcome back" message in a white box with a link to the last page you viewed. When you return to the final exam, the course will automatically place you on the question you were on when you left the exam.


Technical Questions

The ALEI page will not load - or - the site is responding very slow.

At peak times, the Legion website can be maxed out with too many users trying to access the website at the same time, causing pages to load very slowly. These conditions normally do not last very long, so if you can wait a few minutes and try again, the page response should return to normal.


When I go to the Legion homepage ( it shows me logged in, but when I go to the ALEI page ( it shows I'm not logged in.

- Or -

When I try to login, it keeps cycling me around telling me I'm logged in and then asking me to Log in.

There is an issue with Internet Explorer that causes this problem - the problem doesn't exist in "standards-compliant" browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. To fix the issue in Internet Explorer try the following steps:

  1. Look at the top edge of this page to see if you are logged in (if you are logged in you will see a link to "Log out").
  2. If you are logged in - click here to "Log out".
  3. Clear your browser cookies. If you do not know how to do this search Google for "how to delete internet explorer cookies". The top search result should be from Microsoft where you can get clear instructions for your IE version.
  4. Close your Internet Explorer browser.
  5. Open your browser and log in to the Legion website or the ALEI page.
  6. If you still can't log in, use the ALEI contact form to report your problem.



If you have questions or comments about The American Legion Extension Institute (ALEI), please use the ALEI contact form.

If you need to contact someone about membership or anything other than ALEI, you may find a contact here.