Pitching with palsy

Starting pitcher of Jacksonville, Fl. Post 88 has limited use of his right arm due to cerebral palsy, but leads his team to defeat Connecticut 8-5, after scoring 7 runs in the tenth inning at the 2014 American Legion National Baseball World Series at Veterans Field at Keeter Stadium in Shelby, N.C., on Saturday, August 16. Photo by Lucas Carter.
'I feel like I inspire a lot of people, and I don’t look at it like a disadvantage, I feel like it helps me when I’m out on the mound because everyone’s like 'what’s this kid doing?'' Prather commented. Photo by Lucas Carter.
Head coach Eric Owen said 'He definitely was pulling at me to keep him in the game.' Here, the team meets on the mound to talk. Prather asked to continue pitching in the bottom of the tenth inning. Photo by Lucas Carter.
Prather raises his hat to the crowd as he is met with applause after throwing 9 full innings, only allowing one run. 'It was crazy, I wasn’t expecting to come in and do as good as I did.' Photo by Lucas Carter.
'This is my last year. It feels amazing, I wouldn’t want to end it any other way. I love it, this is probably the best team I’ve ever played on, and the most fun team I’ve ever played on.' Prather said. Photo by Lucas Carter.
'This one time we went to a tournament in Georgia and this kid didn’t have cerebral palsy, but he had something wrong with his arm. I never really met him, but I talked to his mom, and she started crying, she said I was a big inspiration to her, because her kid is a couple years younger than me, and she thinks he can do what I can do, come out and compete at a high level' Prather said recalling a past experience after the game. Photo by Lucas Carter.
Prather changes out of his cleates after throwing 9 complete innings, leading Jacksonville, Fl. Post 88 to a tenth inning victory. Photo by Lucas Carter.
'The only thing I can say is don’t let nothing stop you, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.' said Prather.. Photo by Lucas Carter.
'This is the best league i’ve ever played in, I love American Legion baseball, hopefully I can coach it one day.' Photo by Lucas Carter.


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