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Who is America’s most important ally today?


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  1. I think Asia is the next possible area of concern now and in the future. I am divided between Japan or Australia. My leaning is toward Japan because of its proximity to N. Korea and China. Although Australia is probably the best choice and Japan should continue their present policy Militarily (defense only).

  2. I was a 31 year veteran in the US Army Reserve. The last half of my service saw ever increasing deployments around the world. The Australians were always steadfast and standing strong by our side, no matter what politics were going on in the world. It was always "Sure, Mate, what do you need?" I think Australia is our strongest ally.

  3. America is at a crossroads. If we are not diligent we will be as unprepared for a conflict as we were before PearlHarbor! Those who forget the lessons of history are destined to relive the same mistakes.

  4. Charles you are 100% right and those in the Senate and Congress who support the treasonous acts that has been played against our Country!

  5. How about ordering "Operation Fast and Furious" for starters? A President that deliberately orders a federal agency to undertake an illegal arms smuggling operation in order to use that same operation as an excuse to weaken the 2nd Amendment and deprive US citizens of their Constitutional rights.

  6. The American legion should not stand by while the American Military is being destroyed by a President that appears to want to cripple America, and America's Military strength.

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