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Should the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan be postponed?


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  1. Our military involvement in Afghanistan is the same as our military involvement was in Vietnam. We lost in Vietnam and we will lose in Afghanistan. The reason is because both "wars" were fought against a guerrilla enemy! Guerrilla tactics are far superior against pitted against a conventional force as are. Guerrillas control the strategy, the fight and as we've seen the weakening of our troops morale.
    It's pretty sad when sometimes our military losses are caused by suicide as opposed to the battlefield. The only way to defeat a guerrilla force is to decimate all of the people that support the guerrilla force. Fortunately our Judeo-Christian.majority in America
    will not sink to that level. So there we have it. A guerrilla force such as
    we were in 1775 toppling Britain the greatest most powerful nation
    of that period, just as The Vietnamese guerrillas toppled the US...the greatest power in 1975 on this planet. Our political "leaders" are aware of this...but they just don't we continue hemorrhaging
    the blood of our youth....for what?

  2. It is time to get out of the Persian Gulf and bring the troops home and protect our southern borders!! Bring home our equipment and destroy what is not serverable! Leave nothing that can be used against us !! If we have to stay then The next President needs to find a Genearl George Patton & Genearl Omar Bradley. They went across Europe in just a few months11 !5 years is a wast of men and Women and expense on American tax payers.

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