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Should the United States respond urgently to escalating tension between North Korea and South Korea?


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  1. Are you kidding with the leadership we now have? We are losing Astan/Iraq because of poor leadership at ALL levels! Winning hearts and minds my ass just like Vietnam then top it off by building a mosque at the site of the World Trade Center! Genius

  2. North Korea has overstepped its boundary line set up by the cease fire agreement between the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) North Korea, and the United Nations. Since the war was never declared over (it was just a cease fire in 1953, if further forces are needed, let us go in, kick their puny backsides and finish the job this time. This include their alliies as well to include PRC and Russia. How many more times is the world going to sit back and watch North Korea taunt the Repuublic of Korea?

  3. NONSENSE! Without our direct intervention we will have continued nuclear proliferation, threats to other World Democracies, terror activities, etc. So we should not help our allies and in turn help ourselves??

  4. Get it?! We have like 20,000 troops to defend the ACTUAL United States territory! Anybody can just come and take it. It's time we stop acting like the world police and focus on REAL defense of our country. I can't believe 40% of our veterans here (based on the survey results) are eating up this twin brother of a Gulf of Tunkin provocation! Wake up!

  5. The South Korea of 2010 is a tremendously vibrant and strong nation, as compared to the years immediately following the 1953 armistice. As a committed ally, we need to support and stand strongly to the side of the South Korean government, but let them lead the direction in navigating their conflict with the North. If/when they need and ask for our assistance, we should be there for them 100%, however it is their right and responsibility to know, understand, and lead at this point.

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