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Among the last five U.S. presidents, which one has done the most for veterans?


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February 17, 2011 - 3:41pm

I assume that Reagan and Bush got so many votes because so many people in the military immediately identify with the Republican party. I would love to see a list of the things that President Bush did for veterans. Look at the budget he approved for the VA compared to President Obama, the fact that Obama approved advance appropriations for the VA's budget, how little was done under the previous administration regarding PTSD, TBI and care for our wounded warriors in general (all of which were problems early on in Bush's presidency). I would be equally interested in hearing what President Reagan did for veterans. I know people love him because they think he really increased the budget for the DoD, but what does that have to do with veterans?


November 9, 2013 - 9:02am

All your questions are easily answered via the internet. A simple google search will quickly tell you that GWB was hands down the worst for helping our veterans.


August 7, 2014 - 11:12pm

Without question, right on ..

Phil M

May 5, 2014 - 8:53pm

Up until the time Ronald Reagan was elected (all through the Nixon, Ford, and Carter years) it was socially acceptable to spit on Vietnam vets and call them “baby-killers.” Ronald Reagan publicly praised the Vietnam vets for their service, and the big backlash against the old antiwar movement and the liberal media started AFTER Reagan stood up and condemned the liberal treatment of vets. I am not sure what more he could have done at that late date except openly support the vets and express his sincere gratitude for their service. The so-called “silent majority” finally took the hint and slapped the liberals down. For that I’m grateful.


July 24, 2014 - 6:40pm

Do you mean the "liberals" like FDR, Harry Truman, JFK? George Bush did nothing for the men and women he sent off to wart. part of the VA backlog is that those of us who served during Vietnam finally had a President who recognized Agent Orange and PTSD. It will take time to fix, but Bush and Cheney were no friends of veterans.

Ted B

August 7, 2014 - 11:15pm

You are totally correct! Obama, love him or hate him, does good by our vets.

Diane T

September 17, 2014 - 2:30am

And yet he is the FIRST President to refuse to attend a dedication to a Veterans Memorial. Conflict of time? He was invited in January to attend a Memorial on Oct. 5. I'm sure the date could have been changed given the 10 month notice. He campaigned on fixing the VA Hospital and yet 6 years later he had conferred with his VA head 2 times and several veterans had died due to lack of care. The only reason there were any changes made at all were because a scandal ensued. Oh yes, he has done well by the veterans. Then of course there is the cutting of benefits to veterans and their families, and nary a word of protest from the President. One has to wonder what horrendous deeds one must do in your mind to do a bad job by our vets...


October 26, 2014 - 10:29am

@Diane T is mistaken. Obama not only attended that ceremony but you can see the photos with him speaking there on the website of the new "American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial".

Don't take my word for it - go to the avdlm website and see for yourself (I would post a link here but this commenting system disallows links.

Cindy P.

January 9, 2015 - 7:53am

Diane, do some fact checking. This is just one of thousands upon thousands of lies that have been spread about this president. He even visited the D-Day Memorial twice in Normandy. Between 1944 and 2014 only four U.S. presidents have attended D-Day memorial ceremonies for a total of seven times. Barack Obama attended two of those seven visits!

Don H.

May 23, 2015 - 11:52pm

Your statement is Incorrect and Lacks any kind of research
First, he has cut ZERO Benifits, it was Paul Ryan (GOP) who authored and submitted a Bill to cut COLA and other Bills Cutting other Benifits for Vets. Look up the Bills, Look at the Authors, and Look how many Republicans vs. Democrats voted to cut benifits.

VA Memorial Again, no research done on Current or Past Presidents attendance to these events.

Appearances by U.S. presidents at any of those sites in commemoration of D-Day have been neither a long-established tradition nor a regular occurrence: such visits are a fairly recent phenomenon, and not only is President Obama one of only four U.S. presidents to have attended D-Day anniversary ceremonies in Normandy, and he is the only president to have done so more than once.

Between 1944 and 2014 — a span of 70 years — four U.S. presidents have attended D-Day memorial ceremonies a total of seven times, and Barack Obama attended two of the seven.

In fact, any public presidential activity paying tribute to fallen U.S. and Allied soldiers on the anniversary of D-Day has been an exception rather than the rule in recent years. Available White House presidential schedules for 6 June, going back to the beginning of the George W. Bush administration in 2001, list no public events connected to D-Day in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, or 2002.

This house has 35yrs of Military and 20yrs DoD service, so we are not lambs, just stick to facts.

The first president to travel to Normandy for D-Day was Ronald Reagan, who in 1984 attended commemorative ceremonies there for the 40th anniversary of the Allied landings. Bill Clinton attended D-Day memorial ceremonies in Normandy on the 50th anniversary of the landings in 1994, George W. Bush did so on the 60th anniversary of the landings in 2004, and Barack Obama did likewise on the 65th anniversary of the landings in 2009:


October 3, 2015 - 3:02am

Actually, beneficial programs for Veterans and their families have increased under President Obama. And the benefits that HAVE been cut have been cut not by POTUS but by this sorry azz Congress. When he tried to do something...anything, they stonewalled, when he took the lead and signed Executive Orders, the haters lost their collective minds. But no one said "nary a word" when Carter, Bush, Reagan and/or Clinton issued twice as many in half the time. As for the veteran's who died - More than 2200 in 2008. This was a year before the inauguration of President Obama. Unfortunately in life, until you have crisis, you don't see change. The changes were addressed by THIS POTUS and no other. I think it's laughable that people like you want to blame that lack of work ethic of people across the country on a man who has not taken a sick day in almost 8 years and has taken almost half again as man days in that same time than his predecessor did in 4 years. So let me get this correct, when you screw up on your job, slack off and call in sick so you can go to the park and post it on Instagram and Facebook, The leader of the largest free nation in the world should be aware of it? Well, just like the slackers in the VA, what is done in the dark eventually came to the light and believe you me, they have been cleaning house...There are still WAY too many dust bunnies in the middle, but they ain't what they used to be, thank goodness. And the VA has superior health care professionals, they also got a few monkeys in this zoo, but all things in good time. They are slowly but most assuredly getting gone. And THAT'S what happens when you make a commitment to your country to make thing better. Just because some seriously deluded people disagree doesn't take any of the shine off of his chrome.

D. Lockhart

October 25, 2014 - 3:04pm

I am a V.N. vet,1967 and 1968,70% S.C.I have used the VA for many years and under Reagan and the bushes it was horrible !! Not until Obama came along did we have an annual budget to work with.Obama has poured millions into the V.A. unlike his predecessor that was cutting benefits and funding at every corner.
is there still problems at the VA..Yes..But at least they are being addressed,something that no recent republican has even attempted.


February 21, 2015 - 11:06pm

Yes Sir, you got that right! GWB & GOP were CUTTING or UNDER FUNDING VA budgets & cut group 8 vets from VA HC system while sending troops off to 2 wars. The hypocrisy of that is deafening. President Obama in his 1st year gave a 11% VA budget increase & RESTORED group 8 vets to the VA system to make up for GW Bush & GOP cuts & under funding. And Obama has increased the VA budget each & every year since. The GWB recession brought in many more older vets to the VA who lost their jobs & healthcare as well in 2008-2009, then add the backlogs known since 2005 & made worse by GOP VA under funding & cuts from 2002 to 2008, Obama was playing catch up with the VA damage by republicans. As one post here said, love Obama or hate him, he has been a genuine friend to vets & it is verifiable & stems from a respect for his Granfathers WW II service. I am shocked how Romney got the support of a vet groups when NO ONE in 5-6 generations of Romney's ever wore a American military uniform. My Grandfather didn't take us to Mexico to avoid war like Romney's did. Same applies to Marco Rubio, NO FAMILY HISTORY of American military service in peace or war time yet they want control of wars, troops & Vets VA benefits, social security, medicare that vets earned. How can these guys relate to vets when they have no family history of any military service???


October 3, 2015 - 3:04am

Hooah! You got that right!!!

Micheal "Mike" Grill

July 23, 2015 - 3:27pm

The armed forces come under the Department of Defense.


October 3, 2015 - 3:06am

Yeah, and . . . ? What is your point? When you are an active soldier, you are DoD. When you have fulfilled your service you are VA.


February 17, 2011 - 4:06pm

Most Veterans serve out of dedication to our Country not entitlement programs that the leftist, socialist use to cripple this great Nation. Am I thankful that the VA exists to support our Service Men and Women - YES! Do I think any of the above but President Reagan was worthy of the office -- NO. No party lines here, we need a Commander-in-Chief like General Norman Schwarzkopf or General Colin Powell.

BTW: It is President Reagan, President Bush, President Obama. Since when did any service men or women lose respect for the office of the President of the United States -- like the Left and Right has today. I may not like the President (list whatever name You like) but, I respect the Office! I am so sick and tired of hearing people refer to the President by his last name. We have fallen so far as a Nation!

D.L. Young
1st Cavalry, 15th Psychological Operations (1980-1999)

Disgusted Taxpayer

February 2, 2014 - 7:35pm

I bet you are collecting a military disability military pension or both and have a civil service job, so are you some socialist living off us taxpayers?


August 7, 2014 - 11:18pm

You are an asswipe sir!


October 3, 2015 - 3:19am

ANY Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman who is collecting military disability and/or retirement is not "living off the taxpayers"! They are in fact taxpayers themselves, you donkey and after making the ultimate sacrifice which is to say, taking a job where any fool can lob grenades at you, entitles you to have all or a portion of your SERVICE CONNECTED disability pension excluded as taxable income, 'cause for damn sure skippy, while you were in theater taking those hits, you were paying taxes for the dubious privilege. And anyone who has a job, Civil Service or otherwise, not living off the taxpayers, they are contributing to the tax base.


January 9, 2015 - 8:12am

Entitlements (VA benefits, Social Security, Medicare) are called entitlements because people PAID for their benefits. I paid Social Security and Medicare for my entire working life (47 years) when those programs began. Yes! I am entitled to them. Our veterans paid with their service, risking their lives for our country. Yes! They are ENTITLED to them!


July 13, 2015 - 11:50am

I so agree with what you said about respect for the office. I thought that it was just me that noticed this; how people refer to the President by his name. I have never saw this done before, until now.


February 17, 2011 - 4:53pm

There is no comparison between who has done the most for veterans. Barak Obama has done more. President Barack Obama signed a bill significantly boosting federal support for disabled military veterans and their caregivers. Among other things, the new law expands resources available for veterans' mental health counseling, provides expanded access to hospitals and clinics outside of the traditional Veterans Affairs system and provides stronger transportation and housing assistance for veterans living in rural areas.

Obama passed legislation to improve care and slash red tape for our wounded warriors recovering at places like Walter Reed. He passed laws to help homeless veterans and offered an innovative solution to prevent at-risk veterans from falling into homelessness.

Obama led a bipartisanto try to halt the military's unfair practice of discharging for having a service-connect psychological problems.


February 17, 2011 - 5:15pm

I hear about what Obama has done for the military but coming from a president who bows to foreign muslim leaders, did not hold a vigil for the victims at Fort Hood, shakes hands with his military escort and was the first president not to attend the Army Navy Game...his 'support of the vets' smacks of votes buying to me. I'm not fooled by the man's motives. He could care less for the military or their plight. He just wants to protect votes.


October 21, 2013 - 10:53am

You're totally off base, not to mention clueless. The internet can provide you with proof about your rhetoric.The statement above, which claims that President Barack Obama was "the 1st president in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy Football Game," implies that every single president since Theodore Roosevelt attended the Army-Navy game each year they were in office. This is far from the case: Many presidents took in only one or two Army-Navy games, and several attended none at all. As charted in the sidenotes of a history of the Army-Navy game compiled by the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, presidents such as Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush were NOT present for any Army-Navy football games throughout their terms of office. You can read more at Snopes or any Fact Checker sites. As for the bowing, how about Bush holding hands in the garden with the Saudi. Creepy at best. A simple fact check will tell you that Obama has done more than Bush easily for our veterans.


December 18, 2013 - 7:50am

Many presidents took in only one or two Army-Navy games, and several attended none at all. As charted in the sidenotes of a history of the Army-Navy game compiled by the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, presidents such as Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush were not present for any Army-Navy football games throughout their terms of office.


January 30, 2014 - 11:49am

Army Navy game???
My God, man! He has done far more important things for vets than your ridiculous list up there.

Phil M

May 5, 2014 - 8:58pm

I don't care who attended or didn't attend a football game. I care about which president did the most for our country. Obama is NOT that president. He never was and never will be. He caters to the Muslim community for fear of offending them. He, supposedly, is an American. Then ACT LIKE ONE! Stand up for American. He and Clinton allowed those people to be murdered in Benghazi. Shame on them. AND his stand on abortion is horrible. He will never get my vote.

chad chaison

May 11, 2014 - 11:00am

he will never get your vote because you have a small mentality! Where was the outrage over the 80 US citizens that were killed under Reagan and the two Bushes? Non existent. Your just STUPID!

Panama Pitbull

May 18, 2014 - 1:18pm

He will always get your vote and support because your head is in the sand.How many US Ambassadors died under Presidents Reagan and the two Bush Presidency's? What has been done to prevent that from happening again? What actions were taken while they were under attack? As a Vet, President Obama and his lack of leaderships disgusts me. I respect the office. I do not respect the man.

Oswald Sinclair

August 20, 2014 - 10:46am

39 attacks or attempted attacks on U.S. embassies and embassy personnel occurred during the Bush Administration. 20 of these attacks resulted in at least one fatality.

In the 20 incidents with at least one fatality, the total death toll was 87. If you only count those at embassies and consulates, the number of deaths is 66.

Admittedly, the vast majority of these deaths were not Americans. 63 deaths were either of non-Americans or of people whose nationality is unknown. Another three were U.S. civilians. Another 21 were workers at the U.S embassy or consulate, either of American or foreign nationality.

With all that said, is the life of an Ambassador any more precious than that of those who work for him? I bet the family members of those killed would greatly disagree, and you would be wrong in even suggesting it.

Under Obama, there have been 2 embassy attacks and 4 deaths.

Enough said.

World Traveler

December 22, 2014 - 2:21pm

Thirteen(or twelve) embassies were attacked under George W. Bush with sixty(or 53, depending on your source)deaths. No investigations took place.


February 22, 2015 - 12:07am

OR the 1983 bombing of U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 241 American Marines & Navy personnel. Look it up, that was the first we heard of JIHAD terrorist in the American media & at home regarding our Country. President Reagan's response was to cut & run with no retaliation or response for those murders. THAT "NO RESPONSE" IS WHAT EMBOLDENED THE TERRORIST from then on. A UNDENIABLE FACT!


July 24, 2014 - 6:43pm

I would love to find that one shred of evidence proves your position, but it simply does not. You can blame the President for much (not following through on his campaign promise to fix the VA)but he has done more for veterans than the last president. I will still respect both because they are the Commander in Chief, but this relentless allegory about Benghazi is ridiculous.He has two more years. you will not get rid of him, show some respect.

Mike M

August 8, 2014 - 9:09am

The subject is about "VETERANS" nothing more, nothing less! Who gives a crap about games and politics! He, his wife, his VP and his wife have done more for "VETERANS" then any President then I can remember, I am a "VETERAN" approaching 70 years of age, stick to the topic!

chad chaison

May 11, 2014 - 10:57am

so you judge what President Obama has done for veterans by whether or not he attended a ball game??? Rich, really rich!


July 24, 2014 - 6:44pm


Susan Bower

May 26, 2014 - 1:00pm

-President Obama spent a week in Fort Hood consoling the families of those killed at Ft. Hood. He also spoke during the memorial service for them.
-It's true that Pres. Obama did not attend the Army Navy Game. Neither did George H.W. Bush or Dwight Eisenhower during either of their presidencies.
-As far as saluting his military escort. This is true; he didn't. This is something that was started in Regan's administration. Even Eisenhower, who was a 5 star general, didn't salute his military escorts. This was no slight to the military and if he was "buying" military votes don't you think he would not have committed this obvious gaff?
-Bowing to muslims?? What are you talking about??
I'll say to you the same thing I have said to other Republican are the ONLY one who can decide if your hatred of this president is more important than the truth. He has had his share of questionable decisions, like every president before him, so base your opinion of him on the TRUTH not some trumped up bullshit!


July 19, 2014 - 3:26pm

Evidently you missed the photos of Bush holding hands with Saudi males and kissing Saudi males.

Cindy P

January 9, 2015 - 8:16am

This is utter nonsense. President Bush held hands with the Saudi prince (his business partner in oil)and KISSED him on the mouth! What did you have to say about that? President Obama leans over anytime he shakes hands with someone shorter and he is very tall. The was a childish, right wing photo caption designed to ridicule the president, nothing more.

Le Hunt

March 30, 2015 - 9:53pm

At least Obama didn't hold hands with a Saudi Arabian male or kiss one like Bush did.


July 13, 2015 - 11:52am



February 17, 2011 - 6:43pm

Yup, it's party line voting at work, unless some of us just didn't notice the question was about having actually done something , not meant something. I'll give you Ronnie was a great symbol of some kind of American Gothic Great American Dream but when it comes to actually doing something to make servicemen and veteran's lives better, President Obama wins hands down and he is barely half done with his first term! I just really don't get the hero worship for the guy who raised taxes on the Working Class 11 times and created more Debt than ALL of the Presidents before him COMBINED. He tripled the size of the Federal Government. He started the round of VooDoo Economics and de-regulation that has brought our nation very nearly to her knees. I guess it's all that medication I'm on but I just don't get it.


February 17, 2011 - 8:09pm

There wasn't much to choose from. I only voted for HW Bush for winning the gulf war as quickly as possible, but his son destroyed any respect I had for that family! It was under George W. that all the VA hospitals fell apart while looking for WMD going on it's 12th year?


February 18, 2011 - 12:50am

Obama has not done anything for the vets or the military as a whole. The first thing he threw out when he got into office was that he wanted vets to pay for their own medical care. Dem's in general don't care about the military/vets. There are exceptions, but as a whole, that's the rule for them. Especially the one in the white house today. I don't know if any of them really did anything for vets, but I do know a couple of them wanted to do less.

chad chaison

May 11, 2014 - 11:06am

You are dilusional! The President has increased funding for Vets you idiot! he has provided care for PTSD which W didnt even acknowledge. Dems care les about vets??? Nuts! Republicans didnt even mention them the entire 2012 Republican convention... Get your facts straight!


August 8, 2014 - 9:14am

I guess you never learned to read or research the news! Clearly, Obama has done Tons for the Vets, more then any in recent memory!


February 18, 2011 - 2:35am

Under President George W. Bush the VA budget was nearly doubled. $48 billion for fiscal year 2001 to $93.7 billion in fiscal year 2009. I'd say "he done good."


February 18, 2011 - 3:43pm

Pres. George Bush SENIOR cut VA budgets by the billions.
He cut all medicine and men being able to go to their
local clinic and VA hospital UNLESS IT WAS SERVICE
CONNECTED. He cut all medication for non service connected disabilited including diabetis/parkinsons,etc.NOW, Agent Orange has proved otherwise. That is why he lost the 2nd term to Bill Clinton. It isn't a matter of liking Bill Clinton. He promised the Vets that would be first thing he would do, and HE DID THAT.AS I WAS ONE OF THOSE VETERANS. I am WWII Veteran,age 86. I received the Distinguished Flying Cross. I never felt that qualified me to be VP or President anymore than playing the part on screen as a President qualified Reagan to be Pres of the US.He was an actor.I lost 40% hearing as a Ball Turret Gunner hanging out of the bottom of a B-17,35 missions, including D-Day.I came back to America to retrain for the B29, but failed the physical/Just one of many WWII Vets coming home with no jobs available.


July 25, 2014 - 10:13pm

As a fellow veteran, I would just like to say, "Thank you for your service". Your courage and honor is what makes me love this country. We are forever in your debt and are grateful for the sacrifices that you have made for all of us.


February 18, 2011 - 2:43am

President Reagan was a great man, but if you happened to be a military retiree working for the federal government you may not have felt that way. He began a policy that, whenever there was a military COLA increase a like amount came out your civil service pay. It went on for six years. The good part - you got to pay into civil service retirement based on the money you didn't get.


February 18, 2011 - 10:57am

I figure the question should be "which President proposed more in his budgets" for vets. Since Congress holds the purse strings, then which Congress has done the most for us?


February 18, 2011 - 1:41pm

Clinton. He opened up VA health care for all vets. I am still getting treatment for which I would not otherwise qualify. W. slammed the door on all vets qualifying. Regan talked a good game but he was never in the military as has been widely claimed. He did make military propaganda films. It was democrats who passed getting retirement and disability pay both without penalty, republicans had fought it. If you look at vet funding over the years vets have fared much better under the dems than the repubs.


February 19, 2011 - 1:38am

Prez Bush 43 signed dual comp. He wins my vote because its about: "all politics are local" (personal). So given that I want it all for me. :-) I agree with several responses above, e.g. party line voting, People just don't know, et al. But even though I voted for B 43 I think Prez Reagon did as much by raising the pay more than anybody which in reality did more for us who retired than anything anybody else did for us. I get the need of combat vets (not retired) for more. Really! I got the Campaign ribbons.
Vets' long term feelings of "OK I can feel well/live good, if not extravagent" are really what (I think) a veteran wants. One day a year to hear the platitudes and a lot of other days to hear "thank yous" that come from our fellow Americans on their own volition. And speaking of party lines; why are votes overwhelming for Reps but the comments mostly from the Dems? That's telling...


February 21, 2011 - 2:36am

Very much for knowing the facts. Bill Clinton did do
more for the disabled veterans, not retirees, than any
other president. He undone what the older Bush took
away from us. Most Vets voted for the old man Bush
because he was in WWII, but then he turned around and
knifed us in the back. His son only followed in ole
Dad's foodsteps. Obama is trying, but the Republicans
with their propaganda cannot stand the fact that a black
man is in the white house. They lose sight of the fact
that his mother was White. I do not agree 100% with any
president we have ever had, but there isn't enough money
in this world to make me take that ungrateful job. Let's face it, our grandchildren and great grandchildren
are spoiled and many are LAZY. There are many that are
good and work and have joined the military to help keep us free, and I am thankful for those who still care about America. I do not like the fact of no raises the
past two years, Everything is higher.


June 9, 2012 - 4:59pm

02/03/12 President Obama unveiled his latest initiative to reduce veteran unemployment: a $6 billion jobs corps program which, if approved by Congress, will create opportunities for returning service members to serve their country in a new capacity — as policemen, firefighters, and employees of the National Park Service.

In addition, General Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs and himself a wounded war veteran, announced that the Small Business Administration will begin offering online entrepreneurial training courses to veterans and their families.

These initiatives are the latest example of the Obama administration’s deep and ongoing commitment to taking care of our men and women in uniform, even as they transition out of the service. Since coming into office, President Obama has substantially increased funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is the VA that assumes responsibility for service members as they leave the force and transition back to civilian life, and its programs will only become more essential as more men and women return from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last November, Obama signed the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which provides companies with a substantial tax credit if they hire unemployed or disabled veterans. And the President has also used his executive authority to establish a national Veterans Job Bank, authorize 6-months of career counseling at locations across the country, and create My Next Move, an online database that helps connect veterans with jobs that build off their military experience.

Perhaps most importantly, President Obama, the first lady, and Dr. Jill Biden have brought public attention to the problem of veteran unemployment and the valuable skills that our service members possess. All the president and his administration have done to highlight this issue appears to have prompted employers to take a second look.

As a result of the President’s policy, the jobless rate among post-9/11 veterans — as this blog noted earlier today — fell four percent in January, from 13.1 percent in December to 9.1 percent today. This is a tremendous improvement from one year ago, when the unemployment rate for these veterans stood at about 15 percent. And the initiatives announced by President Obama today will continue to target veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, who suffer from unemployment rates significantly higher than those facing the broader veteran population.

President Obama has made much progress in tackling veteran unemployment. But much work remains to be done. The unemployment rate for veterans under the age of 25 is nearly 30 percent, more than twice the rate of civilians their age.

Moreover, with the war in Iraq over and U.S. involvement in Afghanistan coming to a close, the Pentagon has announced that it plans to reduce the ground forces to near their pre-war levels. This process will entail shedding about 100,000 ground troops, a move that will further increase the number of service members looking for civilian jobs.

Over the past decade, in the name of supporting our troops, Congress has steadfastly passed war supplemental after war supplemental. But it is imperative that this support does not end when our men and women in uniform come home. Congress should approve President Obama’s veterans jobs corps and allow these men and women who have served so admirably overseas to reinvest their efforts at home.


Donald Kay

August 8, 2014 - 9:21am

Love Obama or Hate Obama, he and his administration has done more for Veterans then any President since FDR! Look it up before you speak! End of story!!

Uh rah

February 22, 2015 - 2:05am

To you Donald! Short & to the point. No doubt, Obama wins hands down. WHY? Follow the money then the cuts of of group 8 vets & who restored them back to system after GOP 2007-09 recession causing many older vets to lose their jobs & healthcare.

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