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Who's most to blame for the rising cost of post-secondary education in the United States?


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  1. There should have been an All of the Above choice.

    Robert Ireland (PUFL)
    1st Vice Commander
    Post 174 Willits, CA

  2. ASU gets most of its money from State taxes and student tuition.
    Private universities are not less expensive - even the ones with a large endowment. The ASU charter states that the tuition for a student should be as close to zero as possible! We are not likely to get simple solutions for this mess.

  3. Whether it's education, healthcare, or whatever, the costs rise much faster when the federal government is paying for it. If the government got out of the education business (including student loans) the price of education would go down dramatically. Then students wouldn't need big loans to pay for their education.

  4. Stop giving universities free tax money and they will have to be more fiscally responsible to attract students.

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