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Legacy Run registration underway

Indianapolis has served as the starting point for all six Legacy Runs. But with Indianapolis slated to host the 2012 American Legion National Convention, obviously a different approach needed to be taken. And now, plans are being made to finalize the 2012 Run.

The American Legion Riders Ad-Hoc Committee has devised a plan that will incorporate a three-day ride with a three-day expo in Indianapolis, and then culminate with the Riders leading off the annual national convention parade.

The American Legion Legacy Run Home begins Aug. 21 with the National Commander's Ride, which will start in upstate New York in the home department of National Commander Fang Wong. The riders will escort Wong along the 850-mile Run that will traverse Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. A highlight of the planned Run is a special visit to Garden City, Mich., to pay tribute to the founding chapter of The American Legion Riders at Garden City American Legion Post 396. From there the Ride will travel across Michigan and Indiana before approaching Indianapolis from the west, arriving at Speedway Post 500 on the afternoon of Aug. 23.

The American Legion Riders Expo will run from Aug. 23-25 and will feature a planned series of American Legion Rider social events, such as range and classroom training, Rider program development courses, skills training and Motorcycle Safety Foundation exhibitions. Stout Army Air Field and the Joint Forces Headquarters of the Indiana National Guard will provide two hangers, parking, range areas and classrooms to host the events. Dinners, concerts and other activities will be held at area American Legion posts, and the expo will end with a candlelight night ride in downtown Indianapolis and a special ceremony for Legacy Scholarship recipients and their families at the Indiana War Memorial.

The expo has been designed to be family-friendly. Busses will provide transportation for Legion family members to Stout Field for the expo, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is setting up a bonding course that riders of all ages can experience, as well as providing virtual motorcycles to ride. National Guardsmen and active-duty servicemembers will ride the provided courses and participate in the night ride and Legacy ceremony.

The three goals of the expo are to develop skills through a lifelong learning model, to share ideas and to facilitate meetings to share best practices. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police drill team will be doing rider demonstrations, and the setting up of poker runs benefitting Roudebush VA Medical Center and Riley Hospital for Children is in the works.

The American Legion National Convention Parade will take place on Aug. 26 and lead off with American Legion Riders. All American Legion Riders are invited, and there is no registration fee.

Registration for the 2012 event is now available online at Expo registration is free to all Commander's Ride participants. Riders who choose not to participate in the Ride but wish to attend the American Legion Rider Expo may register separately.

Dates for all 2012 American Legion Legacy Run Home activities are:

• Aug. 20 - Assembly for The American Legion Legacy Run Home near Buffalo/Niagara Falls, N.Y.• Aug. 21-23 - The National Commander's Ride.• Aug. 23-25 - The American Legion Riders Expo, Indianapolis• Aug. 26 - The 94th Annual National Convention Parade

The 2011 Legacy Run raised $668,738.39 for the Legacy Fund. To date, six Legacy Runs have netted more than $2.6 million for the fund, which provides college scholarships for the children of U.S. servicemembers killed on active duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001.



  1. What date did the American Legion Riders begin donating to this much needed cause?
  2. Would like to join the legacy run next year. I'm in post 10 in Kissimmee FL... Thanks for a beautiful run
  3. Greetings to all my vet: brothers&sisters, I wish i could make that run this year , (Ill TO Texas) Sounds and looks fun, reviewed it a little to late .(JOB FIRST). MOST DEF:for 2014. but will support the cause. Have fun guys , we,ll ride next year ,can,t wait-- peace in my life ,remember the call , a tear for my brothers ,i pray for them all ,home of the brave, we"ll never fall ,strenth of our nation depends on us all-----BE SAFE!
  4. Just registered for the 2013 American Legion Legacy Ride. I am so excited to be making plans for my second Legacy Ride. Last years ride from Niagara Falls, NY to Indianapolis, Ind was incredible. I was gone a total of three weeks from my home in Petersburg, VA & did a ton of site seeing before & after the ride finished. I traveled a total of just over 4,000 miles & visited 13 states during the course of my adventures. Looking forward to adding more friends made, miles traveled, scholarship money raised, & states visited to my list. Can't wait for August to get here! Until then everyone please ride safe & strong! God Bless you all my Brothers & Sisters out there!
  7. American Legion Post 71 & American Legion Riders in Hot Springs, SD are hosting the 10th Annual Freedom Ride August 4th and 5th 2012. The money raised will go to the South Dakota State Veterans Home.
  8. American Legion Post 71 & American Legion Riders in Hot Springs, SD are hosting the 10th Annual Freedom Ride August 4th and 5th 2012. The money raised will go to the South Dakota State Veterans Home.
  9. Dave's Dynamite Delta will probably have most of us Iowegians - and with Steve, Bobby, Sheryl = Wow I can hardly wait!
  10. Did the ride in 2010 and it was awesome. Looking forward to making this one as well. Will be representing the ALR from Manchester, Iowa. See ya all in NY!
  11. Saw the Dicktator today at a Harley shop. He was leaving on a pre-run to Buffalo. I was getting an oil change for the Run for the Wall. Lets Ride.
  12. Saw the Dicktator today at a Harley shop. He was leaving on a pre-run to Buffalo. I was getting an oil change for the Run for the Wall. Lets Ride.
  13. Welcome Sharon to the brother and sisterhood of the ALLR! I did the run last year and was very welcomed. I look forward to meeting you. Bob!!! Can't wait to see you and many others this year. I will be heading over through Port Huron in Michigan through Canada since the route goes through Ohio. See everyone there!!!
  14. Dear Bob Sussan: Thank You so much for the information and the generous offer to join your group for the ride. I have registered and committed to making this years Legacy Run. Your assurance that the stops are made at least every hundred miles and I would not be a burden to the group tipped my hand in favor of fulfilling my dream of making this run. I will be in touch with you in the near future to see about your planned route and definetely want to meet up with you all somewhere on the trip if not for the entire thing. Thanks again Brother...and as always...ride safe-ride strong!! Sharon Leigh Proud Veteran
  15. Sharon Leigh ... if you download the registration form, there is more info. The "Legacy Run" is $50 for the Rider and a Passenger is $25. The Expo only in Indy is $25 (included in the Legacy Run Registration). We have a great group from Virginia please join us. There are many riders on the Run that ride Sporters. Gas stops are planned to enable all riders to fill up.. always less than 100 Miles! If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me. - Cell 703-328-7691 Hope to see you on the Run this year it is a great experience and I am sure you will enjoy it. Bob Sussan Road Captain Virginia Flight
  16. Hello from Petersburg, VA to all my Brothers & Sisters out there! I am seriously considering making this run this year but I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can address for me before I register. First, how much is the registration? NOTHING I've read to this point tells you..not even the registration form and I am not about to allow someone to debit my bank account without knowing what they should be taking. Second, how often do you all stop for fuel? I have 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 100th Anniversary Edition and I LOVE IT but it has a Peanut Tank. It only holds 3 gallons tops and my bike only makes it 100 miles before it is out of gas. I don't want to be a burden to a group or get left behind. I really appreciate any feedback and to all of you ride safe and ride strong!!
  17. Raylaboss - The hotel info is usually released in June via email. The package with detailed information, patches, etc is sent at the first of August. Welcome aboard! You'll have a great time and meet a lot of great people, all supporting a great cause. See you in Buffalo! Chris Krueger Group J Tailgunner
  18. I have registered for this years run and am looking for the route info. At least the stops so I can book my hotel/motel registrations. Does anyone know when that info will be released, hopefully before the 8/1/12 date mentioned in the e-mail after registering.
  19. Bristol, CT Post 2 ALR will be there, 6 riders so far looking forward to meeting all the other riders and having a great run.
  20. My name is MT JOE, yep from MT. We are re-building the Legion riders here in Great Falls. I hope this gets out to the local folks here and they get in touch with me. Joseph L Keller. 771-9046
  21. I will be heading up there from NW Florida with the Kirchoffs again. Can't imagine going an entire year without seeing all of our friends again. Looking forward to seeing what the Dictator will be riding this year. Group "C" rocks, and so do all the others! WHAT A GREAT GREAT CAUSE; that's what matters most of all. Tailgunner RodHog
  22. Greetings ALR members, I'm the newbie, joined about 24 hours ago as of this posting and have been trying to gather all there is to do and experience with the legion. Needless to say when I caught wind of the riders, I felt the smirk on my face. Have read the resolutions and requirements on becoming an ALR and was curious to find out if chapters in certain regions have local runs together? I make the assumption that the Legacy Run is the "Sturgis" gathering or for the ALR. Very curious to learn more and participate in this if I can. I have the bike, I have the membership, and I hope to meet a few riders through here who can help the new brother out and get me riding with the ALR! My email is - Thanks, in advance, for the assistance
  23. Aloha all, Sorry I couldnot make it last year. WIll be there in 2012. I have reserved my bike already. Excited about a few days of pre ride touring. Anybody live around the Deals Gap area. Interested in riding the Tail of the Dragon. At least two of us will be coming from Hawaii. Heading east then north to the start of the run. By the way if any of you are coming to Hawaii let me know. The ALR will show you around. On a bike or in a cage.
  24. Greetings! I completed my first run with my brother and all my new brothers and sisters! 2500 miles for me from start to finish. I wore the red vest. I am looking for others that had taken pictures of the run that I haven't seen yet. If you know of anyone that may have additional pictures please let me know. Thanks and God bless!
  25. I agree with Dave the committee listened. Sounds like another "great" ride. Lets do it again Flight Group D!Rich Crull Legion Rider Post29 Washington,Iowa
  26. Hey guys, Sorry you didn't make it this year either - however; fully understand why too! You're beverage of choice still awaits you, and may be stale by now on the roadside somewhere's between Indianapolis, IN and Minneapolis, MN! Now worries - this year - just ride into Indiana and park can catch up on your beverages then... Great to hear from you guys, and; Yes! You guys were missed from our flight group - we were "B" this year! See you soon. Silent Warrior "Green Mountain Freedom Riders" Colchester, Post 91 Colchester, VT 05446 Do the 3w's dot
  27. Yo fellow ALR Members - SO sorry that CB & I from Maryland missed the ride last year. We missed seeing Dave and the Kansas folks, the SC folks and Uncle Dave & AWACS and all the rest of you great bunch of people. We had a health issue with a family member. But....thanks to this EARLY ALERT we are making plans and spreading the word NOW! Looking forward to seeing all of you again and collecting that beverage you said you'd provide me..O you don't remember? LOL See you in 2012. Ride safe - keep the shinny side up and the rubber down. Squid ALR 116 Reisterstown, MD PS Cudo's to the fantastic ammount of donations received with such crappy weather and a terrible economic year!
  28. Sorry we missed you this year, but family comes first! Looking forward to next year - see you in NY! P.S. The Kansas Party was great this year, but I think next year in Indy will be Epic! Chris Krueger Director, ALR 180 Great Bend, KS
  29. Sounds like it should be a great ride and very informative when we reach Indy.....looking forward to 2012 ride,see ya all again from ALR 178 Murrells Inlet,SC
  30. Kansas Riders will be there sounds like a nice ride thanks for listening to all of us!! hope to see every one there next year. Dave Schoonover Kansas Legacy Run RC (LEST WE FORGET)
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