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What should be the priority for dealing with illegal immigration in the U.S.?


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  1. Securing the borders is one of the few legitimate roles of the federal government, and it should not be a problem for states to fix. If Congress actually did their job instead of lining the pockets of defense contractors for equipment the military doesn't even want, it might be a different situation. For those about to blame the President, Congress as a whole has been doing the same thing for DECADES! The only thing they spend more time on is running for re-election, and until we start just dumping incumbents every election for several election cycles, this crap will never change.
    On another note, I have been trying to find any discussion on something I find disturbing... The Legion has a committee on Subversive activities, and I want more info on EXACTLY what they are being funded to do before the Legion gets another dime from me.

    "The Counter-Subversive Activities Committee monitors individuals and groups threatening our form of government, while keeping society informed and aware of their presence. The Legion’s prime objective is to promote Americanism, but it also must understand the objectives, methods and tactics of those who seek to undermine this country to make subversive tactics less successful."

    This is not enough information. Are you monitoring the Congressmen? (I mean ALL of them)

  2. From what I have read the border states are having a hard time controlling the border crossings of illegals and have requested federal help. I agree with robertegross how President Obama is enabling the naturalization of those presently in this country and the criteria for that naturalization.

  3. The US has to get a grip. Everyone's yelling about illegal Mexicans when the Cubans, the Haitians, the Dominicans, the Russians and the Latin Americans are invading the US in astounding numbers. Just look at NY and Miami and you can readily see the effects. Texas and Arizona are minor problems when compared to New York and Florida. Close the borders and let's see what we can do about making the people already here pay taxes.

    President Obama has done more in his Executive Order than any President to date and yet he still has to fight the weak minded GOP on this.

  4. Logic dictates that if we take away the incentives (ie: birth-right citizenship, welfare, jobs, healthcare, etc), the flow of illegals will automatically stop because there's no more reason to illegally cross our borders. Stop rewarding illegals (amnesty,etc) and secure our borders - a simple fix. Why are liberal news media and all immigrant rights activists always refer to them as "immigrants" - they refuse to call them "illegal immigrants" - we are not "racists", cause we welcome all "legal immigrants"...what part of "illegal" do they not understand.

  5. Fixing the boarders has to be the #1 Priority. If you deport them with broken boarders, they'll be right back.

  6. No single thrust will resolve the massively complex illegal immigration problem. What is required is an overall approach, including:
    1. Reaffirm federal commitment to secure all borders from illegal entry of persons or material; align all federal agencies
    2. Determine policy for asylum and other humane exemptions
    3. Provide for the immediate deportation of those here illegally who are not exempt;(merely making such an announcement will generate self-deportations)
    3. Examine existing federal legislation for changes in visa allotments and lotteries, with US citizen employment as a priority; require mandatory e-verify; return to pre-1986 formulae
    4. Provide for fast-track federal court approval of state-initiated control programs where federal enforcement can be shown to be ineffective, based on pre-established criteria

  7. NOBAMA 2012, stop the flow of illegals round up all illegals and deport them immediately. Repeal ObamaCare, Obama has made the country a laughingstock in the world view. Impeach OBAMA NOW!!!

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