Cost-of-living hike for veterans approved

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill July 9 that would provide a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of 1.9 percent for veterans who receive disability benefits. H.R. 4114, the Veterans Compensation Cost of Living Act of 2012, would make the COLA increase effective on Dec. 1 of this year.

Last March, The American Legion testified in favor of the bill at a hearing before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Disability and Memorial Affairs. During that testimony, the Legion said it supported a COLA increase for veterans this year, "as we have each year it has been passed before. We must ensure veterans are getting some relief from rising costs. However, before long-term measures are considered, we urge Congress to reflect on the unique considerations those disabled in our nation’s service merit."

By resolution of its membership, the Legion has opposed an automatic, direct correlation of veterans’ COLA to Social Security benefits because of concerns that a direct correlation would not take into account individual requirements of veterans.

"Such a correlation would also leave veterans more vulnerable to political maneuvering and budgetary legerdemain directed at overall cost-cutting," the Legion testified. "Veterans have earned, through their sacrifice, unique consideration."

H.R. 4114 was introduced last February by Rep. Jon Runyan, R-N.J., and passed the House by a voice vote.


  1. i wish the va would give the veterans who serviced in viet nam what they deservce,not under 70% benefits,but they should all be getting 100% percent.most of the soldiers who served there were all drafted and didn't ask to be there and all the lives that were lost there for a war we shouldn't been in, but the va ready knows how to spent the money on there selves and not on the veterans
  2. The Obama administration, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives give billions for statues of personages that did NOTHING to protect this nation. They allot billions for illegals immigrants who have NEVER served this country, they provide services to other countries also in the billions. But how do they treat its own veterans??? With complete distain, with poor health care, and no accountability for horrendous mistakes in health care.
  3. All I want from the VA is money for my health care. Let me choose my own hospital and doctors. Sell all the VA hospitals and save the american people and veterans all of this grief.
  4. This is a bit premature. This should not have been published until the Senate voted on it and the President sighed it. We've all seen this before. This could just be a smoke screen for the November elections. The House just got done with repeal the national health care bill vote. Go ahead laugh with the House at the Senate that couldn't pass that vote to save their own lives. Come on, lets publish things when they are done and in effect...
  5. Every little bit helps, but with a having to dealing with three years of no increases it will take more to make up what we didn't get.
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