VA"s pilot program for case management of claims was the subject of a recent briefing attended by Legionnaires.

A need to be part of the process

On June 3, American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division Director Barry A. Searle and Past National Commander Ron Conley attended a briefing at the Pittsburgh Regional Office on the VA's pilot program for case management of claims.

The pilot program focuses on personal interaction between the people doing the rating and veterans. The program requires phone conversations between the individual collecting information for the claim and the veteran.

Much of the focus of the discussion on Thursday was how veterans service organizations can be part of the solution and not cut out of the process.


  1. Wait a minute! In several situations this will not work. Service members with TBI and older veterans often have severe to profound hearing loss. They can not communicate effectively over the phone and will give incorrect responses because the misunderstand the question. There has to be an alternative for these cases. I am a cochlear implant recepient and 100% services connected. However, without the one on one conversation with the VBA traveling judge I probably would not have won my case. I could never communicate effectively with a rating person over the phone.
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