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How important is a candidate’s stance on abortion to you as a voter?


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  1. I strongly disagree that abortion is GREAT if mothers life and in all cases of incest and rape. No, Its not the solution to kill the baby because of what happen instead accept what happen and give the baby a chance to live and not to kill them!!

  2. Get the economy turned around. Abortion is great if it safes the mothers life and in all cases of incest and rape.

  3. I think that the government needs to direct it's effort in dealing with the veterans, state of the economy, over taxation. I do not care if a President had sex outside of his marrage that is personnal between him and his wife and not my business. I do not think they need to tell the people what they can and cannot do in regards to abortion, didn't they try this once and we all know how that turned out don't we? There are more pressing issues with this contry to worry about. Veteran appeals taking years just to be looked at. IRS not even passing it's own audit etc. My opinion like it or not that is yours.

  4. I wonder how many times the congressman had his fun and then walked away from his responsibility. Should not a woman have equal rights?

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