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What is the most important issue to you in deciding who to support for president?


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  1. asususer: I watched all 3 days of the convention on C-SPAN. No talking heads, no commercials, no interruptions. Apparently you weren't watching the convention as it unfolded. Our military, our men and women in uniform now and veterans, were a constant in many who in spoke. Thorough disgust is what this president has done to our military, and continues to do to our military...making sure that we the United States of America is brought to our knees on every level...economy, constitution, values and yes, the ability in any form to defend ourselves or any of our allies! Our men and women in uniform are being sent to Afghanistan on repeated tours, because Obama has cut the requirements for recruitment and there are no replacements!! He and his cronnies do not love or believe in the America us Veterans gave an oath to die for. He didn't grow up here and he has no love of America only disdain.
    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the only ....ONLY...hope for restoring everything that is about loving and protecting our Great Country.

  2. I never heard even one reference to the military by any of those at the RNC - Nothing for the women, nothing for the men, nothing for those waiting, nothing for those suffering - Not a word. They disgust me.

  3. The most important to me in this election is:
    INTEGRITY, HONESTY, COMMITMENT, BELIEF IN AMERICA!!! Anyone can make promises. I want, we need a leader that will only make promises they can keep and will give everything they have to their last breath to keep those promises. The spirit of Americans is not based upon making excuses or blaming someone else for our failures. The spirit of Americans believe beyond a peace that surpasses understanding in a Divine Creator, GOD, that we have the ability, the strength, and the tenacious conviction to overcome any difficulties put in our path and make ourselves better while we reach out our hand and encourage, pull others to do the same. From early on, I saw right through what Obama meant when he set his course to fundamentally change America and to be totally honest, it scared me to my soul. The fact that he could sit in a church that spewed forth hate of America, specifically WHITE America, for 20 years this told me all I needed to know. It doesn't take a Ph.D, to realize if they are in a group that does not align with their beliefs they don't spend 20 years in that group. As for Racist America, I lived in the 60's and it was our generation that tore down the separatist so all people could be free and free to prosper. If America is so racist, how did Obama get elected??????? For today and our tomorrows and the tomorrows of our children, there is only one hope of America being the shining city on the hill for all that love freedom and that is to VOTE OBAMA OUT!!!!!!!!

  4. To Itwas1951: The year I was born.
    To a degree you may be right, I cannot and never will support Ron Paul due to his resounding, reinforced by consistent communication, stand on foreign policy and enclosing our country in a cocoon and letting any and all countries that depend upon us for our commitment to them and their country fall to whomever overtakes them. I agree, we need to stop invading other countries and we need to stop the political wars that have ravished other countries as well as our own. However, I will never agree that if Iran wants Nuclear Weapons we must, according to Ron Paul, just get out of the way. There is a true and living evil in this world and a to the bone hate of America and it is not because we invaded their country it is because they have hated since the day they were born. Further, Ron Paul does not have any conviction on the fact a country who is militarily weak is no big deal. Itwas1951, the only way I was born to a free America is because of the veterans of this country who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend and fight for that freedom even if it cost them their lives!!!!! That is why Ron Paul will never get my vote and although, neither party is without fault or responsibilty for the state of our country, Obama will never understand the spirit of America because he is not American by belief, birth or any other form! The American Spirit has woken and we will not be silenced.
    Be Blessed For We Are Blessed.

  5. I think there is very little hope for our Republic, considering the two candidates nominated. People need to wake up and write in Ron Paul for President. He is the only one who cannot be bought. And turn the country around from the path it has been on by the democrats and republicans for oh so many years.

  6. The age old battle of Capitalism vs. Socialism. Obama has been the socialist's vehicle to change this great nation into a European type country where the government is the see all, know all, and do all nanny. He almost got away with it too. Fortunately Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they are Americans, not Europeans or Muslims, or any other peoples. Our Constitution is still the greatest document for freedom in the world. Only we can protect that freedom. That is the most important issue for this election and elections to come.

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