New Legion mobile-phone apps launched

Visiting The American Legion on a mobile phone becomes easier this week. A new mobile-phone application for the Apple iPhone and a new display for the BlackBerry (and other mobile phones) offer streamlined news, Twitter updates and other information for Legionnaires on the go.

BlackBerry (and other mobile phone) users can simply enter into the browsers on their phones, and they will be automatically directed to an easy-to-read mobile-phone version of The American Legion National Headquarters Web site. iPhone users can download the free American Legion application from the Apple App Store, accessible from any iPhone. Click here to view on App Store

News and information are updated often during the course of a day, and photos can be viewed. The applications also offer the ability for users to forward stories by e-mail and post on Twitter.


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  2. Cool stuff. I'm pretty sure it supports Blackberry phone contracts. This can really help us on what's latest on using this app.
  3. I love the new mobile phone app, but what I don't seem to see is the Post locator. When I'm traveling that would be a great help finding local posts.
  4. For iPhone users, go to your App Store, Search and type in American Legion then download the free app. I would like to hopefully see it link to FB as I'm not on the Twitter train, though the Twitter tab provides additional quick articles. I hope to see the myLegion and the American Legion App link, similar to a Facebook; except for only AL members. I see this as a Newly Exciting Time for the American Legion!
  5. Painless installation of this free application from the iphone's App Store. Installed very quickly and is quite user friendly. Interesting tabs... News, Commander, Twitter and Photos.... did some exploring and found things that I might not have found or seen on the desktop version. Given the importance of social networking this is a natural progression to the Facebook and Twitter presence. Very Good Job !
  6. Regarding Android operating system, this address should work on it as well - you would just have to use a browser to access the site.
  7. just like "terry_d" mentioned above, i too tried to log on to the mobile site, and every time i tried, i got a "time out" message...and i ensured i had a good signal, and went to a couple different sites just to make sure that the problem wasn't with my phone. is there a tech service number we can call, or can you let us all know when it is corrected? thank you SEMPER FI!
  8. I just tried typing the address into the browser of my BlackBerry and it kept giving a time out, I tried several times ove several minutes and it did not work.
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