Membership Workshop opens today

The 2010 National Membership Workshop gets underway in Indianapolis today with the 2010-2011 department commanders session. The workshop runs through Saturday afternoon and will include several speakers and presentations, as well as breakout sessions in basic, advanced and district commander format.

National Commander Clarence Hill and National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler will address the workshop Friday morning, while Jimmie Foster, the national commander's representative to the National Legislative Commission and the leading candidate for 2010-2011 national commander, will address the workshop on Saturday. Legionnaire Fang Wong, National Legislative Commission consultant and the leading candidate for 2011-2012 national commander, also will speak at the workshop Saturday.

The workshop will conclude Saturday afternoon with a department adjutants session.



  1. don't worry we,re all having the same problem trying to get with the times which is electronic commo but the old timers don't want to give in and thats the best way to get new recruits. I made a web site for our post 154 Boqueron puerto rico thru Google and its FREE so thats no excuse but I work from home cause the post doen't wanna put up for internet go figger. well good luck Mr. Wardwell Post 18.
  2. I am in complete agreement with National Commander Hill's stance on going electronic!! If the local and Department leaders do not get onboard, many more will subsequently close. I have been trying to pursuade Department of RI to collect and publish E-mail addresses and publish them in the Annual Department Directory. Although the message has been clear and repeated, after two years, still the same old thing. Addresses of those who are known and telephone numbers. Fortunately, the Adjutant is working to at least try to get a Web Site up and running but I'm concerned it will be too little to late. Please, as you gather in Indianapolis, drive the message through to all that time is of the essence and if a cost is associated with moving into the 21st century, oh well. The youth will not attend meetings and we must contact them electronically and often, not the old MAIL CALL once every so often. Respectfully submitted, George Wardwell Commander, Post 18 Portsmouth RI
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