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Students attending the leadership training program will hear from National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler, as well as hear presentations from various Legion divisions. Students also will be tasked with writing a resolution.


  1. I am currently a student in the American Legion College. I want to say to all legionares this is a program that should be a requirement for all leaders within the American Legion. The "hands on" approach and the requirment to think outside the box helps the future leaders of this organization understand the importance of commitment of service to the veterans of this conutry. I sit in a room that still has empty chairs from several states that have the opprotunity to send representatives from thier departments and are missing the boat on fullfilling the goals and vision of service to our veterans. I encourage the leaders of this organization to look at the importance of this course,take the time to encourage members to go to this course, and learn more about what we can do to communicate, educate, and support the veterans of this country what the American Legion is all about meeting that goal in membership by the National Covention of 3.5 million in 2019. However, more importantly continue the service to those who have served us.

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