Online baseball registration a big hit

Registration statistics updated February 24, 2010

Online registration for the 2010 American Legion Baseball season opened Jan. 1, and since then more than 1,600 teams have successfully completed the application process within minutes and without a hitch. Coaches are embracing the new system, as it allows them to focus more on starting the season and less on mailing in paperwork.

One Legionnaire, who has been a coach for more than 25 years and laughingly recalls the days when he used a typewriter to fill out the application, found the new system to be a one-stop shop.

"Filling out the application online was quick and easy, the information requested was basic, and I heard back within a day that my application was accepted," said John Hayes, member of and coach for Wayne Newton Post 346 in Terre Haute, Ind. "Plus, the convenience of paying all fees online saved me the hassle of mailing multiple checks. Overall, everything I needed to register my team was available [on the American Legion Baseball Web site]."

Likewise, feedback from numerous other coaches regarding online registration has been positive, as many notice the value of the new system - a smoother application process and a stronger communication line between players and fans.

If you are experiencing any difficulties registering your team online, please e-mail



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  2. I am set up with an account My team has been registered How do I pay the $600 bucks on line Help Mark Kraker Wayne County Senior Legion 330-317-3834
  3. Registered a Senior Team, Raiders on 2/10/2010. Got confirmation, but i do not see the team in my team listing. Hank
  4. At this time, a receipt will not be sent. Moving forward, it's best to print out a screen shot of your registration. Thank you.
  5. I have registered on-line and paid for insurance. I need written documentation of our insurance in order to secure our field for the season. How do I get this?
  6. Hello: I've created an account and received confirmation that I have been approved, but I am unable to find a link on the site to purchase the necessary insurance. I do not see any link to "Team Adminstration" Thank you for any help. Len Lampugnale Hebron (Ct.) Legion
  7. I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I am having the same difficulty as I see others have had, I cannot find the link to obtain the insurance..can not believe that this is so hard to do.
  8. Mr. Quinlan, this is an epic step for the betterment of American Legion Baseball. Thank You for your hard work in making this happen! Respectfully, Coach Milburn Winchester, VA
  9. Good Morning - I registered Casselton, ND, Post 15 online but am having trouble locating the "Team Administration" link or the "My Teams" link to continue with the insurance registration. Please help. Thanks, Stephen Bartholomay
  10. The links will not be available until the baseball chairman approves your team and you log in to the Web site. You will be notified by e-mail when this happens.
  11. Rick, after clicking the "Team Administration" link in the top right hand corner under your user name you should see a "My Teams" page. You should then see a link titled "Submit Insurance" underneath your team name. Click this link to continue through the insurance submission and payment process.
  12. hi, i registered post #91 online, but i was having trouble locating a link to pay dues and insurance. can i find help ? thanks, rick bradshaw
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