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Is it appropriate for American fencer Mariel Zagunis to dip the U.S. flag during the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies?


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  1. The US flas does dip, but only in responce to another ship's dipping of their flag first. - This is from a former US Navy signalman who was VERY WELL versed in honors and ceremonies. Sorry James...

  2. (7) Dipping the flag. The U.S. Army flag is an organizational
    color and is therefore dipped while the U.S. National Anthem, “To
    the Color,” or a foreign national anthem is played. The U.S. Army
    flag is also dipped when rendering honors to the Chief of Staff of
    the U.S. Army, his or her direct representative, or an individual of
    higher grade, including a foreign dignitary of equivalent or higher
    grade. The U.S. Army flag will not be dipped under any other
    4–2. The Army Field flag
    a. Authorization. The Army Field flag, approved 12 April

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