Chairman Denise Rohan and the rest of the M&PA Committee will be in Indianapolis Jan. 6.

M&PA Committee to meet in Indy

The American Legion’s National Membership & Post Activities Committee will be in Indianapolis Jan. 6 for its annual planning meeting. The committee will discuss the Legion’s long-term membership plan during the meeting, as well as receive briefs from Legion staff on online training and renewals, and

National Commander Fang A. Wong will address the committee, as will National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler, leading candidate for 2012-2013 national commander Jim Koutz and Dan Dellinger a consultant from the Legion’s Legislative Commission.


  1. I would like to know why the National organization does not change the way the membership notices come out. First off we start with the first dues reminder in July. Next we should have one in September and then again in November. And maybe a special one in December. There is too long a spread between July and October. This year when you said that you mailed the second dues reminder the first week of October I have members in November saying they just rec'd the notice. What gives? Please advise Dick Grobe @ a member for 40 yrs in Minnesota and have worked the membership program for over 25 yrs in Minnesota's first district and Post 579.
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