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Newly elected National Commander Jimmie Foster has created the Lucky 7 pin incentive membership program. Go to for details.


  1. I see two membership problems without trying to fix an already broken and not working program.

    1. National needs to continue to pass down post 110 names and address to the dept and post level. When i was a commander this was a great help in our membership drives.

    2. lower the price of the PUFL so that younger, and older members can afford it. What happens if a membern should change his mind or pass away?

    3. better comm. between the blue hats and national. in 24 yrs in the legion i have met exatly two national commanders. Our nec men for the Dept of WA. are great. but a national commander visit to the east side of wa. or for that matter easter Oregon would be nice.

  2. I agree with a lot of what is said here. I have been in the Legion about 20 years and I have never met a national representative. But I think we have lost our identity and mission. New young military folks ask why should they join; it is getting hard to give the answers they want to hear. Competing with the other organizations is alive and well and there seems little the Legion is doing to attract those new members. I am a PUFL member and coming up with the cost was difficult and I am unsure if I made the correct choice. My decision was based on the large amount of travel I do and It was way easier to pay dues once versus every year. The annual Dues process is slow and no fun when you are on the road and or move a lot just like the active military. I stay a member to recognize my father's service and my own. PUFL no discount on a 1K expense and nothing for the cost but a plastic card HMMMM.

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