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The majority of Americans oppose U.S. intervention in Syria. What do you think?


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  1. Also, add only English as our national language. Members of the Federal Government and Congress are not elite and above the rest of us. They also should live under the laws they pass including Obamacare or ACA. Also, serving one term and receiving their wage for life must stop. Require ID at polling stations and all polling stations must run computer checks to prevent duplicate voting and fake names.

  2. Bring our troops home. We are constantly engaging them in no win situations and creating more enemies. Secure our borders. Improve our defenses. Boot out the enemies within. Make America great again. Manufacture our stuff here.Pass a nationwide right to work law. Find & use our energy here. Export no energy. No oil to China. No coal to China. Stop borrowing money. Cut gov't waste. Eliminate programs identified by CAGW as wasteful or useless. Defund obamacare. Replace the IRS. Stop frivolous medical lawsuits. Have insurance companies compete nation wide if they wish.

  3. I could envision a strategy for all of the dominate culture's on earth! I think the State Department in every administration from Pres. Washington through the current have made both good and, bad choices! The hard reality is culture's will rise up through their own convictions! I can't change the anger others have for my country! It takes all my energy and, every member of the Legion to stand strong! We could sanction, intervene, declare war, drop our own shields, put up more shields, when it get's out of control we all know as veterans we will be sucker punched and, drawn in! My hat is tipped to Benghazi not, to mention all who have died due to weak responses! We are as always just another Benghazi waiting to happen! I do not expect all of you to take my view yet that is my view! To falter is the reminder of every MARINE no retreat! STAND STRONG AMERICA!!! Can't stop with that. With the earth broken down into 191 nations all of you know as well as I. To have Allie's you have to be one! The divisions between nations are as always social-economic! We all cry out when we see our own citizens ripping at the foundations of our very trust in the constitution and other founding documents! Each generation will show it's own form of stress and, lack of knowledge for the dangers ever present! One INCH at a Time guys one inch at a time!

  4. Why is it that each branch seems to think they did it all. Wasn't the Navy, Air Force, Army, etc. there dying and getting wounded too. We're not all Marines but we all respect each other. We are all U.S. military defending our flag.

  5. Every time our country gets mixed up in trying to solve other countries problems,it ends up costing the US. We have enough problems here at home. We need to stop being the world's policeman. Just look at the size of the DOD's budget. If you compare the military might of ALL of the other countries in the world,and the amount of money they spend on defense,to ours. Well there is no to go on..... But,I need to ask, "How Much Longer, is our troops in Europe, needed to protect Europe from Stalin"??

  6. We need to stay out of other countries and demand that the United Nations do it's job. We should intervene only if another country is getting involved. In the case of Syria, it is Iran. I have no problems with intervening with Iran on any bases to stop their supplies of weapons to nations where dictators overrule the people.

    It's time for humanity to move forward towards a global democracy. It's time overdue.

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