Commander: ‘Today, we are all Bostonians’

American Legion National Commander James E. Koutz, leader of the nation’s largest organization of wartime veterans, is sending prayers to all those affected by Monday’s attacks at the Boston Marathon and calls for all Americans to remain alert and report suspicious activity.

"I have just contacted The American Legion Department of Massachusetts offering our condolences to the people of Boston and those affected by this cowardly attack. I encourage all members of The American Legion family to remember the victims and their families in their prayers, to donate blood and to proudly display the flag of the United States wherever possible. We do not yet know whether the perpetrators of this heinous act were foreign or domestic, but it is a reminder that the Global War on Terrorism continues and that Americans must always be vigilant, especially in large gatherings. If you see suspicious behavior, report it to the authorities. Again the first responders have performed magnificently. This is a scene that our troops have been exposed to far too often overseas. The people from Boston are known for their toughness. Today, we are all Bostonians. God bless them all."


  1. Speak for yourself. After being stationed at Ft. Devens, in 1969, and being briefed not to wear a uniform, park your car with a bumper sticker or do anything in Boston that identifies you as a soldier for fear of assault or vandalism, I rate the people of Boston one step above Hanoi Jane. I was locked down inside Post while the mob from Boston threatened to take the place by force. I was part of the clean up detail that had to clean up after the hogs, when they finally left. I have nothing bus sympathy for those persons who were killed or injured during this outrageous idiocy. The city of Boston showed their true patriotism during the Vietnam War and for those of us affected, it can't be earned with words.
  2. That was a long time ago and I apologize for how you were received but this is not the time or place to voice that concern. Now is a time to come together and support a modern Day Boston that was struck by senseless violence and we bear this burden together as Bostonians we will overcome and be strong and united against those that wish ill upon this great country! God Bless America and we will remain Boston Strong,,, thank you Commander for the kind words if you need a post to visit post 93 will open its doors for you to come visit! Past Commander Geary OIF VET
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