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Will a new immigration reform bill be good or bad for America?


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  1. Amnesty often has been given to individual illegal immigrants who otherwise would have been deported. However, there never was any large-scale, group amnesty given in the U.S. until 1986. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act gave amnesty to roughly 2.8 million illegal aliens. At least six other group amnesties have been granted since then, sometimes to specific nationalities. For example, almost 1 million Central American illegal immigrants were granted amnesty in 1997 and 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti received amnesty in 1998. We've been promised the borders would be secured each and every time we issued amnesty. Each and every time the promise has been broken by the politicians. Secure the borders, enforce our current laws and then let the american people decide (by vote) if they want to reward criminal behavior via amnesty.

  2. My primary concern goes back to the last amnesty period 25 years ago. At that time most of those granted amnesty were in the southwestern states or Florida. After those immigrants who met the then criteria for obtaining green cards were granted permanent residency they were free to move any where where jobs were available. After they resettled in the rest of the states they either told their friends and relatives back home how well they were doing and encourage them to join them or they just couldn't refuse those back home to join them.Either way the immigration problem went national, rather than regional. I am not against those being here several years, especially the children who have only known life here in America, but I would like to see some provision in the law that those receiving green cards who harbor illigal immigrants in the future, having their permenent residency rights removed and be subject for deportation.

  3. We should remember that immigrants originally coming into America were not only medically examine but they were also interviewed before being allowed into this country. In the early 1800's and 1900's many or most immigrants also contributed to this nation, they came here legally, and learned English, worked hard jobs such as building the railroads across the country. Many even served during World War I and World War II, including Korea, and these legal immigrants did not originally come into the United States for entitlements like they are today. Besides, illegal is illegal, and legal is legal so what is the question again. I strongly believe that if this country would cut off the entitlements, including free education for illegal immigrants that this alone would cut or reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into this country. I wonder just what effort, or values do illegal immigrants hold, if they are so serious and concern that they leave there native land. For benefits in a foreign land, I would not surrender my citizenship for anything, and I would fight for the United States Constitution before surrendering. Guess maybe that is a different between Patriots and some groups, we support and defend the American Constitution, and our values. Political Correctness and liberal socialism is not part of the cornerstone of the American Constitution. Like many Veterans, I am proud to be a Conservative Christian and will stand up and defend our country, for our children and for our future. So what is wrong with that, God Bless the Constitution.

  4. Amnesty (Immigration Reform) Is An Insult To Any Legally Immigrated Immigrant To America. My Father Came To America Legally As Did My Grandfather And Grandmother. The Idea....That This Arrogant (Mostly Democrat) Senate Wants Amnesty For Law Breaking Illegally Entered Foreign Nationals..Shows You, American Citizen,..How Much Contempt They Have For You And Americas OWN Laws'!

  5. I'm afraid I have made a mistake. Most of the people who have immigrated to this country in the last 40 years have not done so legally, and therein lies the problem.
    We are repeating the mistake of the Reagan administration by attempting to buy votes with a free ride around the rule of law.
    Immigration reform is about elections politics and an unending supply of cheap laborers for the benefit of the uber-rich.

  6. I was born in this country I am not an immigrant despite the BS spouted by the Amnesty crowd. For the record this stupid claim that those against Amnesty are somehow against immigration is a lie concocted to obfuscate the issue that those that break the law should not be rewarded for breaking the law, as is the claim that everyone other than Native Americans are immigrants.

    My father was born in Canada, immigrated to this country legally, legally obtained citizenship and then, because the US didn't enter WWII as quickly as he believed the nation should have he joined the Canadian Army Special Boat Service. Doing this cost him his naturalized citizenship. Following the war he got in line, legally, once again and repeated the process; becoming an American citizen legally for a second time.

    If citizenship was important enough for him to do everything legally, TWICE, it is certainly important enough to require everyone wanting to become a citizen do it legally the first time without making exceptions for criminal entrants just because they are here. They broke the law and should not be rewarded for breaking the law regardless of the excuses provided for breaking the law.

    I am very definitely PRO-immigration, but I am just as definitely against Amnesty for illegal aliens.

  7. Mr fshn ideit, you wrongly assume the opposition to amnesty is simply anti immigration (you'll have to explain your bigotry angle). But you are not really listening because the issue is about economics and the rule of law. Most of the people that immigrated to this country did so through a legal process, conforming to the laws of the land. My wife is an immigrant, we complied with the rules, we filed the papers, waited in the lines, went through the degrading genital examinations, put up with the surly bureaucrats, jumped through the hoops. It took almost two years, and that was just to get the entry visa and a green card. She learned to speak English BEFORE coming here, and speaks it better than most Americans I know. She doesn't expect a duplicate America in her native language everywhere she goes.
    What gives these millions of scofflaws the right to special treatment?
    Now the economic issues. The notion that the illegal immigrant only fills jobs that legal citizens wont do is nonsense. Their presence en-mass has driven down wages for unskilled labor to the point that the working poor (or willing to work) cannot compete, cannot pay the bills because they have to work under the laws of the land, pay taxes, comply with safety and on and on. The greedy uber-rich support love the illegal immigrant because they can make lots of money with sub-standard wages, sub-standard conditions.
    Conditions in this country aren't the same as the 18th and 19th centuries. There are over 17 million Americans out of work, yet we need to add 11 million illegals to that competition, and you think this is going to help them?
    It is time to get serious about this matter and stop the stupidity.

  8. The present immigration law has not been enforced by the present and former administrations. What makes you think any change to the immigration bill will be enforced?

  9. I'm getting sick and tired of listening to all of these narrow minded
    fools that're making so much noise against immigration reform. Why don't they stop for one second, use some common sense, and realize they
    are IMMIGRANTS themselves. If they're wanting all illegal immigrants deported they had better start packing their bags along with everyone else in this country except for Native American Indians. It's time to get serious about this matter and stop the bigotry.

  10. So those who oppose giving work permits to 11 million illegal aliens when 20 million Americans can't find full-time work are "bigots?" Does this include the Black American Alliance that recently sent letters to the Senate noting that unemployed blacks will be hit hardest by what would be the 8th amnesty since 1986?

  11. The bottom line here is that this country believes in LEGAL IMMIGRATION! If they break the law and come in illegally what makes you think they will obey any other laws? The US does not inforce the existing immigration laws. If we did we would not be experiencing the kind of problems we are now facing. If we do not inforce the present laws what makes anyone believe that putting new laws on the "books" will make any difference? I am a Viet Nam veteran! I have served my country! I am tired of all the spouting off by illigal immigrants and all of their supporters! I realize that it may not be practical to send all the illegals back to where they came from illegally but that is what should happen! I am sick and tired of my hard earned income being sucked out of my pocket to support these illegals! It is going to come to the point soon that 40% of America, those who are actually working, are going to be supporting the other 60% who are not working! We have politicians in Washing DC who could care less about America! They pass all of these laws that they are immune from! They are not on the social security program - they have their own retirement plan! They will not be under the Obama Health Care Plan - again they have their own plan! I am sick to death of the liberals destroying this country! Fortunately I do not have that much longer to live so I will hopefully not see the US become a third world country!

  12. I am NOT an immigrant, and neither is President Obama, the wing nuts to the contrary. The problem is the illegal immigrants who SPIT on US and our laws when they think that THEY and their wishes trump our rights and laws. I have travelled in over 50 countries, and in NONE of them did I spit on them and their laws, yet you seem to think that breaking laws of your host country is a RIGHT! I have always though very badly of my fellow Americans who acted as though the rest of the world should speak English for their benefit as tourists. Yet you seem to find nothing wrong with criminals who come here to live and don't even learn the rudiments of our language. That is simply arrogance and think that WE owe them something.

    I EARNED my rights since I am a Vietnam era veteran and ALL my family fought for this country since the Revolution and before too. I am also a liberal Democrat and precinct Chair and a big fan of the late Barbara Jordan who chaired the commission on immigration reform and SHE proposed massive deportations, E-Verify, employer sanctions, strict border enforcement, and the like. She did NOT advocate any amnesty or any of the so called reforns being pushed now. It takes some real GALL and arrogance to call HER and her recommendations racist or bigotry. I suggest that an arrogant, ignorant person such as yourself needs to READ her reports to Congress on this subject. SHE was a GREAT American and you spit on her, her last work that she sacrificed so much for, and by doing that, your contempt for her is obvious. YOU are the bigot!

  13. You Are An Ignorant Fool. We Built this Country Into a Powerhouse. We Bled For This Land. Now, The Illiterates And Gang Bangers welfare Crowd And Afrikan Americans Want To Change This. look At The Third World Countries With No Input From The White European Knowledge And Thinking. Most Are Backward Or Are Just Coming Into The New Century. Yes..We Built This Great Country. And No Elitist With Bolshevik Leanings Can Change What Is. Assimilation Until 1965 Was Always Americas Greatness.(Ted Kennedy And The GREAT SOCIETY Of Lyndon Johnson) Ruined The Future America!

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