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Should all U.S. forces be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014?


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  1. I agree 100% with Watsonsbag. However, I think a parade should be held in Kabul, before we leave. We were promised one in Iraq by the Bush Administration when we invaded (liberated)that country. I propose that the Grand Marshal be President Bush in one car with Dick Cheney.

  2. What in the hell are we doing there anyway? Can any one tell me? The Russians couldn't beat them. We can't beat them? Ten years to kill or maybe not kill some old guy in Pakistan. Calling everyone that goes to war or just puts on a uniform a "Hero". What have they done? Heroes are suppose to have done something. What have we got to show for 13 years and Trillions of dollars? Maybe one dead guy and most of the rest of the world hating our guts. It's time to say 'No' to the morons in Dizzy City. If the politicians want war let them fight it and use their own money to do it. Well one good thing came out of this war. Now in my old age I'm called a Hero now in stead of 'Baby Killer' back when I was in.

  3. I voted for the end of 2014. It should be the end of October 2013. That gives over 90 days to orderly withdraw all troops and equipment. We are not winning, we are not wanted, and we cannot afford the expense, either monetarily or, more importantly, the loss of life and health of our troops.

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