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What will be the effect of Army troop reductions and other cuts?


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  1. The only ones that need a shrink are those that worship at the feet of the liar in the White House. The occupant of the White House is a traitor that wipes his a$$ with the Constitution as he continues to destroy this country. BTW see how well you fare unarmed when the traitor has finished pouring this nation into the toilet.

  2. Your commander has lied time after time. He ignores the Constitution for anything he wants in place. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO STOP HIM? He just got re-elected and the lemmings do what ever he tells them. What America wants no longer matters. I quit and am no longer affiliated with ANY party. I try to write two letters a day and quite sure I'm headed for one of his internment camps as soon as the gun grab is over..

  3. Obama is President because the majority of American elected him. That means that YOU are not in the mainstream. Maybe its time for you to check in and see what is going on in this country and that most people do not agree with you. Obama got 70% or more of the Hispanic vote, the Asian vote, the college educated vote, the female vote. The vote that he did not get is the OLD MALE vote. So you guys can sit around and bitch with each other because no one else is listening except for the old Republican guys in Congress. As far as guns are concerned no one who has common sense, especially those of us who witnessed what assault weapons can do want them in our homes or streets. If you gun makes you feel like a man its not a gun you need, its a shrink!

  4. Time to quit drinking the kool-aid Robert. He barely go 50% of the vote the 2nd time around. Who cares about the break down of that vote. The ones he did get were predictable you know, like the black, hispanics, female and the young and all those union members. They all felt they could get something from the man blowing smoke up their rear ends, Now the blacks aremad at him cause he just ain't do nothing special for them, he hasn't been able to fill his big promises to the hispanics, the young are finding out "Obamacare" is gonna cost them a bunch of their money, unions members are screaming because this great health plan is threating to cost them their current "golden" coverage. This only leave the women and he didn't do so well with then the second time around. So, turn out the lights the bloom is off of the rose. You can fool most of the peole some of the time but, you can't fool all the people all the time. good bye and have a nice day.... ya hear!

  5. What used to be "The Working Man's Party," has sold their soul. We don't need higher command. They no longer look at the constitution from the top anyway. There is a storm headed our way and its gonna roll over us like a freight train. The senate and congress know what the American people want. Look at our own pole we just voted in! They don't work for the people any longer and were too stupid to vote them out? "He's cool! Look I have an oBAMAphone."

  6. When will the liberals get it. We closed our eyes to the military build-up of Nazi Germany just like we're closing our eyes to the build-up in Russia and China. What's next, will it be Chinese or Spanish as the legal language of our military? But, then again, perhaps our social justice programs will save us! Let's keep giving money to the illegal and the lazy and cut back on our military; I'm sure that will work!

  7. Bush and Cheney just about ruined this country by starting two wars, allowing for the largest terrorist attack in history, and running economy into the ditch. No one has done more for the military and Vets than the current administration the best of which was getting the country out of the wars and keeping us safe. By cutting back on the largest reason for the US deficit, the Defense budget, the current administration is making major improvements in all sectors. The stock market is at all time high as is corporate profitability, the Fed has been able to cut back on stimulus, and the real estate market is recovering. Now if can get the Republicans in the House to do something other than their fantasy scandarls we can continue the growth that President Obama is showing with his leadership.

  8. Every time a Democrat gets in the White House we hear "We support the troops" then they cut military strength and reduce pay and benefits so they can increase welfare and buy more votes. When will the American people see what is happening to this country??!!

  9. The Pentagon and Military Commands are top heavy with brass. Lets cut non-combatants to a reasonable level, but keep combat and rapid response troops at a level that will ensure the safety of this great country. The CIC could also save money by cutting out his high dollar vacations in the name of diplomacy. He wasn't elected as a monarch with all the trappings of the Royal Family.

  10. The Communist Regime currently controlling our Government is doing everything possible to destroy our Country and our way of life.
    From Obamacare to Benghazi, libya, to giving Aid and Comfort to our Enemies; the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, our Leaders are Traitors, and have committed Treason over and over again.
    When will the American people wake-up and see the truth?
    We must purge our Government of Traitors, starting at the top.

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