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Should Rolling Stone have featured Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover this week?


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  1. People who are accused or commit any type of serious crime should not receive any media coverage. Report the arrest and then stay out of it. Sometimes the media becomes part of the problem by continuing to fuel the subject. Report the news, not the reporters theories and don't give the accused the media attention they want!

  2. Extremely well put; I agree with you 100%.

    There will be plenty of time to editorialize, sensationalize and second guess all involved AFTER the accused is brought to trial. Prior to that, report the crime, report when an arrest is made, when the trial convenes and wait for a verdict before going on about the accused or the victims. The job of the media is to report the news not taint the jury pool with stories slanted to one particular point of view or the other.

  3. Those who voted "Yes. Under its constitutionally protected right, Rolling Stone can put whoever it wants on its cover." have missed the point.

    Just because you MAY do something does not mean you SHOULD.

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