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How should the United States handle the chaos in Egypt?


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August 15, 2013 - 3:47pm

Stay the hell out of the internal political affairs of all foreign countries unless there is a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States. The U.S. may not like Russia's policies on gay and lesbians and Egypts political issues but that is their problem, not ours. Our government and liberal media needs to focus on the issues internal to the United States instead of diverting attention from Bengazi, IRS scandles, drones, etc. to such things of world wide importance such as Paula Deen, Russia's gay and lesbian laws and Egypts internal strife.


August 15, 2013 - 8:23pm

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible. - George Washington

Well, if mind your business, then you wont be mindin' mine. - Hank Williams

We have plenty to keep us busy right here at home. There is border security (or lack thereof), repeated violations of the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth amendments, lack of a constitutional currency, and other problems too numerous to mention.

Egypt is not on the list. When I see the Egyptian army crossing the ocean and invading the United States, then by all means let's get involved. Until then, don't interfere... at all... on any level!


August 16, 2013 - 9:43am

The philosophy of life is so different from ours in these countries that we need to let these people decide for themselves, what kind of life they want to have in their own countries.
We should not be providing any financial or military assistance while they are in the middle of a civil war.
If they don't settle this themselves, there will never be peace!
We need to get out and stay out!!!


August 16, 2013 - 4:41pm

We don't give a shit and STOP giving 1.5 Billion in aid. What about our wounded military, they could use the money!!!


August 19, 2013 - 7:04pm

I think that the U.S. needs to stop trying to convert the world. We are completely self sufficient and need nothing from any other country. We have hungry people here, Many, many more people out of work that this administration reports, VETS, injured and begging on the streets. We need to take care of our own and screw the rest of the world as they screw us every chance they get.

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