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What is your take on the stalled immigration reform bill?


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  1. This is the type of jingoism that gives patriotism a bad name. The bill that passed the Senate provides a lengthy and difficult path to citizenship. Instead of simply saluting the flag and rejecting the bill as "amnesty", offer a responsible and realistic alternative. If this bill fails and no alternative is passed, we all will continue to pay the many costs of a broken system (including continuing to not collect taxes on 11 million people, continuing to educate top notch students who end up going back to their countries of origin, etc).

  2. My Wife and I feel the pain of this insanity as well. When will the Real AMERICANS STAND UP and be HEARD. Our Country is in Distress Make no mistake, this is GENERAL QUARTERS!

    Thompson USN (RET)

  3. Hey, it only took me 10 minutes to get to the comment section. FAR OUT!!!

    I have to say I'm sick of hearing about Amnesty. I am sick of OUR GOVERNMENT not taking action in the manner we ask them. Of the 900 million of these type of voting polls they all show the same crap. Are we for giving away 33 million jobs to illegal Mexicans? NO!!! Should we start protecting our boarders? YES!!! Should the Senate and Congress stop wrestling with Americans, trying to make things the way they want them. This commander and chief is trying to circumvent the Constitution of the United States. Why haven't the people we voted into office started action to impeach this Yo Yo ? I guess getting a BJ in the White House is more important than islam walking across our borders and their media bragging about just how many people 4 pounds of Anthrax Virus could kill. I don't know about the rest of you VET's but isn't it time we voted some of these jokers out of office? Sorry but I'm getting pissed.....Mikey

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