Legion baseball e-newsletter makes its debut

On Wednesday, American Legion Baseball launched its first issue of The Dugout, a complimentary e-mail newsletter for coaches that is delivered straight to their e-mail inbox. The monthly publication will feature photos and links on a variety of headlines that will easily direct coaches to the Legion Baseball Web site.

The Dugout's first issue features an informative Q&A with Luis Gonzalez, a five-time Major League Baseball All Star and hero of the 2001 World Series, photos of famous Legion baseball alumni, the success of online baseball registration and much more.

The Dugout has more than 600 subscribers already. If you have not signed up and would like to receive it, click here. It's free, and the latest baseball news and updates will be sent directly to your e-mail inbox.



  1. This is my first year being involved in Legion baseball. This year, 2011, my son was a freshman catcher on the Vero Beach,Florida HS JV team. The school was not going to be able to supply a coach or allow us to play on the HS field. I have been told also that our affiliated Legion post, post#39 will also not support us financially. We as a team have to raise our own Legion fees. As a veteran of both the Marines and the Army, this may discourage me from joining the Legion. I also thought of joining that particular post to try and bring change to that very policy. I was curious as to how many other posts don't support their locally affiliated team. My father is a 100% D.A.V. from service as a Marine during the korean war, and has been a Legion member for many years, but now questions that as I do. Please comment and help. It is sad that our local HS varsity and JV coaches will not support us, and neither now will our Legion. Is this the benefits of membership?
  2. It is very interesting to see there are other posts that maintain the No-Pay-to-Play concept. Keep the comments comming. Would like to here from Posts on how ther fund their ball programs. We in Lawrence Post 14 do one major fund raiser each year. In fact this year is our 61st Year (1949) for our annual Lagion Baseball Pancake fee. Go Hawks
  3. Rockdale County American Legion Post 77 sponsors two Senior teams and there is no fees to the players or parents. Also we have two ladies who run our concession stand so that parents can come to the games and enjoy watching their boys play.
  4. Post 6 and 28 in Delaware also do not charge players (except a uniform deposit) R. Lamberton, DE Baseball Chair
  5. Post 6 and 28 in Delaware also do not charge players (except a uniform deposit) R. Lamberton, DE Baseball Chair
  6. Dorsey-Liberty Post 14 in Lawrence Kansas is returning to the way American Legion Baseball was met to be administered. Over the years more and more burden was placed on the players and their parents. The fees that were being charged the players limited playing to only those who could afford it, not how good you are. That has changes in Lawrence KS this year. Our post has started the NO-PAY-TO-PLAY rule. That is players will be selected on their skills not the ability to pay. Hank Sipple
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