House passes measure to protect VA benefits

The U.S. House of Representatives has adopted the "Honoring Our Promise to America’s Veterans Act" by a vote of 259-157 Oct. 3.

The joint resolution is designed to guarantee the continuation of veterans benefits payments by extending certain portions of Department of Veterans Affairs funding in the face of a continuing government shutdown and looming government budget default.

The funding resolution provides about $6 billion less for benefits than the House approved this summer during passage of its version of VA’s full-year appropriations bill for fiscal 2014. According to Military Times, the Senate has no plans to take up the bill and the White House has warned it would be vetoed by President Obama.


  1. So when are we ALL going to meet in Washington? A REAL million Vet march. God bless the WWII Vets. Still fighting.
  2. All those democraps in congress, & the Executive Office should be tarred & feathered, & ridden out of D.C. on a rail. I hope that all those idiots who voted for them are now losing all their pay & benefits from what ever job that they have. To paraphrase an old saying, The democrats are our leaders, the democrats are our bosses, Comes the Revolution, & they will be our losses. IMPEACH Obama & kick the senate democrats out of office NOW.
  3. My family has 5 members who served this country for four generations: my grandfather in WWII; my father in Korea; me during the Cold War; my sister in the Gulf War; and my nephew during Iraq. My grandfather is dead, my dad is on Social Security, my sister is applying for VA disability, and I and my nephew both receive VA disability. If we don't get paid this coming month, I will have to dig into my savings which is all I have left to pay not only my rent and bills but my nephew's rent and bills because he has no savings. This is the America my family has served for 4 generations? No, it's not; it's the America of selfish, petty, greedy, heartless politicians and the corporate media bottom-feeders that make profits by stirring up nonsensical idiotic destructive divisive B-S that distracts attention from the reality that the America we all served, the Constitutional America, has been sold to the oil companies and the big banks and the pharmaceutical companies and China and Wal-Mart. The American people have given up their freedoms so they can have the latest electronic toys and fast food and drugs and entertainment. I'm willing to take up arms and fight, but just try to get the average American off the couch... good luck with that.
  4. It will come a time to take up arms and form a militia per the constitution cause of failed government for the people...We served and fought for everyone's freedom especially our own. Vet's are being arrested for visiting memorials for Vietnam, WWII, and National cemeteries have become off limits to visit our dead. This is not the America we fought for. We may need to take up arms to take back our America. Our younger generation of police use the excuse that they are following orders. We must teach them that illegal and immoral orders do not have to be followed but refused or they will fight and die for no reasonable or patriotic reason. Take back America. Arm yourselves to protect your family. Lets not Forget, For God and Country.
  5. So, what are they going to do about it? Should we not get the various non-governmental VA organizations involved in putting pressure on our governemnt to pay us? Further, if they are going to pay the furloughed government workers who are not working and therefore not really earning their pay during the furlough, back pay, will they be paying us the backpay we already earned if they default upon the debt they owe us? I think some media attention needs to be brought to bear on this issue.
  6. I've decided to learn to speak Chinese seeing how our childish government can't get along on the playground.
  7. I got a big question what happens if us vets don't get our checks what will happen with our bills(like house payment, car payment etc and light and gas bills what these creditors going to do about that that is what needs to be brought up
  8. I'm a 67 year old Army vet retired from my own business. I live alone and depend entirely on Social Security and VA pension for survival income. I will be forced into the street (along with my cancer) when my landlord asks for his rent, just for starters. What this over-powered, dog-eat-dog, selfish congress is doing to our beloved country should be grounds for incarceration.
  9. I guess Veterans are not the only ones getting shafted again by shut down; 100% service connected and on Social Security Where are the food lines.....
  10. I received mine, however the outlook does seem to bleak for the future. I'm thankful that I still am employed.
  11. Not after the middle of October. NBC reported the VA stated they would run out of the pool of money used for benefit payments.
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