Have you had to re-enroll in VA?

After you initially enrolled for health care in your local VA medical center, did you have to re-enroll if you received treatment in another facility?

If you had to re-enroll, please e-mail American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division Deputy Director Jacob Gadd.


  1. I agree. Why bother to re-enroll. I'm retired and just because my wife is employed it's the same story each year. You're over the income limit! I don't remember the exact year I enrolled to beat the deadline for income limits but at the time it didn't matter since i was employed. Now when I apply they can't find the original application that would make me exempt. Strange, isn't it?
  2. I am a Viet Nam vet who has had no problem getting care from the VA. The only problem you are going to have is if you make to much money and then you may not qualify for benefits.
  3. In 1997 I applied for VA & got "Welcome to VA Healthcare" letter. Letter said I was enrolled in "Group C" - equivalent of "Category 8"? - and said I was eligible for health care, and would have to pay co-pays as I my income was over limits. The copays are fine and I'd be happy to pay them if I could get ANY VA health care now! I got Blue VIC card with the letter (old kind - no photo). Right after I enrolled I got a job with full health benefits and didn't know I could use both job AND VA health care together, so I didn't see VA docs or re-apply annually. I was never notified that I had to, in the original welcome package or in any other way. Now I've been long-term unemployed and COBRA is about to run out again. I went to NJ E. Orange VA center to get new VIC card, but lady said I wasn't enrolled, and had to start over - but income too high now. I called VA and was told same thing - plus must see VA doc yearly to be enrolled. I have 6 yrs active duty 81-87 & soon NO HealthCare!
  4. I tried to get help from the VA in 1995/1996. What I got was a run around. First they admited was was a veteran, and 3 times after that, they said I wasn't a veteran, after I re-applied???? I gave up!!!! What is needed is to fire all the people working in the VA and hire only veterans or their spouses to work there. If you haven't served you can't work there. Veterans take care of each other! better that people who have never served their country they should be kept out of the system.
  5. I went to the VA in Los Angeles in 1970 after getting out and got one of those addministrative ID's and was assured that it was the real thing in 1973 I was informed that the program was being discontinued and my card would no longer be good at the clinic. Hell I just gave up and I guess thats what they wanted I did just that in 1998 I went in to a clinic in redding and was informed that my claim was never filed and I had no recourse for my previous service connected claims so I reapllied and now am engaged in the real hurry up and wait routine DELAY DENY DIE it at times will make your head spin from the complete disreguard for the vet YOU ARE NOT NUMBER ONE ONLY THERE PAYCHECK COUNTS. I now have some service connected and get some what fair treatment think it could be a bit better though
  6. Yes, I've had to fill out new financial info to receive services a few times. I must come in under the limit of earned income, as they give me services. It's been rougher though, having a PTSD diagnosis for 13 years by a VA psychologist and the VA Regional Office throwing my claims back in my face, saying I have no diagnosis. I've had a handful of PTSD diagnosis along the way. Plus the demeaning things the VA Regional office has said about me and my claim along the way has often been not only disrespectful but down right infuriating. My advocate took a good look into it and said they'd been 'top sheeting' my case for years. I've been waiting over 3 years for a BVA hearing and have been told I probably have another 3 or 4 to wait, but out of the blue came a call from the Regional Office scheduling a Comp and Pen exam in October 2010, so will see what happens there and then after it. It's been a long war and a long walk home.
  7. Today's VA doesn't recognize "honorable service" as being qualified for benefits. I am a US Navy Viet Nam vet and I cannot even get an aspirin. The VA is now based on income--if you ever worked in your life--you get nothing, If you drew welfare all your life, you can get anything you want from them. It is that simple. I worked, so I am not qualified for anything. I have several ailments that I think might be connected to Agent Orange--but Mr. Steve Kelly (office boy manager in New Orleans)has determined that it is possible that I never did what I told him I did. It is as if I was never there. My opinion--todays VA really sucks and it is a bunch of gov't red tape to avoid paying anything--except sponsoring a Nascar race car!! That is a slap in the face to me, even tho I like Nascar. Vets need help--Obama is killing us!! VA stalls til we die!!
  8. I agree. I am a VietNam Marine vet, and now that some of my investments are kicking in (because I ACTUALLY worked for a living), it looks like I will no longer be able to get VA healthcare. It is very sad when we that actually went to work every day after serving our country in a war, are treated like second class citizens, while those that live under a bush, and have done nothing in their lives, and may not have even ACTUALLY been in a fire fight get full coverage. REALLY!
  9. Bah! Humbug A real waste of my Time. Tried the first time to enrole .Have a Service connected Disability, Less than 10% Was told I make to much Money!! Spent 4 yrs Active Navy ,37 yrs SelRes Navy ,Last 9 yrs VTU Navy . Was Line Chief with HM 18 ,No Pay No advancement, MY Choice ,to Retire on Contract with 41 yrs 1 month 1 day! Not looking for a Medal,Dont need them !! Have Medicare and TFL ,Now as long as the Congress ,dont bother either one . The VA can go to Hell!! Some Ileagal Imigrant can get Help and Im told Im not poor enough! A slap in the Face to us Veterans. A Country that Lies to its Veterans, is not worth the Powder to blow it to Hell! You ask people to sacrifice their Time ,and some the Finale task ,To be Crapped on. Look around !, youll see people who havent done a Dam thing for this Country ,and all their needs are Met! What a Scam! Keep it up! and your going to run out of Volunteers! Who needs Lies ! And now! their playing Musical Bodies in Arlington , Digusting !!!!
  10. Great comments provided by vets re: their inability to access their promised VA Medical Benefits. I was given a "Blue" medical enrollment card by the Denver, CO. VA Medical Center in 1977. I had no need to use my VA medical benefit until I retired in 2005. When I tried to access my benefits I was told that I was not enrolled. I appealed this decision over the last 5 years thru the Veterans' Board Of Appeals and ultimately had a hearing before their administrative law judge. After 5 years of appeals I was informed that my "Blue" card was merely an "Adminstrative ID Card". This is purely bureaucratic mismanagement on the part of the VA. Why would anyone have applied for an Administrative ID card at a VA Medical Center-makes no sense. Vets would only be visiting a VA Medical Center to apply for Medical Benefits!!!!! I have asked all my congressional reps for assitance, but none have been of any help. Access to our promised VA's Medical care should be a top priority for the Amer. Legion.
  11. Several years I was informed that if I enroll I would grandfather my rights to health care regardless of income, when I retire. I enrolled and of course for the last several years when I applied for health care I was told that I was above the threshold! Never realized that my total household income was included, that meant my wife's income too. Doesn't seem right that I have to re-enroll each year for nothing, just in case they change the threshold. I still don't understand what happened to my grandfathered rights that I thought I signed up for years earlier. Thanks for nothing.
  12. As a veteran I truly belive that no Veteran should have to have to reaply for medical at the VA or fill out a means test each year. As a veteran we all should get free Medical and Dentil care for life for free. If you agree with with me call US Legislator to have this changed.
  13. It's interesting that you mentioned calling our Senators to have the VA Health Care mess fixed. At least so once we're enrolled, we stay enrolled and don't get "dis-enrolled" without notice. Because the Senators, Congressmen, President, VP, etc, who vote on us getting Health Care, make incomes and most have assets, that would disqualify us. Yet they ALL get top quality medical Care *FOR LIFE*! With NO "means test" to get and KEEP their benefits. And HOW many weeks "away from DC" do Senators and Congressmen get each year? It seems they were "away" much of the summer. I get 2 weeks. I spoke to a VA Rep who said Bush put in this "no new Group 8" rule in order to help pay for the Iraq war. At least Obama "plans to continue to raise income thresholds for Group 8 veterans" (see "Group 8 vets invited back to VA"). It also says there "Once veterans are enrolled in VA health care, no further income checks occur. They will not lose access to care if their annual incomes rise." HUH?
  14. I agree I have been paying for my medicial and others don't pay anything this is not right.. We shouldn't have to pay anything
  15. I rotated back to the States in 1957 after serving 42 months in Germany...I was honorably discharged from the USAF at Manhatten Beach,NY...One of the last things i was told was"The VA will always be there for you"...Right,as long as your income is at the poverty level...
  16. As a veteran I truly belive that no Veteran should have to have to reaply for medical at the VA or fill out a means test each year. As a veteran we all should get free Medical and Dentil care for life for free. If you agree with with me call US Legislator to have this changed.
  17. Was told I had not submitted paperwork for reverification of my eligibility. Have sent it in and have heard nothing in writing, e-mail or otherwise. I have been using a local clinic in Ft. Pierce, FL an outreach from West Palm Beach, FL VA. I have not seen a Dr. because they will not admit me because I have not been reverified. Go figure. I gave Uncle almost 4 years of my time, and I can't get seen. Anyone got a solution.
  18. My enrollment was approved February 4, 2000. Got my card still have the approval letter. Moved from California to Texas 5 years later. Dropped by my local VA clinic and they said they have no record of me in the system. I know the CA and Texas VA are different databases but the clerk I dealt with didn't know they should be able to bring up the VA Palo Alto System on their computer. I didn't have time to press the issue since I was just updating my mailing address. That was almost five years ago. I suspect I've completely dropped out of the VA system by now without a current address.
  19. When I registered I was told I had to Re-Register every September of every year for the rest of my life. I am to use the 10-10EZ form. I beleieve this is normal procedure.
  20. The problem with that system is you may qualify one year and not the next...Example:The year i enrolled i had several thousands of dollars of out of pocket healthcare payments that brought my income down to meet the threshold...This year i don't,so i don't qualify which means i have to find other healthcare...This,in my opinion is wrong...
  21. I had been registered with the VA in Northern Calif through the VA Hospital, Reno, NV. When I moved to Las Vegas, NV and went to a VA clinic for treatment in 2003, they wouldn't accept my VA card, and told me to re-enroll on the other side of town. I am in group 3, 30% service connected diability. I threw my VA card away and never went back. I am now covered by Medicare and Tricare for Life.
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