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Violence is flaring in Afghanistan over the proposed Koran Burning Day. Is the Florida pastor legally or morally culpable?


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  1. Books are not the cause for hatred, people are. I have seen more problems started by the few ignorant citizens of this nation not completely knowing what they talk about. It makes just as much sense saying people don't misspell words the pencils do, drunk drivers don't kill people,the cars do and my all time favorite, People don't kill people, guns do so outlaw the guns.
    Every one has the privilege of not liking something or some one for what ever reason, but don't expect the masses to follow just because you say so....Life is all about choices and the ones you make only belong to you.

  2. Should we live in fear of publicly burning a Koran or any book that we own? Of course not! Should a Muslim live in fear of publicly burning a Bible? Of course not! Should a Muslim live in fear of burning in Hell for bowing to, praying to, or worshipping the memory of Mahammad The Prophet, Ruler, Beheader, Murderer of his day? Of course!

  3. That pastor wimped out by not burning the koran! He should've never said it if he wasn't going to go through with it! That shows how weak christainity is and the muslims totally bluffed this smuck our service members are already in danger before this koran burning came about!

  4. This is a poorly worded survey question. You needed to ask two separate questions. (1) Is the Florida pastor legally culpable? Does this Pastor have a legal right to burn Korans, yes. In America we say that this is a freedom of speech activity. The Legion has been trying for years to get legislation passed that would expressly make the desecration of the American Flag illegal. Until there is a law on the books to protect burning Korans or Bibles or the Flag, then it is legal. Of course this supposes that he does not violate some local or state ordnance such as not having a burning permit or not doing the burning in a controlled pit or container. (2) Is the Florida pastor morally culpable? Now we run up against what your values and my values and every other persons values might be. From my value base, this so called pastor is not using the same moral compass that I use. His stated reason for his action sound very much like an eye for an eye. Where have you heard that before?

  5. islam philosophy: Convert or I kill you. Yes, I'll burn their worthless crap every chance I get. I learned all I need to know about islam on 9/11. Long live David R; Remember the satanic verses. Little muslims kids can be excused from class to go sniff dirt but it is against the law for a Christians child to pray in school. Yet our government says this is not discrimination. What a load of horse-crap. What freedom?

  6. Unless you're willing to comit genocide and kill every flavor of muslim on the planet, I suggest you grow up.

    Actions have consequences.

    If you ARE willing to comit genocide, I say "Heil Hitler" to you, because you are no better than them.

    The dear reverend is deluded.

  7. This is not a Freedom of Religion issue, nor is it a Freedom of Speech issue. In fact, this is not a freedom of anything issue. I know of no place where arson is considered speech or religion.

    Flag and Koran burnings are inflammatory, bigotry, and xenophobic. There's no other way to describe it.

    If I own a Bible, flag, Koran, Torah, or anything else, I have the right to burn it if I feel there's a reason to do so.

    However, if I burn it for the purpose of vengeance, or inflaming, or offending people, that's just wrong. It's a violation of positive morals and values. Whether it's human, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim morals and values, it's a violation of positive morals and values, and it's just wrong.

    If I violate morals and values, and it results in unrest, I am culpable in that unrest. I share in the responsibility for the results of my actions.

    Some things are wrong, and they are always wrong.

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