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Are veterans being exploited over politics during the government shutdown?


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  1. I will not vote for any incumbents this next election. It's time to clean house and stop voting for party ticket.

  2. I live in the Chicago area and have been an A.L. Member for at least 25 to 30 years.All my fellow post members can not express enough our diisappointment in the lack of leadership coming from all the veteran organizations during the recent government shut down.NOT one peep when they closed any monuments, memorial services etc. If not for the old WWII vets showing their grit the public probably not have known anything about our disgraceful government behavior.NOT one supposed Vets org. Leader stepped forward to take anyone to task. SHAME, SHAME!,, Maybe it's time to CHANGE our leadership. When you sleep with the curs to long you catch their FLEAS! Just my thoughts, thanks for your time.

  3. You would think that the term benefits would mean that the disability benefits, along with the pensions of surviving dependents of military veterans, were above the political fray. They are not. They are the same as pensions and survivors benefit, medical disability benefits of civil service, medicare, medicaid of private citizens,the aging and the disabled. All of this entitlements are not considered debt when people say we would not default in the debt. The money in hand that some claim will save us from default will go to pay foreign debt, bonds and certificates but not any entitlements. Do you have enough money to live without any government benefit or entitlement? Can your source of income, small business, or big business survive with the contraction of consumer spending that it represent to loose all of these on top of the 800,000 government employees furloughed by the shutdown for without the borrowing ceiling raised they won't return to work. If you don't believe me ask your representative or senator. Stop your senseless, hate based, politically biased bitching about what you don't WANT to understand. Actually like somebody that gives a damn about the country we all swore to protect.

  4. The one term idea is like saying that service members should not be allowed to re-enlist. Who the hell learns everything they need to learn to be as effective at possibly at their specialty in 4 years. It would be a terrible waste. We would have apprentice specialist forever. Election Law reform eliminating outside campaign financing, campaign contributions should be equally shared by all participants in any/all races. Wealthy voters should not be able to fund any candidate's campaign above what any other voter could afford. Private contributors should not be lumped together with organizations represented by elected majority representing organizations(labor/citizens action/NPO). PACs should be eliminated, their free speech demeans the free speech, and vote, that all other citizens have that don't have the same money. Let's get rid of all gerrymandering and make District really representative. These would make a difference and ensure fairness by providing a level field ensure those elected actually represent the best interests of the people.

  5. Also, I hate this talk "our government is too big nonsense". Sorry, we have the biggest economy in the world, are military is ten times bigger than all the other countries combined. WE ARE BIG, WERE THE USA. Seriously, if people don't want to pay taxes, and have a problem with our big government then these people should just leave and find a smaller country.

  6. The US economy is second in the world, behind the EU. The US does not even rank in the top 10 in economic growth. US military spending accounts for almost 54% of the world's total military expenditures. All that spending and we can't protect our own borders and are being run ragged by a couple bands of para-military wannabes. Heaven help us if we ever end up in a war with China. We aren't getting anywhere near what we are paying for.

  7. Tea Party Republicans ran explicitly on "If you elect me to Congress I will shut down the government." why are people surprized that they did exactly what they said they were going to do? When are you guys gonna get it in your heads that Republicans don't care about Vets. the only thing they care about is money and power.

  8. Then why is it the evil Republicans have offered to provide full funding for all government operations except the ACA? If the Democrats are your friends, why is it that they are the ones who turned the deal down because they wanted more? Why is it that it is the Democrats who are deciding just who is going to suffer and who isn't? Seems the Democrats are the ones wanting more money and more power.

  9. The problem is that we have too many programs that support people for not working and only about 50% paying taxes. The government spends way more than it takes in. Our deficit has ballooned to over 17 trillion dollars. I hear all this talk about entitlement programs. Social Security, and Veterans Benefits are not entitlements these are benefits that were earned and paid for. the problem is all the freebies who tax payers have tom fund. From what I have read each tax paying American owes China about $74,000 of our governments debt. If we don't start doing something about this lord help our grand children and great grand children. God Bless America if we ever needed this we need it now.

  10. Please keep in mind that the people who singled out veterans as their next target to highlight the so-called "shutdown" (85% of federal government is still "working") are the SAME people who issued a report a few years ago that called returning war veterans and those opposed to illegal immigration, abortion or gun control "rightwing extremists" and capable of extreme violence. Remember, it was said that veterans are "too stupid" and are susceptible to recruitment.

  11. Again, the problem with the government is it is now a Buy a seat government. You have to be a multi millionaire or backed y one to stand a chance to get elected. Then once in they never keep campaign promises.

    Again we need to have ordinary people in power in Washington that know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck instead of these millionaire born with a silver spoon in their mouth types in power.

  12. Was I dreaming or did someone say the entire Democraptic party voted to give 33 million jobs to the country on our southern boarder right after they crapped on the American Flag in Arizona? Is it true that when the Mexican women found out they were pregnant, walked across the boarder and pushed the baby out at our expense, on American soil. And that makes them and 25 of their family American Citizens? Illegal's don't have to declare who their doctor is after they come across, they only have to walk to the head of the line at any hospital emergency room, anytime DAY or NIGHT! The signs after you are across the southern boarder that are placed with a button to let authorities that you are lost, are now in Chinese and Mexican! After all is said and done you will forget what these politicians that are in office RIGHT NOW are trying to give away. 11 million jobs now!!! And that's 33 million over the next ten years........33 MILLION JOBS FOLKS and say that its GOOD FOR AMERICA!!!!! Your not going to do anything, you never have and your not going to now....

  13. DOUBLE WHAMMY! You are a veteran AND opposed to illegal immigration. According to DHS and the current administration, you are TWICE the threat. Hope you don't own any guns... that would be a TRIPLE WHAMMY!!! (Almost as bad as me.)

  14. Dam, don't know if it showed my comment or not. Look get off your ass and vote these people out! Their not the problem, YOU ARE!!! Wine and cry, bitch and moan, then vote them back into office because your a Democrap, because your a Robopulicon. Anyone who supports an official that is supporting oBAMAA is just as guilty as he is. Its not brain surgery. K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid! The man refused to show where he was born yet you allow him to be in office and you vote in the people who back him. Give me a break, WHO'S FAULT IS THIS MESS WERE IN!!!!!!! I'm glad as hell I don't have to depend on that yo yo to cover my back while I was in a some other country. WE ALL KNOW ITS BUSH'S FAULT. He has pointed at so many people I'm surprised he hasn't put some ones eye out. Just stay on your lazy ass and do nothing... It wual bea fine, trust me!!!

  15. I can see that some of the people commenting here have no clue how the government operates and how the laws are written. The. "Administration" has no money, and. Cannot spend any government funds without approval from Congress. You people need to read the laws and not listen to whomever talks his or her mind. You need to talk to your Congressman because only he or she can fix Any. Monetary problems.

  16. In 2008 and 20012 we had a chance to nominate and elect a statesman Dr. Ron Paul, who is the only one who could have brought us out of the mess we are in. But NO! The recipients of all the government giveaways decided we wanted a socialistic democrat who would give them even more. They don't stop to think that before they can be given all these things, the government must first take from someone else. Greed is going to be destruction of our country. So I guess we will just have to endure and make the most of each day that we have left.

  17. There is an alternative to resolve this problem. Congress has muddied and watered down the Constitution so much that they have basically given themselves an Olympian throne- impossible for mere mortals to approach much less to threaten. The Federal Congress has neutered the states and rendered them worthless to a vast extent. However, it is possible for the states to strike back and to re-take their rightful position in our Republic. If enough of the states propose and approve an amendment or series of amendments to the Constitution, Congress is powerless to stop the changes. An example is the 17th Amendment that changes the election of Senators from the State Legislatures to the popular vote of the people. The Senate was originally intended to represent the state's interests while the House was to represent the people. Now, the state's have no representation- no say in the Government- and they now must beg for favors in order to survive. What then makes the Senate any different than the House? Nothing. Who speaks for the State's? No one does. Another is the Amendment that forces the Government to continue to pay both the House and Senate even in the event of a shutdown such as the one we are seeing right now. Think they are interested in restarting the Government? Not really. There is nothing hurting them.
    The income tax code has been re-written and bastardized in so many ways to allow the members of both the house and senate to give away gifts- corruption made legal and now runs rampant through the Government.

    I agree with what someone earlier said about gerrymandering, but that would only be a problem with the House if the Senate was still elected as the founding fathers intended. In fact, the way things used to work, if the Senator did not support the interests of his or her state, they would be recalled and replaced immediately. As things stand right now, once a Senator attains office, he or she can remain in that seat until they wish to quit and even after only 6 years they receive a pension and medical benefits.

    Folks we must wake up. We must convince our State's to take back their rightful place in the Republic or things will NEVER change for the better, only the worse.

  18. Take a look at the Libertarian party. Their platform is one of true government reform. Some of what they will do is perhaps a bit extreme but right now that is what we need. At the next election, look for the Libertarian candidate. It is not likely he or she has been in office before, We would get a whole new start and I guarantee it can't be worse than what we have now.

  19. It doesn't matter. The voters booth ought to be where the choice is made but the sad facts are that the politicians are courting the people who will vote for them and they try to reach the largest crowd and that is not you or i my friend, it s that segment who will not work and wants to live off someone else. It is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see that the last two general elections have been decided by that group. When those who will not work outnumber those who will, the republic is lost and freedom with it. My fear is that we have already passed that threshold. Without decisive action by those that care about our country we will be no more in a very few years. Think about that when you go to vote. Once freedom is lost, it is gone forever.


  21. "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Our Freedom has been bought and paid for. It isn't some deficit passed on to future generations to pay. It isn't a line item in a budget. Our Freedom is born of respect, honor, duty, and yes, love. No Administration has a right to spit on that love & Freedom for any agenda, and when it does it is intolerable.

  22. Lincoln said it, and I am paraphrasing. How can we expect to have soldiers if we do not take care of the veterans of war. A country that does not honor it's veterans will demean it's soldiers.

  23. I think the Vetnam Vets would disagree. They were treated like dirt. This administration isn't any better or worse. It's just that now we have computers and more television stations, and they can't hide all the dirt. President Obama isn't the only one who isn't doing anything. There's plenty of Blame to pass around. The majority of them need to be voted out. They do the least amount of work but get more benefits than most workers. Something is wrong with this system. And We the People need to fix it. Go Vote next November. Vote everyone out that's been up there over 2 terms. Let your Vote speak for you.

  24. The country is still taking in $280B every month . Out interest on debt is $25B. Social Secuirty/disability/etc. is another $20B. This leaves $235B each month to run the govt (2001) spending levels. It is against the constitution not to pay our debts and there is plenty of money to do that. This is about choices (Obama and the Dems want to make this painful to all of us so that we get mad (the news then reports it is the Republican's fault... this leads to elections). The fact is that they do have choices. Lets cancel the free cell phone program and other non-essential garbage.

  25. The country is still taking in $280B every month . Out interest on debt is $25B. Social Secuirty/disability/etc. is another $20B. This leaves $235B each month to run the govt (2001) spending levels. It is against the constitution not to pay our debts and there is plenty of money to do that. This is about choices (Obama and the Dems want to make this painful to all of us so that we get mad (the news then reports it is the Republican's fault... this leads to elections). The fact is that they do have choices. Lets cancel the free cell phone program and other non-essential garbage.

  26. I am not a Vet, but I am daughter/wife/mother of Veterans (Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Navy). The behavior of this Administration toward the Veterans is the most shameful thing I have ever seen, and I turned 70 yesterday, so that covers a lot of ground! I believe the President should be impeached. He obviously has no use for the military and does not deserve to be Commander in Chief.

  27. I'm 66 and a Vietnam vet. I wish he could be impeached but he can't under the law he has done nothing wrong except be immoral. I do believe that a candidate for president should be a veteran to be commander in chief.

  28. I think so too. It probably didn't catch on in the first place because there were very few soldiers with the capacity to take the position after the revolution. Few of the presidents were soldiers in that day and the people were still afraid of tyranny, no matter where it came from. The military could have taken over any time they wanted to and still could for that matter. They would have a very hard time taking over the whole country but all the would have to do is walk into congress and declare an end to it all. Not a shot would be fired. The only reason this will not happen any time soon is: 1.Things aren't bad enough yet. 2. The Generals and Admirals running the military are by and large, very honorable men and that type of action would be against the oath they took. and 3rd, The current POTUS at any time is the one who has appointed these men and they either completely agree with him or at least owe him for their position.

  29. Absolutely. And I specifically blame Obama because he shows no leadership and has specifically told his administration to use this crisis to cause as much pain as possible to use against his enemies in the next election. This man is a liar and traitor!

  30. That's President Obama who along with the majority passed an affordable health bill 3 years ago. When you say his enemies do you mean the Republicans? The Republican Party must be so threatened by President Obama receiving all the credit for bringing this much needed bill in,that they shut down the Government. Why would the Republicans worry about next election big Oil Company's bought into office then and will do it again.

  31. we already have term limits-they're called elections. What we need is campaign finance reform and publicly funded elections. As long as we continue the current thinly disguised system of bribery and graft we shouldn't be surprised when the "leaders" finally turn into extortionists.

  32. They are hostile to anyone that is not in line with their program, this era is beginning to remind me of the Feudal Ages.

  33. It is about time for the veterans organizations, AL, VFW, VVA, etc., to unite and throw the weight of we veterans to the fore. Who else, but the Vet is responsible for maintaining our freedoms and keeping the USA and its Constitution viable! God Bless America!

  34. I find it very questionable as to why this administration would open the Mall for a rally in support of immigration reform and NOT for wounded warriors or WW II vets, now this.

    They are more then trying to scare the public, they are down right hostile to veterans.

  35. Anthony, let's be fair; the Mall was forced open by the Veterans and I fully support it, but if we can open it for one group, then we must allow it to be open for all groups. We can't allow our politics to come between what we know is right and what is wrong. As a former Federal Employee, I know why the Mall was closed in the first place, because the Government was shutdown and when even though the Government was closed, the Tax Payers would still have a liability to repair or replace anything that would be damaged while closed. If someone spray paint a statue, we would be all in an uproar because it was not being protected. I want our Veterans, myself included to have access to Washington as well as the many National Parks around this country, but when we say close the Government, we can't say, everything except what will cause me some displeasure. Let's be fair and tell our elected (all of them) to open our government and stop the games that is hurting the public and not those continuing to receive their benefits for doing nothing but opposing one or the other parties. This should not be about Republicans or Democrats but about the people of this nation who pay their salaries.

  36. Bull! The executive branch of our government is try to cause as much pain as possible because they believe that everyone will blame the other guys.

  37. Hostile to Vets, AND active duty troops. How can this administration refuse to pay death benefits to families of our KIA's?

    Also stoping Social Security(?) payments of money that was taken from workers wages and federal retirees. It seems that if anyone worked and has a history of productive contribution to this country is being targeted.

    Look at the payments NOT being withheld during this "crisis".

  38. It`s not the Adminisration, but Congress that controls the money for Social Security and death benefits. We need to get the facts straight and keep it there, let the political side of our views rest. That is why we are in this mess.

  39. When of the first lessons drummed into my head when I joined the Air Force in 1952, "You can delegate authority but not responsibility." Congress operates under the authority granted by we the people. The solution becomes available in November next year.

  40. While you ar at the voting booth and the incumbent is a Dem. or Rep, don't just pick the other one. You will only be getting someone else who won't do the job. Think outside the box, look for a libertarian. They aren't the kooks you ay have been lead to believe. They are possibly the only ones on the list who love America more than themselves.

  41. The Government is out of control and trying to control our lives. Enough is Enough! We Veterans need to march on Washington DC and take control. This current government is continuing to destroy the values and Constitution of this once great country. Were our the Veteran National Leaders of the Organizations. You need to get in front of these guys.

  42. I totally agree with Bruce. This Administration is heel bent on turning the United Stated of America into The United Socialist Republic of America. Thank God I was born in 1931, In the land of the free an the home of the brave. We were poor tenant farmers, but we didn't have the government trying to completely control our lives. Unless this younger generation doesn't wake up, this will shortly be athing of the past.

  43. I have two words for you: Bonus Army! That ended badly for it's participants even if some good eventually came of it! No, a march on Washington would be a costly tactical error. IF we believe in small government, IF we believe that the ACA will push this country over the Socialist cliff then now is the time to stand up and be counted as taking the hit! It's gonna' hurt but if we stand tall and hold the line in the political sand come November next, we can take our country back! Veterans: VOTE FOR VETERANS!!! Let a DD-214 be price of our vote! What ever else they've got to say is so much political talk...

  44. I would suggest that most of us are already using a Socialist from of medical or insurance needs. It is called Medicare or our military medical benefits. We should as a people want to see everyone with options for good medical treatment regardless of income. It sounds like most of the people that stand by and watch us fight their wars when we say that we are falling off a cliff. We have not fallen off due to Social Security or Medicare, but because we are selfish, we don't want our dollars to go towards helping "THEM", whoever those "THEM might be. We are a Nation of more than 300 million and as a people, we have the ability to help all of those in need, but when we see some as being less deserving than others, we are no better than those that wanted to Kill off all the Jews or enslave Blacks or telling young Women that they are not deserving of an education. If I want a Flat Screen Television, than that should be on me, but if I require some life saving procedure and it is readily available, then as a nation, I don't see anything wrong with us Uniting to make it happen. Again I say we can be very selfish until it hits our house and then we want to know why the Government is not there.

  45. You are overlooking one item. One way or another, most of us have "paid our dues" I would have preferred not to have gone on medicare, as my costs went up and my benefits went down. Why should anyone be forced to subsidize a free ride for others in this system? What article of the Constitution is that under? As a matter of fact, what article covers the Fed being involved in any of this?

  46. Term limits for the legislature is long overdue. It is really up to us. But a constitutional amendment would cement it. Also benefits like pension, medical, etc. should be at the politician's expense.

  47. They shouldn't be in office long enough to deserve a pension, not to mention the fact that pensions (mostly now just government pensions) are bankrupting this country. They let us use a 401k and IRA to save for retirement. That's all they should get too. Most businesses have already recognized this fact. It's time for the government to wake up.

  48. I believe the veterans issues are used to highlight the shutdown impact because it is a visible, emotionally charged group and most politicians are not interested in being seen as against veterans. On the other hand, veterans will have to pay the price of DC incompetence in the same way others do. I am hopeful a solution will come before our benefits are affected but if not, I for one will simply do my best to get by. Every penny of my income is generated by the government but I cannot change what is happening in DC other than to email, write letters, make phone calls, etc. Beyond that, it is just wait and see.

  49. I totally agree with Allen Tufts' comments. They should only be allowed to serve no more than three terms. This will allowed new blood and a new era of thinking. Plus limit the lobbyist from getting their hooks in and riding them forever.

  50. Reelection is the root cause of many of the problems, including the rampant corruption. Only a term limit of ONE TERM can solve these problems. As soon as they get elected they start soliciting bribe money for their reelection.

  51. The downside, or hazard to Term Limits is that the unelected 4th branch, the million man/woman bureaucracy, will have even more power to corrupt the system, just as they have for years. Better, we read, then demand repeal of the 17th Amendment [for sale to the highest bidder] and we re-establish that all 537 of our elected federal officials are OUR public servants; we are not their 'subjects' -- even if Fraudulent 14th Amend-ment appears to say that!

  52. In substance I agree with you but remember three terms in the House of Representatives is 6 years but in the Senate it is 18.

  53. There should be a limited time for these people to be in office.
    The power should be the Constitution and the People.

  54. Congress should be just like the president or the President just like them
    (poor substitute) turms limited to two. Total of four years in the House, twelve in the Senate and eight for the President.

  55. The TEA PARTY should be removed from the Republican Party and have to caucus as an separate party.That way the crazies they represent would be marginalized.

  56. I agree these politicians have been in control sooo long that they seem to envision themselves "untouchable" & need to be systematically relieved of their dictatorship. I have a household budget that is set easily a tear in advance. I believe we need to elect common everyday people who have a simple knowledge of the needs & desires of we common Americans who can balance a dag-gum checkbook !! We need men & women representing us who are there to serve the American people, honest, with ears deaf to any entity that think they can buy whatever they want by paying off our reps. Decisiveness, honesty, no more pay-offs, common people with more common sense than "education" (seems education doesn't indicate common sense anymore), integrity and to put it more simply - a good boyscout/girlscout Patriot. USN-Air, AC3 Bill Ebersberger

  57. Does anyone have an explanation as to why the VA can spend millions in advertising during the "shutdown"? Listen to radio and count the number of ads asking all veterans to contact VA and sign up for benefits - but they're supposed to be closed! What the Hell?

  58. We have been lead on the most bazaar slight of hand in history and just how much of any of this is real? Have you ever asked yourself just how all of the things that the present President could even get elected and stay elected with all of these things that have been brought up. A ploy since Bush and all that has taken place. We are focusing on one thing when the real thing is happening right before our eyes. Why? You will see. The
    biggest deception has been to the black people of this country. We have been fooled and it is not the obvious. Birth certificate, Kenya, Stimulous funds. Look at what does not appear to be obvious. So don't insult our intelligence any longer.

  59. Congressmen and senators should be term limited to twelve years in one house and eighteen cumulative. This would allow pols to gain some experience and give the people the opportunity to keep a pol they like in office. It would still limit LIFER politicians from making a lifetime career out of one office and force them to make a major move periodically.
    Another point I will make is that the debt limit should not be raised under any circumstances,because our 17 trillion dollar debt is the biggest burden on our economy and greatest threat to our national security and freedom. There is enough revenue coming in daily to service the debt, so there will be default. It would cause one major change to our system- it would cause a balanced budget.

  60. I agree. also I think there should be a way to vote them out when it is necessary (LIKE NOW)

  61. Yes. Permanent politicians build up little empires for themselves. All they fear is not getting reelected. They will say anything, promise anything to get reelected, and then wheel and deal behind the scenes to feather their own nests and get more money for the next election. This isn't what the Founders envisioned.

  62. I am not sure that will ever pass in congress, but if all incumbents were defeated in 2014 it would sure send the message that the people will not allow the current situation to continue.

  63. Not really. About 75% of all congressional seats are so gerrymandered in favor of the incumbent party, it's hardly worth it for the other side to field a candidate. And even if I don't like the guy my party sponsors, I'm probably not going to vote for the guy from the other party. Our only chance to kick out the old crooks and get some new ones is in the primary elections, even though they are very heavily controlled by the parties. And that's another reason we need to get term limits of ONE TERM.

  64. Don't vote for either of them. Vote for the Libertarian. He IS the other candidate.

  65. I agree that we could and should vote them out, however so many times while in the voting booth, we tend to vote for a party or individual and not for a nation. I have suggested to my Congressman many time to walk with me through the VA Hospital here in Atlanta or to visit my community where no millionaires live. It is funny, he all the time write me back with a reason why he voted against what is best for the people, but when I made the offer to organize a meeting in my community or a visit to the VA, there has been nothing but silence from his office. I did notice that my community was in an uproar when they found the boat docks closed last weekend and those that cheered on this closure was was all upset because their leisurely weekend was being interrupted by this shutdown. That is why we can't vote them out. It don't matter until it hit right outside our front door. There needs to be a real change to our constitution, one that will invoke term limits on all political office holders.

  66. In all the years I worked, if I failed to do my job or meet deadlines, I would have been fired. It's time to fire these idiots in D.C.; All of them. Party does not matter.

  67. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. Too many of our congressmen, and senators have been in office WAY too long, and have no idea what it's like out here in the "real world". We need TERM LIMITS for all those offices!

  68. Yes. The limit should be ONE TERM. They all spend way too much time and energy working on their reelection. Limiting them to one term would solve a whole bunch of problems, not the least of which is career politicians who have no idea what the real world is like.

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