Ask a Service Officer: New representation

Q. Can I change my representing organization while my claim is in process?

A. Yes, a claimant, claimant’s guardian or VA fiduciary may terminate his or her relationship with an individual representative or a veterans service organization at any time by first informing VA. You may appoint a new representative by using VA forms 21-22 or 21-22a:

By appointing a new representative, the previous representative is revoked automatically. If you have not appointed a new representative, but want to move forward to revoke representation by your current power of attorney, then adhere to the following:

  • Write a statement using VA form 21-4138 — — to indicate you no longer want to be represented by your current veterans service organization or individual.
  • Submit a copy of the statement by mail or hand delivery to both VA and your current representative. If you mail the letter, receive a tracking receipt and signature.
  • Keep a copy of the letter or statement for your records.

Any new representative will want to review your claim carefully to offer you the best guidance; this may take some time. Some veterans service organizations do not take representation when an appeal is active at the Board of Veterans Appeals, so please don’t wait to seek assistance. Please review all letters from VA carefully and take any required steps to preserve your rights.

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  1. I guess this is a dead site. I have posted a question and I also emailed and No Response.
  2. I am 80% service connected. I have requested an increase on some of my ratings. I also use the VA as my primary care. Will I need to pay an outside source to complete the medical forms that the VA has requested. I am unclear as to why I would need to use an outside source since the VA has all my current medical records on file
  3. i have been having a hard time with getting my benifets through the Roanoke, I have sent the forms he sends them back with made a decision based on my discharge not acceptable and more forms attched and with the the code numbers for what might be. I meet these I send new information and it get sent back to me the same. I had got a vso from Virginia veterans and she filled out the papers and still the same. I finally got my service records after years of trying and found 4 pages of my hospital stay in Bethesda naval hospital and sent that and still no.My VSO sent in the paper work for not agreing so it could go for a hearing and they sent back the same papres again. So how do I get A hearing if it won't get past Roanoke?? also I gave up on my VSO she won't do anything but send that letter to Roanoke. I thought that if the local VA won't approve it I could get a hearing in Washington . and All my new Paper work is now old and I have no more. There are good reasons for my discharge and I would thing that the records from the Hospital would help explane some of it. along with other things sent. and how i was treated while in the Marine Corps. also the fact that they always were losing my pay records and when I got discharged i was owed 3 months pay but couldn't find my records to pay me. and never recived any of it. I did finally 6 months find that my pay records are in ohio and the lady there sent me by e-maill all of them but she couldn't payme.I need help someone please I belive that the Marine core realy screwed me over and I bleive after 35 years it should be fixed. thank you sincerley james foley
  4. I recently ran the entire VA Gauntlet for my disability claim. Surprising to me was the return of my election form to have Am. Legion recognized as my VSO representative because the form was not signed/countersigned by the AM Legion rep. What now?
  5. Question: My vet rep is VERY sick.... He has turned over his caseload over to a new guy...How/Should I go see him to check on my case or let it ride and HOPE he lets me know if/how everything is playing out????
  6. XXX-XX-6461, VA Claim #24753675. My VA Organizational Representation is with the VFW on the local level. I need representation in and out of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. The VFW does not do these claims. I am a Member of the American Legion Post 156 in Kirkwood, MO 93122. If you folks would help me I would deeply appreciate it. My telephone # is 314-270-8412.
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