Legion, USAA co-brand a credit card

USAA and The American Legion are rolling out a credit card that will help fund Legion programs under the recent agreement that positions USAA as the preferred provider of financial services to Legionnaires, including insurance, banking, investments and financial guidance.

The new co-branded credit card allows more than 2.4 million Legionnaires to carry The American Legion USAA RewardsTM World MasterCard®, which will help support the organization's activities and programs.

According to Nathan McKinley, vice president for military affinity at USAA, the co-branded credit card is part of USAA's ongoing effort to help facilitate the financial security of Legionnaires and their families.

"USAA is proud to work with The American Legion to meet the financial needs of their members," said McKinley. "This credit card is another tool in the toolbox to assist The American Legion in developing programs and delivering services to support their members."

Since two of the nation's largest military-focused organizations have joined forces in late November, thousands of Legionnaires have contacted USAA to become members.

To learn more about USAA, call (877) 699-2654 or click here.


  1. When will the Sons of American Legion be able to sign-up for an American Express Business card under the program announced? National Update Spring 2014 front and top of 1st page.
  2. Tried 4 times this morning to get on usaa website with no success. Is the site part of Obamacare ?
  3. Tried 4 times this morning to get on usaa website with no success. Is the site part of Obamacare ?
  4. If you are not satisfied with your bank's credit card because of high interest rates and hidden fees, consider dumping it for a credit union. If you or an immediate family member is a part of the U.S. armed forces of a government contractor, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (aka PenFed) is offering the PenFed Promise Visa card. Low rates and no charges at all clean up the money-wasting mess in a hurry. Article source: personalmoneynetwork
  5. Have USAA insurancde an worked for USAA for 17 years before retiring. Is one of the best insurance companies and the best company to work for. Have never woprked for a company that looks out for their employees better than USAA. Have worked for about 45 years for several companies.
  6. Taking charge cards is almost entirely essential for a business owner. Signing on to that agreement, however, can mean signing agreements you are not even permitted to see. Source for this article: <a title="Merchant account agreement cited in rare court fight" href="https://personalmoneynetwork.com/moneyblog/2012/01/11/merchant-account-agreement/">Merchant account agreement cited in rare court fight</a>. But then, thanks to USAA and The American Legion they are greta help in making this credit transaction fair and easy.
  7. I strongly object to the American Legion's association with USAA. Their long time association with the Navy and other services specificly excluded enlisted men. Why are they now being rewarded by the American Legion and the VFW? The majority of these organizations consist of former enlisted servicemen, who were excluded from buying insurance from USAA when they really needed it. Treat the USAA like any other insurance company. Pat O'Brien Post 136 Greenbelt, MD
  8. Retired Air Force. I guess the solid blue card would never be for us. You probably can't figure out what picture to put on the card. How about a picture of a soldier, sailor, marine, or whatever you call the coast guard. Oh sorry, you already have one. I'd like to talk to the person who came up with these cards. S/he probably never served a day, if so, it was probably behind a lawn mower. Keep your cards, jackass.
  9. I started with USAA back when I was in the Naval Reserves and I've been quite pleased with their service. It certainly has been enhanced over the years with the addition of Deposit@Home and now Mobile Deposit with my iPhone. I've never had any issues or troubles with them. On the rare occasion that I've called, I've never had any trouble. I've even managed to get loans approved and paperwork emailed within hours of my initial call! I couldn't be more happier about the relationship between USAA and the Legion. Now, if only I can convert my regular USAA MasterCard to the Legion version!
  10. I don't know but I know that the American Legion had a visa card through MBNA bank years ago, and USAA has their own credit card. My guess is USAA is the one putting out the American Legion logo. American Legion is not a bank of itself. The credit card is with USAA banking. I joined up with USAA, by getting the Auto insurance and Homeowners insurance about six months ago. That move saved me big bucks. I don't use USAA for banking. Why? Because I use NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION for 23 years and they are great. But I do hear USAA is great with everything they do too, and treat veterans with outstanding customer service. I never heard about USAA until just surfing around on the internet. I remembered that they only used to take on active duty ONLY. Now all veterans can use them. I'm a bit surprised to hear that alot of American Legion members have been contacting USAA. Legion must have done good on getting out the word.
  11. I have a current USAA Visa card, does the Visa for USAA also have an American Legion verson? If yes, how does one change the generic USAA VISA to a USAA American Legion VISA.
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