Why can’t this Congress pass an immigration reform bill?

Because reform is not necessary. The laws in place are adequate and must be enforced.
54% (636 votes)
Because the House and Senate are simply too divided to agree on anything substantive.
40% (472 votes)
Because time has simply run out on this year’s legislative calendar. Congress will get a reform bill passed in 2014.
1% (16 votes)
Other. Please comment.
5% (60 votes)
Total votes: 1184


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  1. Until our borders are secure, passage of an immigration bill is useless. Our borders are so easily crossed, so that passage of any immigration bill will just open the flood gates to more incursions.

  2. Our nation has been saddled with a patchwork of immigration restrictions ever since the Naturalization Act of 1790, which prohibited "naturalization of non-whites." The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prohibited all immigration of Chinese laborers until it was repealed in 1943. European immigrants had free access until the Immigration Act of 1921, which was prejudiced against southern Europeans (it was repealed in 1965). I point these out to emphasize that any immigration law is bound to be a temporary expedient based on prejudices rather than realities. All U.S. citizens and non-citizens, other than native-Americans (so-called American Indians) are descended from immigrants,
    some recent, some more than a century ago. Our current laws are being challenged by employers, educators, entrepreneurs, capitalists and others, but opponents of change prefer to depict the "illegals" as criminals who should be shackled, taken to the border (Mexico seems to be the only destination they have in mind) and dumped. A rational approach eluded our forefathers in years past until they came to their senses. We can only hope that our government overcomes its present "to the barricades!" stance and develops a humane, appropriate, and economically useful set of laws without conflicts of ethnic and racial prejudices. Good luck on that.

  3. No Guts to enforce xisting laws. So why pass another law that will not be enforced.

    Legal immigration and illegal border crossing are separate issues and should not be coceved by one bill.

  4. Because the majority of citizens are opposed to amnesty for a group of people whe are law breakers. Ler them go home and come in like the rest of the immigrants.

  5. Because, each party thinks that is a vote for them. The more you gave to the illegals,they will vote for them. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND.

  6. Because these clowns in the Congress and Senate can't do anything! We need to throw them "all" out and start fresh.


  8. I agree that the Republican Party looks at immigrants as part of the 47% that Romney so famously referred to. They don't want to have the US change color or change at all. Unfortunately for the old white men, change is inevitable. The Hispanic population as well as Asian population is increasing dramatically and they vote Democratic. By fighting an immigration bill, along with their fighting health care, and their war on woman, Republicans are guaranteeing a win by Hilary's victory which puts the Supreme Court in Democrats hands. I watch the lack cooperation by Republicans and smile knowing there will be 16 years of Democratic rule.

  9. The 47% are the ones getting the free Obamaphones, welfare & food stamps, have never worked & have no intention of ever working. And Romney was right, they would never vote for him no matter what, because he wanted to cut back the handouts & make these people at least attempt to get a JOB! And what "war on women"? I've never seen one. Just because we want the Sandra Flukes of the world to pay for their own birth control pills, that's not a war! If she wants to f*** her way through college, she should pay for it, period! Another 8 years of what we now have, and I predict this country will be finished! Worst thing that could happen would be "President Hillary".

  10. The country is already finished. Reagan and Bush saw to that. BTW, the stock market is at record highs, and corporate profits are higher than ever. How is that "trickle down economics" working for you?

  11. Because they are a bunch of infantile egomaniacs. They have forgotten who "we the people" are and now represent corporations. But according to a recent presidential candidate, corporations are people too, my friend. Show the mediocrity of politicians today.

  12. Our politicians forgot that they work for us the people. It should not be a life long job , giving themselves all kinds of perks that the citizen doesn't have. They don't care about the majority of the people but their special interest groups who fund their reelection.
    One last statement is the question, "Why do most if not all politicians retire as millionaires?" Think about it.

  13. The long time encumbents have acquired way too much power. At the next several elections, vote some newbies in, and the old powerful anti everythings out. Congress was set up by the originators to be a government BY the people, OF the people, and FOR the people. Government was NOT designed to be a career, but a service to the general population. They have become the highest paid, most benefitted people on earth, and should have most of their benefits taken away, and be put on the same retirement, medical, and other plans as the general population, ie social security, health care, retirement, and other benefits. Reduce their power to disrupt programs meant to aid all of us by voting for new people, and getting the lazy, powerful and disruptive politicians out of office. Force them to work 40 hours per week or have their pay reduced. Power to the people!!!

  14. Wealthy of both parties fear they would lose control of the migrant and illegal alien workers they depend on.

  15. Corporate business uses the underpaid immigrant labor to keep a lid on pay and benefits. If Illegals were paid a fair wage then the next group up the ladder would naturally get better pay and benefits. By keeping status quo, business keeps an artificially low wage base and therefore a higher profit margin for the CEO and Paid Congressman!!

  16. Because the republicans in the House of Representatives (1) are bigots and haters and (2) because the President wants it, so they reject it by reflex.

  17. If you are a veteran, please report to the nearest
    VA hospital, and get your head removed from anus, I see more lies and bigotry from Democrat's in this administration than any other time in history. Stop getting your facts from CNN,NBC and CBS . they all drank the kool-Aid.

  18. There are just as many bigots and racist Democrats, if not more. It is racist to advocate that one person should be treated differently totally by the color of his skin. It is racist to think that it is wrong to refer to one group by the color of their skin while perfectly okay to do it to another.

    I am an European-American. I am not white, that is a color. It is not a race, it is a cultural identifier, it is a racist statement to call me white. I have every right to be treated the exact same as every other American regardless of the color of their skin.

    My kids and grandkids have every right to the same advantages the children of every other American gets for their children. If one group is given advantages another does not get it creates a sense of being better than others which is bigotry.

    Granting amnesty is not about being racist, it is about not causing harm to one person so another can have an advantage they have not earned. To grant amnesty will create further strain on both Medicare and Social Security. Those of us who have been citizens all our lives will bear the brunt of the weight of carrying these "new citizens" because of their impact.

    It is not about granting someone the right to stay in this country after having violated our laws by coming here illegally because those who are yelling the loudest for them prevented the laws that would have stopped them from being enforced. It is about converting this country into a one party government which will allow the minority to force upon the majority their beliefs and wants.

    I caution you that I may not live to see the day come, but I promise you that the day will come when those few will turn even on those who helped them create such a system.

  19. Spoken like someone who gets all of their information from the media and the Democratic Party (who's lies and incompetence are unraveling before our eyes).

  20. Way to think for yourself, rather than believing the B.S. the media spoon feeds you.

    This couldn't be further from the truth. There may be a few, but there are far more Republicans of various ethnic backgrounds than there are racists.

    Besides, if you really take the time to look at it, and do your own research, you'll find more than enough evidence to show there are far more racist Democrats, of various races, than there are Republicans. It was the Democratic party that wanted to continue slavery 150 years ago, and the Republicans who sought to end it. Today, it's the Democrats who continue to push programs that keep the poor, who are largely minorities, poor, and the Republicans who push programs that would allow those people to lift themselves out of poverty. If making people dependent on the government isn't the most blatant form of modern day slavery, I don't know what is.

    Also, look at income inequality. It increased under Carter, decreased under Reagan, increased under Clinton, decreased under Bush, and has increased again under Obama. So tell me, which party is it that is better for minorities and their ability to provide for themselves? Just how racist is it to want someone to have the ability to lift themselves out of poverty, off of the welfare programs, to achieve the "American Dream"?

  21. If YOU really want to take the time to research it, the southern racist Dixiecrats split from the party and joined the Republicans in the 50's and 60's. By the 1960 presidential campaign, Civil Rights had emerged as a crucial issue. Just a few weeks before the election, Martin Luther King, Jr., was arrested while leading a protest in Atlanta, Georgia. John Kennedy phoned Coretta Scott King to express his concern while a call from Robert Kennedy to the judge helped secure her husband’s safe release. The Kennedys’ personal intervention led to a public endorsement by Martin Luther King, Sr., the influential father of the civil rights leader.

    In the fall of 1963, soon after Dr. King delivered his famed “I Have a Dream” speech, the legislation that would come to be known as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed Congress, however President Kennedy was assassinated in November and the bill could not be signed until LBJ became president.

    Before becoming vice president, Johnson had served more than two decades in Congress as a congressman and senator from Texas. He used his connections with southern white congressional leaders and the outpouring of emotion after the president’s assassination to pass the Civil Rights Act as a way to honor President Kennedy. This is what most blacks today remember, not what the Democratic party did 100-150 years ago.

    The Black community in the 1930s was also affected by the Great Depression and may have seen FDR in a more favorable light based on their own socio-economic positions. He added that Republicans’ Southern Strategy, coupled with a decline in GOP outreach efforts are all collectively responsible for the balance tilting.

    The government had always stepped in to help Blacks out of dire situations — from the days of Reconstruction to when Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, to quell a protest against the integration of a school — the Black community has come to rely on its presence heavily. It's more than just wanting handouts, it's about needing a helping hand to get out of poverty. And the GOP certainly doesn't want to help.

    Blacks need to also realize that the solutions to their problems don’t come from Uncle Sam alone. But, I think that the lesson to take away is this idea that government is a solution to problems is deeply pernicious over the long haul. The standard American narrative of ‘by the bootstraps’ is much more complicated for Blacks. They have good and legitimately grounded reasons for favoring government. So to sit there and bring up the old worn out argument that the Dems were more racist than the Repbs is disingenuous.

  22. And what may I ask, has this to do with Immigration reform? Not a darn thing. You're way off base.

  23. You need to get the book "Crazy S*it Presidents Said". LBJ had no use for the Blacks. He only passed the civil rights bills for one reason. He said "I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!" That, and that alone, was the reason.

  24. A system to track people coming in on tourist/student visas to ensure they leave our country when they are supposed to and stricter enforcement of the border must be in put place. Legal immigrants must go through stringent procedures like the ones that my ex had to go through before getting a passport and visa to enter our country. No amnesty for illegals because we do not to encourage any more illegal immigration.

  25. Excellent comment. I don't understand the desire to let illegal people
    stay. The process has to be legal and it has to be stringent. And, I think, we need to eliminate or reduce drastically Islamist coming here. They have no intention of blending into our society like others have. They want us to change everything to accommodate their culture.

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