Legion fights TRICARE increases

American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger said he strongly opposes White House pressures to raise the cost of TRICARE coverage for some military retirees. TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s health-care insurance program for uniformed servicemembers, military retirees and their family members.

As Military.com writer Richard Sisk reports, the White House, as part of 2014 defense budget discussions, is urging the Pentagon to slow the growth of TRICARE costs by phasing in an increase in the TRICARE Prime plan’s current enrollment fee for working age retirees, as well as raising co-pays for military retirees under the age of 65.

"We have been down this road before," Dellinger said. "So, we must again strongly reiterate our opposition to TRICARE fee increases or the imposition of new fees for military retirees, regardless of their age. While we appreciate fiscal realities and acknowledge White House and Pentagon concerns about what they term ‘spiraling personnel costs,’ we remain steadfast in our belief that economies should not be made at the expense of those who have already sacrificed much for our country."

During The American Legion’s 95th National Convention in Houston in August, Resolution No. 24 was adopted,  opposing an earlier move to raise military health-care insurance fees and premiums. The resolution read, in part: "The American Legion sees this proposal as an erosion of quality of life earned benefits from a grateful nation for honorable military service; now, therefore, be it resolved…that The American Legion is strongly opposed to proposed hikes in premiums and or enrollment fees being paid by enrollees in the military’s health insurance program known as TRICARE."


  1. personal power, that ignores the constitution in an effort to dismantle the very structure and process that put them in their current ego maniacal position. A single day of services and sacrifice for honor and country 'might' cause an attitude adjustment.
  2. We have fought this battle several times but they keep hoping we will forget what we were told when we enlisted. I guess some promises are just until a new group gets in power and want to give those don't and never have work a free ride.
  3. Kudos to the American Legion and other organizations in the military coalition for sticking up for those who have served. It is open season on all military retirees by the Obama administration. His disdain for those who have honorably served this Nation knows no end and we must keep fighting for each other. Write your elected representatives as often as you can and keep up the fire! Numbers count.
  4. Guess the old poem is totally true: God and the soldier All men adore. In time of trouble, And no more. For when war is over And all things righted, God is neglected- The old soldier slighted. I guess instead of serving in the Army for 26 years, I should have gotten elected to Congress for just one term so I could keep my benefits! If Con is the opposite of Pro, is Congress the opposite of Progress?
  5. I know money is tight.Why not start at the top.WA.,DC.Cut their salaries and some of their benefits.
  6. BHO never served, nor did many of the folks who work for him; they have no idea of how our time in service affected us, so he wants to take away anything he can. Hopefully, Congress will not back him.
  7. Why do we have to continue going down this road…unbelievable! So much for free medical and dental for life! And what is this about working age veterans? Most vets have sustained injuries that prevent them from working, and I am not just talking about physical injuries! Look at all the waste in the federal government…basic Econ 101 teaches running an efficient operation! Figure the odds of our "ELECTED" officials ever doing that! IRS, HHS, Foreign GIFTS, etc, etc, etc! No end in sight troops!
  8. This comment makes me feel very sick to think our Military Veterans worked For all of this and to have someone say they want to raise our Health Care. Is there Health Care insurance going to go up also??? And their pay goes up all the time but not ours and all the other politians Health Care well of course not. Fight hard American Legion as I lost my husband from Lung Cancer almost one year ago. And it was caused from being in Vietnam Agent Orange. We need a whole new Gov in Office that know what they are doing. This all breaks my heart to see our guys treated this way plus their families.Fight Hard American Leigon I will back you up all the way.
  9. Booted out of Base Health Care services, Booted out of TriI-Care Prime, now let raise the rates? All part of the Obama socialist plan, just like the civilians health care he making it so expensive we all won't be able to afford it!
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