What do you think about the six-month agreement for Iran to freeze its nuclear development program?

It’s a good temporary solution while a permanent fix is worked out.
12% (210 votes)
After the initial agreement ends, tougher sanctions must be implemented.
3% (55 votes)
Iran cannot be trusted; the U.S. must have contingency plans, including use of force.
47% (802 votes)
The U.S. cannot play ‘wait and see;’ tougher action is necessary now.
34% (585 votes)
Other. Address in comments below.
3% (47 votes)
Total votes: 1699


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  1. A review of history will reveal that because the White European and North American countries had an advanced civilization, they became arrogant and believed that they had a Manifest Destiny to go into other countries and take their natural resources and trample on their people, their cultures and religions. In every country in the world where they went, they eventually were tossed out by a people of color, Brown, Black & Beige. China, the Indian Continent, Africa, the Mid-East and South and Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Gone.
    Just maybe, because we now have a man of color in the White House we might be successful. Yeah! We know one thing for sure, he won't lie to us and invade Iraq.
    Richard R. Mason

  2. Churchill said: " It is better to Jaw, Jaw, Jaw than to War, War, War.
    Besides if this thing gets settled, we will get even by letting them have fast food chains and rap music. That will teach them.
    It appears that many do not want Obama to be successful. Why?
    Do some have son-in-laws they don't like and want to ship them off to another war?

    Richard Mason

  3. Anyone who has borne the price of battle knows the cost, not in dollars(that is another major issue)but the blood price we pay to win(?)the fight. Iran has no intention of living up to any agreements it makes. I know the current adminstration is working to safe guard our future; however, they are not taking into account the people they are working with. Our own actions in the region has ramped up the hate/made tartgets of our troops and homeland. Is it time to pull out of the middle-East/quit being the world's police force/let them solve thier own problems??Something to think about.Our allies can't depend on us living up to agreements/treaties( some going back to WW2)and we are rapidly becoming a nonenity in world politics.( Not necessarily a bad thing.)

  4. Where Does It say That America Can Force Its Will On Nation? I'M a Vet And I'm Sick And Tired Of All The Crazies Who want To War Continually. America Has Some Blame For The Hate That Comes Out Of The Middle East. We Left Iraq in a State Of Constant Death And Fighting. We kill Innocent Civilians With Drones in Afganistan. Israel Practices Genocide On Palestinian Peoples. Israel Does This With War Material Supplied By America. In Iraq Before The Stupid Bush War (Which Killed 5,400 Innocent American Citizens) America And its UN Friends Had An Embargo on Iraq..Which Killed 500,000 Innocent Iraq Babys'! Tell That Story To ANY Mother in The World. Yes......America Brought On Its Own Attack by SOME Of The Mentioned Subjects I Spoke Of Here. The American middle EaST pOLICYS ARE aLL uSELESS aND bRING sHAME And Hate And ATTACK oN aMERICAS iNNOCENT cITIZENS.(my upper case key was stuck) Sorry. I Love my country...but I'm terrified Of Its Ignorance in Foreign affairs!

  5. Instead of bashing the President for not etting "tough" with Iran's leaders, we should remember what getting tough with Iraq's leaders got us into. Do we hope to eventually invade Iran and replace that government by force? Get real. We did that in Iraq and succeeded in losing more than 4,000 of our brothers and sisters as well as filling our hospitals with many thousands more, and for what? Look at the logistics. From where would our supply lines operate? Look at the size of that country. We would have to abandon the Rumsfeld idea of a small, well-trained cadre and hurtle back into a massive draft of unwilling civilians, just to get enough bodies into the attack. As I see it, an Iranian nuclear bomb is no more of a threat than the Pakistani and Indian bombs, which were once seen as the end of the subcontinent. Israel has the bomb, and I doubt they would hesitate to use it if they felt the Iranians were preparing to nuke them. The only way we can contribute something resembling peace is by negotiation, which at least MIGHT be effective. Saber rattling wastes lives and usually ends up with everything being the same. Do any of you warrior types honestly believe there is any alternative to negotiation? We can try a blockade, but China and Russia have already shown that they will make sure there are more holes in it than our border with Mexico.

  6. Well bashing the president constantly isn't fixing a thing. Truth is he hasn't done any worse than any other president. I do not believe he is muslim. I do believe that we have a do nothing congress that was mad because the president was re elected. They are so busy getting even with everyone who supported the president that they have failed to achieve one damn thing themselves. Unfortunately over half the United States voted for the man so the congress is going to punish the American people for supporting the president. This is the truth. Look at the big picture people. I don't agree with everything the president wants to do. But that is no excuse for the whole government to not do their job. Congress can prevail if they wanted to but there would have to be both sides negotiating. They blame the president, you blame the president and we are on a huge merri-go-round not accomplishing anything.

  7. The press in the USA has let us down for decades, and it's getting worse everyday. Air time on TV and space in newsprint is shrinking, but profits are level or climbing. Really, when I turn on ABC's Good Morning America and hope for some well layed-out explanation of what the agreement is about, the news anchors are discussing some celebrity's new nail polish or something else of higher national importance. To answer the original question requires some background information upon which to give an answer, and if we aren't going to get the background from the press, where do we get it? And I don't trust 30 second sound bites on Fox or CNN from the pres or senators, or congress reps. Has any interview been held with our secretary of state to help us understand this? If so, and if it is on the internet someplace, somebody please post the site.....

  8. A perfect illustration of the wisdom of Ron White: "You can't fix stupid!"QPD1u

  9. The fear and hatred expressed by those who oppose the President in these comments sure brings back memories of 1966. Just before I went overseas a very nice family invited me to dinner. Over dinner they informed me that they supported my mission to defeat "Godless communism" and expressed their fears that the country was on the very edge of being brought to ruination by traitors from within.
    Only two things seem to have changed since: (1) the names of the feared demons (Muslims vs. Commies) and (2) back then such people were a fringe group ("Birchers") and now they make up one of the major parties. Somehow the country managed to survive the communist menace and I hope we can also survive those who daily attack the legitimacy of our elected government.

  10. I wonder how many of those who choose not to give peace a chance, have ever served in a combat situation? I get it that for most of you, hating our President has turned into an obsession, how un-American. You turned against one of your own, a tried and true combat veteran John Kerry, to elect a draft deferring George Bush and his group of war mongering draft dodgers. Where's your sense of fairness and patriotism.

  11. Check your history son,When did a"tried and true" combat veteran ever come home and trash his comrades still in the field by telling congress they were like Gengis Kahn,killing the innocent,as a male Jane Fonda ? You bet, Hoorah! for"Hanoi John"!

  12. I can feel the love for Obama in your responses. I swear you right wing radicals would follow a new Hitler if he were a republican. Maybe you can dig up Reagan he can't be any more brain dead than your comments.

  13. Obama has studied history (at least his version of history) and he wants to go down in the annals of history as being equal to that other great peacemaker in England, Chamberlain, who kept peace with the Nazis during the 1930s.

  14. The Middle-East is a cess-pool of liars,cheats,and billionairs.If the industrial nations didn't need the oil: the whole place would be an after-thought on the world stage. As long as the money rolls in for oil/countries "black market" the equipment to enrich thier nuclear program,(most our allies!!) IRAN's rulers can agree to any thing the US and her Allies ask. Why?? Because they have no intention of living up to said agreement!! Remember-THEY LIE!! The Koran states they can lie/cheat/steal/kill non-believers and be rewarded for it. We need to accept the fact: Zealot's, no matter the faith in question, are dangerous people/the normal rules of civiliation do not apply!! Our leaders need to write that down and refer to it on a daily basis.

    When IRAN joins the nuclear club, and they will certinly do that, it should put a whole different spin on foreign policy as well as make her neighbors very afraid. They will use the bomb to improve "world standing" and at some point: they will use it against the U.S. directly.

  15. GOD has a plan and it is told in the Bible! Know matter what is done the in the Middle East, all the enemies of Christians and Jews will be
    destroyed. Pray for Israel and believers of Jesus and we will have
    every lasting life! Peace be with you!

  16. This is a continuation of plan to destroy this country as we know it. Look at the people selected to run these programs. The man in the White House is a puppet selected to just be a front. The Democratic has worked for 70 years to reach this point and will bear the full responsibility for the actions hopefully soon. I hope that the majority of voters of America will soon learn that we can only save this country by eliminating the power in Washington and giving it back to the States. 90% of the people of this country do not have a voice in the government. Look at the last election map of the area that voted them in verses those who opposed. I say give two votes to each county in America and see who wins elections!

  17. Or the popular vote? George W. Bush lost the popular vote and was handed the oval office.

  18. Iran has the largest supply of natural gas in the world for power production and do not need a nuclear plant and are only months away from getting the bomb, so the unconditional surrender of Iran,s nuclear programs and materials is the only way to keep Iran from getting the A-Bomb

  19. I think we are looking at a "Perfect Storm" of political wants/public needs. The middle-class has been destroyed, the working poor is even futher in bondage to Bussiness interests, the unemployed are directly under the heel of goverment. Just where the 1% want us. As popular as it is to blame the current house-sitter in Washington,DC, stop and think how long this mess has been in the making! Since the early 1960's I feel a quiet, determined effort is being made to destroy our nation from within, a return to the glory days of slavery, "We the Rich deserve to Rule this Nation" and you poor folks have no voice in much of anything; just the way it should be.I have no idea who really runs this Republic; I'm just sure it's not by the people nor FOR THE PEOPLE!! I was never a big believer in the "ONE WORLD" "BLACK HELO'S" ect. ect. but now I'm just not so sure. What it comes down to is we are in a hell of a mess and I really have no idea how to fix it.

  20. Obama has had no chance to get anything useful passed because of stubborn Republican politicians. It's laughable that Republicans now say "What has he actually done?" What could he have done? The Republican elected, made the post Bush years, a party vs party stalemate rather than actually try to do anything useful to help the country.

  21. This so-called agreement is nothing more than a)Obama's Chamberlain agreement and b) a sop to the weakest Secretary of State in history, John F'ing Kerry. We as a country are in deep trouble when we send the likes of Kerry to "negotiate" for us: he wouldn't know how to cut a deal in our favor if his life depended on it. Unfortunately, it will be the lives of many Israelis and possible many American lives that ultimately depend on this Potemkin agreement. Stick to marrying rich widows, Kerry: do something you're good at.

  22. This individual who is living in the white now is not our president. He is a lying, double crossing, idiot who talks out both sides of his mouth. I don't trust any agreement he makes with any foreign country. He has turned his back on our allies and now if the truth be known probably one of his cronies has figured out a way to make some money behind the scenes to filter back into Obama's or his wife's pocket. This man should be impeached for delectation of duty, lying to the nation, obstruction of just, abuse of executive powers and for all the levels of stupidity he has reached as well as making America look like the court jester on the world stage.

  23. Nuclear weapons are going to expand to people who really shouldn't have them. That is why those that have been responsible with huge stock piles of them should sit down with together and decide how they are going to handle these nukes in the hands of unstable governments. It doesn't have to be a big world wide announcement just a plan so that innocent friends and allies of all the nuclear super powers don't have to suffer. All the big powers are making big money off of selling technology and obsolete weapons to their friends this is not going to stop.

  24. The liberal Democrats know that Obama is a weak leader and ineffectual president, but they don't care as long as a Democrat is in the White House..We must stop worrying about Obama because he is a lame duck president and will be out in a few years..We must concentrate on winning the off-year election and gain the Senate..Reid and Pelosi must be neutralized before they ruin this country.

  25. Who cares? Iran won't so anything anyway. We need to get Obama out of office now!

  26. Everyone had best wake up. This administration is out to destroy the U. S, of America and from the looks of it he has a good start. They are already deleting more airborne units and cutting back on all military personnel. Plus that, he has used the Executive Orders for Gun Control which if they get the guns from everyone, they can come in and take over with out a fight. Japan was afraid to try to attack the states because they knew that everyone had guns and would fight. So watch out America....

  27. Who cares! Iran won't do anything anyway. We need to get Obama out of office.

  28. Wake up AMERICANS "what is our presidents name". what religion does he claim. This is only the beginning of the down fall of America as we know it.

  29. Iran is, and has been, an Islamic Terrorist State, that promotes the Rape and murder women and children, since 1979.

  30. The president is weak. What has he actually done to improve life in our country? The answer to that simple question is NOTHING. Please don't tell me Obamacare is a good thing. This program will kill jobs and the county. I believe that's what this president wants to do -- destroy the country. This idea of redistribution of income to give money to people who don't deserve it is absolutely outrageous. I still can't believe the man was reelected. When will politicians start thinking about country instead of individual mandates? David Fulkerson (above) is right. It is ok to lie to infidels. No more American lives lost in the middle east. Let the local countries take care of their own business with American appreciation only.

  31. They did in Korea they did it in Viet Nam and now they do it in Iran what you ask,is it. they lie

  32. It was negotiated by that lying coward, Hanoi John Kerry. We need to know nothing more than that.

  33. "know nothing" certainly represents you well. Kerry and Jane Fonda spent more time in Vietnam than the draft dodging Bush.
    The legion needs to lose it's tax exempt staus as it has become a right wing organization of members promoting the over throw of the elected government.

  34. The American Legion is promoting the over throw of the government. That's a good one, LOL! I hope some of your elected government is voted out in 2014.

  35. It's not "right wing" to want to put the Constitution, the very thing we all swore oaths on, back into force-it's the right thing to do. When we follow the principles put forth in the Constitution, we prosper. When we don't, we fail, and we are on the road to failure now unless this "elected government", which was put in power under fraudulent means (I have 10 examples if you don't believe me) doesn't pull its head out.

  36. Hanoi Jane spent HER time in North Vietnam Betraying our prisoners of war, are you going to give her a medal ?

  37. When Jerusalem goes up in a mushroom cloud - Obama and his lap dog SoS will say, "hey! Do gone it… the CIA ,NSA, FBI, kid down the street, all the little birdie (who are normally pretty free with information) , Yahoo, Google, Verizon and ATT failed the American people (poor Jews)… beside we have it on very good authority that it was only a few protestors and they only used a low yield bomb!"



  40. What is wrong with trying no war as an alternative? I am a Vietnam vet and think this war thing has gone far enough. There are so many nukes what's another. Going to war over a maybe has already been done.

  41. I'm with you Jerry. America is BANKRUPT now. Should we borrow more money that we can't pay back for a maybe? As far as Israel is concerned, they never were and never will be our friend. Does anyone remember them attacking the USS Liberty, trying to kill all aboard and blame Egypt for it? The dancing Arabs at 9-11 that you don't hear about anymore were Israeli's, not Arabs. Iran is not an American problem.

  42. I too served two and a half years in RVN - in the trenches on the ground. The U.S. has been at war pretty much since before we became a republic. The V.A. cannot take care of the vets we have now, so we have to have "wounded warriors" and other charitable organizations chipping in. The Persian Gulf/Arab Penninsula was a mess 2,000 years ago and if it still exists it will, in all probability, be a mess 2,000 years from now. Let's try sitting this one out.

  43. Since it is possible that our president is a Muslim (We will never know) we will never get tough with an Islamic country.

  44. A ISLAM SLEEPER indeed. So now a out for his promise that the U.S. has Israel's back. The RED line was crossed but that was denied that he had made/said it. How many nore F-16's and billions of dollars did he recently give Egypt? Good thing Israel has the best pilots. All KERRY did was negoiate a way to throw Israel under the bus as now they will have to go it alone. I shudder to think about a Nuke WWIII.

  45. Our State Dept has let the horse out of the barn or rather the toothpaste out of the tube and will not get back to where we had them with sanctions. They cannot be trusted and when they boot the inspectors out of their country, they will enrich the uranium and be more dangerous than they are now. Meanwhile they have six months to make the best of lessening the sanctions by the other countries. Very poor decision!!!!

  46. Honestly, this Administration cannot be Trusted. They had a PRIME opportunity to jump as getting this settled once and for all when Obama was at the G8 summit, and what did he do? Basically told Iran to F off. IF the NEW Leader of an enemy state came to me and said hey, can we sit and talk, all of a sudden my schedule would be wiped clean. This is just like when Clinton was given Bin Laden on a Silver Platter and he turned down the Saudi's. Imagine were we would be HAD Clinton taken them up on their offer.
    We are NOT the World's Police. Being a Veteran, it pains me how my brothers and sisters are sent into Conflicts we have no business being in. Bush Senior did it right. Kuwait was attacked, we went in and helped and repelled the attackers and did not follow the Black Guard as they fled back into Iraq. Bush Jr. vowed to track down and bring Bin Laden to Justice after 9/11. Unfortunately he did not get to complete his promise, but Obama did. And what happened when Bin Laden was killed? Not a damn thing. Had Bush been in Office he would have followed up on his promise.
    Let Iran have nuclear power or weapons. IF they use them then the WORLD community will take the appropriate steps. IF a World Delegation wants to discuss what actions are appropriate, that is fine. If the US wants to be part of that Delegation, that is fine. BUT it should be a COLLABORATION of multiple Countries. THOSE Countries that immediately surround Iran should be the ones leading the charge, they will be the ones most affected if fit hits the shan.

  47. We have a president who famously said, "I'm not against all wars, just dumb wars." Those who won't support talking may push us into another dumb war.

  48. This Iran deal is a lot of horseshit just like the Secretary of State and the President who OK'D it !

  49. Iran wants nothing but to destroy the USA, Iran cannot beat us directly but they can try to within(seems like an ancient Chinese General said that before!). Don't listen to Iran's lies because they are lies!

  50. Unfortunetly, we have a "Islam sleeper" at the helm of our government, so what do you expect is going to happen to America. Nothing good!

  51. Our current administration is allowing Iran to stall sanctions, stop U.S. interference with Iran's "Going to Get A Nuke Bomb" program, and is endangering the entire free world, by allowing radical Muslims to outsmart our negotiators, our President, and his entire Department of Defense and State Department. We are NOW negotiating with terrorists…something we never did before. And, apparently, Iran's negotiators are better at negotiating than the President's men. How did that happen?

  52. How can a person negotiate when you leader says that you must negotiate in a certain way and accept the president thinks is acceptable? The president has final say what will be negotiated and acceptable to his administration but the final authority is our Senators.

  53. Easy to explain: President Obama openly said I'm a Muslim and we all are Muslim brothers including Iran. His security cabinet is made up of Muslims and one has ties with the Muslim brotherhood. Therefore, Obama is caught between religion and duty, So he will not attack Iran and destroy his Muslim brothers. Proof as seen in Benghazi as he stood back and watched as our Embassy was being destroyed by a mix of terrorists and Muslims, Also there is no active response for the killing of Christians in Muslim countries . He Only Attacks Terrorist leaders with drones. Obama wants the U.N. to handle problem matters concerning Muslims. By understanding Obamas situation these problems and solutions by him are recognizable and predictable.

  54. It is happening because we have a weak leader and has weakened out country to the point no one respects us anymore. It will take years to correct this failed policy. I probably will not last that long. They respect power. We dont have it.i45zm

  55. "Walk softly and carry a big stick" said Teddy Roosevelt over a hundred years ago. I can't put it any better. Negotiations must be conducted at some point, we've got to talk to them (even if it is only to ask them where they would like to be buried), since we are the good guy and WE ARE, we must stand tall for what we believe in and that belief is in peace, and the worth and dignity of every human being and their right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. This "liberal" view of the rights of man contradicts the Islamic vision of a man subservient to the will of "Allah". The will of God all too often is dictated by one man. They firmly intend to conquer the world via Jihad. Hitler, in Mein Kampf warned the world of what his plans and intentions were and so have the Islamic fascists. We don’t want to believe them so we ignore it. Our problem is that our negotiators are incompetent. Those they are negotiating with believe that there is no iron in our words and they laugh at us. Another problem is that President Obama is a Moslem. He was raised a Moslem and the formative years are crucial to forming character. He will side with Islam in the end, because after all he knows what’s good for us even if we don't.

  56. Very well said! I can't add anything to what you have said. I hope these far left senate Democrats are put on the unemployment row in 2014 election. I'm a U.S. Army vet.

  57. The president is a Muslin. Why would we think anything different from him or his appointees. He is out to destroy America!

  58. Get real. The President is not a Muslim. To quote Sen. Patrick Moynahan, "everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts".

    I guess 11 years of killing young American GI's is not enough. Thats not counting the ones that are maimed for life. Robert I'm sure you will be one of the first to say we cant afford social programs, VA programs, etc but we can afford more war.

    Give the President a chance to save a few American lives. If the Iranians are playing games with the truth we will know within 6 months. Then I want you to be 1st in line to have your boots on the ground.

  59. Get real! Check your search engines and Obama's past as to what he has said regarding Muslims. Who you voted for, will explain your position. Does Obama lie? We are fighting a proxy war with Iran now, these extremists will starve and sacrifice their own to meet their goals. This 6 months is like the other delays, These billions sent Obama will help them make their goals and possible kill more of our troops. I am a Vet and have a active relative serving right now and he would like to see a end to the war. Bring the troops home and protect our borders like Obama should do.

  60. Jerry, a chance? are you serious? that must be one comfy rock you've been under, a chance? Really!

  61. Amen brother! People need to read up on our enemy's. They sure know about us.

  62. To believe that Iran will stop developing its bombs is like believing a spider closing in on a trapped fly in the web when he says "I am not going to hurt you."

  63. The Muslims want to destroy the west and any culture that does not believe or follow the Sharia law as found in the Qu'ran. Jihad is their solution for infidels for not excepting their faith. Martyrdom is their greatest heavenly reward. Lies to infidels is a good solution for their cause. Therefore, to except any delays or lies on their nuclear program and delivery systems by the U.S and allies could be a prelude to a nuclear war in time And by not understanding their goals is a danger to the whole world.

  64. Why President Obama Lies! This can be best explained in a article called THE WHISTLE BLOWER Volume 21 No.7 Published July 2012.(WHY OBAMA LIES.) Call be ordered though WND web site. Approx. cost $4.95. It goes from young Obama to adulthood. There are other articles and references pertaining to Obama. For me, It gave a good insight on why Obama lies. There are 46 inner pages and other interesting and relating things.

  65. That is their belief and their mandate, why do we ignore it. The treat infidels as trash /garbage or such and we accept it.
    What would be the reaction if the situation was reversed? They know the political and media game better than we do.

    Wake up America they are out to annihilate us.

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