March 24, 2010

The purpose of sending this bulletin is to simplify some of our veterans’ requests for medals and administrative corrections and to shed light on a couple issues that have been raised recently by our veterans service officers.

According to their website the NPRC is one of the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) largest operations. It houses 70 million records, responds to roughly 160,000 inquiries a month and can process several kinds of requests. The most common are requests for DD Form 214, Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and Service Treatment Record (STR).

The NPRC is also authorized to assist with medal requests and clerical corrections to DD Form 214. A locate, clarify and validate approach elaborated on below works well for these requests.

Locate: There are two primary ways to request individual military service information NARA’s electronic request system eVetRecs and Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records: SF-180. Veterans and next-of-kin of decreased veterans can use eVetRecs or SF-180 to locate their records. Everyone else must use SF-180.

Clarify: Since the NPRC can process multiple requests clarifying the individual request is a must. This can be done by indicating the specific request in step 3: Comments of eVetRecs or by attaching a written statement to SF-180.

Validate: All requests have to be validated either by the records the NPRC has or by supporting documentation provided to them.

Requests for the issuance or replacement of military service medals, decorations, and awards should be directed to the branch of the service in which the veteran served. The chart below shows where the request should be sent and where to write if there is a problem or if an appeal is necessary for each of the services. The Army and Air Force can use eVetRecs or SF-180. The Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard must use SF-180. The specific medals, decorations or awards being requested needs to be clarified in Step 3: Comments of eVetRecs or in a written statement attached to SF-180. Available supporting documentation that validates the request should be sent with the signature verification page or SF-180.

Medal Request: Problem or Appeal:
National Personnel Records Center
Medals Section (NRPMA-M)
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Army Commander PERSCOM
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA 22332-0471
National Personnel Records Center
Air Force Reference Branch (NRPMF)
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Air Force Headquarters Air Force Personnel
550 C Street West, Suite 12
Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4714
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Liaison Office Room 5409
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Navy Chief of Naval Operations
(OPNAV 09B33)
Awards & Special Projects
Washington, DC 20350-2000
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Liaison Office Room 5409
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Marine Corps Commandant of the Marine Corps
Military Awards Branch (MMMA)
3280 Russell Road
Quantico VA 22134-5100
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Liaison Office Room 5409
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Coast Guard Commandant U.S. Coast Guard
Medals and Awards Branch
Washington, DC 20593-0001

The NPRC can make clerical corrections of errors on the DD Form 214 such as misspelled name, missing information, incorrect birth date, social security number, etc. Again, the specific correction request should be detailed in Step 3: Comments of eVetRecs or in a written statement attached to SF-180. Supporting documentation validating the request should be sent with the signature verification page or SF-180.

Contrary to recent rumors DD Form 214s, Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF) and Service Treatment Records (STR) are not available for viewing online. Aside from the enormous cost that would be involved, Federal Law [5 USC 552a(b)] requires that all requests for records and information be submitted in writing, signed and dated.

The NPRC is authorized to charge fees for many of their services. For now, none of them apply to former service members or next of kin of deceased veterans requesting records relating to benefits or correction of their military record. Therefore, it is important to clarify that the reason for the request in the in Step 3: Comments of eVetRecs, clearly on SF-180 or in a written statement. Non-benefit and archival requests for records of veterans that were discharged, retired or died in service 62 or more years ago probably will be subject to a service fee. In those instances, the NPRC provides a breakdown of the cost to the individual or organization making the request.

Please contact Ray Spencer, Supervisor, Military Review Boards, VA&R, at or 202-861-2700 if you have questions or need more information.


  1. I want to get my ribbons updated on my NA FORM 13059 I received the Korean Defense service Medal and it has not show up on the records

  2. Hi, I got out of the regular service 9/29/80 and I lost my DD214 in a flood in my house , how can I get information to getter back plus my ribbons updated.

  3. I need to know what form I would need to fill out to receive a copy of my qualifying Grandfather's DD-214's so that I may join as a member of my local VFW's Men's Auxilary. Thank you.

  4. I left Vietnam in December 1968.
    I learned that certain medals were awarded to Vietnam vets after that date.
    How can I find out what medals were awarded to me.

  5. My father (deceased) served in WW II. I have his serial number and a copy of his Honorable Discharge.
    1. How do I fine if he was a member of the American Legion?
    2. His discharge papers do not show his Purple Heart (cluster?). How can I find information on this?

  6. I am an Army Vietnam era vet trying to receive my medals both personal and theater. How EXACTLY do I proceed? I have had problems. Please help me so I can have them for my kids when I die. My last mpr status e-note was very unclear. Thanks, Dave Hadly

  7. I trying to locate my grandfathers DD-214 form. Is this where I request the form?

  8. I am trying to find the Military Honors that were awarded to great great grandfather Samuel J Neff who served in the Civil War in the Battle of Pettersburg. He served in the 205th Regimen, 2nd Brigade,3rd Division of PA Volunteers. Anything that I can get would be very much appreciated!!
    Thank you

  9. I need to know how to get my fathers dd-214 number so I can join American Legion please

  10. I need my deceased fathers DD-214number so I can join the American Legion, . . .can you help with info how?

  11. Im looking for Army Michael Davidson that was at Ft Ord Ca in 707th Maint. Bn. in 1984-85 working in the motorpool office. He is the father to my daughter and she wants to find him.


  13. Mt doctor, Dr. Kawa, sent over a faxed copy of a slip with my Permission to get a copy of my Medical records, even a fax copy would do. The office has still not received them. I'm trying to get cleared to rejoin the Air Force and My doctor only needs those medical records complete his Doctor's note to allow me to return to active duty. Can you please send him a copy so I can get this part over with.

  14. I would like to obtain a copy of my DD 214 form to apply for Veterans benefits. Please advise.

  15. My NA Form 13059 is missing two awards. It's missing the Southwest Asia Service Medal from my first deployment to Saudi Arabia in 1994-1995. It is also missing the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal from my second deployment to Saudi Arabia in 1996. What do I need to do to get this corrected?

    Thanks for your time.

  16. OMPFs of current military members are now and have been accessible online through the military services for the past several years, beginning in the Army with Gen. Reimer's "Paperless Army" directive around the turn of the century. I can understand the government putting a lower priority on scanning in increasingly older records in order to make them viewable online. All of my 1980s-era documents that had to be scanned in during that "conversion" period are dated "1 Jan 1900." I find it hard to believe they would remove those records already created digitally, though. Digital files, plus all the associated hardware, takes up a lot less space than the miles of file cabinets necessary for equivalent paper files.

    Does this restriction on access just apply to veterans' records whose service ended before records were automated? Or will those whose records - now and in the future - are already online, actually look like they're in the 21st Century?


  17. My Father, Anthony Arzenti, recently deceased, served in the Air Force National Guard in the 1960s. I cannot find any discharge papers or other documentation of his service. Where do I start to look?

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