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Are you surprised Congress targeted military retirees in the new federal budget bill?


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  1. The ignorance shown in some responses is astounding. Compared to the 1990s there are more and more veterans seeking office. The Republicans for at least 20 years have fought every improvement in benefits for the fighting men and women, yet many of the comments reveal total lack of what actually happens in the U.S. Congress.

  2. We were promised Dental for Life too so don't think you weren't lied to already folks. TriCare premiums will go up to where it isn't a benefit over outside insurance either, just wait and see. It has never gone in favor of the veteran. Anyone ever tried suing the Govt while on active duty or as a veteran later? The Govt would hide behind the Ferris Doctrine each and every time their C- or worse GPA doctors would dole out atrocities while practicing so called medicine. This allowed Doctors to practice medicine on the GI and his family when he wouldn't have been able to have a license on the outside. Anyone who ever sued the Govt for medical malpractice lost. Basis - Ferris Doctrine. Originally this was written to protect a medic from being personally sued by another GI if complications arose after his field expedient treatment was performed or in some cases, surgeries performed by a medic without a medical license. Was never meant to protect an Army doctor from making your wife to where she can never have children again because of his incompetence. In the case at hand (retirement pay), The honorable thing to do would be to "honor" the promise to pay retirement after 20 years of good and faithful service. You want to change the rules Congress, well put a start date and have it affect everyone after that effective date. See what kind of recruiting you get and go from there. You don't change the rules after the game is played because you didn't win the game. Cry babies do that. What the Govt is doing is the lowest of low. Its like after the cards are dealt and all peeked at, yelling 8's are wild, all because you didn't get any two's. Tough!!!!!! Stand by your word Govt. We did. We couldn't just break our enlistment with you without being AWOL or hunted down as a deserter. COME ON Man!!!!!!

  3. Randy, I'm sorry if the system hurt you or a family member.I have often wondered if any member of Congress would be treated by a run-of -the mill military doc/ not some super-star from the civilian side of the house. I'm betting NOT!! I've also wondered what the min. standard for military Doc's really is/ and shouldn't being an english speaker being one of the fine points?? I understand we need to work within the system to make it better; however, with the current feelings about Vet's in our Congress/WH How the hell is it going to get better?? When Defense is targeted for this cut/ that cut/ the other cut ( including Vet's programs) and no attempt is made too cut "Social Programs" even just a percentage point? Guess we know who rates in this country. Of course, this is not any thing new- read your history on the Defense Dept. and just count how many broken promises we have had to deal with! I'm going to shut-up now, my B.P. is really going up!!

  4. Far left liberals have always had a hatred of the military and this is just one more nail in coffin. I am not surprised at all. The military has always been the go to department to save money when you lack the intestinal fortitude to cut the government dole for those who game the welfare systems. After all, since the 60s,the liberals have kept themselves in power by promising ever increasing benefits to fight the "war on poverty." Well poverty levels have tripled over the decades and we continue to reward people to stay home and do little, or nothing, to help themselves. But then again, thats how they continue to get the votes to get re-elected. Its easier to punish the military and retirees than to show true leadership and morale courage to cut the welfare and various other social programs, (or the large unneeded size of our government). I don't know how some of our so called political leaders can sleep at night.

  5. I agree with you. Some people need to have government help and they should get it. Americans shouldn't stand by and let other Americans starve to death. Many of them choose welfare as a career option, and they need to go to work. Many take welfare as a endless handout instead of a needed hand up. Liberals don't know the difference between poor and lazy. If more people are working, more taxes are being paid in. The cure for a Cool Aid overdose is gainful employment.

  6. Be aware that money removed from the budget may be going to countries in the form of cash instead of American commodities if the U.S.Agency for International Development (USAID) continues to have its way with this administration. Where formerly this country sent commodities to the poor countries, USAID has been trying to convert the aid program to sending cash. This is not good. The USA formerly sent only commodities which helped our farmers and fed poor countries. Sending cash in the past, during the cold war, saw the money converted to hookers, Rolls Royces and villas in Switzerland so the crooks could be near their (our) money. So far, $300 million has been sent.Contact your congressman and request he stop this and put the money back in the budget to support promised retirement programs.


  7. The politicians look at the numbers. 50% of citizens eligible to vote are not registered. Of the 50% that are registered, usually only half of them vote for a congressman in a off year. Thus, about 13% of those that are eligible to vote elect a congressman. They know that the money they get from the lobbyists will bump-up their vote by 5% or more and this will give them the election. The mission for each veteran is to find out who their congressman is and how they voted and write a hand written letter to him/her. They have a multiplier for every hand written letter. They figure that 160 other people feel the same way. Ask them to restore the cuts. Then find out how many voters they won the election by. Get out and find the votes to defeat them that vote against you,. First, you got to stop the distraction about guns, left or right, conservative or liberal. That is all bulls**t. They had plenty of money to waste on bug-house projects. Why do we have 7 or 9 fleets? What IS our interest in the South China Sea. England and France have gotten rid of their aircraft carriers. Let the suckers in America play cop of the world. Your retirement money is going to off-shore military contractors who have lobbyists in Washington. Wake-up my fellow veterans.

    Richard Mason
    Haulover Beach
    Miami, Florida

  8. Not surprised at all since most whom are elected in congress have never served in the military.Veterans only get noticed when it seems to be election time and are used as a campaign pawn. It's time to wake up and throw them all out of office.

  9. Kcir, believe me, the average federal worker is not living the life others outside the system seem to think. We have not had any type of raise since '09;but, deduck's just keep climbing. In '09 I was clearing just under $1,300 per pay, now I'm down to just over $1,100 per pay. I don't think I'd mind that as badly if Congress's pay was reduced by the same per-centage. (That would include staff as well)What I don't get is how Congress doesn't consider no raise as not being a pay-cut?? All benefits keep going up/new people in the system
    will be paying much more than I am presently. Maybe the idea is to cut down on manning by making it to costly to take a federal job?? Our retirement pay is 35% less than under the "Old CRS" and from what I'm seeing the next generation of federal worker's will have to survive on roughly 15% of salary. Can we get the retired Congressional people to drop thier benefits to that level?? Bet not!!
    Actually, most of the politians are already wealthy: How do they rate a life-time retirement/health care/and for all I know, free life insurance?? plus all the other bennies we don't even know about, much less get?? Not trying to pick a fight-just saying.

  10. Sad to think the congress and those we voted for think the way they do, time to clean house. Vote them out, they have their own agenda, lost whom put them there.

  11. All I ask is that all federal employees take the same cut not just military retirees! Absolutely disgusting!

  12. NEVER in my life time would I have believed that people in Congress would turn their backs on those who have served Our Country with honor, sacrifice, distinction and, loyalty over that of ILLEGAL Immigrants who have given nothing. NEVER FORGET WHAT THE DEMOCRATS NOR THE CHARACTER IN THE WH HAVE DONE, NEVER FORGET.

  13. This was a surprise to anyone on our side of the fence?? Name me one time in our history when the Gov't actually lives up to promises made?? How many years did it take to get a claim thru the VA system??Even one fully documented?? When we lost the Draft(after all you can't expect the rich/powerful to risk thier "children" in war!!) That is for the common people,the poor,the unimportant, the ones you can lie/cheat/steal, from all in the name of political necessisity. It doesn't even matter who has control of Washington; both sides are guilty of allowing political wants/needs to run our country into the ground. When our Rep's gave in to busniess greed for profits, let our jobs be moved "OFF-SHORE"/gave illgeals federal benefits/allowed money to over-ride commom sence/ still serving the 1% that matter in this country. If you could even vote the worst out/ Who do you think would win election to office?? I for one, don't have any idea who to put the US back on tract. This mess didn't start yesterday and it won't be "Fixed" without careful thought and probably blood.

  14. Part of the reason for all this is membership in ALL Military organizations continues to decline. Those organizations are responsible for the pay and benefit gains we now enjoy.
    Members of Congress with prior military service continues to decline. There are only 108 / 20% of the present 541 voting members of the 113th Congress with prior military service. The 91st Congress 1969-1971 listed 74% with prior military service.
    We continue to elect pathetic parasitic politicians whose only "GRUNT" experiences are as a result of being constipated after eating too many rich foods !!!

  15. According to Conservative phylosofy anybody that works for the government is not a wealth producing member of society but a parasites that lives of the government dole, welfare, meaning your tax dollars. That is strike one. If your livelihood depends of a government retirement,benefit or entitlement you are a perpetual drag on the return of the taxes of the wealth generator,you are a parasite. Strike two. In the present political mess it is the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) that is to be reduced by 1% until the veteran reaches age 62. This means that the increases on you monetary benefit that catches your pay to the increases on cost of leaving caused by among other things inflation is less than anybody else's and continues to decrease every year. In conservative physical responsibility it is an abomination that your entitlement becomes a reason for the need to increase taxes. Strike three. The only way that the debt ceiling fantasy of there being enough receipts to the treasury to pay the debt without going in default is to pay the foreign debt and to not call everything else debt but entitlements. My friends we are entitlements in the minds,the mouths and the hearts of every conservative asking to reduce government, to balance the budget, to close the government, to not increase the debt limit and to repeal every attempt to increase or improve the safety net. Wake up, open your eyes and let the light in. "Aim higher".

  16. Our Representatives only care about themselves. We all need to remember this when we vote and get everyone we can to help vote them out. There us no respect for the military anywhere in Wahington.

  17. It would be interesting to see how many of our elite Representatives have served.
    These over privileged Reps always want to save the world by cutting the benefits of the people who keep us safe.
    Remember next election when you vote.
    Write your Rep and ask them how much of a cut they are taking. (Oh I forgot, they exempt themselves from the laws they enact).
    It's time for a change in DC.

  18. Obama an these bums like John McCain said as you voted them in or back for the second them. That they would have your backs. Take a look at that long bayonet which they slammed in your backs. They want the illegals here to vote them back in for life because the WWll an Korea are dying off.

  19. Not surprised at all, a lot of pol.'s have not served, had phony injuries or, pulled strings for easy duty.
    Their method, fire up the servicemen/women to fight their wars and pay lip service to them.
    BTW, wasn't the military turned on vet's from WWII who demonstrated for their promised bonus?
    As far as this country keeping it's word, ask the American Indian about that.

  20. Let's see on the 31st if congress gets their automatic raise and we'll see who served or serves the best interest of our country!
    M.Sgt. (Ret USAF)

  21. Quit watching Fox news. This is not the democrats or liberals. This is flat out GOP(cut everything) conservatives. Just like they cut Unemployment benefits and welfare for the sick and homeless of which 1/3 are veterans. They only care about sending you to war not taking care of you when it over.

  22. Thanks Rick for saying what is true. I only wish those that think the Republicans don't control the House of Representatives had access to a calculator. If the same people that complain about our current congress would get behind real progressives we would all see a huge change in how our government works. Elizabeth Warren in 2016. Get on the bus.

  23. Typical! Every member of the military should subscribe to claiming anything for disability pay.

  24. It is only just and fitting that the Vets who served for lousy pay, bad conditions, terror and the likelihood of not having everything work quite as well as it would have had they not put their body through it should bear the costs of keeping the stock prices for Defense Contractors in the Fortune 500 healthy. If you don't enhance revenue, none of the the freaking budget is freaking sustainable. So, my first advice to any asking this old retired First Sergeant about staying until retirement would be simple -- do it because you love the Army and you love your country and you love your comrades. Don't expect the bastards to be grateful after you're not on active duty anymore. If they don't need you at the moment, don't expect them to want you at all. Murray agreeing to hurt Vets is out of character, but Ryan is an Ayn Rand Catholic (Contradiction in terms, of course) and this totally is in line with the Ayn Rand approach to responsibility for the common good.

  25. The crap Congress does anymore doesnt reall surprise me anymore. Here we are the people that have served and those who have died for this country and now congress wants to take what we have away. Its all greed if you ask me. The people who run congress and what not will always be ok, they will always get paid, they will always have good benifits. Well what about the people who have given their lives and or years of dedication? We get budget cuts and they get to take things away from us while they sit in their nice office and go to country clubs and send their kids to private schools. But oh yeah I forgot all the cool trips I got to go on like to the middle east for deployments and got to see all kinds of blown up equuipment, people breaking down because they lost their buddy, and all the great jacked up memories that will never leave my mind that I get to enjoy a nice nightmare from time to time. Do I feel sorry for myself? Absolutely not, but I do feel bad for that young service member who lost their life and will never know what life is really all about. So congress, think and choke on that for a while not that any of you will lose sleep over it anyway. So I guess just keep doing what you do because you will anyway, but dont ever forget that it is us service members and veterans that have saved your sorry asses for years.

  26. Has no one studied history, even superficially? The United States has screwed veterans from 1786 onward (see Shays' Rebellion); civil war, railroads seized veterans' lands with government approval; Spanish-American War, tainted beef served to troops; WWI bonus marchers fired upon by US troops commanded by MacArthur; WWII POWs enslaved by Japan got nothing and no help from US gov't; and don;'t talk to me about Vietnam and Agent Orange and a lying government. Parties don't matter, politicians don't matter--change the names and it's the SOS.

  27. The Bonus Army, a group of World War I veterans seeking expedited benefits, established a Hooverville in Anacostia in the District of Columbia in 1932. At its maximum there were 15,000 people living there.[4] The camp was demolished by units of the U.S. Army, commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Goes round and round

  28. Don't worry 'bout nothin', 'cause ain't nothing gonna be alright nohow! This country is well on the road to collapse as did the Roman Empire of old, as prophesied in our book of instructions, which we are ignoring, and our destiny is hopeless until Jesus returns and establishes his kingdom, period.

  29. Not Surprised. Since there are fewer and fewer veterans in government service, there seems to be less of an understanding about all forms of military service and everything that is associated with the military. Definitely a lack of concern about the veterans- active, retired and wounded.

  30. Some the legislators tried to justify the cuts by saying that many retirees take full time jobs & draw their retirement too. How can that be an issue when they can serve 1 or 2 terms and draw their check forever. Most of them go to work as full time lobbyists.
    We'll get a chance to show our "appreciation" next November.

  31. Face it, it's like the scene from the movie 'Independence Day', when the President asks the alien (congress) what his race wants the humans (veterans) to do. It's reply: die.

  32. I believe that 90% those Knuckleheads in Washington do not give a damn about Veterans!! That is mostly because they live in a fantasy world and most of them could have never made it into the military due to testing positive. Sad to say it, but I and my fellow Vets keep getting the shaft from those boneheads!! Time for real change for sure!!

  33. How to become financially and medically secure, serve your country - become a member of congress.

  34. Its amazing that anyone has any faith in politicians. But after seeing how many voters ar drinking the kool-aid/snake oil from the liar-in-chief
    & the dems & reps alike,nothing surprises me anymore. Just watch how many a--holes will kiss Hillarys boot like they did with the jerk that follow=
    -ed Bush.

  35. Some poll. Which box do I check to vote that I am not surprised because programs are being cut across the board? These "answers" are all skewed so that if you "vote" at all, your opinion validates the idea that veterans are being singled out to be screwed. They are certainly not. We are in a large military drawn-down period and cuts are inevitable. Just as big bonuses came since 2001, the pendulum swings the other way today. It will swing back. Some retirees will be caught at a bad time. I don't think I have to explain to anyone here the importance of the luck of timing.

  36. Sorry I served this country. Should of went to Canada when I had the chance.

    Combat Vet

  37. It is more like I am ashamed of myself for serving this country. All the crooks running this country is what we all served this country for, for their right to be a political crooks and lie, cheat, steal from social security and just totally run this country into the mud. And then the bastards sling the damn mud on us, we the people!

  38. Nothing about the actions of Congress surprises me anymore. I think the majority of Congress are supported by lobbyist. They are constantly looking to privatize existing branches of government. For example the Post Office can't not spend many millions to lobby for the ability to run their operation as a business as Congress controls everything they do. UPS and Fed EX do lobby big time and will continue to take over more of the USPS operations. Once the USPS is replaced by private business the rates will soar and Congress will have another source to fill their pockets. Could they someday manipulate a private military?

  39. The message that Congress (largely the Democrats) is sending me with this "budget" vote is that my 28 years in Army green has no value. As a gray area retiree I couldn't afford TRICARE, and had to rely on private, commercial health insurance which I also had to pay for. Now that I have reached full retirement, I have to pay TRICARE premiums, lose COLA, and the nearest TRICARE facility is over 3 hours from my home. Forgive me, but I feel that my country made certain promises about taking care of me in retirement when I volunteered to serve; now I see those promises were hollow. I was fortunate to have no combat-related injury, but many of my brothers-in-arms weren't so lucky. Oh, but their sacrifices don't count either! Perhaps all who serve in elected positions should be required to do military service first; maybe that would alter a few opinions about how this is "no big deal"!

  40. Not surprised at all. Democrat or Republican, amongst our current crop of leaders, honor, commitment, integrity are nothing but meaningless words to them.

  41. can remember under President Carter when we had to say bang bang because they would not fund ammo, After the Viet Nam War, when they cut medical care the first time. The 1st Bush when they started cutting the force , then stopped and recalled for the 1st Gulf War. The bright spot was Pres Reagan when we built up the force and benefits. Once used they throw us away. We averaged a move every 2 years. My oldest daughter attended 4 High Schools. Our families earned every penny we get. Now I am housebound and they chip away at my benefits. Take away Tricare Prime, lower the COLA, ans on and on. People in Congress and the President should be required to have served in the military.

  42. No surprise. I've always said that our so-called Commander-in-Chief was the person who ordered the stand-down order to not assist the four Americans in Benghazi because the Commander-in-Chief was too busy on 11 September 2012 preparing for his upcoming campaign speech the next day in Las Vegas. Our country has never been weaker than it is now under this Democratic President. And that Harry Reid is like a dictator never passing a bill that he personally doesn't like. No fair vote with a moron like him in power. Pelosi is a farce. How could anyone vote for a person like that! Obama is anti-military, but pretends he isn't. So the administration will not attempt to lower the $17.3 trillion in debt, but will continue to cut the military, and fire many officers in the military. I knew that Obama would be a disaster for this country before he was elected in 2008 with that stupid Hope & Change banner sitting in front of him while campaigning. Idiots who voted him will all pay with the policies that will inevitably ruin our country.

  43. We need to respond with our votes. If you live in a congressional district where your congressman voted for this, vote for their opponent in the primary and if they get through the primary vote for their opponent in the general election. Same thing for your senator(s). Engough is enough. Time for new blood. Both parties are corrupt and shame on you who voted for Obama, especially those of you who voted for him twice.

  44. What do you expect from an anti-American administration and a worthless congress? We have to get on the band wagon to vote them all out. Supporting candidates that served instead of serviced our country would be a start.

  45. Vote them out! So what good is that? They get to leave with full retirement pay and great health care, remind you not Obombie health care. Now that is a great way to leave a corrupted job.

  46. Not at all surprised I remember the 21 years I served when it came budget time the military was always the whipping boys,so now it passes on to Veterans,as long as "they feel safe" they don't care that FREEDOM comes at a GREAT PRICE !!

  47. Thank you Congress for proving to the American public, specifically the US Military, your inability to recognize value, fair play, and your true agenda.

    You have proven this quote right, "It's better to remain silent and allow people to assume your stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

  48. This is part of the Obama administrations shifting the wealth program to pay for benefits for gays in the military at the expense of service connected disabled veterans. They took away travel pay at the VA a few months back so we could only go once a month to get that, now they are cutting our checks so they can pay for unconstitutional executive orders over keeping a sacred promise to veterans. Impeachment is in order. My vote will go against those that voted for this, and allowed illegal orders from the president to be enforced.

  49. Surprised how easily we forget that president Obama praises the military for our efforts. When we took care of Osama Bin Laden, there was no question; however, he is faced with a recalcitrant congress that is doing everything within their power to make him (and our country fail). They've used words like, "this will be his waterloo." When have we ever had this type of divisiveness before? What happened to the notion that we (Americans) should respect the office of the presient? As it stands now, he is treated like a pariah when oddly, he has attempted to do more for the average working person than any other president in modern times. It is to our detriment that this sentiment exists. Where the head goes, the body follows. It is in our best interest to support and pray for our leader(s).

  50. You have it right, Jack. What president got us into 2 wars & instead of paying for them by raising taxes as we have done throughout history, HE CUT TAXES FOR THE RICH.

  51. Get off your knees and wipe your face you f'n FOOL. This lying fraud is the one 'dividing' the country. He promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Well he's done it. I have never felt more threatened than I do now. When muslim bastards are shown more respect then the men and women who have fought and died for OUR country, something is seriously wrong! He and his adoring media complex has bastardized the office of the presidency and the honor we veterans once recieved. Keep worshipping your lord and savior King B. Hussein and maybe you will be allowed to eat an extra portion of rat soup when you are done burrying the days allotment of non believers.

  52. If we would just stop sending aid out of the country all our money woes would probably go away. Leave the vets alone and stop nickel and diming where you think it will be fair.

  53. You can't go after all of them but you can single out the elected official who first came up with the idea to reduce the benefits. Get rid of these "ungrateful, unpatriotic, and un-American" idiots.

  54. So what good is that? They get to leave with full retirement pay and great health care, remind you not Obombie health care. Now that is a great way to leave a corrupted job.

  55. So what good is that? They get to leave with full retirement pay and great health care, remind you not Obombie health care. Now that is a great way to leave a corrupted job.

  56. Joe, I could not agree more as even the ones who smile during veterans day and shake hands voted for it to happen. When voting season comes around they will see how happy this makes all of us vets.

  57. I am outraged! This is changing the rules after the game is played. Through a career of active duty service we were all counseled on the benefits awaiting in retirement. I consider that a contract to which we have fulfilled our part of the bargain. It is time for that contract to be honored. Elected leadership unable to control spending within the limits of their resources must be held accountable.

  58. Everyone wants to blame someone else.
    For the first time in the history of this great Country of ours,
    we have a President that has divided any unity we had.
    He prides himself in Obama- Drama.
    Not man enough to stand up for Value or Truth
    he finds himself Gutter diving for his "Causes".
    We need to remind ourselves at the Poling Places across this Nation come next November.
    More of the same, is a vote for the lame!

  59. This goes back to the G W Bush administration. The same year the Iraq War started his administration recommended cuts in medical benefits. Stabbing military members in the back while saying 'thank you for your service' is not new with this congress. The political tradition of find them, screw them, then forget them is the norm.

  60. The last two years of the Bush Administration the congress was fully under democrat control. I know that while I served under Bush I saw pay increases and a better standard of living down range, compared to 2009 onward. Don't forget the numerous hours he puts into veterans events since he left office. Bush didn't forget vets we he left compared to the current Command in Chief who seems to have abandoned them during his term of office.

  61. Dumbya was a disgrace to the uniform- using cocaine as much as possible and "resigning" from the Guard when he couldn't find a way to avoid the drug tests.

  62. The politicians that voted to build the Hospitals and army installations that were never used costing BILLIONS and scraping equipment that could be used by the National Guard units in the states , in the middle east theater , should be voted out of office for Fraud , misapropreation of tax dollars and held accountable ..

  63. No surprise that Republicans- most of whom did not serve and don't appreciate those who did- would attack Veterans benefits. What does surprise me is so many vets and active duty military who seem to be so ignorant as to who is attacking them. It's not Democrats you morons.
    I did my 20 and came out the same Democrat that I joined as.

  64. Sorry Jim - but I am a 'recovering Democrat', and now a Libertarian. If you look at the makeup of the current Democrat party and have studied their Socialistic/Communistic agenda you can't possible hold them blameless for the mess they have got us into. I too joined as a Democrat when I was 17, but after 30 years in two wars, and studying totalitarian regimes worldwide and serving in a few of them, the Democrat line is in pretty sad shape. Read 'Atlas Shrugged', by Ayn Rand, or '1984' by George Orwell, and then tell me that the theme of those books didn't foretell our current state of affairs in the USA!

  65. So I'm a "moron" for noting that the only senators who held a press conference protesting the cut were REPUBLICANS, and that the only legislators who voted to remove the COLA reduction from the budget bill were Republicans (well, OK, there was ONE Democrat), and that the entire Democratic caucus voted to keep the cut?!? Do some research, please, before asserting the opposite of what's true based on observable facts. The Democrats led the charge and the counter-charge to cut our retirement pay. I'm afraid that given the laughable inaccuracy and purely partisan, mindless blathering in your post, you've demonstrated adequately that you, sir, are the ACTUAL "moron".

  66. Thank you for shedding a bit of truth on the false claim of Democrat support for our troops.

    Unfortunately, many Democrat veterans can't seem to see beyond the past and dwell there to avoid the present truth. A truth that clearly demonstrates today's Democrat Party is deliberately destroying military preparedness and morale in order to institute their Statist hybrid version of Socialism (think NSDAP meets Stalinism).

    While it is true that many of the corporate Fascist RINOs in Congress have flocked together with these Democrat hybrids it in no way converts to all Republicans and does nothing to hide the fact that only one Democrat came out against the screwing of veterans by this Congress.

  67. It's too bad that the FAT CATS in Washington aren't forced to decrease their own pensions (as well as their salaries) instead of penalizing our veterans, who, in my opinion, are more deserving.


  69. What did you expect? Look who is the Commander and Chief, the Sectary of State, the Senate leader !!!


  71. Probably because of his verbally stating his belief that aliens (little green men, not Hispanics) are working with the government on secret projects. Whether or not it is true is immaterial to a population that believes in the possibility of aliens from outer space being remotely possible (Is anyone out there?) but certainly thinks that remote possibility doesn't convert into the whacky idea that space aliens are working on projects with the government.

    Ron's open admission to this belief made him a pariah with the voters, Democrat or Republican. In an era where the voters are exposed to so many flakes in office, once they have voted for them, there was a complete reluctance to elect one already viewed as flakey from his own comments.

    Birthers, truthers and those that believe little green men are working with the government don't seem to garner much support at the polls. Go figure.

  72. Why are we sending any of these countrys hundreds of millions of dollars????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  73. Because we have Mostly Jewish in congress and they believe that money grows on trees. When you want to REALLY settle some of the problems in this country you will run for office. If you are honest and determined to correct the perceived problems you will lose all your money and still not be elected.

  74. Gunny - I disagree with your prejudiced view of the Jews - I served 30 years in two wars to permit all Americans to enjoy this great country. Singling out a minority for ridicule is beneath the dignity of a Gunnery Sgt of the US Marine Corps. Look into your heart Sarge.

  75. No surprise. This was bound to happen as the number of members who have served there country honorable continues to dwindle. Being elected to congress is not serving this country honorable, especially over the last decade

  76. Lets see how fast Congress would act if we brought back the draft and sent them off to war,along with there relatives and cronies.I mean real military service.Ground Pounder service,infantry.Not sitting around in a cushy job but have there asses out there on the front line.

  77. There is a "lead by example" mentality permeating from this administration that deliberately endorses the lack of respect for our military members. Nothing is sacred. When we have the highest level of politicians disregarding the Constitution what makes you think the military, specifically retires, are off limits.

  78. How many wars did congress send us to? How much of their pensions did they sacrifice? Vote out this entire congress of traitors.

  79. Our friend Hagel is in this up to his neck and right now he is looking for more ways to reduce all military pay and benefits. He says that we cannot afford our current personnel costs. Nothing new, Washington, both Liberals and Conservatives, has been cutting our military for years with no regard for the men on the line keeping our country safe.

  80. Vote them out and then line them up and transport them to Gitmo so they can be with their good buddies!

  81. No surprise here. This administration and congress are showing us their true anti-military colors. Vets are now officially rated lower than illegal immigrants!

  82. There was a time when voters would not even consider someone that had never served.....time to get back to that and stop these pussies!

  83. Conress and the President need their salaries reduced to what the retired Military and disabled men & women live on. I would like to live on $275,000 like congress does every year and $400,000.00 like the President does.No the average american lives on less that 26,000 per year. It is not fair.I hope the mid-term election routs out those all "Fat Cats" out of Congress.

  84. To expect anything good from either party is just a dream. They Congress and this administration have gone to new lows in honesty (very little if any) integrity (if they knew the term, they don't show it), leadership(fine if you think going down in a cesspool leadership give them 99% passing grade). I think you get my drift. Have a great day, thank your congressman and senator for this new law s..ting on the Military, disabled veterans and military retirees.

  85. I guess I should not be surprised. The President is going to scratch the backs of those who elected him. Gullibles with no back-bone!!

  86. I think that Congress and the President should have just S.S. as their only retirement.

  87. My resolve with the present Congress and the administration is confirmed ..........The leaders of our country are totally DISFUNCTIONAL and should be removed or voted out as soon as possible!!!!!!! LETS START ALL OVER???

  88. Agree. Its getting to the point where I feel we are being treated the same way when we came back from Viet Nam. I've noticed that those people who treated us badly are now called Democrats.

  89. This is a slap in the face of all retired veterans. The next time a WWII, VietNam, Korea, Afghanistan or an Iraq presents itself, I suggest drafting Congress!! They are worthless now, but they might stop some shrapnel and save a real American in uniform!!!!!!!!!!

  90. This is a slap in the face of all retired veterans. The next time a WWII, VietNam, Korea, Afghanistan or an Iraq presents itself, I suggest drafting Congress!! They are worthless now, but they might stop some shrapnel and save a real American in uniform!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Thank you Obama! I don't recommend the all "volunteer army" any longer. The young will find that the draft will pay better if they stay in and at the same time the military will not need to fight these wars of other nations. Maybe we will settle in and discover that the rest of the world don't believe as we do and why should we spend all our riches on other countries.

  92. For years the draft card burning group have dismantled Veterans Benefits. Why Would I be surprised now. A lot of those draft burning people that were given their freedom by President Clinton have government jobs in the Veterans Administration and other departments. I am a Vietnam Veteran. By the way we are treated at some of the facilities that we fought to have here in the US by those Government employees, none of us shoulb be surprised. We patriots will always out number them so their freedoms will always be protected so they can continue to belittle the ones that give them that freedom. That is what democracy is all about. I love it.

  93. Our financial problems would be less dire if we quit giving money to countries full of people who hate our guts. To HELL with the Middle East! They can all go suck an egg. We sent over $40 Billion to these pukes last year alone. That would be like giving 40,000 people a million dollars. We have fought, bled and died for these ungrateful pieces of shit for the last 12 yrs. ENOUGH!!!
    Every man in my family has served this country militarily since before the Revolutionary war, up to and including me. No more! I, we, have all been betrayed by this usurper, lying fraud that now occupies OUR White House. He is but a puppet but he is still very dangerous. Many blame the Republicans in the House for all our ills. They have done all they can and everything they send to the Senate is tabled by that PUKE whispering Harry Reid. Someone needs to bitch slap that SOB hard. Elections will not make any difference. George Soros (SATAN) counts the votes. We have turn away from GOD and we are feeling the pain now. Everyone that remembers how great this country is or can be again, should search Youtube for a video called, Agenda: Grinding America Down. This will open the eyes of many who have been lulled into complacency. Please watch this video and pass it on. I am too old and broke down both physically and financially to do anything more than try to rally those who can. We all have to try or we shall surely fail. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  94. This administration has been cutting our throats from day one and no one has held them accountable for anything they do. It's surprising that the Commander and Chief has conducted himself in such a manner but even more of an outrage is the fact the people let him keep doing it. The news media continues to cover-up for him while we watch him sell out and flush our country down the drain. He isn't alone but we the people let them all get away with it. When do we stand up and tell them we pay them they don't pay us.

  95. We must stop using the lack of media or liberal media coverage to make an opinion seem to have more truth. What party has the worst plans for the veteran? It has been the Republicans. You you think President Bush George W really served an uncomfortable day in the reserves and he was a pilot flying the dangerous skies of the US. Do you know how Dick Cheney was a draft dodger. How could either one of these men want to help veterans. Remember, the all the problems with Water Reed a few years after W took office. Ask Paul Ryan what he would do for veterans who he feels should be treated as all ex-employees and budgets that way. Please look, read and then state opinions

  96. I've spent the past 5 years looking and listening and at no point in time did I see or hear anything positive, for or about veterans or those serving in the military, from this Administration. This administration allowed our Ambassador and three valiant men, defending the Ambassador, be murdered by a concerted military style assault and then lied about the reasons for the attack and the Administration's refusal to send aid the Americans under attack. That deliberate lie resulted in the arrest of an American citizen rather than the actual effort one sworn to defend this nation (you know, The President's oath of office) is supposed to exert.

    This Administration has doubled the debt it acquired from the previous administration while its sycophants continue to cry, "Its all Bush's fault," even though their mantra is demonstrably false. The real blame for the worsening economy (it isn't getting better despite Administration lies based upon unicorn math) is the Administration's continuing to provide freebies to every lazy person that demands something for nothing like it was their Constitutional Right to do nothing and get paid like they actually earned it.

    Just because there are RINOs like Ryan in Congress it doesn't make the actions of this Administration any less despicable or less guilty for it's actions to denigrate veterans and their service to this nation.

    All the Left ever does is drag up the past Administration to hide the fact that the present one is a major failure with a pathological lying problem. It doesn't matter a hoot in hell how a veteran served when comparing it to anyone that never served and it is even worse to do so when comparing those veteran's service to a leader that never served, did nothing in the Senate,other than vote present, and has done everything he can top denigrate those that serve in the military.

  97. Paul Ryan is a dead and stinking RINO that will never get this veteran's vote for anything, including dog catcher, the rest of my natural life. He sold veterans out. However, he would never had the chance to do so without the present Democrat (NSDAP) Administration and Senate providing him the forum to sell vets out.

  98. Nam veteran: Just in the last ten years have veterans has been treated decent
    Now going back in time. Very sad, lower than prisoners of war.

  99. One problem is their data point is the Washington DC area and here most military retirees are somewhere between an O-5 and up. No one thinks about the retired E-6 or E-7. I'm sure there are a lot more of them around the country then O-5's and up. I'm sure they are getting by but I doubt they are making the big bucks.

  100. I wrote this message to my US Congressman:
    You politicians are pathetic if you are seriously talking about cutting Military retirement. You take all the pork for yourselves and get unreal retirement packages and then you are stupid enough to cross all Americans by cutting the folks that give you the right to screw this country up like it is. I don't think one of you in office is worth spit!! Keep it up and see what it leads to. How long do you think Americans are going to take it?? If you want to do something proactive cut your own salaries and benefit packages and put them in line with working Americans and show us you are actual LEADERS and not DICTATORS!
    Jim Hallila

  101. I believe jim has made a strong an valad point, When are politicans going to think about any one BUT THEMSELVES......FRUSTRATED

  102. How much of a Pay raise did our fearless commander-in-chief get. Also did this come in before the 2nd term elections - not much of a stretch to see that his retirement would be nice and flush in case he did not win the second term.

  103. Sir:
    I served 26 years in the army and air guard, served in panama during the first gulf war and served in the army during the Vietnam war era. My father and uncles and grandfathers served in WWII and WWI. I have advised my son not to join as he intended because the attacks on my pension and medical care are relentless. I no longer believe the promises made to the military are worth the paper they are written on. if all federal retired and congress and the president were held to the same standards I would not complain but is isn't that way. When i was forced onto medicare at 65 my retired pay was cut by the same premium of about 1300 dollars a year when for twenty six i heard free medical?? WE will have and army of conscripts soon.

  104. I don't think conscripts will be on the horizon because along with conscripts comes civil unrest and the last thing needed during a neo-communist/Fascist takeover is civil unrest upsetting the Statist applecart. No, I think another has hit the nail on the head with the observation that the military is going to be privatized. OTOH I don't think the Union, any Union, stands a chance at forced unionization of Mercenaries. Keep in mind any privatized military is a military composed of Mercenaries, not union malleable peons to be pushed around by a bunch of thugs.

  105. I'm a Vietnam Vet and I served my country with PRIDE but I'll be damned if i'd lift a finger for this OVOMIT REGIME ... The federal government lies go WAY BACK.... Look at the AMERICAN INDIANS.

  106. I was wondering when this would come up, the American Indians, they are the original terrorist fighters in this country. They were shit on from the beginning with political lies and it keeps going on as I speak and the sorry ass holes running this country are making a practice of all the lies they keep feeding us and who do we have to keep them in check? That's right we the American people, it's way over due to unite and march on DC and take back what is ours. Yank them ass holes out of office, make them get a real job and start over. I am a Vietnam Vet so I know what getting shit on is about. I say shame on the ass holes running this country, it high time to get it right!!!

  107. We joked (but we were actually serious) about "we should have come home refugees..." in 1973. So no suprise here either.

  108. This is no surprise to me either. Congress asks others to accept cuts but I have never heard of Congress offering to cut any of THEIR benefits or perks. These are the same one's who do not have to slither out from under their rocks to vote themselves a yearly salary raise. They receive it automatically.

  109. no surprise to me either, Congress makes sure their pet projects are taken care of second, They are first and also make sure their hand that is behind their back is wide open to accept the payoffs. You never heard of a congressman or senator coming out of office poorer than when they in. I don't have a home in the Bahamas, I don't own a luxury liner. Does any one lese? I doubt it.

  110. It brakes my heart to see the CRAP we have put up with foem this Fagit, muslum,socialist OBASTARD. If we don`t IMPEACH AND PROSICUTE it will be our own DAM FAULT...............

  111. How can anyone be surprised with this considering our CINC who never did anything for our country and his obvious dislike for the military. Couple that with the Liberals who surround him and you have a party who does not care for our military!!

  112. The Democrat Party's current representatives, top down, not only dislike our military, they dislike our entire country and way of life. They are despicable.

  113. Amen for that! it's all about them, and agendas that don't have anything to do
    with they fight like all Veterans & disabled Vet's, it's also getting to be were both parties but mostly the Democrat party really are sucking are Country dry. this really bad for all of us!

  114. I sure wouldn't lay blame on just liberals. The other side is for cuts unless it is money for corporations "supporting" the military. In fact liberals have done more to support VA than the other side.

  115. They should reprimand or fire our legislative affairs staff. They evidently have not made their point and have not done their jobs..

  116. Time for the Legion to get a backbone and dress down this administration and his cronies. 2 million vet march on DC!

  117. This is a continuing theme in both political parties to devalue military service since the Bush administration. Like many things in the federal government the move will be to privatize the military.

  118. Democrats have always been for the soldiers welfare, the republicans for the guns, planes ships & tanks. Thanks to the dems 1944 GI bill, i & many million GI'S got college & homes. The Republicans said it was welfare in opposing it. The Dems raised the military pay 350% in the 40's. The Dems gave us Social Security & Unemployment insurance in 1935. Medicare in 1964.(Huge differance in parties)

  119. Actually Dems have ALWAYS attempted to lower funding for military. In general, soldiers, sailors, and marines vote more on the side of Republicans. So why would a Democrat Administration that has been working like he!! to give amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens (that vote 79% Democrat) want to please military members? This administration has done everything they can to denigrate our military:ie, make sure we cannot have private guns on base, deciding not to call the Nidal massacre as Terrorism, to publicly condemn military members coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan as possible terrorists, and now to lower retiree benefits. If you can't see these things happening, but have to blame President Bush (again) then you will remain blind as a bat.

  120. What president got us in 2 wars on phony information & instead of RAISING TAXES as we did throughout history, instead cut taxes to the rich?? The 2008 depression (Recession) done the same way as 1929. Runaway inflation,Sam the plumber, Joe the taxicab driver & millions of workers in the stock market. The bubble bursting & the overvalued properties plunging the same way. Bush first, then Obama, borrowed our way out of a depression rivaling 1929. It has worked. Stock market highest ever, car industry saved & people working aagain. In 1929 there was no country we could borrow from, so we paid the price. I remember it.


  122. That was truly admirable ---fast forward - now - the Dems are pushing for total Socialism bordering on Communism ---admirable NOT !!

  123. You have that exactly right! Those comparing Veteran friendly Democrats to the NSDAP style Socialists masquerading as Democrats today are sadly mistaken in their estimate of today's Statist Democrat Party.

    My dad was a Democrat Ward Healer in the 50s and 60s and he wouldn't support the Party's Fascist version of socialism any more than he supported the damned Communists. He killed NAZIs and hated Communists; he certainly wouldn't approve of a hybridized version of both evil philosophies being fronted by the Democrats today.

  124. when I was in a foxhole with another soldier I did not care about his party affiliation.

  125. This problem has not been restricted to just the last two administrations. Our Vietnam Vets were abandoned and left to suffer their own private hells. It was not only the government, but the apathetic feelings of the people of this country. Most people are of the opinion that they are the most important things on this earth and no one else matters. So, it should come as no surprise that our government is of the same opinion. They will continue to tread on our military, our poor, our children, and any people who do not come up to their standards.

  126. If privatization is forthcoming, I imagine the miliary will eventualy be unionized. The union organizers must be chomping at their bits.

  127. Fewer and fewer veterans serve in elected office; those who are elected do not fully appreciate the contributions of the military. I'm not saying that someone whose only qualification is military service should be elected, but it is something to consider when evaluating candidates.

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