Legion Legislative Director Louis Celli addresses the media following passage of the federal budget. (Photo by Craig Roberts)

Senate passes budget bill, fails veterans

The American Legion voiced its outrage over budget cuts on military retirees’ benefits at a Dec. 18 press conference in Washington. The U.S. Senate had just passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, which – if signed by the president – will reduce cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) benefits for America’s retired veterans by more than $6 billion.

The bill was worked out between Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and passed the Senate by a 64-36 vote. Murray and Ryan claim the measure will drop the country’s deficit by $23 billion and reduce the impact of sequestration.

“Passing this broken legislation today was wrong,” said Louis Celli, the Legion’s Legislative director. “It was wrong because (the Senate) had time to fix it, and ... chose not to.”

While several bills have already been introduced into Congress to repeal the COLA cuts, “some who seek to ‘technically fix’ this provision are only looking to repeal the portion that affects medically retired veterans,” Celli said. “I guess the rest of the military retirees aren’t worth the trouble to fix.”

The reductions in COLA benefits would affect about 900,000 military retirees, including those who are medically retired. Over a 10-year period, COLA benefits would be reduced by 1 percent per year, resulting in a total savings of $6.3 billion.

Noting that the 113th Congress has passed only 58 pieces of legislation out of more than 6,600 introduced, Celli said, “And now we’re supposed to put our faith and trust in the same Congress to pass a law that overturns this (COLA provision), when they were unable to fix it in the first place? Make no mistake – The American Legion will dedicate every available resource to repealing and overturning this provision.

”The day would go down in history as the day Congress turned their backs on veterans everywhere by selling out 0.2 percent of the American population and asking them to be held financially responsible to pay for sequestration.”

The press conference was conducted by three senators who stood up for America’s veterans and tried – in vain – to have the COLA provision struck from the final version of the budget bill: Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H.; Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; and Roger Wicker, R-Miss.

“We lost the battle, but we’re going to win the war,” Graham said. “The cause is just, the people we’re fighting for are the greatest among us, and we’re committed now, more than ever, to right what we all deem to be an egregious wrong.” He pointed out that military retirees are the only group in the country receiving benefits whose payments are actually being cut.

Complimenting The American Legion and other veterans organizations gathered at the event for their support, Graham said he was betting that once the American people “understand what we did to the military retiree, including the disabled, and their families, there’s going to be outrage.” He said it will be “extremely hard” to repeal the COLA provision because “we’re going to run into special-interest groups” who will object. “We repealed the phone tax to finance the Spanish-American War about a decade ago. (It’s) hard to repeal anything around here,” Graham said.

Graham said he hoped President Obama would hold off on signing the budget bill until Congress can “find a fix” for the COLA provision. “We’ve got till January the 15th,” he said.

“This penalty on retired military people surprised me,” Wicker said, noting that Congress had formed a commission to look into ways to change the military retirement system, “but don’t come back without ‘grandfathering’ people who are already affected.” That commission gave Congress “a comfort level that no one would try such a thing,” Wicker said. “And now we know that they did, and so we know that it’s out there. And we know there are people in closed rooms that would negotiate something like this and break a commitment to the people who have stepped forward and volunteered – of their own free will – to make a military career.”

In the last few days, Wicker said, public awareness of the COLA issue has been heightened. “Two days ago, the press was not talking about this when they interviewed me about the budget,” he said. “I think, frankly, we’ve embarrassed some people.”

Ayotte said that she and other senators have learned a lesson, that “when you do an agreement in the back room, and you don’t talk to the Budget Committee, you don’t talk to the Senate Armed Services Committee, you don’t get the proper vetting and you don’t realize when you’re about to make a very big mistake.

She said that some of her colleagues in the Senate were now stepping forward to help fix the COLA issue, “and now we need to go beyond words, and really follow through with action. The one thing that has disappointed me the most in all of this is that so many people – the House was rushing to get home (for) the holidays, the Senate, ‘You’ve got to pass this; we can’t figure this (COLA issue) out now.’ I don’t buy that. I think that was a cop-out. I think we could have fixed this now.

“We don’t need to do this six months from now,” Ayotte said. “We need to do it as one of the first things when we get back in January. We need to fix this so that our men and women in uniform know that we are very serious about this, and we’re not going to let this stand.”


  1. Let this vote against cola for veterans and to open new vet clinics across America not go unpaid. Remember this day in 2016 and vote these un-American,right wing conservatives the hell out of Washington. There not working for anyone but there selfish,one way take my ball and go home selfves! Mitch Mc Connell is a true tea party communist patriot!
  2. Just another socialist scheme from Obama. He is trying his best to gut our fine fighting forces. Remeber what these libtard Democrats done when election time come around next year. Vote for the party that stands for libetry and justice.
  3. It took me quite awhile to read all the above comments and I was astonished as to the range of opinions coming from veterans who share the same common pledge ie. " I swear or affirm to defend the etc..". One common thread that kept repeating itself was the mis-information and just plain ignorance that was believed to be true about our system of entitlements and so forth. I do believe that veterans groups can through their own pubs report "factual" information, such as excerps from The Congressional Record etc. And while we are looking at our federal house we should be looking at our state houses as well. As far as I know I have not stopped serving my country.
  4. The Senate in 2014 has already passed an extension of unemployment benefits for 0bama's low information voters. If they wanted to correct this it would have been done, my guess is the Senate figures the Legion and military retirees are not 0bama supporters so with the war winding done we are a hated unless minority again.
  5. Obama and his libtard friends hates vets and America. Rememer that next year. Tell him what you think, tell him we are in America and we speak English.
  6. Stop blaming the President. It's the GOP that doesn't care about Our Vets!
  7. I am behind the vets and wonder when the blood suckers who say they are for the people start being less self serving and actually for the people. And when do the get cut on benefits and such. I served and then did treatment foster care for 25 years. Now disabled can't get disability because when I did foster care was not employed paying in on disability. Sharing my home and family with troubled teens for 25 yrs and giving them a chance means nothing just like serving my country. The politicians don't care and don't get it. I love my country but truly have issues with it's government. Made up of people who think they are better than you and me. A lot like the Roman empire.
  8. I served 32 years in this worlds greatest Navy. I deployed to Vietnam (Operation end Sweep), Kuwait (Operation Desert Storm), and Iraq (Operation Enduring Freedom) just to have these politicians take away what I was promised when I retired! We the people need to stop these people from stealing from those of us that have served by setting new term limits.
  9. After reading Paul Ryan's Oped in USA Today: "Retirement pay can't take over defense budget" it is clearly obvious that he and Patty Murray just don't get it. The "Real Issue" with their plan to reduce the Military Retirement COLA is "The Principal Of The Thing", its about Honor and Keeping Your Word. The U.S. Government had a Contract with the Veterans for their service, The Veterans kept their end of the bargain and now the Government wants to refuse to live up to their obligations in the deal after the job has already been done. The Orwellian idea that an employee should forfeit their hard earned retirement for the betterment of their employer, sounds more like a policy of the foreign regimes that the Troops have spent their careers defending the United States against. Congress; "Both the House and Senate" wrap themselves in Red, White & Blue and Shout "Support the Troops", but appallingly Picked the pockets of those same Afghanistan & Iraq Combat Era Veterans when they thought no one was looking. I see by their vote to reduce Afghanistan & Iraq Combat Era Veterans Military Retirement Benefits that they have turned their back on those servicemen to avoid having to pay the bill for promises made to Servicemen when they joined up. We will now see if the President does the same by signing their "Bait & Switch" Bill which they passed taking back the Annual Military Retirement COLA promised to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, & Marines of this country who volunteered to fight & support the decade long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in case the Congress and the President have forgotten. Veterans must remember what they can expect from the same folks that during the government shutdown denied an array of financial benefits including death gratuity payments to the families of troops killed in combat, training, or by other causes in the military, until finally a private foundation Fisher House stood up to do what was right and take care of the U.S. Government's Responsibility to the men & women in uniform because the politicians would not. Vague assurances of correcting the problem in the future by Congress hold little weight based on their past performances. Honor it seems has no meaning anymore to our U.S Government Elected Officials nor the sacrifices of the troops as they are stiffing the troops on paying the tab for a job well done. I do not have the words to express my disillusionment with my own government after having served over 30 years of military service in Combat Rescue for stealing the money out of the pockets of those 1% of the population fighting for their country that I helped rescue overseas and who are being singled out unfairly to bear the brunt of paying the Federal Government's Bills after all they have done for America.
  10. I served 24 years of life defending this country, 14 years of sea duty being away from family missing birthdays, Easter, Christmas (etc). Most of these Legislators that voted for this bill NEVER SERVED so they have no idea what it means to SACRIFICE. We had to serve at least 20 years for retirement benefits not four years which qualifies a LIFE TIME RETIREMENT FOR LEGISLATORS. I understand that sacrifices have to be made; however everyone including LEGISLATORS pay raises should also be affected. Let me assure you that you haven't heard the last of this "PISSED OFF RETIRED MASTER CHIEF" AND I will rally around my Brothers and Sisters that have given real sacrifices to get rid of you POLITICIANS that don't support us.
  11. I agree with you for the last presidents we had to protect has never spent a day in the military and I agree with you; these legislators have never given sacrifice for anything and we protected there a-7s for many years and this is the repect we all get use me then throw me to the dogs because I've done my job and they have no need for me anymore. Thank you legislators
  12. I have read many of the statements and agree that we, the retiree, have to protect what we have earned. Not by calling people or party's names, but by having a united voice, like the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, various sergeant associations, going to bat for us. That is why we joined these organizations. Therefore, complain like we should but let the powers to be see that as a collective unit, we are speaking and they (Congress should listen and pay attention)
  13. Am I reading all this right? I served in the Army for 16 years until, during my fifth tour in Iraq, an explosion hit me in the head and knocked me out of the Army forever. Today I am a TBI veteran 80% disabled and unable to support myself ever again (the VA said so). Will these cut backs affect my disability income? Because if so my family and I will be placed on the street and I will have to use the snow to calm my headaches. To add more salt, 16 years and 5 tours, was it all for nothing?
  14. I'm behind you guys/gals 100%. They made promises and just because someone else has been voted into office that doesn't give them the right to ignore what they promised. I pray to God you guys remember what the incumbent politicians have turned into. Even if you vote for some joker who knows nothing about politics. You know for a fact that these people in office are not looking out for the people of the United States of America. There looking at amnesty for illegal aliens, the oBAMACARE train wreck, and making sure they get their cut of the pie. Ever seen a lawyer who didn't? I wouldn't mind paying for the person who was looking out for us, no problem. There not looking out for you or Joe Smuck, or the 22 million Americans unemployed. How can giving 11 million jobs to illegal Mexicans help America? Paying for oBAMACARE is not going to balance ANY budget or stop them from cutting what they promised to those who served their country like those who served 20 years or more. You will never make them understand what combat is really like so they throw you under the bus...You will be very lucky to see another democratic vote in this country. Martial Law will be in effect by then...lol
  15. I'm behind you guys/gals 100%. They made promises and just because someone else has been voted into office that doesn't give them the right to ignore what they promised. I pray to God you guys remember what the incumbent politicians have turned into. Even if you vote for some joker who knows nothing about politics. You know for a fact that these people in office are not looking out for the people of the United States of America. There looking at amnesty for illegal aliens, the oBAMACARE train wreck, and making sure they get their cut of the pie. Ever seen a lawyer who didn't? I wouldn't mind paying for the person who was looking out for us, no problem. There not looking out for you or Joe Smuck, or the 22 million Americans unemployed. How can giving 11 million jobs to illegal Mexicans help America? Paying for oBAMACARE is not going to balance ANY budget or stop them from cutting what they promised to those who served their country like those who served 20 years or more. You will never make them understand what combat is really like so they throw you under the bus...You will be very lucky to see another democratic vote in this country. Martial Law will be in effect by then...lol
  16. I would hope we could get an amendment to the Constitution pass that states that all elected Senators, Representatives, President and Vice President have to have a minimum of 2 years active duty of any of our armed forces, unless disabled or injured in the performance of their duties, shall not be able to run for public office. I know it takes a majority of the States approval to get this done. This needs to be done. The phrase if you have not served, you will not serve should be a slogan we could get behind and support.
  17. Something like that should have happened years ago.How can someone who never served be making laws if they don't know anything about serving the country. I honestly think it should mandatory fo Pres. and V.P..How can someone who has never served be called Commander in Chief.....
  18. President Obama said that everyone should pay their "fair share." How much is fair? Who decides what is fair? I'm sorry, I gave 22 yrs for my "share". All I ask is to be given what I was promised and contractually obligated to receive. Personally, I'm very tired of paying for programs that don't do anythng but enslave a population that thinks it's entitled to anything and everything I have.
  19. The thing about our Govt is, it takes money to be elected, they are already rich!!! Then they spend it wastefully on themselves. Why don't they take a pay cut?????? What makes them so great to get a retirement paid for by the American Tax Dollar???
  20. President Obama had nothing to do with the making of the proposed budget. It was a bipartisan effort to replaces some of the more egregious sequestration cuts. According to the U. S. Constitution, which it seems you defended, but hadn't read, all federal spending originates in the House of Representatives, whose current Speaker is John Boehber-R. The problem is not with President Obama but with voters who elect representtives who campaign on an adversarial relationship with the very government they are asking voters to elect them to work in, as well as campaigning on their ignorance of how civilization works. If you don't want cuts to military and veterans benefits, elect people who understand that to pay for things, one must raise the revenue to do so. Taxes are how those things are paid for.
  21. Or, Ms. Standley, They could cut the budget in other places, such as the loophole that gave the same amount to a program for illegal aliens, that was not defunded. Obama is responsible for this government and the budget, or in this case, lack there of.
  22. Thank you for your informative, intelligent, assessment of the representatives who are responsible for creating the budget which we operate our government. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are the foe to cola.
  23. Laura - I agree in part. However, Obama doesn't get a pass. The buck stops with him. If he signs onto this bad legislation, then he owns it along with the rest of both Dems and Repl that voted for it.
  24. you are so wrong the sequester was president obamas idea, look it up. and i blame democrats, republicans and PRESIDENT OBAMA, OF COURSE HE IS O N HIS 4 MILLION DOLLAR 3 WEEK VACATION!!!!! I BET YOU HAVE NEVER SERVED OUR COUNTRY
  25. We all should be mad as Hell...We all joined and accepted a pay and compensation package. Our leaders over the years made piss poor decisions on the backs of the active duty and the veterans. Look back to your careers when your annual pay raise was supposed to be 3 or 4 percent based by LAW on the CPI but was capped almost everytime below what was required by LAW. Now addd it all up over a 20 year career and now into our retirement years, we are out a big chunk of change each month, now add the Tri-Care fee increases and two recent years where our retiree pay was frozen with no increase and it is real easy to see which segment of society is paying the ultimate price for poor leadership. On a side note don't forget DOD is pushing to cap all pay for veterans and active duty instead of sticking up for Us!! DOD should be telling the Jokers in Government that You made bad decisions, find the money to keep our Military viable AND PAY YOUR OBLIGATIONS TO THE MEN & WOMEN WHO KEEP THIS NATION FREE!!! I agree a march on Washington is needed as well as voting ALL out who don't want to uphold the same oath we took serious when we raised our hands.
  26. I noticed in this article that Senator Mc Cain was not mentioned. He actually sold us out for them to accept just 1%. They originally wanted it at 100% on the COLA and his argument agreed with just a 1% to get the bill passed. Others Senators objected to it because it affected those with disabilities and survivors who are not of working age, Hence this technical fix they are talking about. It all sucks wind and never should have been an issue or a thought to cut us. What about cuts to other government employees retirement not to mention themselves. For them us, Social Security and Medicare will always be at the top of there list, instead of looking within the government and shifting programs under one department or division and trimming some of the waste it produces because multiple agencies do almost the same job for the same program its just that they have a small piece. We have more waste of funds within the government itself that needs to be fixed first before taking away something a retiree has earned.
  28. Last time I looked,the Obamas claim to be Muslim socialists so they do WHAT? for us vets?
  29. Just where did you look that up??? 1)If someone is going to post a derogatory statement then they should also post their source to back it up! 2)You are blaming the president who hasn't even signed it yet, nor did he propose or write the bill. If anyone wants to point fingers, then they need to point them at congress. Congress is the one who shut down the government. Congress is the one who drop the ball, NOT for the people, but for political reasons. This is just my opinion.
  30. I'm a 20 years retired Air Force NCO and was told that when I turned 60 that I was loosing my Tricare For Life and had to purchase Medicare at the cost of $200 a month. I'm sick and tired of the Government that we fought to keep free is willing to SCREW us by giving to people that don't deserve it. It's time that our Government shows it thanks and respect that we deserve instead of treating us like 2nd class citizens. I think it's time we do something about the ones we elected to help us. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
  31. First off, you aren't required to start Medicare until age 65, and you don't lose TRICARE for life when you do. You lose TRICARE Prime. It becomes TRICARE For Life and you pay nothing for TRICARE for Life. However, Medicare is $104.90 per month as long as you earn less than $85,000 yearly and are single. If you are married filing joint return the income is max of $170,00. If you exceed either of those numbers your Medicare could be more than $104.70 per month. It is not $200.00 per month.
  32. Sarge, someone has been confusing you. Sounds like you are 100% disabled if you are already on Tricare For Life. If you are not disabled, then you should currently be covered by Tricare Prime. You need to talk to a Tricare office or call the Tricare 800 number, AND also talk to the folks at Medicare. If you are disabled, and already on Tricare For Life, then when you go on Medicare, Tricare For Life becomes your secondary insurance, and Medicare becomes your primary. The Medicare cost that you cite will be for your Medicare Part B, and will be taken from any Social Security payment that you receive. Also, I don't know who quoted $200.00 to you, but that sounds high. You really should make a few phone calls to the folks that know at Tricare and Medicare, just to relieve some of your stress.
  33. I am a military family member since 1919. Very patriotic. Very pro--country and doing what I can to make it go and grow. But I cannot recommend the military as a career option for my grandkids. I can only tell them to follow Gen Geo Washington's advise and watch how the country treats its veterans before they decide to serve!
  34. The BONUS ARMY got machine guns turned on them by the government they were protesting.
  35. The question is not whether the government should rein in spending, but what programs should be reined in. For example, is foreign aid more important than military pensions? Is benefits for illegal aliens more important than military pensions? Apparently, foreign aid and benefits for illegal aliens are more important than military pensions. Veterans are politically important during election years and this is not an election year. Also the majority of veterans will take this, sure they will complain but in the end there will not be any protests. But if they cut benefits to illegal aliens there would be mass protests across the country. So veterans be good little soldiers and go to the back of the line. We will call you when we need your vote.
  36. As a young draftee in 1965 I was promised free medical, dental and vision upon retirement. Since that time military benefits have been eroded by a Congress composed of short sighted folks with very limited abilities and driven only to be re-elected. Their large egos allow then to exclude themselves from all laws enacted. It is apparent Congressional folks considered themselves to be an elite group distinctly superior to the common tax paying American. Calls from many individuals and common cause organizations, such as the American Legion, to unseat these ne'er-do-wells go unheeded. When our retiree benefits are gone and at the rate they are being eroded it won't take long it will be to late. Furthermore the vast majority of Americans will not give a hoot. We in the military have always been and will always be team players. I believe we need to once again form a team and push in a united fashion to get every American citizen to work toward enacting term limits, and if that fails organize recall elections to rid ourselves of these self serving incompetent legislators. USA retired.
  37. And except for a few complaining phone calls, what did you do about it? Your grandfather and great grandfather did not take it like a whimpering pup. Read about the "Bonus Army" which was the popular name of an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—who gathered in Washington, D.C., in the spring and summer of 1932 to demand cash-payment redemption of their service certificates. So should we have a new veterans march on the government that blocked access to open air war memorials? Or should we just go back to complaining?
  38. I find it sickening that Kerry announced more aid to the Philippines on the same day they cut our military retirement benefits. We cannot cut our military benefits to increase foreign aid. The people in Washington are idiots. Let's stop all foreign aid, before we take away from our military retirees. Just a thought!!!!!
  39. You are so right, do those fool in congress really know where all the foreign aid money comes from? We the tax payers pay the bill. So as usual they continue to spend our money like it was their hard earned money. I think it is time to. Lock and Load!
  40. I really wonder what would happen if all of the miliatry Officers and enlisted just decided to walk away fro a day!! I mean every single swinging, bra strapping military man & woman!! just stay put and not move a pen, computer, tank jet, ship (drop anchor), I mean just do it!!! what would congress do then!! just one day and they will see the mistake of their calling. pisses me off man they got me started
  41. Let's do it. It is a fact that Nancy,Harry and Leroy never could do the job, they could not man up, maybe throw a basketball or two.
  42. IT's time that the young men & women of the military act on this! they are not aware that the choice they made will effect them down the future. they probably will have to pay for their education, medical & who knows what else!!!it's damn time.... presently it's the right to bear arms! and they want to do away with this, now its our retirement pay i say lets vote the bastards out!!!put in military representatives who know the walk!!!
  43. I just read that our wonderful (HA) ELECTED LEADERS IN CONGRESS HAVE DECIDED TO CUT OUR BENEFITS AGAIN. This country,which is the greatest country in the world, asked to fight for it, and we did as they asked to do. Some of us came home in one piece, while some of us are missing body parts, of which I happen to be one of. Now the REPUBLICANS, who are only for the rich and only for the rich and nobody else have decided that they are going to balance the budget on our backs AGAIN. THEIR PHILOSOPHY IS THAT ANYTHING CAN BE FIXED IF YOU THROW ENOUGH MONEY AT IT, HAH, YOU WANNA BET. The people in the middle east have been fighting since Christ last walked on the earth, and we are going to change their thinking ,no matter how much money you put forth. I have a suggestion, why don't all veterans in this fine land converge on Washington DC, and corner our congressmen (HAH) and demand that they stay out of our pocketbooks. If this country is such a need for money, then QUIT SENDING OUR MONEY OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. PAKISTAN HAS BEEN PLAYING US FOR A CHUMP EVER SINCE WE STARTED THIS TURD HUNT. PULL ALL OF TROOPS OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND IF THEY WANT TO FIGHT ,LET THEM FIGHT, WHEN ALL OF THE SOB's ARE DEAD , THERE WILL BE ANY MORE FIGHTING. I'll bet my life savings that NOT ONE OF THESE CHICKENSHIT CONGRESS MEN/WOMEN HAVE EVER WORN A MILITARY UNIFORM.
  44. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Republicans are not in the majority except in the House of Representatives. Political ignorance by the populace is why we're in this mess in the first place.
  45. Sorry, but you need to check out who voted for the bill. I you would look it up you will see that 90% of the vote was democrats.
  46. My fellow Veterans, I think it is time for us to march on Washington to demonstrate the power of the people. The disrespect has got to end. Congress don't tell us how much you appreciate our service to country and in the same breath cut our benefits. Don't tell preach about freedom while at the same time sliding your foot across our necks. As young men (for me 16 yrs old) you promised that you would be taken care of if we fought for my country, well, we keep our end of the deal. There are billions of dollars leaving this country and a significant amount ends in the hands of other governments who can care less about the USA except for its greenbacks. It is time to stop this madness. NO FARM BILL, NO UNEMPLOYMENT, NO SENSE. What good are you. "You are fired!", #Vetsmarchonwashingtontoreclaimourgovernment
  47. I'm in total agreement with you! I wrote a letter to my state American Legion commander suggesting that we engage in a peaceful protest in front of the home office of every member of congress that voted "yes" on the Ryan-Murray budget as well a march on Washington to show our solidarity and disgust with their decision to reduce the benefits that we earned. To date, I have yet to receive the common courtesy of a reply.
  48. Back in the days of the Eisenhower administration, it was not uncommon to see tax rates for the wealthiest at 90%, yet people were still motivated to innovate and be entrepreneurs and stimulate economic activity. Now that we are taxed at hte lowest percentage of our incomes in recent history, some people vote members of Congress into office who don't understand the the amenities of civilization have to be paid for. If you vote people into office to don't understand that civilization comes at a monetary cost and it is the CONSTITUTIONAL job of Congress to broker those expeditures by collecting taxes and appropriating the money for those things, then you get what you pay for. If you voted people into office who don't believe in raising revenues and only believe in making cuts (i. e. Republicans), then the cuts have to come from somewhere. By the way, the right-wing views of some of you are what's killing membership recruitment among the younger generations, so the Legion may very die with you, unless you stop being so narrow-minded and hateful. The younger generation of veterans are more politically Progressive. If you don't align yourself to that reality, then the Legion just may as well turn in its charter, because it won't be able to sustain itself.
  49. Ms.Standley, In which branch did you serve? for how long? I think you're full of it. You can't print money and tax your way to equality. Don't you socialists ever read your own history.
  50. Laura, I am pretty educated but do not recall through all of my history and economics classes that any entity ever paid 90% tax rate in our nations history. Please provide support for this claim! I do recall that back in the 50's the marginal tax rates were significantly higher than they are today. As someone else posted, our government intake (tax revenue) is substantially higher today than at any point in history! If you are bringing in substantially more money, then there should be some kind of reserve that is built up. Our politicians seem to be of the mindset more in = much more out. If I tried to do that with my own income, I freakin run out of "revenue" real fast. If you look throughout or nations history,(for realism lets say for the last 150 years since our early leaders were much more competent in balancing the budget, except in time of war) there has NEVER been a period in which the National Debt soared by the same percentages as the past 4-5 years, NEVER. Until the late 1800's it was almost universal that after a period of overspending, there would be a period of constraint. This may yet hold true for the near future (5-10 years out), it is very unlikely to happen. Yes the current president inherited a nightmare of problems, but in 5 years there has not been a significant improvement in the debt spending (still well over a trillion dollars difference for 5 straight years) where are the "progressive" policies that are improving the economy????? Aint happening anywhere I can see!
  51. This website won't allow commenters to post links, which is one of the unscrupulous things about the Burn Pit, as well as the fact that a Legion does not appear to hold Legionaaries accountable for making comments, as some have, advocating the violent overthrow of our government, which is in violation of the Legion Constitution. If you do a search on Wikipedia, you can find out the top U. S. tax rates. The Burn Pit won't let me post the link. The U. S. Treasury also has a section on charts and graphs that track the source of deficits sine 2001 and the majority of our deficit comes from administration policies, namely running two wars and an unfunded presscription drug plan on the nations' credit card. Also, an increase in the debt ceiling is simply authorization to issure more bonds. Congress doesn't go hat-in-hand to China to borrow money. The highest percentage of U. S. Treasury bonds are held by Americans as an investment vehicle. Also, comparing a mortal person's budget constraints with those of an immortal government is like comparing apples and oranges. You have to plan for retirement, government does not. The U. C. Constituion also authorizes the U. S. government to coin its own money and regulate its value, which would be a crime for you to do. As for the lack of improvement in our current economic condition, one must look to the GOP-majority House of Representtives and obstructist GOP Senate minority, who have opposed or watered down policies that would help the economy, since any such impreovements would be part of President Obama's legacy. In fact, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel was very clear on the point after Obama's first election that their party's goal was to make Obama a one-term president. He also made the cynical and callous comment after the first hostage-taking debt-ceiling debacle that our pay and benefits (among other government expenditures)was a "hostage worth ransoming."
  52. I can honestly say, that if we had a president who had worn a Uniform, I would sleep a whole lot better tonight! I spent the last 6 years of my life in & out of Iraq & Afghanistan, Only to come home and find out that My Country wants there money back. When I left, There were fields of Vehicles All over theater. What we paid for One of them would take care of me and my family. What we gave they couldn't return... even if they wanted to! So, Why take away the little that they pledged to me & my family if something happened to me? just my humble question, "To those who find themselves Governing & living well in "The Land of the Free & The Home of the Brave" May God have Mercy oN uS All! "iN His Hands" Life's Grand
  53. So we have an Obama professional poster here. Isn't that right laura? I get the same emails from the Obama group. Yes we need cuts, but there are plenty of other places to cut spending. For example, no amnesty or benefits for illegals (that alone more than make up for the proposed cuts to retirees). Cutting Michelle's staff down to one would save a million a year. Cutting out the Obama vacations and separate planes for their dogs would be a nice savings. Cut foreign aid - why should military retirees get their pay cut, but some terrorist wannabe get US taxpayers funding? The list goes on. But you really are here to deflect that OBAMA IS PRESIDENT and he will have the final say on this law.
  54. I am not a "professional Obama poster," but rather someone who lives in fact-based reality, rather than the alternate universe inhabited by those who watch Fox News. Also, you say there are plenty of places to cut spending, yet you don't cite a single credible source for the cuts. Illegail aliens are not eligible for government benefits. As a Service Officer, I have run a number of veterans through social service benefit calculators and the various agencies invariable say that illegal aleins are NOT eleigible for benefits. Also, it was G. W. Bush who ran up the deficit that is being paid down by Obama. Unless you had applied the same scrutiny to Bush's extravagances, like spending for extraordinary rendition and giveaways for no-bid contracts, then you have no standing to complain about President Obama.
  55. Laura, you may be able to fool some but not someone who has been paying attention to the facts. True, Bush did increase the nations debt at levels not seen prior, but it pales in comparison to what's been occurring in the past 5 years. Look up our deficit spending numbers during Bush's term and then look at Obama's. Obama's doubled our yearly deficit spending. Bush, on avg, added ~$500 billion per year to the nations debt compared to Obamas >1.2 TRILLION per year. And please don't use the tactic of starting with 2009, which originally the budget was passed (with a Dem controlled Congress) by Bush with a $400 Billion deficit, that is, until Obama came into office and added the stimulus which made it a $1.4 TRILLION deficit. Then, from that point on, any reduction is "touted" as a "decrease," yippee, look at us! If we fall for that, well, then maybe we deserve the Govt we have.
  56. I can easily tell you don't watch the news. I can site cases where our money is wasted. 545 people in Washington (running our country) that should be replaced! Why not eliminate foreign aid. And cut the pay of the 545 rep. and congress plus the President first and eliminate their retirement.
  57. Thank You Laura for your efforts here, but most of these older members are fixated on their bigoted hatred of the POTUS and their idoltry of Fox "news". They will never realize that as middle class Americans, they are being manipulated like a chicken plucking its own feathers. The Koch brothers and their ilk must be laughing all the way to the bank!
  58. I don't hate the POTUS. I hate your kind. Don't spew that crap here. I'm tired of being lied to at every turn by people just trying to get reelected. I'm not bigoted. It certainly has nothing to do with Fox News, the Republicans or any other group. Stop calling me "middle class" too. I don't even know how I would qualify and neither do you.
  59. David, It's a progressive talking point that's growing old. In their eyes if you disagree with the president you must be a bigot that gets all of his information from Fox News. For the record, I disagree with this administration on many of it's policies and obtain my news from a wide variety on news sources that include the major networks, several major American and British newspapers, the BBC and even Al Jazeera America on occasion. Unless the Ryan-Murray budgets is signed by the president this isn't about him but a b-partisan attack on the men and women that spent several decades serving their nation!
  60. The Congress and Senant has gone too far. I believe that they have over stepped their bounds for some time now and we the people for the people somehow became a cutesie of the past. If the people want change, then change has to be made. I believe that if organization can be formed, then collectively these so called gentleman can be voted out of office. Each and every one of them that has pushed issues against Veterans and the people of this once exceedingly great nation. VOTE THEM OUT! Remember!, United we Stand! divided we fall! Voting together in a forward movement is the ONLY way.
  61. You would imagine that we vet's have some influence. Ready to protect our nation from enemy domestic?
  62. Then you need to vote out members of Congress who got elected based on an adversarial disposition toward government and a lack of understanding that things like veterans benefits are paid for by tax revenues. If you vote people into office who only believe in cutting revenues and cutting spending, then the government can't broker any services.
  63. so laura you would rather all veterans who fought for your FREEDOM OF SPEECH and risked their lives for this country to lose what benefits they earned and fought for? which those benefits keep getting taken away from vets and let our government keep taxing us while they sit on their butt a and keep getting richer? they keep taxing the middle class yet give themselves raises and more tax breaks! they get their palms greased by the big companies by not taxing them more! and I know a lot of active duty people who depend on their benefits and expect the promises of those benefits to be there when they retire! and the government spends over 3.3 TRILLION DOLLARS ON THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in benefits they did not earn or have the right to while our own American people are homeless and cant get those benefits when they need them! so think again lady!
  64. I am a military retiree, which means I'm a veteran, so don't pull that crap about how I should not avail mylsef of the right I myself swore to defend. I am also a Legionnaire and I receive service-connected disability compensation, so things like cuts to beneits, GOP-induced government shutdowns and debt ceiling hostage-taking affect me too. Like I have been saying to others, if you don't want your benefits cut, then elect people who are willing to restore the tax rates to the top tiers of affluence to a time when the top rate rates were high enough for the government to afford to keep its promises. Congress also needs to stop its corporate welfare, end loopholes and start re-imposing tariffs/carbon taxes on imported goods that are also manufactured here, to make American-made goods more competitive in our own markets.
  65. Yes let's get rid of the trouble makers and get back to 90% tax rate, hell 90% for all. I for one think retirees are way over-paid. Laura for President. NOT!!! Revenue is UP, Spending is outpacing revenue. So what is the problem? I say SPENDING.
  66. You can't simultaneously complain that spending is the problem and then complain that the spending is not on you. Which is it? The richest are paying the lowest tax rate in decades, yet use more infrastructure and have the benefit of Constitutional mandates that protect their wealth through managing the value of currency, securities oversight, chartering of banks, intellectual property protection and the lines of communication that allow commerce to flow. Veterans benefits are government spending on YOU, so you can't credibily complain spending is the problem unless you think you are receiving too much. But I guess your views are to be expected of the "I've got mine, screw the yonger generation," Tea Party crowd. Hypocrisy like that hurts Legion recruitment, since younger generations don't feel the way you do. If you consider yourself to be carrying the banner of the Legion, then wonder why your post members are all dying off and not being replaced, look in the mirror to see why. You have your hand out and are sucking at the government tit of veterans benefits, yet suggest that no one ise entitled to any assistance, despite those same other people also going by the name of veteran.
  67. Laura, I respect your opinions, but I do not agree at all. I do not know what your affiliation is (or was) in regards to the military, and it really does not matter! When any person puts life on the line for a position they are in there should be a reward. back in the day, I was told repeatedly for many years after I signed to put MY life in harms way so you and others could continue to exercise the rights of the First Amendment, that my health care would be covered for life, and that my retired pay would be tax free. Both counts are wrong! I gave my all to my country for 23 years, was injured several times while serving, and still suffer the effects of many injuries and likely will take them with me to the grave. I respectfully submit, that unless you are in a similar situation, you do not have the ability to state "You have your hand out and are sucking at the government tit of veterans benefits, yet suggest that no one ise entitled to any assistance, despite those same other people also going by the name of veteran." You are not worthy of being a member. The vet benefits you reference are a small part of the overall budget. I am not a leach, nor am I a hypocrite! there is much more waste in our government than these peanuts. 6 Billion over 10 years!!!! Congress has more PORK every day than this amount! get facts straight and quit pissing on veterans! We did our job, and it is our RIGHT to complain when when our elected officials screw us out of our livelihood. call it dependency if you like, but remember for many of us posting here, we sacrificed our best years for relatively small salaries with the expectation that our reward would last a lifetime and NOT be screwed up by congress!
  68. I am a military retiree/veteran/Legionnaire. I am also ther recipient of service connected disability compensation and a Service Officer who assists others in obtaining the same. I also know that tax revenues are what pays for those things, as well as just about everything else that government brokers for infrastructure and services. Because I understand where the money comes from to pay my benefits, I also elect people to represent me who understand that as well. You have to admit it's a pretty low bar in qualification for election to Congress to undersand how civilization works, yet so many Tea Party novices got elected who have put our pay and benefits on the precipice of ruin due to things like the government shutdown, debt ceiling stand off and Sequestration. Yes, I have my hand out for the benefits I was promised, but I don't insist that spending money for them or other social services is the problem. To do so would be hypocrisy. You are also not citing any verifiable facts regarding where the mythical pork is that you think can be cut. After all, avery member of the House of Representatives is elected based on what federal monies he or she can bring to their district in the way of grants, earmarks and government contracts. One voters definition of pork is a voter from another district's definition of bringing home the bacon. Voters need to own up to the very paradox they create.
  69. I've got an idea. Let's take every dime you have and give it to the government. Every last dime! Screw the younger generation? And who is the "younger generation" of Progressives? Progressive is nothing but another term for "socialist." What exactly does less government spending actually mean to you? We're trying to protect the younger generation by ensuring they don't have to pay for a government that is wasteful and ineffective. You cannot and will not tax any nation into prosperity. And if you think that tax rates are the lowest in decades, then you know absolutely nothing about business. The military and it's veterans are a constitutional and contractual obligation. The most needy among our vets are the injured. Is it your position that we should all just shut up and go away? It sure seems that way.
  70. I am a veteran/military retiree/Legionnaire, so that should tell you what veterans benefits mean to me. I am also a Persian Gulf era veteran, so I am the younger genderation, though I am middle-aged, such that the Legion needs to recruit and retian to keep itself alive. In the mid 1940's, the top tax rate was over 80-90%. After 1981, it slid from 70% to the current rate of 39.6% for 2013. In times when econiomic activity in the private sector is supressed because of depressions and recessions, it has been common practice for the government to increase its spending to increase demand for products and services until the private sector could recover. Think of WPA and the war spending for WW2. Citizens were advised and requested by the government to buy war bonds to help government finance that economic activity. If you don't want benefits to be cut, elect people into office who understand where the revenue to fund those benefits come from, instead of candidates who apply the magical thinking that cutting revenue and cutting spending on you somehow puts more in your pocket, as a veteran. You and I, as veterans, are both feeding at the public trough. The difference is that I have no illusion where the feed comes from.
  71. Laura, I have been following this conversation and have to say I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'm sure there are many of us out here that do as well, but wish to stay out of the fray. Some of the attacks against you are so outlandish they make me laugh. Progressive = Socialist for example. I for one consider myself to be a Progressive, but a Socialist? Never!! Next they will be calling us Communists.Since true Communism has never been achieved how would anyone except for those who have studied Marx know anything about it. The road to true Communism has never gotten past the Dictatorship level. As a Disabled Veteran with 12 1/2 years of active duty I too feed at the public trough. My income is derived from SSDI & a 60% VA disability pension. Neither of which I pay taxes on. I have many old, close friends who are USN Retired and see what they are suffering through primarily because of the dictates of Tea Party Republicans and the Koch brothers. These folks know no bounds. How can our Representatives and Senators look at themselves in the mirror? The fact that they have voted themselves retirement for life, including gold plated medical coverage, for serving one term in Congress while at the same time voting to decrease the retirement benefits of Veterans who have sacrificed 20+ years of their lives at the risk of losing said lives? Yes, it's time to vote the bums out! I have been preaching "Congressional Term Limits" (without retirement)for a while now and will continue to do so until I am blue in the face. Our Founding Fathers, in creating the House and Senate made up of "citizen legislators" had no intention of creating a government of professional politicians. You go to Washington, serve the people, then return to your farm, store, or practice when your elected duty has been fulfilled. It was not meant as a road to power and riches as we see today. If the country is in dire need of money, raise taxes until the treasury is again able to meet its obligations. Simple! Yet so hard for the narrow minded conservative set to understand.
  73. The U. S. Treasury's own data contradicts your argument. The largest percentages of our current deficit are from BUsh administration policies whose debt still accures interest that must be paid, even as we pay down the principle. The fact is that Obama has NOT increased spending, since he actually put defense spending for military actions on the books in appropriation bills, rather than hidding them in supplemental emergency spending bills. It was BUsh who ran two wars on the nations' credit card while cutting the tax rates for the wealthy, thus decreasing revenue.
  74. I'm retired and I don't wear a piss cutter. Why are the military forces be represented by piss-cutter wearers? Why and where are all the senior Enlisted? Are they in cahoots with the voting few? I am here as a representative of the Serious Enlisted Colision and if I had the kind of money that is required I would be in line (just ahead of the piss-cutter rep) provided by Legion. Is that person a retired enlisted or is he an ex-officer?
  75. Initially we were promised and earned medical care for life, at no cost to us. This was considered deferred pay. It has gone downhill from there. But we can't vote out anyone. There are too many illegal votes outnumbering us. If only we had honest elections a lot of this nations problems would not have happened.
  76. I'm guessing "illegal votes" is just your dogwhistle term for people who don't vote the same way as you. Taxes are how government gets revenue for things like veterans benefits. If you elect people into office who don't understand that those things must be paid for, then benefits get cut. A lot of Liberals also go by the name of veteran and we believe that government should keep its promises and we understand to do that, government must tax us to obtain the funds to do so.
  77. "Iligal votes" are the ones you find in the trunks of cars in Minnesota; the numbers of dead people voting in elections, the illegals picked up by the busloads to go to polls and vote in states that don't require proof of qualification to vote. I don't have a problem with people who don't vote like I do, not everyone is that smart. But I don't think that cheating in elections (i.e. an entire 20,000 person district in Philly votes strictly for Obama?) should be tolerated.
  78. Any proof you can cite abnout when and where those things actually happen? To vote at polls, one must be registered in a specific district and precinct who maintains custody of your ballot until you go to your precinct table, give your name, wait until they find it, show your ID, at which point they will release your ballot to you. There have been more incidents of unscrupulous voting behavior among Republicans than Democrats, with the purge of hundreds of thousand of U. S. citizens from voter rolls in Florida, as well as reducing access to the polls in predeominately Democratic-leaning areas in other states. The fact that Legion Departments wink at state laws that purge their own members from voter rolls for lack of photo ID, as well as disenfranchising others in violation of the 14th Amendment is what should not be tolerated.
  79. N, Sulley, she is not! You are an idiot for saying such a thing. Why is it that the virtually uneducated Tea Party mindset can only resort to name calling when confronted by an intelligent, factually correct argument?
  80. Liberal Laura, I believe the illegal votes reference is to the number of illegals that are in this country and manage to vote because the liberals believe that Americans should not be required to show identification at the polls. You do not reference how government is responsible for spending our taxes.
  81. If one is here illegally, then doing something, like registering to vote, bringing yourself to the attention of authories seems pretty implausible. Statistically, no one has proven this is even an issue. Most cases of voter fraud occur when people move into one precinct without updating their new address with the elections authories of their local government, then vote in their old precinct.
  82. Where are the cuts to salaries and benefits to the legislators??? Quit funding illegal immigrant benefits and the pork barrel spending instead of putting the screws to the very ones that defend our liberties. Vote every politician out of office that voted to pass the bill!!!!!
  83. Troy you are right all the Republicans and the Tea party need to united forces and get the Democrats out of the White House and the Congress before we lose our freedoms. cZNDh
  84. I am on your side, I did not vote for my Congressmen and will not vote for him next time he runs again. How he got voted in I don't know because everyone I talk to do not like him.
  85. I just wish that everyone who is affected does their part at all coming elections! We need term limits and pelosi and reed are poster children for the cause! Our tax dollars are being wasted to the max and when someone can be on welfare and receive more "free" money than a veteran who has earned it gets - something is dead wrong in the USA!
  86. Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not the current House Speaker, so you have Rep. John Boehner-R to thank for things like the government shutdown and the Sequester. All spending originates in the House of Representatives, so again, you have the Republican House Speaker John Boehner to thank for our cuttent predicament.
  87. The Affordable Care Act actually originated in the Senate. It was passed by the House and sent to the Senate where votes were literally bought. And by the way, the Sequester was Obama's idea.
  88. Cutting a baby in half that two women were fighting over was King Solomon's idea. What's your point? The point of the Sequester was to motivate both sides into coming to an agreement of substitute cuts, whcih they didn't do. That outcome is still in the lap of Congress.
  89. I get a kick out of everyone here who's going into a tizzy over a very small reduction in benefits. Where were you when (the majority of) you voted for Obama? You thought all this deficit spending could last forever without any consequences? It has to stop sometime, and everyone is going to have to make a sacrifice. If you voted for the military hating Obama then you're getting what you deserve. Too bad the rest of us have to pay for it now too.
  90. 10 year vet is right, every speech he has done has the familiar ring of a poor leader and he has so far not proven me wrong.
  91. WOW I am surprised at what your saying, "YOU SOUND LIKE A REPRESENTATIVE FOR FOX NEWS" I used to watch Fox for years when Bush was President. I can't stand to watch it now. What happened to "FAIR AND BALANCED" that motto is gone. Nothing Fox says now, is "FAIR AND BALANCED". Bush started this spending, ignored everyone and went on doing just what he wanted. There is no way I would of voted for Romney (even tho he did the Affordable Health Care Act in his state) He was so wishy washy, I couldn't believe in him. Its sad now that the Republicans only care about their party, hell with the county. The GOP won't help run our country; they're so busy trying to make our leader President look bad. I'm discussed with all of them. Its like a personal fight against our elected President (Rep or Demo) suck it. WE STILL HAVE A COUNTRY TO RUN NO MATTER IF YOUR PARTY LOST OR WON, "SUCK IT UP!" LETS GET ON WITH OUR COUNTRIES BUSINESS. LIKE WE ALL SAID IN THE SERVICE, "IT WORKS TO BE SELFLESS, JUST GET THE JOB DONE; NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT WE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THE COUNTRY. YOU'LL GET YOUR TURN; THE WELL-FARE OF OUR COUNTRY COMES FIRST. TOGETHER WE WIN, DIVIDED WE FALL. PLEASE FOR THE COUNTRIES SAKE LETS PUT OUR COUNTRY FIRST, NOT THE PARTY. WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER. FOX NEWS HAS TO STOP BEING NEGATIVE ON EVERYTHING THE PRESIDENT DOES, FOX HAS LOST MANY FOLLOWERS WITH THEIR NEGATIVITY. MY FAMILY IS SOME OF THEM!
  92. Your are dead on that one. I or my family did not drink that Kool-aid. I also did not vote for the so called Congressmen of my area.
  93. And where were all you right-wingers when you were winking at George W. Bush's administration, whose policies are responsible for the majority of our current deficit? If you didn't protest Bush driving the economy into the ground, then you don't have the moral high ground to complain now.
  94. Hmmmmmm lets see if you retire at 38 that means you lose 24% of your cola, you must be doing Obama math. I think you will find very few on here that voted for the Marxist Obama. Those of us who served 20 plus years already made our sacrifice. Now take your 10 Year Vet butt and go light your crack pipe back up.
  95. Your funny, but right. Not only does this effect our young retires but it also effects those that are getting ready to retire.
  96. AND; here and now it stops, but no big deal Johnson, Ryan, and Murry From now on, "No big deal" starts and ends all my references to Ryan and Johnson. Maybe Boehner too.
  97. I'm willing to do my part and make sacrifices but there is so much waste they could cut without impacting our active or retired service members. Speak up and let your voice be heard.
  98. I think that we have already done our part. When I was drafted into the army, I was promise if I retired I would receive medical care for my family and I free, but when I retired someone came up with Tricare. So if they cut our cola I guess we get the old green penis again without VASELINE.m
  99. If we want to cut the deficit why not cut some of the benifits from Congress. Lets stop paying for the Secret Service to protect all of the former Presidents and their families. They make enough money to pay for this protection themselves. There are a thousand things that theymcan cut without messing with the Military Veterans,
  100. Cut benefits for our government employees in the house and senate. Cut their pensions 100%. They are all millionaires who do not need it.
  102. Agreed! What about defunding these bridges to nowhere? Or the poetry programs at the zoos? Or all the frivolous research grants (ie. NIH-backed study examining the effects of penis size in gay communities). Seriously, it is absolutely ridiculous that they're perfectly fine with messing with our GREATEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD retirements, but they continue to fund completely asinine programs.... We're the laughing stock of the world... This all just makes me sick. But honestly, they take all but $94 of my retired DOD pay already for stupid reasons, so what's another buck or two. I'm not voting ANY of them back into office!!!
  103. What is all the fuss about? The last time I read my Bible, the Lord assured me that He was still in charge. Is all of this just a part of what He promised would happen before His second coming? Lets just chill and be ready for the truth to happen. Semper Fi, Jesus is Lord!
  104. Fiction. I don't always read fiction but when I do its not the bible. Question everything my friends.
  105. I recognize that the nearly $18,000,000,000,000 deficit must be stopped and reversed. Doing it by cutting costs of the military and civilian employees of the Federal government just won't do it. To match the annual revenue and expenses of the government, you need anywhere from $800 billion to $1 trillion. You can shut down the entire Defense Department and not come up with these numbers. Please stop dreaming!
  106. How many former veterans are voting to eliminate other veterans benefits? People complain about our so-called leaders, then vote them right back in. Wake up and smell the roses and let's clean house. Enough is enough.
  107. We all elected our representatives to serve US and to voice OUR opinions in Washington. What has gone wrong, with most of them, is that they only represent special interest groups AND NOT THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM. They take the lobbyist millions to do their bidding and kiss their asses while ignoring the American voice.
  108. The people are afraid of those they have elected. Instead of giving them comfort and leadership, they are enslaved while people like Ryan, Johnson, and Murry tell them no big deal. We the combatants and veterans of our nation have done our part and supported the Constitution, resulting in the national security of our people. The people are being sold out while those we elect to fight the good fight, and have made the problem worse, using the excue,"No Big Deal". Well to Rep. Ryan, Senators Johnson and Murry, I say: lets start today to write and call them every day with one message as follows: "NO BIG DEAL". On January 1, 2014, lets double that message and organize it to double it again and again, while organizing to support every effort against these creatures. NO BIG DEAL, and God Bless America.
  110. At our next election, DO NOT vote for the long time incumbents that have acquired immense powers; powers that almost shut out nation down, and may do it again in the near future, just to further their own selfish concerns. We need to set limits on these burgeoning multi millionaires that are only concerned with their own pockets. Reduce the deficit? Cut their huge salaries in half. Eliminate their lifetime medical and retirement benefits and put them on the same social security plan we have. Enroll them in Obama care like we are forced to. And above all, send any congressmen and women that object to these terms to the war areas to replace our heroes that are now fighting for the freedoms the gov is trying to take from us and our fighting men and women heroes, both past and present.
  111. Remember, the chief executive bum told us that elections have their consequences? No big deal if you lie cheat and steal to get there. No big deal if our diplomats are assasinated in their stations and help is refused, while the gleaming mastermind who engineered the brotherhood's liberation across North Africa, enslave half a continents women. No big deal for those who engineered this travesty. As a matter of fact, this piece of dead wood would gives us a no big deal, while she chucles with a TV tart and runs for President. The problem started here and now so it is no big deal that we start organizing our horns and fighting here and now toward the next election. NO BIG DEAL! America is not for everyone, and the perpetrators are getting an open billboard of action for who we should ask to leave. But, no big deal! None whatsoever. The sham minority is going to discover that the shark they kicked has real teeth, and it is going to go on, even after success in 2014. But, NO BIG DEAL! Really, NO BIG DEAL at all. Majority rules despite the tools!
  112. I served a great 30 yrs. They made a promise to all. Now they start the first of a series of "slippery slope" maneuvers to put the heavy load again on their military's shoulder. We served with dignity, many suffered, our families remained alone without our presence when we were deployed. Our kids came home without a full set of parents, came home with a sense of emptiness and a worry for our safety that their peers did not have to. Look at the 6 foot/ 190 lb HS football player who cries like a child when his deployed dad shows up unexpectedly at his game. That explains it better than any obfuscations our lizard lipped desk molester politicians could ever do trying to justify placing the load on us again after we retired. I think a severe lesson at the ballot box next November (for a start) will send the message loud and clear. Amer Leg/VFW/PHA..hear us out.
  113. No big deal sucker. Maybe our freinds and neigbors here in Wisconsin and every other state should start hearing why we think Ryan, Johnson and Washington's Murry are alo no big deal. Lets play that toon for thes tone deff punks. NO BIG DEAL. None at all folks. With pleasure, we shall work to return these lessers among us to the work line. Maybe they can support themselves by joining the reserve?
  114. A person goes into the service at 18 years old (example) buts in 20 years and retires at 38 on half pay or full pay if they put in 30 years- retiring at 48. Plus factor in all the benefits (PX, medical,etc). Seems like a good deal - plus they get a civilian job earning more money. The one forced most of them to join the service - I know the older guys had the draft but they were not forced to stay in for 20. I am all for giving extra help to those vets and family who were hurt and killed. All Americans have seem their personal pensions benifits reduced - medical, cola, no cola for SS for 3 years. Also most vets never see direct combat - during ww2 only 10 percent of the trops trops saw combat. For those who were in combat, they shoud get the most benifits
  115. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, apparently you did not retire. Do not compare a military person to all other American's. How do you classify combat? Carrying an M-16 around and getting shot at or being deployed on a ship into a Hot Combat Zone (Desert Storm. Don't call yourself a vet, true vets are all brothers and sisters and stick together regardless, that means all branches of the service. It took me 6 years to find a good job in my field after I retired. Those who served 20+ had "The Right Stuff"
  116. No big deal; all they do is put their lives on the line for the likes of Obama, Ryan, Boehner, Murry, Reid...NO BIG DEAL. We the undersigned say no big deal to your elections.
  117. Navy Vet, You have your facts wrong. When a soldier retires today at 20 years of service he/she does not get half their pay as retirement and at 30 they don't get 100% of pay either. Retired pay is based on earning a specified % each year up to 20 years and a different % for each year served after 20. Compute retired pay by multiplying the average of your highest 36 months of pay by 2% per year for the first 20 years, and then 3.5% for each additional year passed 20. That means you get 40% of your average highest 36 months for 20 years, but up to a maximum of 100% only if one serves 40 years. Only a very few, mostly General Officers, get to serve more than 30 years. At 30 years a soldier get 75% of his/her average highest 36 months of pay. Also not every soldier joins at age 18. Most officers are more like 22 or older because they have to finish college before being commissioned, many enlisted have some college before joining, so they are not 18. Very few graduate college at age 18. And guess what Mr. "Navy Vet", retirees pay into Social Security too, so they have already suffered the same cuts you have and now these cola cuts are placed on top of that! Maybe you should check some of your facts before going public with your ignorance!!!! If being in the Military is such a good deal, why didn't you stay in longer??
  118. Where did you spend your three (3) years. I would place a bet that it was nowhere near a combat zone.And one more thing, I'll bet you got out of the Navy as fast as you could. WE OLDER GUY(and a hell of a lot of youner one to)STAYED BECAUSE WE LOVED THIS COUNTRY. Some one had to defend her Signed BY A PROUD KOREAN WAR VET OF 21 YRS Rtd SFC GENE BURNS
  119. Hey Gene, yea you. I don't think you read the Col's post correctly. I would assume he did retire with the rank of full bird and what was your rank again at retirement?
  120. You really don't think you get 75% do you? It is more like 68% (and that is of basic pay), that excludes all the allowances, that may reduce you last military pay check by more than 40%
  121. That's right, Double "E". The majority of civilians don't realize that a lot of our pay while serving was BAH, BAQ, BAS, etc. Our "base pay" was very low, and that base pay is what our retirements are based off of. I think a lot of people would be shocked at what we net for retirement! I'm netting $94 per month. They deduct my VA disability pay, my "severance" that I have to pay back (oh, don't even get me started there), etc. We really need to educate our politicians and the public on the REALITIES of our sacrifices already....
  122. I was medically Retired at 100% with 17 and 1/2 years, Now I am rated at 100% with the VA, so what do they do? Since I didn't make it to 20 years (not my fault) I have to give up my retirement money because the money from the VA is more. What my retirement has to do with my disability is beyond me, so now I pay about half of my own disability by not getting my retirement check and now there going to take even more with cuts.If I had to do it all over again I would of given it much more thought, we spend all this time destroying our body's day in and day out and for what so they can take everything they promised back. And then when your so sick you can't take care of yourself or your family, and then when you go down to apply for social services and the point comes up that I am retired Military and then I have to explain it all to them, it just gets to the point you stop. But if I were an illegal alien they would come to me, fill out the paperwork for me and give me a check on the spot.
  123. How can Smart people be so stupid, Unless they really do not want any career military personnel. Maybe they only want one enlistment officers leading one enlisted draftees! An Army of Privates lead by LT's... Sounds like an awsome Army to me...Right.
  124. The demoralization of America and of their military, past and present, is all in the plan of Obama to neutralize our country. He has to be gotten rid of, with about 85% of the congress. No more voting for incumbents….
  125. You are wrong about Barack Obama. Michelle Obama has made one of her causes as First Lady the care of military families. It was also under Obama that the military has their own special secition of the Consumers' Financial Protection Bureau, spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren and Holly Petreaus. Barack Obama's own maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, was also a a WW2 veteran who took advantage of the GI Bill, so it's value has not been lost on Obama. For some reason, at the last National Convention, people were surprised at the aforementioned revelation, like they forgot that Obama's meternal; side of the family, the side that raised him, came from middle America (Kansas).
  126. If they raised him how come he wrote a book about a father he never knew instead of a family that raised him.
  127. Yeah Laura! How come he wrote a book about THAT father. You know the one that had all the dreams.
  128. The demoralization of America and of their military, past and present, is all in the plan of Obama to neutralize our country. He has to be gotten rid of, with about 85% of the congress. No more voting for incumbents….
  129. Where are these SMART people you refer to? I presume you're talking about those idiots in Washington D.C. called Senate and House of Representatives. Their all in the top 1 to 5% and the laws they enact apply to everyone but them. Maybe we should all put in for illegal alien status. No job, no responsibility, plenty of benefits.
  130. I can tell you as a Service Officer, who has had to run a number of veterans through public assistance benefits calculators, that illegal aliens are not eligible for public assistance, except emergency care at hospital, maybe. In fact, even immigrants who are here *legally* get less in SNAP benefits than U. S. citizens.
  131. THAT is BULL****!!!! Most U.S. citizens cannot even walk into their county office building and ask for SNAP benefits because they get turned down RIGHT AWAY! IMMIGRANTS are all you see and hear at these offices! They are the ones who have 5, 6, or even more children and don't, I repeat, DO NOT work! So don't tell me that IMMIGRANTS don't get assistance! THAT IS BULL CRAP LAURA!
  132. I believe Laura was referring to illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are a whole different group. By the way, USN Vet, unless you are a Native American, if it weren't for immigrants you wouldn't be here. I can trace my family back to the mid 1600s in America. We fought in every war including the Revolution. When did your immigrant forefathers land here?
  133. when washinton needs money where theyt scrtewed up they think of the military first they never look at their own pay.
  134. I agree we have to act and we need a voice. I am not happy that the Legion responded to the situation and want to know where they were before it??? We need an organization that plays like all the other players/money ! By the way I see a lot of people blaming Congress - lets not forget there is a Senate and a President that have to concur !!! Let all your local reps know your voting them out if they voted against us.
  135. My Congressmen REP Daniel Webster (R) FL sold me out and voted yes on this deal. I live in Lake County Florida with a large retired military population. He is in for a rude awakening come election time. I already sent him my condolences.
  136. I am with you on that one I live in Polk and Grayson voted for it also. I did not vote for him the first 2 time and will not vote for him again. I fact I got a very large post card from him a couple days after the vote with it saying how he loves the military and all that he has done for the military.
  137. The WWI veterans marched on Washington to demand their bonus that Congress tried not to pay and they got it. We should stop complaining and start acting. Who wants to march with me? The Legion should organize with the VFW a march on Washington.
  138. Mr. Miller, before the WWI vets got their bonus, President Hoover had General Douglas Mc Arthur attack them and their camp with calvary, tanks and bayonetted infantry. Some died and the rest were chased all the way to Maryland. It was only after Roosevelt won the next election that they got their money.
  139. Now we must demand that they stop using their doctored up phony accounting tricks to put out a fake rate of inflation.
  140. What can a privite citizen do i am a disable vietnam veteran, an i know that the senate is wrong with what they are doing to the veterans, an retirees, if they want to save money so bad why don't they receive the same pay as an active military personal, an then receive the same pay as the disable veteran, an also the military retires, that would save more money for the government then cutting the veterans that really earned it, what did congress an the senate do but sit in a chair an nod off to sleep or take a vacation while soldiers were being killed how many of them attended a funeral for a fallen soldier, not any of them did unless it was one of there family members, how about just kicking them all out an starting over from scratch, an see how they would like it haveing there checks cut down to the size that a veteran gets, an also haveing to depend on welfare to survive, we will be getting a new President come Next year when Obama is no longer in office, why don't the veterans band together an vote all of the congressman out of office an also the senate, an refuse to let them draw the big checks they draw for life that they receive now cut that out an there will be a lot more saved then by cutting COLA to the veterans. just a voice in alabama.
  141. TidePride, this is not a put down, just a clarification for you. All our elected Representatives (in the House) and Senators (in the Senate) are Congressmen. Now, that said, I agree with you! Let them live on a soldiers retirement and let them have to obey the same laws we do and let them take part in ACA like most American's will be forced to do. But most of all, let's all get together and vote all the bastards out of office!
  142. Veterans who receive health care from the VA already meet the ACA requirements, so were aren't forced to buy other health insurance. In fact, it's better that if you would be expensive to insure due to a number of health conditions and can get care throught the VA, it might make it cheaper for those the more able-bodied to purchase insurance, since you would not be considered in the the whatever underwriting assess collective risk. Insurance is a numbers game. The more healthy young people who buy into the system, the cheaper it is, since costs are avereaged out comong everyone in the risk pool.
  143. Sorry to inform you that we have 3 years left on Obama's last 4 years. However, the Senate could nearly be cleaned out next Spring if we vote Republican, or for NEW SENATORS rather than those that have made it their living (which should NOT be allowed) in my opinion.
  144. Let's remember that this bill was created and passed FIRST by House Republicans. I'm very disappointed in BOTH sides for what has happened here this week.
  145. I am wondering, I voted for the Republican Party again, would I get the same sorry bunch of Republicans that are now voting on with the Dems. I think that is what we need to vote on, get rid of the Republicans that are on the side of the Dems.
  146. These are elected officials who have broken faith with veterans and broken a promise they had no right to break. We not only need to get this section of the bill repealed, we need to send a message to all elected officials. That messages is, once you fail veterans you will never be reelected to public office again, so we need to get the word out and have these politicians voted out of office this November.
  147. We definitely need to 'clean house' and we should have been demanding this way before it struck our own wallets. There has been 4,000 ranking officers RIFTED; Benghazi; removing the name of Jesus from Chaplin's services; permitting homosexual activity within the ranks just to name a few. I'd never do it again under these circumstances.
  148. So, since you are all wrapped around the axles with four fatalities at Benghazi, you must have been utterly outraged at the greaer number of casualties that happened at Khobar Towers in Lebnanon under the REAGAN adminsitration. No? Is that crickets I hear? Thought so. Also sexual assault perpetrated by straight men is a bigger threat to unit cohesion than ending DADT. Where is your outrage there?
  149. im a veteren and i cant believe our officials would do this to us.we fought for their freedom...
  150. I agreed with your remark. We have spend our life in the service to keep America free and safe and what do we get, a spit in the face. Some of Our top officials have no idea what some of us went thru. Maybe those that haven't been should spend time in the military than maybe they would feel the same as we do about our COLA cuts. I agree that the President of the United States should not signed this bill.
  151. I can now see why terrorism exists. What other way to fight a terrorist than with the same tools they have used against us. You meet the terrorist on his own ground before the fights at your door step. The fight is now on our door step and unless we remove them we will loose the battle. Remove them all vote them out and if they don't leave run them out.
  152. The congress has not the stomach to cut out welfare programs. We have no-one left to vote for. I am getting scared.
  153. I WILL preach to every young person that I meet that they should NOT put their life on the line for a country that will turn it's back on you, but WILL PANDER TO and SUPPORT 20,000,000 illegal alien criminals and those who voluntarily enslave themselves to the Democrat party by accepting cradle to grave assistance. I am sickened by the continued support of the lazy and criminal in our society, at the cost of putting food on my family's table. I may not be effective in my campaign, but I will carry it out nonetheless.
  154. They Should have voted to take a cut in their pay instead Because it looks like they are not earning it
  155. There is a saying, Cream always rises to the top. I think that the "cream" should start at the top by taking off at the top, ie: senate, congress and consultants. For some of the old timers, if you recall, in Oct 78, congress froze our salary, and they voted themselves a 12% raise. These so called public servants are a joke. They spend lots of money to get elected, and come to Washington for their and/or their party's agenda. What we need is for the "public servants" to loose their "perks" and get a reasonable salary. I know I am tired of their expensive lifestyle. Also, where this is true or not these "public servants" whether they serve one term or more get a retirement salary for the rest of their life. The military has to serve 20 years or be medically retired. What have these "public servants" done to deserve a retirement salary for the rest of their life? After they serve their term(s), not only do they get this money, they go back to their home state and probably collect money there. Talk of bilking the system, and people talk about welfare bilkers.? I also think that the people need to force legislation to get rid of "professional politicians". These so called representatives get to Washington, get some levarage with tenure and their party (ie Cruz)and the power goes to their head. If the presidential position is limited why not the other polical offices? The vets served their country and a lot don't get retirement salaries, and they put their lives on the line for their country. I bet you won't find that kind of conviction from a politician, unless they are a vet.
  156. I couldn't agree more! Politicians are a JOKE. Just Words and a bunch of politicians who know nothing about the meaning of "SERVICE" and "SACRIFICE." And to think I put my life on the line for these people. They disgust me. The MILITARY WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, on the front lines protecting everything you see and do in this country and to some extent across the globe.
  157. There is a saying, Cream always rises to the top. I think that the "cream" should start at the top by taking off at the top, ie: senate, congress and consultants. For some of the old timers, if you recall, in Oct 78, congress froze our salary, and they voted themselves a 12% raise. These so called public servants are a joke. They spend lots of money to get elected, and come to Washington for their and/or their party's agenda. What we need is for the "public servants" to loose their "perks" and get a reasonable salary. I know I am tired of their expensive lifestyle. Also, where this is true or not these "public servants" whether they serve one term or more get a retirement salary for the rest of their life. The military has to serve 20 years or be medically retired. What have these "public servants" done to deserve a retirement salary for the rest of their life? After they serve their term(s), not only do they get this money, they go back to their home state and probably collect money there. Talk of bilking the system, and people talk about welfare bilkers.? I also think that the people need to force legislation to get rid of "professional politicians". These so called representatives get to Washington, get some levarage with tenure and their party (ie Cruz)and the power goes to their head. If the presidential position is limited why not the other polical offices? The vets served their country and a lot don't get retirement salaries, and they put their lives on the line for their country. I bet you won't find that kind of conviction from a politician, unless they are a vet.
  158. Start at the top (0f this administration) and go through the ranks. Anyone not for this country and it's veterans needs to be booted out/off of their rather tenuous grip on the reins as well as cutting THEIR benefits.
  159. If the politicians would cut all the aid we give to third world don't give a sh#@ about America countries, the USA would be in the black and still be the greatest country in the world
  160. I am a 100% disabled vet, and I think we need to take our country back from all the worthless azzholes that are trying to put us under, we do need a revolution,get rid of all the damn liberals, OHHH RAHH.
  161. EMI WHY DO YOU TARGET JUST THE LIBERALS, THE REPUBLICANS VOTED ON THIS CUT. IT WAS THE TEA PARTY AND 81 REPUBLICANS PLUS WHO VOTED TO KEEP THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN GOING. THE REPUBLICANS AND TEA PARTY WANTED THE NAMES OF THEIR PARTY PEOPLE WHO VOTED TO STOP THE GOV SHUTDOWN SAID THEY'D PAY AT THIS TIME THE REPUBLICANS NOT HELPING RUN THE COUNTRY. THEIR MISSION IS TO BRING DOWN THE PRESIDENT AT ALL COST AND PUTTING PARTIES FIRST IS NOT WHAT REAL AMERICANS DO. YOU REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION. The President has not even signed off on this we still need to respect our COMMANDER AND CHIEF. We don't have to like it but we still have to put the country first. We can't just go around and bad mouth our President, no matter if our President is Republican or Democrat. We don't have to like it but we need to help bad mouthing does nothing. That is what Fox is doing. There is no more Fare and Balanced anymore. I am messed up by the Golf War Chemicals 100% disabled too. I voted for Bush, Clinton and any person that I felt would be the best leader. No one party has 100% best men/woman. So I choose nonpartisan. Bush started this deficit, Obama inherited it. As you say "Damn Liberals" it isn't only the Liberals at fault. Now the Conservatives threw in the towel and won't help at all to run this country, that is bad and what is making it difficult. Don't forget Romney started this Affordable Health Care Act in his state and it works. Why is it such a problem that a Democrat is doing the same thing????? Think about. No matter who is President R or D we need to work together and run the country it comes first.
  162. Actually, the architects of the government shutdown and holding military and veterans benefits hiostage to the debt ceiling increase came from the Republican side of the aisle. Service members and veterans are nothing more than hostages to the GOP, with the shutdown poster boy being none other than American Legion National Convention guest speaker Senator Ted Cruz-R.
  163. OK, let us START the revolution by NOT voting for any of those gov officials that have served 2 terms, and repealing their lifetime retirement benefits. Let them live on social security ( withhold all they would owe if they had been paying into the system during their tenure.) Then put them ALL on Obama care like were are being forced to do. Then stop supporting illegal immigrants, then stop defending the third world countries from themselves. Charge import taxes and export taxes to all American companies that are sending our jobs to cheap child labor in foreign countries, and bring back inferior products. Then take a good look at the deficit reduction we and our children will enjoy.
  164. John Ray, Maybe you should take your own advice. The bill was not introduced by Republicans but put together and introduced by a Republican and a Democrat and when actually voted on every Democrat (100%) voted for it, only a minority of Republicans voted for it. Who's the Dummy here???
  165. Just because they claim the Republican Party doesn't mean they can be Liberal! This is quite obvious.
  166. I am a damn liberals and I am sick and tired of being blamed for the rigt wing tea party mess so lets do what they trained us to do revolution no all out war ohh rahh &semper fi
  167. Okay MR DAMN LIBERAL, but remember the golden rule, don't bring your Ka-bar to a gunfight!
  168. Jim Smallwood, maybe a little more time spelling would get your idea across more effectively. Hoo Haa! By the way, all this spending in the last 6 years has been by Democrats trying to appease their liberal base and buy votes. No one in the Tea Party can be blamed for our current deficit!
  169. Usually I don't believe people when they identify as a particular entity, but I DO believe you. A liberal almost always considers violence first.
  170. Lets see the "Tea" "Party" has been a news Item for about 6 years. The mess in Washington predates them by about 30. And they are by no means a Party. Just a group of like minded people who believe in their own ability if left alone. Not a government run by godless people. The Government does not care about you or yours. If they can lie cheat or steal to get elected they will. Not so for the people in the tea party. They promise you nothing but your freedom from big government.
  171. We soon forget that there was no Social Security COLA for the first three years under this president's watch. There are elderly people who rely wholeheartedly on their earnings from Social Security. There is even a federal income tax on these benefit earnings. This coming year's increase is a whopping 1.5%. Why should anyone be surprised that COLA limitations are now in place for retired servicemen? As we approach continuing increases to the cost of necessities in life, we count on a way to offset these rising prices through a COLA. Some of us are just staying above water. Sinking is not in my vocabulary. However, we have no control over COLA issues short of voting for individuals who care about people more that the almighty dollar. God Bless those individuals who have enough income to live very comfortably. Some of us are not so fortunate. Merry Christmas to Everyone. I don't believe in Political Correctness. I don't say Happy Holiday on the Fourth of July.
  172. Cobra II, I don't know how old you are, but you are very wise. What you have said makes sense, more so than some of the things I have read. Our elected government officials must be accountable to the voters that elected them. If they are not up to the standards of those who put them into office, then let them that put them into office recall them or replace them. I have no control over any representative or senator other than those from my districts in Oklahoma. I/we can control them by our vote. Don't wait until there is a crisis and then holler foul. Know who you are voting for and what they are saying to get elected. If it turns out to be lip service bring them home and replace them then, not two or four years later. Finally, if we stop electing professional to public office who are very out of touch with us everyday people ( us poor folk, veterans, senior citizens, middle class citizens who were born here, or those here legally)Let me stop here and get off of my soap box. My point is before you vote to elect someone, know who and what you are voting for. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.
  173. Cobra II, who is surprised? Don't forget, retirees paid into Social Security too, so we have all suffered those same SS cuts as every other American. This COLA cut on retired pay comes on top of those SS cuts. I don't know many enlisted retired folks living "high on the hog". As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone living as well as our Congressmen and women???
  174. Is it time for armed revolt yet? Because our elected leaders have not been listening for quire a while. Without a 3rd legit party the other 2 have no one to keep them in check.
  175. I can only assume you are not a Legionnaire, since that is a violation of the Legion Consitution and By-Laws to advocate the violent overthrow of our government. No wonder you only posted a comment under your initials, since your sentiments likely disqualify you for Legion membership.
  176. TL, Believe it or not, it might be time for us all to start considering a revolt, but not an armed one yet. How about one at the ballot box? Vote incumbents out, set up term limits, drop all Congressional retirement pay and make every American (every one of them) comply with every law passed. Doing that might make our Congressmen read these laws before they vote on them??? Novel idea - know what you are voting for or against!
  177. Do you really think that King Obama really care about the American Legion, VFW, DAV, Purple Heart, Etc.....He had one agenda and that is the total destruction of this country.
  178. Let me understand you correctly, Republicans introduce a bill that hurts Veterans and it's the Presidents fault?. I suppose if he vetos this bill because of the damage to veterans and throws this country into a financial default that will be his fault also?
  179. John Ray, Republicans did not introduce this bill. One specific Republican and one specific Democrat did. Then every Democrat and a minority of Republicans voted for it. Get your facts straight!
  180. Right wing, redneck, tea bag, republiCONS do not need any help in destroying this country. Right wing, redneck, tea bag, republiCONS are destroying it well enough on their own. How many combat tours did you serve in bush the republiCON moron's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? The smart money says none and you could not get into a American Legion, VFW, DAV, or Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter, except as a signed in guest.
  181. LCDR you are probably a member of the "new Rear Buddies" left wing libturd faggots!!!!!
  182. You have been tagged as the idiot of the day! You have no clue, except the fact you've been drinking the cool aid! But, you are a good argument for abortion. Your parents should have used a coat rack.
  183. Glad I never served under you Mr. lieutenant Commander. Your anger would have likely gotten me killed. Probably did for some poor swabby. US Army 1971-1974, no purple heart, but I have a duck fast medal.
  184. You're absolutely right about these Tea Bag cowards. Does anyone out there really believe that it is the Democrats or Obama who thought up this scheme to cut benefits for the military? Obviously it is the same sector of the House (the Tea Party) whose sole mission has been to cut benefits and programs for almost everybody, (except their own business interests of course) and therefore destroy a major principle of government; that is, "to provide for the General Welfare" of the people. Maybe you Tea Party morons who all think you know the Constitution ought to sit down and read the Preamble once.
  185. LTC Andritzky, The bill was worked out between Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and passed the Senate by a 64-36 vote. All 36 votes against the bill were Republicans. Every Democrat voted for it. It was Democrats that voted for the military cuts! Your logic is faulty, no not faulty, just downright wrong! Providing for the general welfare is not the same as providing welfare checks. Providing for the general welfare of American's is exactly what the U.S. Military does. Providing job training so people can earn a living and pull themselves out of poverty is providing for the General welfare. Providing a check each month just enough to survive on, so the poor will vote for you and stay poor is not contributing to the general welfare. Maybe you should do a little studying of what our founding fathers actually meant by "Providing for the General Welfare of the people before you ask others to read and comprehend any part of the Constitution. We swore to support and defend the entire Constitution, not just one small part of it, that you might take and use out of context. Have you ever wondered why our founding fathers didn't set up a welfare system for the poor? There were poor back then too you know? Or maybe you don't know???
  186. You must be the other LCDR's left wing butt buddy you pathetic POS. You are the coward! You probably sat on the sidelines while the "real Navy" got their hands dirty and put their life on the line so you could hide in the officer's quarters!
  187. And you are a typical anonymous blog coward who uses bullying and insults instead of facts to support your view. The FACT is that it was the GOP that demanded "budget savings" instead of the democrats proposed increased revenue (by closing tax loopholes for the rich and corporations). The apparent resulting deal was that the democrats' federal employees would take a 3% immediate hit and the republicans' "working age" military retirees would take a 1% hit starting in late 2014. Don't kid yourself. Anyone who echos the right-wing call for federal cuts everywhere else can expect it to be their turn one day soon.
  189. I asked for brothers in arms to join me ten years ago. WHEN I FIRST REALIZED WHAT WAS HAPPENING . I GOT NOT ONE VOLUNTEER. I tried again five years ago and-had the same results. Now at eighty-one Finally someone wants to bond together. Let's do it.
  190. Charlie Chaplin said it best in 1940 I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone - if possible - Jew, Gentile - black man - white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.... The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men - cries out for universal brotherhood - for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world - millions of despairing men, women, and little children - victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish. ..... Soldiers! don’t give yourselves to brutes - men who despise you - enslave you - who regiment your lives - tell you what to do - what to think and what to feel! Who drill you - diet you - treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men - machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate - the unloved and the unnatural! Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty! In the 17th Chapter of St Luke it is written: “the Kingdom of God is within man” - not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people have the power - the power to create machines. The power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then - in the name of democracy - let us use that power - let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world - a decent world that will give men a chance to work - that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will! Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people! Now let us fight to fulfill that promise! Let us fight to free the world - to do away with national barriers - to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. Soldiers! in the name of democracy, let us all unite!
  191. Well said my brother. I will correct one thing though. I find in your words the heart of a true leader and I know that with a person of such truth and vision we have a chance. I am sure that there are three who will be at the center of this battle if we will only answer the call.MSRac
  192. I'm a 100% disabled vet and if it wasn't for my V.A. benifits I would be up a creek without a paddle and now a decrease is going to add more pain to the pain I already have to endure everyday for the rest of my life--I always though if you wanted to be an elected offical you were doing it because you wanted to serve your country and help people not for the money--that's why I went in the service because I love my country and wanted to help and I remember getting payed $98 a month for my time not hundred of thousands of dollars--what the hell do the people in Washington even do to deserve that kind of money --and I don't ever remember them ever asking us-THE PEOPLE-if they could have a raise-in the service you have to go before a promotion board and prove you can do your job and be promoted before you get a raise and then you get to go out and put your life on a limb everyday to hopefully collect it--something just doesn't sound right here to me!!!!!The revolution is coming!!!!!
  193. Their review board is supposed to be the American people at election time. Unfortunately, the only choices have been the lesser of two evils. The problem is in the way that the elections put out representatives.
  194. Cuts to Military Retirees while keeping funding for ILLIGAL IMMIGRANTS....What does that say about our country!
  195. Some believe this country can support illegals, many criminals, but we can't take care of our veterans? Come on Mr. Obama and Congressional members, who do you think are providing your security and protecting your offices?? The large majority of these folks are veterans. FOOD FOR THOUGHT when you are out and about. Fire the president, all congressional members and staff, and deport all illegal aliens! Then we need to revise congressional and presidential salaries and take the control of their raises out of their hands. These acts would help reduce the budget!
  196. I think that all Military Retirees should march on Washington.....It is time that we stop the insanity.
  197. I agree and I think a large turn out like we had many years ago will really wake the people up. We rallied then and with the LORD'S power we made a difference then and we can do it again.
  198. I agree but wouldn't be able to I'm a Veteran with legs that have trouble just getting around in my home.
  199. Brother all we need you to do is keep us in prayer. Spread the word. Everyone can take a part in this if they desire and as in combat it was the work behind the lines and on the home front that made victory a reality.
  200. The time is past due and the new war cry for Vets should be, "RE-ELECT NO-ONE in 2014 and 2016. if this means we the vets need our 1 million person march on DC, then so be it. We could organize for the spring and fillup the mall, the capital and all senate and rep offices. I did 24 with the NAVY and can squeeze enough money to go. How about YOU.
  201. Except for a few years we, the military, have always been the budget whipping boy. In the late 50s and early 60s we had fellow Airman on food stamps. We won't even discuss the way Vietnam vets have been treated until recently. Unfortunately, it will never change.
  202. You ARE right. It won't change until we unite to make that change.After what you went through I am shocked to hear you say it will never change. I for one would be glad to give the remainder of my life to setting our ship (country) Back on the right track and with the many more like myself who are seeing what is coming I KNOW we can get back on course. If nothing else pray for us who are willing to get involved.
  203. lip service all we have ever gotten from the vary people we worked for is lip service. so tired of being a hero when all I want is my pills
  204. I speak for a lot of GIs who came to the aid of a country we love ,to make sure we were able to keep the way of life we hold so dear to our hearts! If we as a group of brothers could have realized the THANKS WED GET FOR OUR EFFORTS AND SACRAFICE I DONT BELIEVE ANY OF US WOULD HAVE SAID" I do" DURING ENLISTMENT. I DONT BELIEVE ANY OF OUR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN OF TODAY WILL NOT FEEL AS WE WOULD HAVE.They do have the advantage of knowing what are leaders are really like and,its funny but what goes around comes around and I think our so called leaders time is coming around in more ways then one!
  205. As a whole I believe it is time for all veterans to clean house and vote together to remove every single office holder. Start fresh with a complete new set of Senators and Representative. Let no one remain in office. The message would become very clear, very quickly.
  206. Wholeheartedly agree. It is not just a few congresspeople but ALL of them from the top down. DON'T vote for ANY incumbent..
  207. Until everyone starts voting in the primaries for other politicians, there will not be any changes.
  208. There areyykud vets seeking office-house and senate. Vote in some vets and change the ways DC is running things
  209. I agree whole-heartedly with you. Everyone in the Congress and the President are not following the desires of their constituents or abiding by their oath of office. Its time to fire them all and start fresh!!!! Now is not too soon!
  210. It is true that the provisions will not take effect immediately, but if it is to change our voice must be heard immediately and consistently. I believe the only reason this came to pass is that unlike most other federal government employees, the military have no unions to oppose and organize a protest. Let's call it the low hanging fruit or path of least resistance. As much good as the various NCO organizations, VFW, Legion, or Officers associations, they do not have the leverage of the fed govt employee unions. Sen McCain mentioned that retirees increased 50% in just 10 years, but the families and soldiers who put their lives on the line did not vote for the ME conflict that Congress voted to employ the forces in. They wanted it and should not now use the resulting increased benefits as an excuse. EVERYONE should write their representatives and let their voice be heard in addition to the above mentioned associations. Act NOW.
  211. let them go fight for our freedom and let them see first hand what it takes to be a vet stop giving our money to every one else but give to those who worked for it
  213. We need our American Legion staff to comprise a list of all those politicians who voted in favor of the C.O.L.A. cuts and publish it in our paper. Its a shame how quickly we forget the wrongs done to us and thats what those in Washington depend on, our own indifference.
  214. yes you are rite, so we can vote them out,time to get these people out who go agains the American Vets who already get treated like crap!we fight to defend this country and keeep it free not to have stuff that was voted on in the past to be knock down and cut by some politicians who never went to war, WAKE UP PEOPLE THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO GO!
  215. It should have been mandatory that to be elected one should have been in uniform. No one understands what a person in the service goes through except a person who has served, especially a professional politician.
  216. I am with you on that. The first thing we need to do is, If you are a lawyer then you should not qualify to be elected for the Senate or the House. You are already making too much money. Very true saying, "you can tell if a lawyer is lying if his or her mouth is moving". I still think that interperater beside Barry in Africa could have done us a big favor. (Just my oponion).
  217. It should have been mandatory that to be elected one should have been in uniform. No one understands what a person in the service goes through except a person who has served, especially a professional politician.
  218. Not surprisingly, the provision in the Ryan-Murray Budget agreement that reduces the annual cost of living adjustment for military retirees by 1 percent is provoking outrage among some parts of the military lobby. According to the Military Officers Association of America, or MOAA, this provision is a substantial cut, reducing working-age retiree pension by about 20 percent, and breaks faith with our men and women in uniform. However, the claims of MOAA and others are misleading. First, the provision does not break faith with the vast majority of men and women in uniform, since most of them will not retire. According to DOD’s Office of the Actuary, responsible for overseeing retiree pensions, only 15 to 17 percent of the enlisted soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who served in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will serve long enough to retire. The current retirement system provides no retirement benefits at all to servicemembers who serve less than 20 years. If MOAA, which used to be called the Retired Officers’ Association, really cared about the overwhelming majority of the enlisted men and women who serve in the military, they would advocate scrapping the current outmoded retirement system in favor of a 401(k) type system for all who serve. AUTHORSLawrence J. Korb is senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, senior advisor to the Center for Defense Information and adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Full BioKatherine Blakeley is a Research Assistant at the Center. Full Bio Second, the reduction applies only to working-age retirees – that is, military retirees who have not yet reached the age of 62. Since the vast majority of people who retire from the military in their 40s and 50s take other jobs, often using skills they have gained or developed in the military, their military retirement pay is not their sole source of income. Moreover, when working-age retirees reach the age of 62, their retired pay would be readjusted back to the full amount they would have gotten if they had received the full COLA each year. After 62, retirees would receive the full COLA adjustments. In other words, the COLA reduction is temporary, affecting only those who retire from the military but are still young enough to work. (Read more: Military Compensation Reform Is Sacred No More) Third, the reduction does not affect those who suffered physical and mental wounds during their service. Disability compensation is paid through the Veterans’ Administration and will not be affected by this provision. Fourth, the alleged 20 percent lifetime reduction to working-age retiree pay applies only to those who separate at exactly the 20 year mark. Many men and women serve past the 20 year mark, putting them correspondingly closer to age 62, when their retirement pay is adjusted back up to the full amount. Consequently, the impact on them will be much less than the 20 percent number touted by MOAA. Fifth, and most importantly, MOAA ignores all of the other benefits that have been given to military retirees over the past decade that have enhanced the value of their retirements. These generous benefits more than make up for this potential cut to working-age retiree pay. For example: Over the past decade, Congress has frequent adjusted base pay above the cost of living, increasing it half a percent above the cost of living in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010. Thus, retirees will have correspondingly higher retired pay, on which the annual cost of living adjustment will be applied. Thousands of those who have retired over the last seven years have received several thousand dollars more a year in retired pay than they were promised. Servicemembers who enlisted after July 1, 1986, were supposed to receive 40 percent of their base pay at 20 years of service under the “Redux” retirement system, with COLA adjustments 1 percent below inflation. By contrast, in the previous “High-3” system, servicemembers received 50 percent of base pay and COLA adjustments equal to inflation. However, in 1999, before any servicemembers retired under the new “Redux” system, Congress made the “Redux” plan optional. According to DOD’s Office of the Actuary, most retirees who would have retired under the “Redux” plan have picked the more generous “High-3” option. Retirees under age 65 also receive low-cost access to health insurance via TRICARE. Until 2012, Congress had refused to raise TRICARE premiums to reflect the growth in health care costs. As DOD put it in their FY2013 budget request, asking to increase retiree TRICARE premiums, today, a working-age retiree’s family of three pays for only about 11 percent of their medical costs, compared to 27 percent when TRICARE was established in 1996, a savings of over $2,000 per year. Currently, TRICARE prime enrollment fees are only $273.84 per year for an individual, or $547.68 for a family, far cheaper than comparable private insurance plans. Moreover, Medicare-eligible military retirees are covered by TRICARE for Life with no additional costs, deductibles or fees. Established in 2001, the TRICARE for Life program functions like a “Medigap” plan, paying for all medical expenses that are covered by TRICARE but not Medicare Part B or D. Finally, military retirees who were receiving disability compensation from the VA used to have their military retiree pay “off-set” by the amount of their VA disability compensation. In 2004, Congress changed the law to allow retirees to receive VA disability compensation on top of their retired pay. Considering all of these factors, it is hard to make an argument that the U.S. government is not acting in good faith for the men and women in uniform. Even with the proposed slight adjustment in annual cost of living adjustments, military retirees are compensated generously. Lawrence Korb is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and served as Assistant Secretary of Defense (manpower, reserve affairs, installations, and logistics) in the Reagan Administration. Katherine Blakeley is a Research Assistant at the Center.
  219. norham2009, maybe a lot more would have retired had they survived the service they provided to their country. And, slowly but surely veteran's benefits, both retired and separated, are being reduced or made more costly for the veteran. There is a bill currently in Congress, written by Obama, that requests more reductions in Tricare coverage along with a substantial increase in Tricare premiums. Since you are so knowledgable, I am sure that you are also well aware of the presidential directed 1% increase in active duty pay in January 2014, which is well below the minimum of 1.8% required by law. What branch of service did you serve in that teaches skills in Lying By Omission (LBO)????
  220. A lot of excuses in this article in an attempt to justify Congressional inaction. The extraordinary sacrifices made by our service men and women are of no consequence to the "bean counters". FYI - not all points in the article are accurate. For instance, Congress has never changed the law to allow retirees to receive VA disability compensation on top of their retired pay. Military retired pay is still reduced dollar for dollar to offset VA disability compensation. What Congress did do was establish Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) which provides a special monthly payment equivalent to portions of the offset to military retired pay due to receipt of VA disability compensation determined to be combat-related. In other words, retired military pensions are still reduced by any amounts paid to the retired veteran for VA disability compensation. CRSC is a special payment equivalent to the percentage of VA disability payments the veteran proves were combat-related. The veteran is only compensated the percentage of disability which is determined to be combat-related. Example: a vet's military pension is reduced to cover a combination 50%-rated VA disability; she then receives the equivalent amount as VA disability compensation. No net loss or gain. The vet proves 20% of the VA disability can be attributed as combat-related; the veteran then receives special payment under CRSC for only the 20%. And yes, this 20% piece is additional but at what price has it cost the vet? Hearing loss? Lack of mobility? Constant pain?
  221. What a twisted tail of half-truth, disguised with just the right amount of fact to make you believe a reasonable position has been presented. Fact is, there are many retirees who were promised free healthcare for life, and wound up getting the more diluted Tricare instead. And what about those vast majority of people who retire from the military in their 40s and 50s take other jobs? Your lack of numbers in this statement shows you don't have a clue as to how many have really retired (maybe taking care of elderly Alzheimer parents), or can't hold down a real job and wind up doing yard work for others in their neighborhood, or those who are homeless and struggling to behave civilly with what little they have, etc. One of the compensations to risk embraced in becoming retired military is that we have more choices as to what to do after military life. This pay cut undermines the ability to choose by those who faithfully served. A more fair approach to achieve your objectives is the grandfathered approach, to promise less up front to those who are thinking about making the military a career. It's not right to change the rules after we've done our part!
  222. EVERY BENEFIT YOU NOTED IN YOUR COMMENT WAS EARNED. FOR THE 20 YEARS I SEVED, IT WAS THE MILITARY'S NEEDS FIRST AND MY FAMILIES NEED SECOND. ALSO, YOUR STATEMENT THAT "military retirees who were receiving disability compensation from the VA used to have their military retiree pay “off-set” by the amount of their VA disability compensation. In 2004, Congress changed the law to allow retirees to receive VA disability compensation on top of their retired pay" IS INCORRECT. ONLY THOSE WHO WERE RATED AT 50 PERCENT OR MORE WERE AFFECTED BY THE CHANGE. THOSE OF US RATED UNDER 50 PERCENT AND STILL DEALING WITH THE OFF SET.
  223. Your fourth point is simply false/misrepresented as it applies to all retirees whether 20 or 26 years of service. The only stipulation is that you're under 62. You can read the bill on the House's website. Your fifth is likely as well misrepresentative, but since it has no details cannot be debated. What are these numerous benefits so maybe I can benefit from them?
  224. Welcome to the real world I have not had a cost of living raise on my retirement for the past 10 years!!
  225. There are many good comments written here. The only problem I see is getting the vets to commit to following through on uniting to stand as one against ALL politicians. We must remember our sacrifice to the country and the sacrifice of those who never came home. We must make a solid pledge to rid Washington of each and everyone who voted for this measure. What would have happened to this country if the vets performed the way that congress does? What language would we be speaking? Vets let's stand united and bring back a measure of common sense to our elected officials. If we lay down now, what will happen next???????
  226. Nice of them to stand up for the picture. I think maybe they think we don't vote or something. let's make sure we proven them wrong.
  227. You'd think there was some lower-hanging fruit out there, like some tanks the Army said it didn't need.
  228. I really wish members will stop voting for anyone that says they are conservative or liberal. We saw this coming because it's the same old story year after year. You vote for a career politician to represent the American Legion who always agrees to less benefits for vets. Doesn't anyone read their comments or see them when they get on CSPAN? No, they are either marching, eating, drinking of playing cards. They is no real activity outside of one's personal "acute" interest. When Social Security has been depleted and no one holds Congress (All parties) accountable for not putting back the money they illegally took thanks to former Congressional Rep. Franks and his colonies within the 101-104th Congress. Then it will be too late to wail or cry foul.
  229. I'm not getting upset about this. I learned a long time ago that what we were promised could go up in a puff of smoke with the stroke of a pen. I often sounded anti-American but here we are. We have a lot of bozo's writing legislation on many things and I believe most of them don't need legislation as there are already laws on the books, we do need agencies who can and will enforce them though. Have you noticed, our Congress doesn't have to do that and our Executive office doesn't know how. Don't get too mad guys, it's just the normal way. They spat on us when we came back from SEA, the played "When Johnny comes marching home" after the Gulf War and things are returning to the bad old days with one difference now we here "Thanks for your service - this is a recording."
  230. I can't believe this! Maybe they need to take there heads out of there A**. Better yet send them into harms way with the pay that we receive working 24/7 and not complaining because we love this great country not to mention or families and friends. They have a over payed job thanks to BLOOD GUT and TEARS of all the veterans past and furture.
  231. I am a 71 year old Veteran on 50% disability. This may not affect me personally at this time, but we need to support the new Veterans. If they get by with this they will be after all of us next. We need to get rid of every body that voted for this.
  232. I am an 81 year old Veteran of the KOREAN WAR and I am 100% service connected disabled and will not be effected by this either but I am still willing to get involved and do what ever mk3KNpight help
  233. As I understand it, the reduction would be 1 percentage point of the cost of living (the cola is a percentage of inflation)and would not affect any retiree over 62 or disabled and wouldn't take affect for two more years. A lot can happen during that time. I'm a vet from the 60s and am retired (not from the military). If the economy was fixed, there wouldn't be any cola anyway. The higher the cola the more we lose against inflation due to it being a percentage and not actual. If the cola was 6% for example, those under 62 and not disabled would only get 5.%. While it's a slap in the face, I think it's more important for the gov. to get its fiscal act together for future generations.
  234. Retired E-7 US Army and retired Law Enforcement. I have wore a uniform about all my life. All these Rich Congressmen and women, most all have never served except to serve themselves. I am sick and tired of paying these over-paid (attorneys) the money they are receiving for screwing the people that are paying the bills. I think it is time to take a stand and run them out of town. I AM SICK OF THIS. Barry O. is nothing but a mouth piece and he and his crew are continuing to screw the little man and women. GET SOME RESPECT FOR ONCE!
  235. I agree 100% Jim!! Congress has packed their pockets while the American economy continues to suffer & spiral downwards at a rapid pace. I'm w/ you on this.. We are overdue for relief that never comes. What happened to "We The People?!" I'm sick of Congress getting Fat off "The People."
  236. Another reason to also remember WHO voted for this..... Between Ryan and the other senators or congressman, I will take the time to check each and everyone and not VOTE for this type of person. God Bless our Veteran's
  237. I think all vets need to stand together and vote out all members that have not served
  238. Another reason to also remember WHO voted for this..... Between Ryan and the other senators or congressman, I will take the time to check each and everyone and not VOTE for this type of person. God Bless our Veteran's
  239. In our history, there have been a lot of great nations in the past. Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and more. The all drifted away and our great natoin is no different. We will just drift away too if we don't start solving the problems that make our nation great. One of thr great things that makes our nation great is the men and women that serve this counrty in our military. If we erode their pride, we will erode as a nation. STOP taking away the benefits that were promised to our veterans; especially, the disabled veterans. There are other misspending areas out there beside our troops. If we don't take care of them, who will take care of our great country. Retired U.S. Navy and disabled vetersn for twenty years. I pray for you to please take care of the few, the breave and proud men and women of this great nation. God Bless America!!!
  240. One Million Veteran March on Washington Mall and then TAR AND FEATHER ANY CONGRESS MEMBERS WHO CAN BE FOUND.
  241. It's time to bring a class action suit against our Congress. Can that be done?? Words alone and promises to not elect seated elected officials doesn't do anything. Let's get serious about this. No militant revolution. But let's put a legal stake in the ground.
  242. Members of Congress, along with Obama and Biden, get paid during a government shutdowns etc. because their jobs are authorized by the U.S. Constitution and they are paid with mandatory funds not dependent on passage of annual appropriations. So in otherwords, why would they give a damn about if YOUR pay/pension is going to get cut or lowered in anyway, it's no affecting how much they make every year so why should they spend the time trying to actually fix any of our economic problems anytime soon when they can just go on vacation and think abouty it whenever they get back, besides maybe, just maybe if by the time they come back from holiday, maybe we will all have forgotten about it and it like so many other Bills and Laws will just slide through one of the many holes in the system and will be passed into law.
  243. You lousy SOB's male and female. You could not find your butt with both hands. Why don't you send some more money for the hookers in Vegas. I am sure you (Reid) are on a first name basis with them. IF YOU LIKE YOUR SENATOR YOU CAN KEEP HIM(HER)if YOU DON'T LIKE THEM..WELL WE KNOW WHAT TO DO COME NOVEMBER! SEMPER FI Bob Morton
  244. This is another example of why we need term limits. Congressmen should not have any pensions and serve one term for the good of the Country. It was never designed to be a lifetime position. Think of the billions that can be saved if we didn't have the high salaries, high pensions for congressmen, staffs and sub-committees.
  245. Would like to see a computation showing the cost of congressional benefits and retirement compared to the savings resulting from screwing the veterans!
  246. Members of Congress, along with Obama and Biden, get paid during a government shutdowns etc. because their jobs are authorized by the U.S. Constitution and they are paid with mandatory funds not dependent on passage of annual appropriations. So in otherwords, why would they give a damn about if YOUR pay/pension is going to get cut or lowered in anyway, it's no affecting how much they make every year so why should they spend the time trying to actually fix any of our economic problems anytime soon when they can just go on vacation and think abouty it whenever they get back, besides maybe, just maybe if by the time they come back from holiday, maybe we will all have forgotten about it and it like so many other Bills and Laws will just slide through one of the many holes in the system and will be passed into law. Their staffs, though, are not so lucky
  247. PS The House is controlled by Republicans and they wrote the bill. The Conservative hero, Paul Ryan was an author. If you really think he cares about vets or anyone, just look at his record. many retired vets qualify for food stamps and other federal programs for low income people. Paul would cut them all while retaining his benefits and the tax cuts for the very wealthy. Remember Paul and his allies when election day comes .
  248. But, the House is run by the Republicans. Soooooo, BOTH parties are to blame. Remember that fact also on election day!!!!
  249. Budget cuts are made on the back of the military and military retirees yet federally employed workers benefits have not been in any of the budget discussions let alone had any cuts occurred. Congress should get real and make cuts fairly and equitably and include everyone. The military is always singled out and made to sacrifice while other federal employee are unaffected. This has to stop. I'm urging my congressional delegation to make moves to make cuts equally.
  250. Mr. Bob S; Your statement regarding federal workers is just plain incorrect. Part of this same budget deal hits ALL federal employees for 3% more of every paycheck toward their retirement. This is on top of the multiple pay freezes and fuloughs they have suffered over the last few years. You should also remember that the federal government is the largest employer of veterans in the country.
  251. The reason federal employees are not included is because they have a union and unions contribute to election campaigns.
  252. All military who served should find out who these politicians were who voted to take this from our military. When election time comes less we forget and vote them out of office. These same elected officials vote themselves raises and vote health care and retire not only for themselves but their families when they past on. Remember them all and the American should put out a list on who voted for this.
  253. You Know i did not believe this Congress could be so Blatently Stupid, But Maybe A Little Revolution is a Good Thing .
  254. Congress retires at 100% pay after serving one term and they get COLA until they die and if they have a surving spouse they get that 100% pay plus COLA until they die and the military member gets 50% pay after serving 20 years and congress wants to cut their COLA by 1% until they die. Shame, Shame, Shame.
  255. So please remember when you go to vote Do not vote for any one that voted yes for it If we standup and send them home and put some one else in the job maybe they will get the messege
  256. Once again Congress shows its true colors about its lack of concern for the betterment of this country. They attack the very people who have given the most for this countries safety and security. People ALL across America need to rise up and take our government back. People of all political affiliations need to send Congress a clear message of the outrage this truly is.
  257. Those members of congress that served in the military have forgotten how much a sacrifice that we have done for our service for this country. Why used the military retirees as escape goats, because even in this economy working age retirees are unemployed. The job these service member did was working 24/7 and being on call to protect the freedom of this country. If they need do any cutting of the budget, then cut their pay and also make them non-exempt the affordable care act.
  258. And just how many do you think there are? 109 to be exact out of 541. Or about 20%. It is not clear how many served on active duty and how many are reservists. In 1977-78 the number stood at 77%. The author of the Bill, Paul Ryan touts his commitment to Vets on his web page. Congress and the Senate are made up of people dedicated to business and special interests. Vets are becoming a smaller and smaller percent of the population. Currently only 7%. The high was in 1970 at 13.8%. We can count on more "reductions" in the future as our patriots in Congress arrive without any service of their own and probably none by their parents.
  259. I agree that this is the wrong place to start trying to balance the budget. I'm a twenty year retire. This will hit me hard. Rest assure I will find out how my representatives voted and neither myself nor my wife will for them again. If someone starts a movement to impeach or defeat all those that voted for this reduction in benefits I'll support them. What is/was a blank to the government, including my life worth?
  260. I am retired and the only help we get is when COLA increase comes due. I've cut out going to see my kids and grand children because of the increase in everything in traveling, eating, and home utilities. I'm not saying this would solve everything, but it would have put an extra bread on the table. If people would only stick together and remember this when it is voting time.
  261. My, my - three RepubliKlan famewhores pretend to give a care about middle-class Americans and the Legion falls for it and falls all over itself clapping. Did you protest when Ronald Reagan shut down seven VA hospitals in the name of "trickle down" economics ?
  262. That bill just affected 5 of my family members, that I know of. I will not be voting for those congressmen next time they are up for election. But of course congress keep they big raise that they gave their self.
  264. Probably more likely that they needed a career and what better one could they find than elected office?
  265. Where else (accept congress) can you sit on your ass for several years and make promises you never plan to keep, but keep on receiving a high salary for life. If you need more money, just vote it in. Congress and the administration should rec the same precent raise as the vets. RE-ELECT NO-ONE.
  266. Secondly there needs to be a political price for any politician who supported this bill and that includes those Republicans who played a political game by voting YES for Closure and than voted No on the bill. That message needs to start with the Framers of the disgusting bill starting with Paul Ryan in 2014 (Patty Murray is not up for Re-election from what I know)and Ryan and others need to be kicked out of office whether this bill is fixed now or later. Politicians like Ryan cannot be trusted and cannot be forgiven by being given a second chance to do this again, it is inexcusable and deliberate on his part.
  267. Ryan can be beat. He lost his state as a VP candidate. He ran simultaneously for his congressional seat and, even though he won, he did not carry the city in which he lives.
  268. I agree, however, I really think we should purge congress and the senate of all seated members. Show them that we the people control them, not them controlling us. I want to start a campaign to remove all current elected senators, congressman, and governors.
  269. OK I'll go along, except for a few. But lets start by winning a battle in 2014 by flexing our muscles and getting these corrupted leaders of this disaster out and than we can finish the purge with subsequent battles.
  270. I started saying this very same thing the first time they couldn't pass a budget !!
  271. I agree with your comments. As a group, if we do not hold the traitorous actions of the Republicans who supported this budget, they'll do it again.
  272. From what I know of Washington the fact that disabled Vets were ACCIDENTLY included in the bill is no accident but as a bargaining chip and American Legion listen well, it was included as a bargaining chip so that politician's can say "we have found a compromise and we will give retired disabled Vets their rightful benefits back and other non disabled retired Veterans will stay under the bills provisions to have their COLA reduced" these politicians will act as if that is a great fair compromise. The legion and ALL VETERANS need to stand FIRM and say "there is no half stepping this, ALL Retirees benefits will be returned period."
  273. Another reason to not Enlist or Re-Enlist, Men and Women and their families that sacrificed more than any congressman or senator could ever dream of. Many that refused to sue the Government due to health issues that arrised from being in the Military, COPD, Agent Orange, Meslethomia and more . I say Vets stand up and sue. Be like a politician and get yours.
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