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Should the U.S. government be able to access email and phone records to hunt terrorists or identify other security threats?


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  1. How can I contact to obtain this data? I am looking to do research for my company.

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  2. It ought to be conditional perhaps when there is a justification for overruling privacy needs.

  3. I think one by one our rights and privelages are being taken from us. As a vetran of Vietnam,we need to speake loud and long,and stand up for what we have earned and for what is right.

  4. After 911 everyone wanted to give the government the tools necessary to aid in the war on terrorism. We did so with the full faith and trust that the government would use these tools in a Constitutional manner. The latest revelations about the data mining schemes on every American far exceeds the purpose of the Patriot Act. One of the things we cherish most in this country is our privacy and now our own government is telling us that we are no longer entitled to these freedoms anymore. Now more than ever we need to downsize government!

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