(Photo by Craig Roberts/The American Legion)

VA delivers Legion thank-you letters

This week, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been delivering nearly 2,000 American Legion thank-you letters to servicemembers and veterans at VA medical centers around the country. The letters were written by well-wishers who stopped by The American Legion’s booth on Jan. 19 during National Day of Service on the National Mall.

"The messages are very meaningful to the veteran patient," said Laura Balun, director of VA’s Voluntary Service Program. "One never really knows the situation a veteran is dealing with and how meaningful the messages actually are."

One letter, written by a fourth-grade student, read, "Thank you for your sacrifice and bravery to serve our country, and the spirit and loyalty that you all bring to the battlefield and every day. Words cannot explain the courage and service and bravery you have in your hearts day to day. Each day you train or fight, or there is a challenge to overcome. You work hard to overcome it, and I respect that spirit."








  1. I need help filing a rebuttal letter to department of veterian affairs. I live in Riverdale Ga. and have not been able to find a American legion representative to sit and discuss my case at this point I am attempting to write the letter myself and submit to Washington DC. if you can help me with this issue I would appreciate it. my phone number is 678-447-6180. Thanks
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