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The National Commander's Advisory Committee is meeting with National Commander Jimmie Foster in Indianapolis today. The meeting is one of the first of the 2010 Fall Meetings.


  1. - I am very curious as to the details about that I have read to make my friends know all about your blog. They will really like sound that it is nice to know that this one here really exists

  2. Point of Information:
    We, or perhaps better, I noticed that since joining the "American Legion", nowhere was I or anyone else (to my knowledge) ask If for example I was a Veteran and/or active member of the military or closely related to such a person?
    In short, apparently anybody can join without having ever had any connection to the US military ever.
    Is that an actual fact?
    Until ask, I will not tell you if I ever have or have not had a connection to any of the American military services...

    Joachim L. Brotzen
    Member ID 204000453

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