Riders appointed to National Advisory Committee

The American Legion has announced the appointments of The American Legion Riders National Advisory Committee to the Internal Affairs Commission. The committee members have extensive leadership experience with mainstream American Legion and American Legion Rider activities, and were appointed by National Commander Dan Dellinger during the National Executive Committee meetings in October.

The ALR National Advisory Committee is a committee reporting to the Internal Affairs Commission. Riders appointed each year to the committee represent The American Legion Rider community for all matters referred to the Internal Affairs Commission regarding The American Legion Riders. The Internal Affairs Commission in turn makes recommendations to the National Executive Committee or to delegates at national conventions on resolutions submitted from the various departments on any matter related to The American Legion Riders.

Committee members also act as regional sources of information and guidance for departments and posts interested in forming ALR programs of their own.

"I am pleased to welcome the committee to our commission," said Larry J. Besson, the chairman of The American Legion’s National Internal Affairs Commission. "They will bring extensive knowledge of The American Legion Riders’ structure, history, unique challenges and vision to National Headquarters, as well as outstanding expertise and demonstrated personal leadership."

The members of the National American Legion Riders Advisory Committee are:

Terry Woodburn (Ill.), chairman

Thomas "T.J." Haynes (Texas), vice chairman

David Gough (Wis.) Central Region

Mark Clark (Mo.) Midwest Region

John Moffitt (Ariz.) Western Region

Mike Kirchoff (Fla.) Southeast Region

Bob Sussan (Va.) East Region

Jackie Evonsion (Conn.) Northeast Region

Bill Kaledas (Mich.) consultant

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  1. Just wanted to put on here that the ALR of Washington State hold their annual remembrance run every Sept. around 911.Money raised has gone to Children of Military Parent's who have given the Ultimate sacrifice since 911. The Money goes to allow these children to continue their Education. In the past 10yrs. We have raised 70,000 dollars which has been given to the Nation Legacy Fund.
  2. Collinsville Post 365 has been chosen to host the 2014 All American Legion ROMP. Things are progressing well with lots of rides, vendors, sight seeing, and good mid-western Illinois food. Please visit our web site alrpost365 org for registration details. Hotel availablity and camping coming soon. Thank you, Joel West Director 2014 All American Legion ROMP 2014 Collinsville, Illinois Post 365
  3. Looking forward to riding up into North Carolina this year. The Legacy Scholarship is the best thing I can do to support the families of those who've given all in the defense of our country. I hope that we have more opportunities this year to socialize a little with our fellow riders... Last year, it seemed to be a lot of "Rush, Rush, Rush..." and not as much Brotherhood time as we've managed in past years. Congratulations to all who were selected to serve on this year's committee, and we trust you to keep us safe and secure. You have our very lives in your hands. Thank you for all you do.
  4. How do you get on that list, because I do not see the chapter data form anymore? I see a lot of MN chapters are not on there. Arcade-Phalen Post 577 St. Paul, Fourth District, MN is new and wants on the list.
  5. Hey WingBob, You have a good point. Might have something to do with our states Liaison not knowing what a liaison does. It was go to see ya at Ken's funeral.
  6. We have no one from Ga. representing us. We have some of the best and most dedicated riders of any state. Not our state director but other state riders such as Billy Johnson,George(big Red), Eric Dugan,to name a few that really would be worthy of the position.
  7. Congratulations to Jackie Evonsion of Connecticut! She was just named to the National ALR Advisory Committee for 2014.
  8. Dallas, you can go to the Chapter Locator on the Riders page here to find a chapter by Zip code or city locations. Better still, you can also get a complete listing of all chapters within a state. As GrayMare said, visit a few and join the one you like. Bill
  9. see my entry and it will tell you how. I couldn't post it as a reply to you.
  10. Go to the American Legion's home page, select programs and then Riders. From there you'll look on the left side of the page and find Chapter Locator. That will tell you if there is a chapter close to you.
  11. Dallas, go to the "Find it Quick, Find a Post" at the top of this page, type in your zip code and the American Legion Posts in your are will be listed. If there is a ALR, it will be listed at the bottom of the listing. Not all Posts have an ALR but you should be able to find one close to you. You may want to visit a few ALRs to find the group that fits your needs and riding styles. Good Luck!
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