If you could select one president to be added to Mount Rushmore, who would it be?

Dwight Eisenhower
5% (183 votes)
John F. Kennedy
11% (393 votes)
Ronald Reagan
42% (1511 votes)
Franklin Roosevelt
8% (304 votes)
A different former U.S. President. Offer a candidate in the comments section.
2% (69 votes)
Someone other than a former president. Offer a candidate in the comments section.
0% (15 votes)
None, the masterpiece should be left alone.
32% (1151 votes)
Total votes: 3626


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  1. After already posting my selection & reading the oters I am inclined with the thought, leave it as it is.

  2. Harry Truman! Ended segregation in the Armed Force. Brought WWII to an end. Did not exploit his time as President.

  3. I as most people say it should be left alone. If some change should come around, I would vote for JFK,Ronald Regean or FDR. If Kenaday had not been assinated, I believe he would have been one our greatest presidents ever.

  4. Andrew Jackson - The only POW to be elected president. He and his brother were British POWs during the Revolutionary War.

  5. I believe Mt Rushmore be left as is but if I were to have to choose a former President, although he was the least celebrated which shows a lot of his character, it would have to be John Adams due to his 'Revolutionary' credentials and peaceful resolution. Serving two terms as as our first Vice President and unlike any he then preceded President George Washington to serve as our second President. Looking back in history and reading his story he was a major significance resource and backbone in the founding of our great nation, opposed slavery, persuaded Congress to declare independence and assisted Thomas Jefferson in drafting the Declaration.

  6. Each of the Presidents named are deserving but all have been honored in modern times with buildings and monuments.

    Mt Rushmore should be left as is. It would be foolish for the government to consider money for a project when the people who fought for our freedom are being shunned and neglected. We had money to bomb Syria if approved but 2 weeks later when the government shut down all military memorials were shut down due to lack of funds. This kind of BS must stop.

    The Mall was closed to vets but opened for a illegal immigration march.
    The inmates are running the asylum and the madness must stop.

    Our troops and their families are making sacrifices while our so called leaders are tearing down the freedom our country has always stood for.

    Time for term limits and no lifetime benefits. As Ronald Reagan said "The words Career and Politician should not be together"

    One 6 year term for President.. since they spend two of the four years campaigning for re-election wasting tax payer money and 2 four year terms for senate. Have all on Social Security and 401(k), no pension or benefits for life.

    If they depended on Social Security the way we do, it would be fixed and we would not be told it is running out of money. How is that a pot of money filled by working people is running out but welfare is always available.

  7. You all are dreaming if you think that EPA and OSHA and the Endangered Species Act Regulations would permit the original sculpture, let alone additions or alterations to be done today.

  8. As being a half breed, one side being white and the other being Sioux. I have my Indian blood boils every time they show this monument, understand this land is sacred to the Lakota & Dakota Sioux Nation. It is bad enough that the Government has taken land and broke so many treaties then push onto land that is not good enough for the white but okay for the Indians. Maybe they should put a head shot of Sitting Bull. But you have to look at the Rushmore granite that the side of the mountain will not withstand anymore chiseling and small exploding it could make the other faces crack and fall down. This idea is great for some and not for others and have to think of the case of damage to the other Presidents.

  9. No one should be added, none of the recent politicians can measure up to the originals that built, saved and established the predominance of our country. Those thinking about Ronnie may need to think about how he helped the working people with his union busting approach, and include Nancy in the background with her direction of him in his second term.

  10. I first thought JFK! Because I admired him, and his inaugural address, influenced my joining the Navy! But on second thought, He was just another lawyer who, as all of them around the world, have us little people, do their dirty work to bring them more power of money!
    Perhaps we should erase the mountain sculptures, and replace with the images of all of our "Medal of Honor recipients!

  11. Leave it as it is there is not enough room to put all of America's heros there, all of those who gave their all so we can enjoy the freedoms we have and the right to post our thoughts on this page

  12. In reality I would leave it alone, but if I had to choose, I would add President George W. Bush and for no other reason but to piss off the demoncrap communist pigs in this country.

  13. Leave it alone. I voted as such. We have already experienced more than enough change.

    In the event that some change just HAD to be made(I can think of no such possible event), my suggestion wold be to blast one of the existing faces off and be satisfied with just three. I will leave it to your imagination as to which one to blast off.

  14. Obama would be great up there. However I 'spect
    you would have to chain him down to get him to stay.

  15. Do that and the busts of Washington and Jefferson would probably crumble and fall off on their own! LOL!

  16. I am dismayed that the Legion is asking a question that need not be asked; it one that that an immature high school newspaper editor would think is terribly clever.

  17. Touche' Homer. I cannot believe the American Legion magazine has the audacity to suggest altering one of most cherished monuments.

  18. Well... If we could add it on the "backside" of the mountain, I would say the current guy would fit right in.

  19. Tom you are a mean person: doing something like that to a poor, unprotected mountain!! Would that make it the worst 'hemi' in history??

  20. Some good choices, but I agree leave it alone. The one that should NOT be there is the current idiot, obama. he is destroying our country and it really makes me sad

  21. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, without a doubt. He successfully handled both World War II and the Great Depression, despite sometimes opposition from the other branches of government. Only president elected FOUR times. A no brainer in my book.

  22. I can't believe their are so many critics coming out of the woodwork; but you can always tell the morons. They always have something stupid or negative to say; when they don't even know who the hell the 4 Presidents that are part of MT. Rushmore.

  23. Our younger people are too anxious to change history by always wanting to leave their mark on this earth. There are many honors already left for Presidents since Mount Rushmore was created. Let us not take a chance on damaging a great masterpiece by trying to update history. History is our heritage. Some of it good and some not so good. But that is our history and that is how we learn to not make the same mistakes again. Let good things be preserved, not changed.

  24. Calvin Coolidge is my choice. He's the only President, to my knowledge, that produced 4 consecutive BALANCED BUDGETS in his one term.

  25. I agree, leave it alone. BUT, if push came to shove, Reagen all the way. FDR???? Are you kidding!! Mr. Commie and his commie sympathizers, you got to be kidding.

  26. Harry S. Truman, his dedication and making the tremendous choice to stop WWII and save millions of Americans is my choice if we have to have a choice, I say along with many other leave it alone.

  27. I fully agree. It should be Harry by a long shot. He was the last President that did not steal the nation blind. He was truly a real American, and also a world war one hero artillery captain. Didn't run off to Canada like Slick Willie.

  28. Just as our country is ever-changing, if it is possible to change, or add to one of our monuments, then we should. Just as one of the earlier commenters said the men depicted on Mt. Rushmore were "...a special breed at different times in the formation of our republic...". Our republic needs to change, and as it does so, we are bound to have more special people come along who will contribute to that change. I believe that Ronald Reagan was one of those special people that came along at a special time and helped our republic remain great in a dangerous time. If we could add to Mt. Rushmore, I think his likeness should be the addition.

  29. I agree David! The men enshrined on Mt.Rushmore are all men who made a contribution to our country when it took a special man doing extra special things to keep or get our nation back on track. Ronald Reagan definitely did that! I'm sure there are lots of people that would argue against him being up there. But I'm sure there were lots of people that felt that way about the others up there, in there time. None of them were saints! It's not a monument to saints. It's a monument to MEN. Men who led our country and did great things while doing it!

  30. Barack Obama,
    Give him a canteen of water and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    Tell him to climb to the top and stay there until we have time to figure out how to build a fire pole for him to slide back down.
    The next meeting of Congress should give us ample time...

  31. I love your comment about Obama, you made me laugh and I need that with a president Like Obama, he's the worse president in history and with Jimmy Carter running a close second. I pray that we elect a president that can get our country back to being the greatest, with God as our focus, not all the liberal crap that the media is trying to force down our throats.

  32. There is one I'd put even above Reagan: George H W Bush. I feel he had the true original Ideal American set of values.

  33. It is surprising to me that a bunch of veterans don't know who is already on Mt. Rushmore!

  34. Harry Truman, he deserves to be added maybe in a separate place close to the monument, he was a good man.

  35. I agree Harry S Truman would be a great chose to be added to Mount Rushmore. Lets not forget who had the guts to drop the bombs on Japan and save thousands of American lives.

  36. I agree that Harry Truman deserves to be added. He wore the uniform, he was "over there" in WWI, he respected the uniform and those who wore it, he was not a womanizer like JFK, he integrated the armed services, and he saved untold lives by his decision to end the war with Japan by using the atomic bomb. Nuff said.

  37. I'm leaning towards Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I can say without any reservations Ronald Reagan should not memorialized in any way.

  38. FDR was a great president, but he did more things that were illegal than all the others, except our current one. Everything he did to try to get us out of the depression was not Constitutional. Nobody questioned him because at least he was trying.I hold that as the reason he was a great president.

  39. Least we forget that Reagan had one of the most corrupt administrations in our history. 128 members of his administration indicted and most convicted for various crimes. Then we have Iran-Contra, of course Ollie North fell on his sword for Reagan. In all my time in the service I never witnessed a Colonel with enough horsepower to pull off the stuff that he did.

  40. Reagan spent us into ridiculous debt, slept through cabinet meetings (Alzheimers starts early, remember), and created a foolish economy other presidents in his own party called 'voo-doo economics') that damaged our country and it's working priorities that we may not ever recover from. I don't think he needs any 'honoring' at all. Certainly not to change Mt Rushmore. Leave well enough alone.

  41. Even though there are a few good past presidents whom could qualify, I feel the monument needs to be left alone. Changing it would be a mistake. Plus any money spent on this project could be better served on many upgrades the national parks need as a whole, (such as maintenance.)

  42. I pick FD Roosevelt, because his administration did more to bring the USA out of the Great Depression and thus save our society than any other president could have.

  43. Actually it was Hitler that brought the world out of the depression. sounds dumb, I know. Hitler started the European part of the War in 1939. Tojo in Japan, started the Asian part of the war in 1936. World War II is what brought the World out the depression.

  44. President Lincoln is already there, along with Washington, Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt.

  45. Notta, are you kidding? Let's have a poll of who it won't be...Ya just can't fix stupid...Next thing you want to know is what collor to paint the White House, how about green red and black....

  46. Mount Rushmore is now a monument and that is fine. Keep on adding to it and it becomes a billboard and loses it's value as a monument.

  47. I felt it to be a tossup between Eisenhower and Kennedy. I admire them both the same.

  48. When the truth comes out about JFK & his family (of course none of us will be around) alot of people will be amazed at what a bastard he was.

  49. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a hero in WWII, a great Senator, and if he had lived; I believe he would have cured many injustices across the nation. There is no single President that hasn't done something wrong, whether covertly, unlawfully, politically, or sexually. Nearly every President chased women, even Rev Martin Luther King Jr. And yes he got into office on the heels of a Chicago political mob. But it's what he did with the job that matters. He was no less human than anyone else, so don't judge lest ye be judged. His heart was in the right place! So get over yourself.

  50. Just a follow up to my comment & the response from REV Keith. The message I was conveying was more or less a quote from a friend of mine who worked as a maintenance mechanic at the Kennedy compound from 1949 until 1969 & had quite a bit to say of the whole clan, mostly on the father (Joe) but strangely had little to say on Teddy. Doesn't it seem strange the family wants to keep the JFK records sealed until 100 years after his death. Strange for a man who was supposively so great?

  51. MLK Jr. was never president. Even though I voted for Reagan, MLK would be a great man to put there.

  52. The Statue of Liberty nor the Mona Lisa need anything added to them and to do so would detract from their magnificence. The same is true of Mt. Rushmore. The men depicted on Rushmore were a special breed at different times in the formation of this republic and should be left alone. Regan is the only who approaches their greatness but that being said, Mt. Rushmore is something like a Violin. The Design cannot be improved and to try would only lessen its already perfected form. In other words, " If it ain't broke, Don't try to fix it".

  53. John F. Kennedy Invigorated the Nation and united the people and congress. He brought us fully into the space age that has broought us so much much of the technology we enjoy today. We are still reaping the benifits of his leadership.

  54. For me, it's a toss-up between Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson. I also greatly admire James Madison.

  55. Anyone person, man or woman, who would make me feel proud to be an American again.

  56. James Madison would be a great candidate to be added to the monument. He was the father of our Constitution.

  57. Good point. I picked Reagon. But Madison would would be much more appropriate.

  58. I would not select any president to add to Mt. Rushmore. The monument is fine as it is. No one needs to be added.

  59. I would select James K. Polk, the only president that I know of who kept all of his campain promises.

  60. Use a 3d printer to make temporary presidents and recycle them when we don't want to see them anymore. ;-)

  61. WOW!!!: Our kids and grandchildren are 17 trillion in debt, and we have enough credit to pay for an additional president to be added to Mt. Rushmore?

  62. The monument was to honor the presidents of our country at the time of it's construction. If other presidents are to be honored put them on a different mountain. This sculpture is as finished as the government would let it be when it was dedicated in 1941.

  63. It would be interesting to see the votes aligned with age or generation - who served under who?

  64. I served under Lyndon Johnson...didn't think that much of him at the time; but considering what we have had since, he looks better from where I stand.

  65. As a Seabee I served under both Kennedy and Johnson during those dark times.Even though I am from the "Peoples Republic of Maryland", I can add that if Johnson had stayed in Congress & been indicted with his friends, we not be up to our country eyeballs in debt because of his "Great Society". What would we have accomplished without his entry into the Vietnam War? Regardless-Thank you for your service.

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