Legion strongly opposes threat to commissaries

American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger is incensed by a threat to the survival of military commissaries – the U.S. military’s grocery stores. The Department of Defense reportedly is discussing a $1 billion cut over the next three years to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) budget. As a consequence, all but a handful of servicemembers’ and military retirees’ grocery stores could be closed.

"This is yet another undeserved blow to our men and women in service – and their families – in the name of ‘necessary cutbacks’ to reduce an ungainly national deficit," Dellinger said. "Like the trimming of expenses to be made by reducing military retirees’ pensions, this is an inexcusable way of attempting to fix a fault by penalizing the blameless."

The DeCA currently operates nearly 250 stores worldwide with a $1.4 billion annual budget. With the proposed budget cut to $400 million annually by fiscal 2017, all but 24 stores would close. Those remaining would be overseas and in rural areas stateside.

"Commissaries are extremely important to young military families who are just trying to make ends meet," Dellinger said. "By using commissaries, financially challenged military families can save an average of more than 30 percent on their purchases compared with commercial supermarkets.

"This important benefit helps compensate for the significant difference between military pay and comparable civilian salaries. In addition to improving the quality of life for the troops and their families, commissary privileges help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve our country."

The American Legion leader’s comments echo the points made in a resolution adopted by Legion leadership in 2012, which stated, "The value of commissaries in the quality of life equation for junior enlisted families and military retirees and others is indisputable. Military commissary usage has ranked second only to medical health care in the non-pay compensation package… Any effort to reduce or dismantle the integrity of the military commissary system would be seen as a serious breach of faith with a benefit system that currently serves as a mainstay for the active and reserve components, military retirees and military survivors, military personnel involuntarily discharged or released from active duty, and 100 percent service connected disabled veterans and others."

Dellinger encouraged DoD to reconsider the proposal, saying, "The costs in both fiscal and human terms would be far higher than the temporary savings realized. It’s a bad idea, plain and simple."


  1. I find the service requirements set forth by the Congress of the United States to be discrimatory to the group of people who served this Honerably during the period Jan. 1955 through Feb. 1961. My self and my two Brouthers served A total of nine years plus in this time frame one RA and two US Drafted all completed there inlisment as prescribed by the Goverment and Honerably discharged to reserve status . Based on these inlistments none are considered Veterans by the Fed Gov. State Gov. or the town . The state gives five points on tests to vets did not apply to us yet A veteran of the Itilian army during WW2 received the points because they goined the allies at the end of war. If veteran status was based on time served in combat or war zone I could except that . Not for service in the army band or in an office job in the states . We all did our time over seas I did serve in hostile duty in the Riots in Pannama in 1959 .Durring reserve status my brother was called back for one year Cuban Missel crises. After being out for three years I was called up for reserve training with National Guard we were referred to as Oblagies. I have the upmost respect for persons who served in combat. we served we were not at war except the cold war. A well trained great group of people Who want nothing but to be recognized by there country.
  2. My retirement documents state that I was 38 years obligated to the US military. That was a surprise to me ! I served 27 years that I know of 20 good years and 7 incomplete years due to personal reasons as a national guardsman with family obligations. The other 11 years must have fallen under a catigory where I thought I had no obligation to the military yet I did . The government keeps trying to cut the budget on the backs of the military and it's retirees... That is just wrong. I liked the idea of giving all Honorable Discharge persons commissary rights. The system would flurish and even give a better than 30% to 47 % reduction on our food bills !
  3. Why is it that the Germans pay their military way better than we pay ours? You all sound goofy while Congress pays for bridges to no where. Sgt USMC 73-77
  4. Well, well, well. Seems I'm not the only one. Here's a headline from Military dot comm for ya: "Survey: Most Enlistees Don't Value Commissaries." (Sadly, for some reason this site doesn't allow commenters to provide links to support their remarks, but you can find this article on today's Mil dot comm main page - 2/7/14.) To reiterate an earlier point, the commissaries were intended for active duty personnel - NOT retirees. . . and it seems the active duty side has made their opinion pretty plain on the issue.
  5. Well Well Well is very deep to a shallow mind. First of all you believe the Survey was done fairly.....Come on then you are a Dumb Ass. Yes the Commissaries were intended for active duty personnel but that grew to Civilians and Retirees. I remember a study that was done on why active duty personnel do not use commissaries. It is because they live so far away from them they can't afford to drive there and get groceries and Walmart is right around the corner. Also the hours for the commissaries are not good enough and are closed when families can shop at them. Also many commissaries are so small they do not have everything or they are OUT of it. So the issue should be to make the commissaries better not to close them down. Not to also mention look at all the DECA personnel that will not have a job. And this makes are economy better. Just a reminder that Retirees should have commissary benefits since if we did not fight for our freedom than you would not have a commissary or a house to even be arguing about.
  6. OH Lets just get all our Country's problems taken care of--the politicians will figure military pay, and Military will figure out our politicians pay. See, things will work out better.
  7. I myself think the Commissary is a valuable benefit. I have been shopping at the Commissary since I joined the Army in 1987. They have the best deals anywhere. With a family of five, we have to shop there so that we can save money. When I was overseas in Germany, Korea, Iraq, and stateside at Fort Drum, New York, Fort Bliss, Texas, and Fort McClellan, Alabama, and Sacramento Army Depot, my family always shopped in the Commissary. Yes, there are retirees that go to the Commissary, but there are a lot of active duty families that rely on the benefit each and every day. If the Commissary benefit would be discontinued, then that is just one more service benefit down the tubes. Military families need these valuable grocery stores to save money. My goodness, as an active duty Soldier, I needed every savings benefit I could get because the money wasn't that good. Those people who say they never used the Commissary must have been without responsibilities. It is easy to poo poo a benefit if you aren't raising a family. So don't put down the Commissary if you have never had to depend on it like my family has. Don't knock benefits that Soldiers desperately need to make ends meet. Just because you are well off doesn't mean everyone else is. If you ever served in the military then you KNOW how valuable benefits like these are.......
  8. Is there any way we can possibly keep this thread on topic? You ALL sound like a bunch of grade school children calling each other 'booger heads'. Grow up! Now, if Mike R. thinks the commissary is an unnecessary privilege, benefit, retiree hang-out, etc, who cares? He doesn't have access and if he did he obviously thinks Kroger is a better deal anyway so let him shop there. Personally, I do 95% of my grocery shopping at the commissary. It is literally one half mile from my front door and I can walk or ride my bike there. Yes I can find things at the same or marginally lower price outside if I wish to go to 5 different stores when they are on sale to do so. I assure you I save at least 30% at the commissary. I have to ask all the folks on this board this question... Have you written to or called your senators, representatives, and the white house to state your opinion (I have) or do you just blow smoke on stupid-ass chat boards all day? Believe it or not EVERY congressperson has an email account AND a phone number. I suggest you use them. Again, in the future try to stay on topic and act like adults having a grownup conversation and an orderly exchange of ideas and opinions. Respectfully, ATC(RET)
  9. Well said, ATC. If I want to shop at Kroger's, I will. If you like shopping at the commissary, go for it - at least as long as commissaries continue to operate. I didn't call anybody "stupid" or any other names for saying they like shopping at the commissary, yet I've been vilified by chat-board rangers for simply stating a fact - that I never found my commissary privileges to be beneficial TO ME. When I was on Active Duty, I chose to live off-post and I'd have to drive past two grocery stores to get to our commissary, so yes - shopping off-post was my preference. Even when I DID have access, I didn't use the commissary. Thus, when I do write my congressmen that's what I tell them. Here's another angle: you all say that the allegedly lower prices at the commy's (made possible only through federal subsidies) are essential for military families to survive, right? How about just raising the BAS a little bit to help those families buy food? Instead of maintaining a huge tax-payer funded retail system which outlived its purpose years ago? The commissary was never intended to be a subsidized food benefit for military members. It was originally set up simply to provide a place to shop for service members who were assigned to posts where civilian shopping was not readily available. This is no longer the case at the vast majority of CONUS installations.
  10. There I told you about the active duty study was right. They will not raise the BAS but will do federal subsidies. There are disabled veterans with food stamps which shop at the commissaries. Subsidized food benefit does help the cost for commissaries. It was originally set up to provide a place to shop for service members who were assigned to military where it is cheaper than civilian commissaries. I still save a little at the CONUS commissaries but it is hard to find a good one and close by to where I live. Closing them down still would not help anyone. Making them better and more assessable is the answer.
  11. Hard to believe. Reagan Admin. took away travel pay for VA visits. Also, told Civil Servants who retired after 1989 that the dollars they paid into the retirement fund had been co-mingled with others. Thus, all retirement pay would be taxable. Hope my bank doesn't start that. Only when voters stop putting pols like the current bunch will it end. Take money away from those who have no clout. Shameful. All Service Connected Disabled vets should have BX, Commissary and Class VI store privileges. Sad, sad, sad.
  12. the commissary is the only place to save, as the BX is for the rich high priced label chasers. the class six went the way of cigarettes, and are limited in actual savings except during sales. I normally buy my liquor from off base sources except when I am in the vicinity( nearest base is 70 miles). buy my clothes from online and some cases Goodwill, as they have some really nice stuff there. The commissary on the other hand, I have made up a list of other places I need to go along the way as a fill in for the cost of getting to the comm. as for recreation, I live in "the spring capitol of the world" and therefore have all the recreational facilities close by, but while I was on active duty, I frequented the facilities and believe they are beneficial to the active military and travelers. A.F. Retired
  13. Now Class VI is something I'd actually use! Commissaries. . . not so much. In fact, not at all. I didn't use them when I was AD. No way I'd drive all the way to post to use the commissary when I've got a Kroger's right down the street from my house. The extra gas and time used would offset the savings offered by the commissary, if any.
  14. I understand about being closer to Kroger than the post commissary. But what you do not realize is the impact the economy would have if you close them down. Just like if that Kroger store closed. Not only do you have DECA personnel which do not have a job but ALL those food vendors will not have a DECA customer to sell their food products too. Which the end result is HIGHER FOOD COST! Not to mention the extra gas and time you saved would not mean a hill of beans. Oh by the way! GAS prices will also go up too.
  15. MIKE R: 1. Poor devils that had legs/arms/faces blown off in the past few years, the vast majority of whom will never have a self/family supporting job want to know where and how to join the old boys club of which you so freely speak. 2. Commissary expenses are drop in bucket compared to funds wasted today supporting primitive countries that hate us (US) and each other. Only entities realizing benefit are the defense contractors. 3. You appear to be an intelligent, albeit misguided and vindictive person. Probably an ET. Thanks for your 4 years of service. 4. Taking the above into account, I strongly recommend that you petition your elected Senate/House representatives to break the chains imposed upon these representatives by the special interest groups and lobbyists who have a strangle hold on this country. I hope and pray (yes pray) that someone inside the Beltway has a remnant of self-respect and dedication to their DUTY that can possibly shake him/her/it from greed-induced frenzy and make it his/her/its mission to salvage the small percentage of this country that may still exist. Best wishes, HARDE KNOX
  16. Mr/Mrs. Knox - What "good old boys club" do I speak of? The retirees? Since the guys who came back missing arms and legs probably have other things to do than hang out at the commissary or golf club, I'm not sure how your item 1 is relevant to this discussion. 2. The fact that the expense of running a commissary system is miniscule compared to the overall cost of raising a standing army and sending it everywhere to mind everyone else's business is also irrelevant. It seems you agree with me on that issue but it has nothing to do with the efficacy of the commissary system and doesn't take anything away from my arguments on the subject. 3) Not sure what an ET is, but I am not from another planet. 4) You seem to be equating the commissary system with a multitude of things, from self-respect to the very essence of the United States itself. I think you're grossly overestimating the value and significance of a handful of stores which are no longer necessary to serve our service members or their families. Thanks for your comment.
  17. Mike R. You are so disrespectful. Those guys who came back missing arems and legs need to shop at the commissaries since they can't afford to shop at Kroger. ET is a Navy term (MOS). You must not of been around the military enough to know that. Oh that is right you only did 4 years. Those handful of stores are much necessary to serve our military FAMILIES!
  18. Brother MIke R. The reason I think Mr/Mrs Knox spoke of the commissary benefit is just another slap in the face. Soldiers that come home injured like that have a hard time just getting disability benefits. Take away the commissary and you take a bad situation and make it worse. As for me I live about seven hours away from the nearest commissary,but I would love to have one close by to use. Oh yeah not all retirees are able to play golf due to their medical conditions. Even if they could, what is that to you??
  19. I agree a lot of retired personnel are in the commissaries. Would you like to trade retirement pay with a E-6 or 7 that retired 40 years ago? Or would you have liked to try and save money on a take home pay of approximately $75. A month after a $50. Allotment was sent home to help out there? There's a reason those retiirees are using the commissary
  20. Again, there are CHEAPER places to shop. Your argument makes no sense in light of that fact.
  21. You really do not know how to shop for groceries. Walmart says they are cheaper. I buy products from the commissary which are cheaper from Walmart but you have to shop at BOTH to know what is cheaper. Therefore you are not a wise shopper.
  22. Mike R. sounds like the typical libturd.. liberal turd, that thinks it is OK to give out Obamaphones to people that never worked a day in their lives, than to people that put their life on the line. What other employer makes you put your life on the line, you libturd troll?
  23. That's hilarious. You must not be much of a conservative. You don't even recognize one when he's staring you right in the eyes. (Actually, lots of jobs require people to put their lives on the line.) Your wanna-be argument isn't really an argument at all but a baseless and laughable ad hominem attack. Why don't you come back when you actually have some kind of point to make?
  24. Just one more comment: You - ALL of you - with your party politics and trying to blame the other political party are really the problem. Get over yourselves and your outdated entrenched political stereotyping. Think about the issues and leave the party politics out of it or things will only continue getting worse. This isn't a "Democrat" or a "Republican" issue. It's just an issue. I'll vote for whomever can fix it - or I'll run myself. All your fingerpointing is a complete waste of time. Grow up and DO something.
  25. You comment just shows where you are coming from on the subject at hand. ALL of us are not talking about any political party. OUR FAMILY is MILITARY and we stand up for each other cause that is what counts. I may not agree with your statements but I would still save your butt in a fire fight. Why do you say? Because we are a MILITARY FAMILY and that is what we are suppose to do. The political parties will not be there with you....JUST US to look out for US! Voting is not going to help you fix it. So you need to stand up with us and FIGHT to keep the CONUS commissaries OPEN!
  26. This comment goes double - maybe triple - for Ret Msgt who has convinced himself that anyone who dares to disagree with his position must be "a Democrat." (Sarge - the VA must be cutting back, too. Sounds like your meds have run out.)
  27. Gotta tell ya, I really don't care if they close the commissaries. This actually sounds like a good plan to me. I used the commissary about ONE time in a 4-year enlistement, and I never went back because the place was so jam packed with retirees that the "young military families" trying to make ends meet by shopping there couldn't push a cart through the aisles. Ultimately I found that there were plenty of very competitive options off-post. It was usually cheaper or just as cheap to shop at Wal-Mart. We don't need commissaries except at very rural or remote installations, which was the intent of commissaries in the first place. The original purpose of commissaries was to provide a place to get food back when most installations *were* miles from the nearest civilian shopping area. Now, even Ft. Polk is close to many off-post shopping options. Most of the commissaries are not needed and aren't really all that cheap compared to off-post groceries. The commissaries don't even seem to provide employment opportunities for the teenaged children of service members any more; seems that all the baggers these days are foreign adults.
  28. Mike R. Here you go again with ignorance. It is not a good plan. The reason the place was packed was because it has CHEAPER prices. The aisles are narrow and need to be bigger but they are not since the commissary is so small there is no room to make them bigger. Fix that problem first. Now days we save money where we can even if it is not rural or remote. Commissaries were not the intent of just being at a rural or remote location. As I stated before you need to take a course on how to save money at shopping for groceries. I do not know what you are talking about regarding employment opportunities for the teenaged children of service members anymore because they do it at the commissary near me. The commissary near me has teenaged children of military members as stockers, checkers and baggers. So I do not know where you get the facts from but they are not correct.
  29. Mike, I agree in part, but I used the commissary my entire 4 yrs. active,12 yrs. reserve, and now as a 100% disabled veteran, I do save money, not on everything but on most items I buy! The idea that a lot of things aren't taxed, saves a bundle for me! I agree that the military dependents, all employees should be military or dependents, I bagged for 2 yrs. for extra money! They need to get rid of all civilians that are not connected with the military! They need to turn it back over to the military, the same with guards at bases, should be military, not rent a cops! They need to have the military take over the military jobs civilians are doing throughout the military bases!
  30. Walt F and Mike R. The times have changed some for commissaries and now it is controlled by DECA. No more military control over it. It would not save money to go back to military control. It is the plan to send ALL military overseas and have no more at CONUS bases. I do agree there needs to be better management over the bases regarding guards and cops. But things are not being done correctly and until you get the right person in that job it will not change. Active duty military need to be deployed and not on bases in CONUS.
  31. I agree, a lot of baggers (wives of military members) are from the far east. They seem to have a monopoly on being hired over others.
  32. Well bless your heart Mike R, I know it must have been tough on you to have to shop around all the retired Military men and women who put their lives on the line for 20 plus years to be able to receive these benefits.
  33. Time to realize that military installations and their facilities are not retirement clubs for former service members. Know of any other employer that lets former employees - regardless of length of service - come and hang around and use the company store for the rest of their lives? No? Because that's not how things work. The commissaries weren't set up as a convenience for retirees. They were set up to provide reasonable access to necessities for service members living on installations FAR from civilization. They have outlived that purpose.
  34. Yes, I worked for Pfizer for 35 plus years, I can use their company store, stop in to see my friends anytime! I was even asked to come back, and give my thoughts and suggestions! My Uncle worked for John Deere he goes back to see people all the time, he can go to their supply store and get what he wants at a discount! Now you were saying! Were you ever in combat? Wounded?
  35. Retirees use their benefits. If Mike R. chooses not to use his benefit because he is iritated by the retirees, please make way for those of us that do. I earned this benefit and I have learned over the years if you do not use a benefit, Congress will be more than happy to eliminate it. Thanks, Mike R. for making room for retirees to use, and attempt to perserve those earned benefits.
  36. Enjoy it while it lasts, LjS. You got paid and paid well to voluntarily serve (nobody got drafted for 20 years so if you're retired, you volunteered). For medical issues resulting from your service, you've got the VA. Commissary privileges - and they ARE privileges - are primarily for active duty personnel and they were never guaranteed. My recruiter didn't even mention "using the commissary" as an inducement to sign up, a pretty clear indication that today's service members don't really need or use the commissaries. They aren't needed when there are numerous grocery stores right outside virtually every installation's gates. We're not at Fort Apache anymore, sarge. We got all them injuns kilt or rounded up on the reservations now. To demand the continuation of an unprofitable/costly amenity for the convenience of pensioners who simply like hanging around on working military posts is selfish and economically unsound.
  37. Mike R. You are very disrespectful. I bet you are not even a member of the AL. Guess what your driving a vehicle is a privilege. I bet the license examiner did not tell you that when you got them. Maybe that privilege needs to be taken away from you so that you can walk out all that ignorance from you.
  38. Mark R., you are not only a fool and a liar, you are obviously a Demoncrat. By our service, operating under promises made by the government, those of us currently in the service and retired, have EARNED those benefits. I think you are a Demoncrat, liberal troll who never spent a day on active duty and if you did, it was riding a desk some where doing nothing, burning up four years and getting out to run back and ride your mommy's coat tails. People like you are what causes Demoncrats to be despised.
  39. Ret Msgt, I am a democrat. I also believe that the use of the commissary and other facilities was earned by our service to our country. But let's keep politics out of this. Yeah Mike I agree that you can get some items cheaper off post,but I remember growing up having to go to several stores to get what was on sell. Now Mike I cannot figure out why you seem to hate retirees. Are you upset because you did not stay in to retire?? I just don't get it. There is one more thing,not all of us in June are on the res.
  40. Your name isn't Wes Corbin by any chance, is it? You sound just like him. That's NOT a compliment.
  41. I'm a "fool" and a "liar" because I don't believe that commissaries serve the purpose for which they were intended? Clearly it didn't take much mental prowess to rise to the rank of MSG when you were in, sarge. Fact of the matter is, I gave up a pretty high paying job to be a 13B for 4 years. So, I had the benefit of a little more perspective from the real world than you ever got as a lifer who probably enlisted right out of high school. Politics have NOTHING to do with facts and the fact is we don't need commissaries. But, isn't is Democrats who are usually accused of demanding government benefits to which they feel entitled? Yeah. You sound like more of the Democrat type to me - crying about your government bennies. BTW, I voted for Reagan. Twice.
  42. Mike R you are a fool. Are you a Power Ranger talking about mental (powers) Oh yeah you spelled that wrong just like you are wrong about the subject at hand. You gave up a high paying job to be a 13B for 4 years. Well let us think now.....oh yeah must of been a pretty good reason why you did that huh? Maybe you get drafted again since that is coming soon and will not be able to use any CONUS Commissary since they do not have any and ALL the Kroger and Walmart stores closed down due to the coming World war. BTW politics does not have anything to do with it. WE DO NEED Commissaries. You should of voted for Reagan Three times not only Twice.
  43. [Note: This comment is in no way intended to belittle ACTUAL Democrats and is directed only at Ret Msgt who seems to believe that he is both the standard-bearer and gate-keeper of true conservativism. He is not. He is actually just a reflection of the very sort of people he ironically thinks are exclusively Democrats.]
  44. Last year the Commissary System on US Military Bases had more than 6 billion dollars in sales. Operation costs were less than 2 billion dollars with a work force primarily of military spouses, family members and military retirees. This is a not for profit operation in which profits are distributed into troop welfare and morale funds. Since this operation pays for itself and contributes to the financial stability of military families, why on earth would the government close this operation down. I’m mad as hell because it is quite obvious that this decision has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with the agenda of our current administration. Get out and Vote!!
  45. Bravo. It makes no sense to do away with a system that helps military families and supports MWR services. The commissary system works. Don't mess with it.
  46. Sadly, a growing part of this problem is the raft of flag level officers who are more interested in securing their political futures post-retirement then in standing up for the service members that they are supposed to be leading. One after another, regardless of service, these "leaders" are throwing military service members under the bus in order to kowtow to the political class. I am a retired officer with 22 yrs service; I will be impacted by the total absurdity of the COLA cuts on working age retirees. It's the veterans' and retireees' organizations that are fighting that one, NOT the generals and admirals. Educate yourselves about how much we are losing by dedicating our lives to a government that only values us when the missiles and bullets are flying.
  47. The Republicans and the Democrats in Washington are millionaires or they are arranging to become millionaires. Check all you want before the politician goes to Washington and you'll see how profitable politics can be after a few years. Te difference is that the Democrats are better liars and the Republicans are better thieves.
  48. First of all, consider it a done deal. It's the people who don't HAVE to use the commissaries that make the final decision to bring the DeCa budget to 400 million. The lowly Private or Airman on food stamps will not decide. Second: Military cuts will continue to be shaved away unless the entire manpower (active, reserves, NG, retirees, and dependents), stand up to say "No More!" and votes accordingly. But we all know that will never happen, so the cuts will keep coming. Finally, When the powers to be have cut deep enough into the military it will be the lower ranks effected the most -sure, retirees will suffer, but who cares! It's when the General has to pick the mop or broom because there are no more Privates to take up the fight, that's when the military will realize the cuts have gone too far. And we're a very long way away from seeing any Generals picking up a mop or broom.
  49. This is what happens when Democrats are in charge. They go after the Military.! Stop voting them in. Sure there are things that need to be reined in. But commasaries??? Come on.!
  50. Oh come off of it. Not all of the problems are caused by us dems. The GOP don't care about the men and women they send out into harms way. Most politicians don't care about those of us who have served. But please keep politics out of this.
  51. Lynn S. you are exactly right. I knew when they were vetting Chuck Hagel and he could not put an intelligent, coherent sentence together that we were in trouble. He is a bought and paid for Obamanite, willing to sell his very soul to make his CINC smile and pat him on the head while selling us all down the tubes. He is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore and the decorations he was 'given'(I doubt he earned them)and brags about. You can dress a fool up any way you want, he's still a fool. Hagel, like Obama, thinks of the American serviceman and woman as the enemy not patriots. They take money out of our pockets and food off our table at the same time they are promoting a welfare state. Look up Socialism, you will see the parallel to what these fools are doing.
  52. Yes, our so called POTUS would not even know how to put on a pair of combat boots. Nor most other Dem's. Make it a prerequisite to have worn the boots before serving in any political office.!
  53. JP jr. Your probably on welfare ugh!! I'm not a Demo or Rep. Them people are obsolete, and stupid. I consider myself an American and vote the person and the issue. I'm not also rich however I was taught to not spend more than you earn. That's another chapter in this book, however maybe not you, but your kids or grandkids will have to pay your neglected bills of $17-18 Trillion and counting. By the way I spend over 40 years in the Military, so don't tell me of benefits. The Army only promised me was a hot and a cot, the other bennies were the gravy.
  54. Why is it that the Germans pay their military way better than we pay ours? You all sound goofy while Congress pays for bridges to no where. Sgt USMC 73-77
  55. When I was drafted into the Arrmed Forces back in the fifties I was given a list of "Perks" that I would be entitled to while serving in the Service, what happen to that statement from the "Goose's Mouth?" Over the years Military spending has gotten out of hand and all of the big boys are out there trying to reduce spending without hearting some of our "Big Wheels" we must remember they were the ones who made all of these promises that they couldn't keep. I After read one of these reports that said that we should only vote for those who have served in one of the Branches of the Millitary service, then they will know what, where or when to vote on these very expensive Bills that aren't needed by either one of our five services, as a Private I was told that I should learn how to balance that $78.00 check that I was recieving each Month so it would stretched it's self for thirty days, our Big boys who purchase goods for the Military Stores should follow the words of that "Rooting-Tooting" Sarge who trained me how to budget. Once a service person decide to retire from the service, well that is the time that the Commissary come in handy, especially if you are amoung the enlisted grades, many think that Military Retirees makes a whole lot of money, well that is just not true, especially when you have to send your children to college or to other learning establishments. I think that our Congress should be allowed to roam amoung the lower echelon of our Military workers to see how proficient they can preform their jobs in their units and also how effective is the equipment that they are issued for use, that way there will be less inferior equipment that will not be assigned to especially combat units. I don't think that the rugs should be pulled from organizations only because it is easy and they aren't high on the list of things that the Department of Defense is looking for as a keeper. Why did we fight in the Republic of Vietnam for I believe a total of ten years, durning that period I never did hear so much talk about closing what Commissaries that were in the Military inventory at that time like now!! Why are our Policy makers so shaky at this date and time?
  56. No Country that has run up massive debt in the history of the planet has been able to remain a military power. Ours is going to try. First cola, now commissary, next medical. These savings are needed to keep the Military Industrial Complex in business. Congress needs to look at closing some overseas bases. Bringing these troops home to stateside bases will help local economies.
  57. Scorekeeper our debt was caused by all of the needless wars America has started. The last 2 Deadly Needless Unfunded Wars of Dubya/Cheney is adding to the national debt everyday. The DOD had to pay the families of the 40 Thousand plus troops that lost their lives in Iraq and Afghan, the VA is on the hook for paying and caring for the extra 100's of thousands that were severely wounded. When Dubya/Cheney came into office he a surplus in the treasury and that was gone in a flash with the Tax Cuts for the Rich and the 2 Deadly, Needless, Unfunded Wars and an Unfunded Drug Program that almost bankrupted millions of our Seniors with his Doughnut Hole, If the Active Military, Disabled Veterans and the Retirees don't start standing as 1 Group and loose their I'm an "R" or I'm a "D" and start seeing that since the Tealiban Bagger Terrorist Hi-Jacked the Republican Party America has gone down hill, The Canadian Ted bin Ladin Cruz continues to brag about the destruction America he and his group have done.
  58. Gee, You sound like a democrat.... and, according to the last figures 4,489 Americans were killed in Iraq and 1760 in Afgan.. Where does your count of 40 thousand plus come from?
  59. Check your history. You are in my era as a 100% disabled vet (SSGT} Vietnam my friend. 50000. Dead.
  60. Apologize Roll Tide, comment meant for JPjr.I know I am always will be a U. S. Marine and as most of all I have been reading all I can say is that DAMN well all Vet's deserve all benefits they have earned !
  61. Where is this going to stop? Our current administration should be made to eat what our service people, including retirees, reservist, retirees. Our administration They have ate and made their living off the military for too long. Each one should survive on one month's pay, go into a commissary and just see how family would survie. DOD directors and their full staff should be the first to try it. Then they could home and see the exact difference they would be dealing with Maybe someone (HEAD of DOD) could actually put a great deal more effort in taking care of the military (both, current and retired). Wake up people they are slowing but surely wanting us to lose more and more everytime they have a coffee break. Vote and make sure the only people you vote for have had a tour for the military. God help us all.
  62. Dana in case you don't know the House of Representatives is where all spending bills must originate as per the U.S. Constitution, and the House is controlled by Republicans that only care for the Rich and to hell with everyone else. It seems that their Motto is if you don't have enough money to buy me then you can go to hell, that is except on voting day then they Lie about loving the voters. Before voting for someone do a very good check of who they are and what they stand for, you have to look past their lies.
  63. You mean like you all did on Obama? Where are his school records? Where are the records when he was a professor? Where are Mooshell's? Nada! And you talk about 'doing a very good check of who they are' Demoncratic fool!!
  64. Hey,you bought monkey face Bush and his handler Chaney lies before they stole the 2000 election and again in 2004.
  65. Hey,you bought monkey face Bush and his handler Chaney lies before they stole the 2000 election and again in 2004.
  66. Idiot Demoncrat. It makes no difference what the Republicans do, Harry 'Dead On Arrival' Reid and Nancy "If I Only Had a Brain' Pelosi contral the Senate and quash anything any Republican or Republicans try to do. Another one of your liber lies and attempts to twist the truth. Liar, coward and Demoncrat!!!
  67. I am no liar nor am I a coward. BUT I AM A DEMOCRAT. THE economy that was inherited by us dems was already in the toilet. Your hero Monkey face Bush and his leader Chaney made untold millions of dollars from no bid contracts. I got to get off of here before I lose my temper, because it is just not worth it to keep going with people who have the your either with us or against us.
  68. Anybody else starting to notice a pattern here? Anyone that disagrees with the Ret Msgt (actually "MSG" is the accepted abbreviation these days) must be a Democrat - even if they aren't. Kind of funny. Also kind of eliminates Ret Msgt as a credible voice on any subject that he can turn into a political diatribe.
  69. JPJR, I guess you need a history lesson. Dems controlled the President, Senate and the House the first 2 years. How many budgets were passed? None, that's right. Lowest military pay raise is 50 years and 1st President to spend his entire term with no budget. Think how many soldiers could be paid or commissaries stay open if the president did not have to take a $100 million trip to Africa? Any reason why POTUS and FLOTUS have to continue to travel separately? It is a shame that you want to treat your fellow soldiers this way when you have served.
  70. As I understand it the president directs the treasury, and the treasury has been pumping 80 billion a month in to the economy i.e. wall st. and the current president isn't a republican! So main street sucks while wall st. smiles. Or don't you count that because its not republican?
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