How would you categorize President Obama’s State of the Union address?

Visionary: The president outlined his plans successfully and clearly.
8% (180 votes)
Emotional: The tribute to wounded Army Ranger Cory Remsburg was powerful.
5% (106 votes)
Empty: It was a typical political speech with lots of ideas but few specifics.
36% (817 votes)
Partisan: There was little effort to bring the two parties together.
20% (439 votes)
Boring: I didn’t watch it, fell asleep or watched something else.
31% (708 votes)
Total votes: 2250


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  1. Obama was not born he came from the jungle and does not like American and their religion he only plays the part because he hates America and is out to bring it down to his level of Dum president America ever elected and the Democrat's pray to his religion which the devil come up with that is why Obama said there is no God but does say he has a religion by acting the part. That is why the democrat's kiss his royal ass. They all turned to be Muslims not Americans they also do not like America that is way they kiss Obamas rear. Now would you vote for them none Americans in office that are selling America to the Muslims?

  2. Every speech Obama has give, including the State of the Union Speech,.......has been full of Lies, Misinformation, and Propaganda.
    Obama is the most Corrupt President in the History of America.

  3. My, My, didn't this topic just get everyone's B.P. up? I'm no expert but doesn't this kind of prove how divided this country really is? When people who wore the uniform/shed blood/cried tears for friends who didn't make it back/ have seen and done things not many have can't have a conversation(?) witout the name-calling/hateful comments/personnel attacks/ just who can? No, I'm not pleased wirh the CiC in office. As a matter of fact, I'm not looking forward to getting a new one in a few years/ main reason being: We keep getting worst instead of better leadership at the national level. Just how can we fix that?? I don't care what party is holding the White House; just get me a man/woman who will work for the good of the country/work out some of the differences in both parties/ at least make an attempt to simply get a tax code that anyone can understand/ and lastly won't make the US the laught-stock of the world for "making deals" in the middle-east. Just get us the hell away from that part of the world

  4. We as honorable Vets need to hang together. Obama is a "divide and Conquer" communist who follows the Saul Alinsky play book to the letter! As honorable Veterans, we need to All stick together and come up with a solution to remove this Muslim loving tyrant and all those in Washington who agree with him.

  5. This is the first time I've been on this web page and am appalled and disappointed in many of the comments here. I really don't need to read this kind of crap and thought a veterans site would be different. I thought there would be thoughtful and civil comments rather than personal and vile attacks on the character of our president. So, I won't be back, but, I do feel sadness that people who wear or have worn the uniform prefer to viciously trash our CIC. I guess I'm old school remembering in 1968 (MCRD, San Diego) doing endless push-ups and being told to STFU if we even thought about openly saying anything disrespectful toward our superiors. Hence, I have no tolerance for those who openly enjoy denigrating our president and it doesn't matter to me who holds the Oval Office. So, I am saying hello and goodbye at the same time and, if you won't miss me, the feeling is mutual.

  6. I enlisted in the AAF under President Roosevelt, who was condemned by the Republicans as the worst there ever was or would be, a communist, and a warmonger. He was followed by Harry Truman, who the Republicans blasted as a numbskull, a hick, and a corrupt machine politician. He was followed by Eisenhower, who was damned by the Democrats as senile and by the Republican ultra-conservatives as too ready to compromise with Russia. Next came Jack Kennedy, who was bombarded by the Republicans as too close to the Mafia, obsessed with sex, and too weak because he didn't invade Cuba. And so it goes. Every American president is vilified and denigrated by his opponents before and after the elections. We are supposed to be intelligent adults, but we disprove that assumption with many of the statements in this list of comments. Shame on us.

  7. It is foolish to pretend to respect anyone as destructive to this nation as this left wing, Progressive, Marxist, Fascist, communist, American Hater. The presidency has been so corrupted by this fool, it no longer deserves respect.

  8. The Legion must now be political because the leaches are taking over. Veterans took an oath to protect this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If you detractors do not believe in the oath then quit the Legion, we don’t need you, we don’t even want you around.

  9. Great comment ED, and I agree with you, the leaches are taking over, but we should just stand back and keep our thoughts to ourselves

  10. While I'm not one to approve of the profanity, I do agree with the message. May I remind you all that President Obama IS your Commander in Chief. Like him or not, you should have respect for him in that capacity and honor him accordingly. Many should have learned what your parents told you -- don't discuss Politics or Religion in public places (and you all have made the Legion so). These conversations should be curtailed there, particularly when attendees are having alcohol. It gets "old" watching Republican news broadcasting and listening to the brotherhood slam the President, Democrats and other liberals. That's what got Steve all worked up. Leave it at home, not at the lodge regardless of who is right or wrong. Sure you are entitled to your opinions, but the bar isn't the best place to voice them.

  11. Excellent speech. Covered all the bases except one. Too bad he didn't talk about getting automatic weapons out of the hands of civilians. These weapons are meant for MILITARY purposes, period.

  12. I whole heartedly agree with the fact there is NO place for automatic weapons in private ownership. The Republican Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia when writing the winning opinion for the landmark Supreme Court case Washington DC V. Heller said that the Second Amendment allows for handguns in the home but military weapons are to be regulated and if necessary forbidden.

  13. Absolutely. We don't need military weapons in public mowing down our little kids who cannot defend themselves. Military assault weapons with loaded magazines are an extreme danger to the American public. They were built to be used on the front lines of battle -- not in our schools mowing down little kids and teachers.

  14. 1). The US economy grew 3.2 percent in the final quarter of 2013, with the best six months of economic growth in over ten years, shrugging off the effects of the fall’s government shutdown and debt standoff.

    2) the Dow Jones set a new record high in January reflecting big business's record earnings.

    3) After a 20 year lull the US is again the largest producer of oil, out performing the traditional oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia.

    4) As a sign of confidence in the US Economy the Federal Reserve continued their policy of "Quantitative Easing" and sold $111 Billion in bonds, taking this excess cash out of the well running US economy to guard against higher interest rates and inflation.

    5) December unemployment rate of 6.7% was the lowest since December 2007.

    6) US Sales of previously owned homes had the best rate of growth since 2006.

    Not bad business leadership for a illegal Kenyan Muslim Socialist Community Organizer!

  15. Do you really believe what you read regarding US economy growth. It is all a bunch of lies. If we are the largest producer in oil than the price would not be so HIGH. Unemployment rate is not correct. It is more like 12.7% with families starving and homeless. If owning a home was a better growth rate than so would the loan interest rate go up. You obviously are not a business person!

  16. The economic measures of growth parameters I mentioned are learned in the basic macro economics courses in all schools and are the parameters used in all macro economics studies throughout the world. These figures are public information. Just because Rush Limbaugh's "low information voters" are not aware of this and this higher level of information is never mentioned on Fox News it does not mean it is not true. Republican administrations have used these same basic economic parameters in their assessment of the economy. The unemployment rates are derived by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) a US Government but independent gathering house of information used by economists and banks throughout the world. I suggest you pick up newspapers like the Republican biased Wall Street Journal or the New York Times and you will find this same information explained in much greater detail. It will make you sound more informed too!

  17. You are confusing oil with gasoline, which refined oil. US Gas prices remain relatively low when compared to world economies. Europe pays double the US price of gas at the pump while the North Sea is one of the biggest producers of oil by companies like Shell (Holland) and Statoil (Norway).

    Yes, I am a senior business executive in both the petroleum manufacturing and aerospace industries.

  18. Great statistics and they are true. The United States is recovering from the worst recession in its history (The Great Recession). I will add this to your list: The Obama Administration saved the auto industry and especially Chrysler and General Motors and the jobs that went with them. Chrysler paid back every dime it borrowed plus interest to the U.S. Government and General Motors has once again regained its ranking as the leader in vehicle manufacturing worldwide -- and out of bankruptcy.

  19. Statistics are true? I have ocean front property in Phoenix for you at a Great price too. We are not out of The Great Recession yet. You must of been on that same deserted island too.

  20. ANY president, of any stripe, who insists he will do something "with or without Congress" is grossly ignorant of the role of his office and makes the clear statement he does not want to "lead" but to "rule". Until this time, I was willing to discuss the fact that I do not agree with many of this president's policies, but that he was doing as he thought right.

    NO LONGER. He deserves contempt for his misuse of the office.

  21. Again, our president has used the Executive Order less than any of his predecessors. Look it up!

  22. Why is the Legion providing a forum for these whackos to spew hate, racism and disrespect toward our President? We The People elected him.

  23. You might have voted for Obama but I didn't and I am not racist, nor do I think that if I don't like the man, I am one who spews hate or disrespect for the president. I don't like the fact that he allows Muslims to have a meeting, then won't allow Christians the same right. This country was founded on freedom or religion, and to take that right away, regardless of your beliefs is wrong.

  24. Where have you been? Let me guess on that same deserted island. Do you not remember that a lot of people voted several times.

  25. He talks about fairness in wages and wealth. The vet. he introduced at his speech is now disabled and will get disability benifits in the amt. of less than 1,000.00 per month for as long as he lives. Our president and other congress folks will get no less than 200,000.00 per yr. after one term in office. How abut he offer some of this to the ones who are hurting. As should other cronies in his clan.

  26. How can you believe anything that comes out of a LIARS mouth. Example bold face lies! You can keep your insurance if you like it PERIOD. You can keep you doctor PERIOD. He is COLD, UNCARING and out to destroy FREEDOM and LIBERTY that countless AMERICANS have died for. Where is our CIA and FBI? Why is he not being investigated? He should not only be IMPEACHED but also IMPRISIONED for TREASON against the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION.

  27. This is a socilist President who was elected by people who don't want to work. Free whatever they can get is the mission. If, as he claims, that so many employers are seeking skilled employee's, how is it that our troops returning home who been trained in many needed skills, beside fighting, can't even find a menial position?? He is an elequent speaker that spouts things that sound good, but totally without a plan. He used the wounded sargent to make himself look compassionate and caring. He then travels to a Costco to tell them raising minimum wage, a company, without any of his help, allready exceeds minimum wage by several dollars. That makes sense. He is totally out of touch with the real world. I'll bet he couldn't tell you how much a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas costs.

  28. He is approaching and demanding that it is his way or the hiway. He should be impeached. But that will not happen. I am very concerned for the welfare of our nation and for all veterans. All service personnel and retirees should feel threatened, because they are. He and Clinton's response of what difference does it make is exactly how they feel. I hope our service organizations can muster enough clout and votes to demand favorable actions.

  29. Respect is a 2 way street. When it is earned. This man by executive order has had the IRS DOJ and EPA go after citizens who dare have a different opinion or express same, buy the organizations they choose to join. His lies "keep you doctor" etc. are atrocious at best. If I were still in the Corps on Air Force One I would give him the "short-arm" salute and take the Courts-martial. Semper Fi-Bob

  30. if and when I no longer belong to the legion I will not disrespect legion members or the legion by saying I quit on account of members comments or opinions. No one has to fill out or vote on our leader here if they do not wish to and surely don't have to read comments and make them. If you can't speak well of a legion, then don't speak.

  31. if and when I no longer belong to the legion I will not disrespect legion members or the legion by saying I quit on account of members comments or opinions. No one has to fill out or vote on our leader here if they do not wish to and surely don't have to read comments and make them. If you can't speak well of a legion, then don't speak.

  32. This man is insolent, arrogant, inept, and incompetent. It's time to introduce him to another "I" word - IMPEACHMENT. He bought the office, disgraced it, and considers himself the Imperial wizard who knows what is best for America. Read the word in CAPS.

  33. I thought the Legion was not to be involved in politics. However, you want our political opinions. Which is it then?

  34. I'm glad the Leigon is in this,They are one of few groups fighting to keep are rights and benifits.

  35. It is Obama himself that disses the office of the president. I was serving under the peanut farmer & did not think anyone in my lifetime could possibly be worse. I WAS SURE WRONG ON THAT.

  36. Just how many lies do people have to hear, before they finally realize they have been lied to!

  37. From the Commander In Chief, I expect a more dignified SOTU. Everything this man says is about him- should be about others.

  38. I don't care what political affiliation any one has... But, I'm really sick of all the whining, from both sides. We have a completely dysfunctional government... A government that has not put the needs of the citizens above their own petty partisanship.

    I didn't come to the Legion webpage to see a political survey, nor did I come to listen to religion or politics... I came to see how 'an Oregon man is screwing veterans out of wages", but instead here I am, in the middle of the same petty arguments I hear from our government.

    Yell at me for my comments, if you like... I could care less... But, if you want to try to point our government in the right direction, write to your elected officials and whine to them (enjoy their form letter response!) and vote them out, if they aren't doing their job.

    Danny Staggs

  39. Let me start by saying I have respect for the Office of which Mr. Obama holds. Having said that, I have come to the opinion that this man will say, do and use anyone or anything in an attempt to make himself look good.

    I salute the office and hold my nose for the man in the office.

  40. After reading these comments I am reassured that my decision to quit was the correct one.

  41. That is your opinion. Mine is to not quit even if the ship is sinking. You continue to strive for success and you can't do that if you are a quitter.

  42. Paul, after reading your posts it appears that The American is better off without you too. So we all are the winners.

  43. Oh, like you idiots know anything about what it's like to be President. I'm a vet too! Happily, an alive one. Please stop pushing your weight around, thinking you had anything at all to do about whether you got back or not. Please be grateful for the right to vote. If you have enough balls to vote.

  44. We'll Mr. intelligent one, you are right on, I doubt anyone that's never held the office of U S President could ever Imagine how difficult it is. However, I am old enough to be able to compare how different President have conducted themselves, and evaluate the results of what they accomplished while they served. As a voter, (and I have voted in every Presidential election since I was old enough to), I rate PRESIDENT OBAMA as very low in the overall standings.

  45. It's no longer government by the people,
    for the people.
    It's government by one man, for one man!

  46. Barack Obama is the President of the United States and as such is also the Commander-in-Chief of all our nations' military forces. Some of the comments made are, in my opinion, shameful and certainly disrespectful of the office and the man himself. No one has to like the President as a human being regardless of who he is, but to disrespect the man and the office he occupies is un-american in principle and in fact. All Americans need to support their president and the Office of the President for this basic reason -- a successful president means a successful nation and the United States of America is our nation and the stronger we as Americans can make it, the better off all of us will be.

  47. You must of been on a deserted island too. It is un-American to not have an opinion. If you do not know by now that military forces respect their Commander-in-Chief than you need to crawl back under the rock where you were on that deserted island. All Americans will not support their president with a prime example of the Senate and House (They Do Not). You must have a good president combined with the efforts of the Senate and House to have a successful nation and the stronger we can make it.

  48. people of Germany respected Hitler and followed him to death. we need a president who will follow the guide lines of the congress. My dad has told me numerous times 2 heads are always better than one and our president can't see that. He vows to use ex . privilege if they won't let him have his way. Look at Fidel Castro who did the same. We are headed for a Muslim country as well as a communist type and we don't want that in America. Ia m a vet. of the Korean War era and I love America and I don't love what is happening to us with this president. We are a Christian nation no matter what he says. The polls prove we are an 86% Christian nation and that is a majority to me.

  49. I agree with you R.J. Barr. I think that we are a Christian nation. I heard Mr. Obama and countless others use the phrase "God Bless America". I've heard it so often that it almost becomes meaningless and pointless. I believe God did bless America. If you would like to know is wrong with our country today, just look at what we have done with all his blessings. Our government doesn't have all the answers. They just think they do. Just my thoughts. I don't expect anyone to agree with me. Army '74-'77

  50. God Bless America, I agree with you and I think that the path we are on now will lead to God not blessing us as he has done in the past. Prayer banned, Obama cancelled the day of prayer last year. We need God, and if we forget that then we will surely pay for it.

  51. I respect the office, not the person occupying it. He's not doing anything that will move the country forward, of course he doesn't have any help either, as 905% of the current government office holders have not been sticking to the Constitution as our Founding Fathers intended. Example: none off them, (President or Congress), have the same healthcare, retirement plan, and pay scale as the rest of the government employees. I could go on with examples like this, but you should get the point…

  52. Appears as though you are completely satisfied that we now have had an avowed SOCIALIST in OUR White House for 5 yrs., and counting. Shame on you for not advising yourself on his TRUE agenda. You have to dig a little, BUT, the info is there, showing what his true agenda is, AND, what his true plans really are!!

  53. @Marvin, disagreement, regardless of how strong and severe, is by no means disrespectful. Calling names, making blanket (and false) statements about a person's character or integrity, or generalizations about a person's background would be disrespectful. While that line may be hard to find at times, the easiest way to find it is to ask yourself how you would feel if the comments were said about you.

    Frankly, having a President stand behind a microphone or a teleprompter and tell the People what they should think and feel is disrespectful to the People. He certainly does not seem to like it when the People in turn tell him what he should do. How high do the numbers have to be before he acknowledges that he is on the wrong side of the Will of the People?

  54. The people voted in the GOP in the House for a reason, to counter the Democrats and the President, they are of a different party that do not see eye to eye and it was the President who consitantly refused to listen to the GOP in the House. Further, the Senate leader refuses to bring up any bills sponsored by the GOP members,so the failure of the President to get anything done is his fault and the people spoke in 2010 to elect a GOP house to 'STOP' the Democrats. The people spoke no only to elect the President, but to elect the GOP house; thus, they want to government to be refrained.

  55. Stop listening to racist fox lying news!! The only thing the republican congress brought up for votes is STOP so called Obama care. They haven't brought up one bill to move the country forward and HELP the middle class. They do nothing but obstruct!! What idea has the republicans brought forward for the President needs to listen to---none!!

  56. Mr Clark, race has nothing to do with my opinion. Policies and leadership is what I pay attention to. In fact I am working to get a qualified conservative to run for president. His name is Dr. Benjamin Carson. He has integrity and demonstrated ability to lead. You are a very sad and angry person. I feel sorry for you. As to Fox News Channel, what a breath of fresh air. You could learn a lot watching Fox. They tell the truth and let me decide. You appear to more interested in listening to biased news reporting. I hope you can figure out how to have a life.

  57. Here you go again. "RACIST!" "LIARS!"

    The only reason Republicans, in general, don't like Obamacare is because it isn't Romneycare.

    The majority of Americans don't want either one. Neither party is trying to help the middle class... they are trying to eliminate it.

  58. I have never been so frightened of our government in my life since Obama has taken office. It seems as if he has no experience what so ever in government. I could not understand at all how he was able to be re-elected, as if Washington D.C. is scared to challenge him on anything. I know there are many democrats who would be glad to leave their office, but then they wouldn't be getting their fine benefits any longer. He, indeed, has too much power for a president. God help our Nation.

  59. It is a shame that so many people now disrespect the office of the President. I thought it was about time the President took exception to the Congress. He has tried to work with them to no avail. I applaud him for his plans to do what ever he can to move this country forward.

  60. There is no disrespect after you earn the respect. Where have you been? On a deserted island for the past 2 years or so? We keep moving backwards not forwards. Go back to your deserted island again.

  61. I hate to disagree with you but he has turned his back against the house who tried to help me keep my health insurance and at 73 its hard to get some other insurance but the senate pushed it thru when most were on vacation.

  62. Sir , it is a shame that WE DO NOT HAVE A PRESIDENT / COMMANDER IN CHIEF in the OVAL OFFICE.. What we have is a MUSLIM USURPER that is out to destroy every thread of FREEDOM and RESPECT that we once had. WAKE UP and PISS THE KOOLAID OUT.

  63. WOW! It's ok to be on the left and voice your views. That seems a bit harsh. Is that type of thing a left wing point of view?

  64. It may surprise you, but you are right. There ARE a lot of racists around, and their numbers are increasing. What you may not know is this... most of 'em ain't white!

    Also, experience has taught me the biggest racists tend to be the ones who scream "RACIST" the loudest and call people who disagree with them names.

    You have your opinion and other people have theirs. Try to at least be civil, even if others are not. Lead by example.

  65. Well said, Hey Jimmy. So tired of the racist card being played whenever a person disagrees with a stated opinion.

  66. Read the constitution. The job of the president is to implement the laws set by congress. The use of executive orders are legal only if they apply to congressional direction. The second Roosevelt and Nixon started this and extended this trend and it is time for spineless supreme court to stop it.

  67. You should also point out that this president has used the Executive Order less than any of his predecessora!

  68. So, now, I suppose he just becomes a DICTATOR?? I sure do respect the office of President; just wish the present White House occupant would do likewise. I thought we still had 'checks-and-balances'~~~3 divisions of Government. TOO BAD the mainstream media refuses to inform Americans that his mother and grandparents were avowed socialist/communists, that he was tutored by Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky and other communists, so as to become the Socialist that he is!!!

  69. Stop listening to Fox lying news!! the Republican congress has NO intentions of working with the PRESIDENT on ANYTHING!!

  70. This is the last time i am going to read this junk you had better get your head out of your seat last year the REPUBLICANS PUT 77 BILLS thru to try to save harry reed to try to save us money but harry file 13 every one now who won`t work with who sign ed and junking everything...

  71. It might do you well to stop listening to MSNBC and CNN. Fox isn't so great, either, but at least you CAN hear something truthful there... sometimes. And Republicans will not work with a Democrat president anymore than the Democrats will work with a Republican president. Both parties have the same end in mind and only exist separately so the American voter can "throw the bums out" in any given election without upsetting the real powers.

  72. Forest, even the President has no respect for the Office of President. I would also like to know what Subject Obama has tried to " Work On " with the Congress. As to what I have seen is Obama's use of the " NO WORD " when Congress tried to meet him and Senator Reid halfway on many Subjects. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  73. I never thought in my lifetime I would see another President as bad as Jimmy Carter but President Obama will go down as the worst serving President this nation has ever seen.


  75. Our imperial President thinks and acts like a dictator. He makes you think that he wants to work with legislators, but he really has nothing but scorn and contempt for them. It's his way or the highway. Just look at how he has rammed his legislation through Congress, while it was in recess. Just look at the number of Executive Orders he has issued. He bypasses the legislative process when the majority of American people speak their voice. His highness thinks he is a great leader, but a great leader in a democracy can gain concensus agreement. His speeches are loved by those who hug and kiss this guy. Wasn't that absolutely ridiculous the way he hugged and kissed every Congressional woman, and even the Supreme Court women? I was shocked and appalled by this outrageous display of public affection. I was totally embarrassed that his highness would carry on this way. Absolutely shocking!!!


  76. Our imperial President thinks and acts like a dictator. He makes you think that he wants to work with legislators, but he really has nothing but scorn and contempt for them. It's his way or the highway. Just look at how he has rammed his legislation through Congress, while it was in recess. Just look at the number of Executive Orders he has issued. He bypasses the legislative process when the majority of American people speak their voice. His highness thinks he is a great leader, but a great leader in a democracy can gain concensus agreement. His speeches are loved by those who hug and kiss this guy. Wasn't that absolutely ridiculous the way he hugged and kissed every Congressional woman, and even the Supreme Court women? I was shocked and appalled by this outrageous display of public affection. I was totally embarrassed that his highness would carry on this way. Absolutely shocking!!!


  77. Unfortunately we all have now! Didn't help much but at least Carter was a Vet. But beyond being the worst Obama will go down as the most Damaging to the Constitution we all enlisted to protect. The very foundations of Freedom we defended are being under minded by this President. Silencing opposition are the things of tyrants. I note some members didn't appreciate the question even being asked. If our organization doesn't. Who else will?

  78. I didn't realize there were so many racist people in the American Legion---until now!

  79. What has race got to do with a president who is completely out of touch about how a president should act. He makes a point not to salute our flag, he has never done one single thing to make this country better. I don't care what color you are, if you are a good person who makes good decisions for our country I would stand up for you, Obama hasn't done anything but lie and deceive the American citizens. If the people who voted for this man are not ashamed, then they are blind or just plain stupid.

  80. Sad to say Mr. Clark, you are the only person to play the race card. Here is food for thought, voting for a person BECAUSE of the color of his/her skin is as racist as not voting for someone because of the color of his/her skin. One other thought, he is half white.

  81. Here we go again!! James, you typify the Obummer supporter and liberals in general: when you can't argue intelligently or justify your position, you turn to the race card. Race has nothing to do with it and you know it. You just can't present a credible defense for this idiot.

  82. You're the only one that I have seen bring race into it. Same old crap, if a person doesn't agree with something he must be a racist. Carter sucked as President and so does Obama. Not racist but fact. All you have to do is look at their record. They both are anti-military.

  83. i am not a racist i don`t judge a man by the color of his skin my ancestors were red skins but i judge a man by his actions.

  84. he will be in the WH from now on as America's dictator unless CONGRESS grows some balls and ARREST and INDITES him and his REGIME for MURDER and TREASON and get their SORRY A$$E$ out .......

  85. Mr. Howell,
    Excellent comment! I have been saying this for a couple of years now. I live in Illinois and I know better than most that Mr. Obama was incompetent as our senator. He had never worked in the private sector nor does he understand it-I think rather he despises it. At least Carter was an Annapolis graduate and peanut farmer!

  86. It often makes me wonder how Ovomit became filthy rich and receive his education from some ivy league schools when coming from dirt poor family. The sale of his books sure didn't make him all that he is worth today. No wonder he hired a team to keep his records sealed and never revealed his college transcripts. To this date i have never witnessed anyone coming forward and saying I knew him when he was growing up and his classmates stroies while he was in all of his schools. Wonder why that is? He has done more to create more strife and destroy the constitution than any other president ever. I can see the museum now for this poor excuse for our leader in the future being full of lies and smoke and mirrors his support of breaking our nations laws and rules.

  87. "If Congress won't act, I will. I have a pen and a phone---". That's exactly why our founding Fathers wrote in to our Constitution a balance of powers. This president has trampled the Constitution and spit on the portrait of our Founding Fathers. His unending rhetoric is full of lies and distortion. There was nothing in his State of the Union speech that addressed the state of the union. It was another campaign speech full of empty promises to those who worship at is feet.
    Indeed,,, Jimmy Carter must be proud of this guy !!!!

  88. I agree. He has no respect for the American Citizens, tradition, or laws.
    He can't leave too soon.

  89. Obama is living proof that there are more horses asses then there are horses.

  90. I agree, Jimmy carter his a very happy man today as he is no longer the worst.

  91. If you quit the Legion , stay off the page. Seems there are a few other infiltrators turning it into a childish social media outlet. I agree this administration , voted in twice ,just as another Chancellor was democratically elected 80yrs. ago, telegraphs its disdain for our nation and our Constitution and is "fundamentally transforming" free citizens into subjects . I am stunned and dismayed by the cheering of the masses of useful idiots and complete surrender of any resistance by the supposed opposition party or journalists.

  92. Man are you every thin skinned. As long as you are not active duty, and individual has a right to criticize the Commander in Chief. Talk about intolerance Paul, YOU TAKE THE CAKE!

  93. So leave, Paul; no great loss. Attitudes like yours are why we are in the mess we are in. What are we supposed to do: sit around and let this incompetent "president" totally destroy our country? He truly is the worst ever and the most dangerous. Wake up.

  94. Hate you quit the legion. That is the reason members like you make us lose so many things.

  95. I have to agree with the vet above Obama is the worst president he has us so far in debt that we will never get out from under it he took 714,000,000 that he put in obamacare which will never get working and with the help of some other dummys in dc took some military retirement and he is not finished yet ex democrat...

  96. We have an administration that does not look out for veteran's. If any American Legion member is happy with the president you should be ashamed of yourself. If the president truly cared about the American people we would not still be talking about BENGHAZI and would have gotten to the truth by now. We have ''Fast and Furious'' IRS, NSA, to many unanswered questions. I don't care whether your democrat or republican,whatever happened to leave no man behind, and instead order a stand down. You can't be serious Paul Donahue?

  97. permalink. hope you didn't let the door hit you in the behind when you left

  98. If you don't belong why are you commenting??? Oh yea, that freedom of speech thing that this administration wants to deny us!

  99. Good Riddance Paul. The person you are talking about has his/her right to speak his/her Opinion/feelings.Yes I know, so do you, but yours was a personal attack, his/her's wasn't.

  100. I wholeheartedly second the opinion that this is the worst president in, at least, modern history. He seemingly has no respect for the very oath of office that he took as he tramples on the Constitution, or looks for a way around it, every chance he gets. It also seems that his idea of leading is to simply create conflict, and then back the side that he likes. This administrations promotion of class warfare, gender warfare, race warfare, and political warfare is the worst I have ever seen or heard. This administration seemingly does not believe in the "will of the People", but rather to tell the People what they should will. Arrogant, disrepectful, unethical, untrustworthy. This is how I describe this President. It saddens me that so many of this People appear to be blind to their role in these problems that face us, and seem unwilling to change the course of our History.

  101. Richard, Well put and what so many of us believe. It sounds like we may be
    some of the few that have to fight for those beliefs. Stand proud brother!

  102. If our President is "trampling the Constitution" why hasn't he been impeached?
    You obviously have no idea of what your talking about. But after reading some of the other comments about our President, I can say you are in good company. Sad!

  103. Mr. Perry
    I completely agree with your statement, I could not have said it better myself. I wish America would wake up and see how bad this president is going to hurt this country for years to come. It is time to start calling our congressmen and ask them to start impeachment proceedings right away.

  104. I still think he's a false president, and should have been impeached during his first term. The welfare class, illegals love him because they are getting a free ride as government dependents.

  105. As a realitively new member of the Legion, I joined to be a member of an organization of veterans and not a political action group. It makes me wonder why the Legion does a poll like this in the first place.

  106. Can't go anywhere now a days without politics getting into it. I joined a organization for veterans! With you Forest Webb…so sick of it!

  107. They do it to get a feel for members' thoughts. In order to work for vets, you have to know their concerns and thoughts.

  108. We wouldn't need organizations such as American Legion if the government took care of their brave men and woman that put their life on the line to keep America free and our way of life as the Founding Fathers intended it to be.

  109. I totally agree. It is shameful to think, that we are of so few. Our founding fathers would be appalled!

  110. Our Founding Fathers were a lot harsher in their treatment of the Continental Army veterans than any U.S. government since. The individual Colonies, once they became states, did not want to pay taxes to the Continental congress and rejected the bills for paying the army's vets until George Washington stepped in years later.

  111. So are you saying it is ok to treat today's vets with scorn and disrespect? If you don't want to come into the 2000s, at least come into the 90s; we are not in colonial America anymore. Don't make excuses for this incompetent clown.

  112. The POTUS was the one that chose to not support and back our military. He made hollow promises about fixing things that actually in many cases have become worse regarding the serving members in our service branches. Heck when he 1st became C.I.C. he didnt' even know how to follow proper protocol when coming into contact with those that serve him while in uniform. He has shown his true baffoon character repeatedly. If he truly cared about our brothers & sisters in service he would have quickly have ruled the Fort Hood shooting a terrorist act. It shows where his true feeling and allegiance truly is and supporting and backing our troops sure don't deserve the terrible treatment they have been subject too while this clown has been in office.. At least the VFW and the Legion care for those that serve and keep our interests at their forefront to help protect our interests.

  113. Total agree with your comment. The world was proof of Americans and now we can't even show our colors in the Olympics.

  114. Heck when he 1st became C.I.C. he didnt' even know how to follow proper protocol when coming into contact with those that serve him while in uniform.

    What did you know when you first came in touch with people whom you would serve?? Come on, grow up!!

  115. This clown is the CIC, not some new recruit; he is supposed to know protocol. He's the smartest man in the room, remember (ask him, he will tell you that). Of course, when you have never had a real job and always had things handed to you, for whatever reason, why would you pay attention to traditions? This clown is a disgrace.

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