Income affects VA eligibility

Q. Can VA deny me if my income is too high?

All systems have limits, and VA had to close open enrollment when they had too many veterans to care for at the standards required. The American Legion continues to advocate for VA to resume open enrollment, and VA is incrementally lowering the income limit to allow more veterans into the system without overwhelming it. The overall goal is to achieve open enrollment again.

VA health-care eligibility is determined by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and VHA rules are constantly changing. If you were previously denied VA health care because your income was too high, I suggest you reapply because you may be eligible for Priority Group 8: Veterans with gross household incomes above the VA national income threshold and agree to pay co-pays.

If you are now below the income limit, but your last year’s income was too high, you can ask them to enroll you based on your current need. You can also use your own and your spouse’s medical expenses to show your income is below the enrollment limit. Income is not the only issue; net worth is also a consideration for enrollment based on means test. If your health care eligibility is based on financial need, your family net worth (over $80,000) can prevent you from qualifying for VA health care.

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  1. When I went in the Army in 1971 the promise was VA health care of course no mention of income level what bullshit all I'm asking for is help with prescriptions can't even get that
  2. I was in the U.S. Navy for three years and when I applied for a VA card, I was refused and put in category eight. My wife and I both do not receive SSI and pensions together over 70,000.00, so why can't I get my VA card and pay a fair copay for my VA benefits??? I remain frustrated and feel that my government is discriminating against me....I served honorably for three years and want my VA card damit!!!!
  3. How about the VA copays? Well..? I have reasons to believed and proof that such copays are not what they really are! They bill the seniors citizen veterans like myself to much. For a sample: A generic medical prescription, VA charges $9.00 dollars and why not $6.00 dollars? Another sample: An eye doctor, not an Ofmothologist ($50.00 dollars) and why not $15.00 dollars like my Primary Doctor. Ours Honorable Representative in Washington and the America Legion should be aware of this matter and check this outrageous monies rip out-off the hands of the veterans. Thanks in advance, One of many retirees. TSGT Eduardo Gonzalez Vazquez, RET/USAF cell:787 484-5187 Mr.Eduardo Gonzalez Vazquez, RET/GS-9/DOD Ph:787-899-3092
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