Senate joins House in restoring COLAs

The U.S. Senate passed a bill Wednesday by a 95-3 vote that will, if signed into law, reverse plans to cut annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) from the pensions of military retirees under the age of 62 and those currently serving.

The Senate action mirrored passage of a similar House bill Tuesday. The restoration of COLA benefits applies to current eligible military retirees and career-bound servicemembers who enlisted on or before Jan. 1, 2014. It will still leave future generations of military retirees vulnerable to reductions in their cost-of-living adjustments. The bill now travels to the White House for the expected signature of President Obama.

"I cannot say that I am completely satisfied with the decisions by both the House and Senate to maintain a cut to future retirees’ pensions," American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger said. "But we can at least breathe a sigh of relief on behalf of our current retirees and career servicemembers. The American Legion will continue to fight for a full reversal of COLA cuts for military retirees today and those yet to serve. It is the right thing to do."


  1. Oh, so many comments. Great ideas, ALL. However, 1. Term limits = Great idea! Aint gonna happen. 2. Only Vets get to serve = I'm for it! Aint gonna happen. We have to pick our battles. Maybe we could start by getting the military exempted from cuts to our EARNED (I like that term) benefits . Next we have to give the President the Line Item Veto. That is the only way to cut the pork like a $1 million grant to study sex lives of butterflies. The President is the only one who is supposed to work for us all, even this one who seems to think he is king. Those who put their life on the line for this country should always be cared for by their country.
  2. You are a great writer but still a big hater, He is our President not our king as a veteran where did you lose your RESPECT.
  3. You are a great writer but still a big hater, He is our President not our king as a veteran where did you lose your RESPECT.
  4. You are a great writer but still a big hater, He is our President not our king as a veteran where did you lose your RESPECT.
  5. They cut our COLA but for those in congress and the senate, they vote for an increase, because they say their cost of living went up, but we are suppose to believe that it costs them more but not us. Why are they living in a different country than the rest of us. Our cost of living has gone up just as much as theirs may have, but we don't make a salary of over $ 164,000 dollars a year. They don't even need one because they are already filthy rich millionaires.
  6. I know who my Senators were who initially voted for the pay cut, so I just assume the same two voted for to overturn the bill. If there were any others they must be very ashamed of themselves. If I find out who they are, I will write them a letter as well.
  7. These are the three who voted against overturning the bill to cut the COLA. Copied the following from a story in MilitaryTimes: Not everyone agreed. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a lawmaker known for fiscal conservatism and one of the three who voted “no,” expressed disappointment that his colleagues would even consider repealing the COLA caps. “How do we convey the seriousness of the budget crisis when, at the first sign of political pressure, we undo a portion of the bill that we passed less than two months ago?” Flake said. The other two senators who voted against the repeal legislation were Sens. Tom Carper, D-Del., and Dan Coates, R-Ind If any of these senators are your representives please let them know for all of us how much you appriciate there service.
  8. term limits is the answer. No retirement for any of them after they serve. Get a job. All they do is fight among themselves and get very little done for the good of our country. And spent a lot of time working on their next run for office. God bless our vets for what we have done and what they continue to do. Shame on all those in Washington.
  9. Now that the war is over, it's back to screw you. Until the next war. Then we will all be hero's again. Without the pay raise. We have a bunch of traitors in the White House. It's time to give them some pay adjustments. Like make them work for 20 years with low pay for their retirement.
  10. Why doesn't the Senators and the house members take a pay cut like a 10% that would really cut the budget
  11. No member should serve in Congress unless he has served in the miltary. Including the President!!
  12. If Obama signs this bill, the government had better make darned sure that the president never receives any of the benefits that he is already keeping from the Veterans.
  13. With respect, lady, would/could you offer an explanation for your comments. Your emphatic assertions, HOWEVER, compel us (legion members, and citizens et al) to demand/insist that you present some FACTS along with your suspiciously partisan allegations. Truth must prevail. lol.
  15. I was listing to TV and the news rep. said that this congress and senate are malfunctioned that he as ever seen only caring about themselves and not the Vets. or the country I Do believe that some were in the Military but they have for gotten were they came from like most of them do
  16. Those Sentors who voted againts the COLA repeal are cowards, they want show there faceses. Probeley not Veterans.
  17. We should get a list of the members of Congress that did not serve our county and find out how they voted. They don't deserve to be in congress.
  18. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: Make that ALL members. Keep in mind that "ALL" legislative voting is predisposed/controlled by lobbyists/money ala campaign donations and influencing.
  19. Amen to that!!! Congress has absolutely no clue what is going on and the sacrifices that have been put forth by our veterans to allow them to be treated this way. Simply unforgivable that it ever even came to this.
  20. Which Senators and House members voted against overturning this bill to cut the COLA?
  21. The stupid move to initially attempt to put this Cola cut into effect should remain an embarrassment to congress and the administration. Our Armed forces should never be used as pawns and should always be protected regarding earned benefits.
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